Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/4/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/4/05



By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

At the Clinic:

Nicole is on the pay phone with the car service. She hangs up and talks to herself about Brady getting over Chloe and about nothing standing in their way to happiness.

Meanwhile, Chloe is kissing Brady. Brady opens his eyes and Chloe is standing obscured by the curtain. Brady looks at the curtain where Chloe is standing.

On the Basic Black Jet:

Bo is planning to go with Billie to search for Georgia. They argue about Billie going alone. Billie said that she wasn’t going alone, that she was going to go with Patrick. Bo says that he doesn’t trust Patrick. Billie sees the tape recorder and figures out that Bo listened to her message to Georgia. Bo admits to listening to the tape. They talk about whether Billie is heading into a trap and whether the PDA message was faked. Bo tries to call Hope, but her voicemail is full.

At the Castle:

Jack is in the corridor, searching for Cassie. He hears footsteps and, to avoid them, he tries to hide up against a bookcase. The bookcase is a secret passageway, and it moves, taking Jack into another corridor. Jack says aloud that Cassie was right about the Dimera homes being filled with such things, and he continues his search.

In Roman and Marlena’s room, they are watching the live feed of Belle and Philip’s wedding. They watch as Shawn’s motorcycle comes crashing in from above, though the stained glass window that is above the altar. Belle, covered in blood, collapses to the ground. Philip rushes over to her, when Shawn hits the chandelier, and it falls on Philip.

At St. Luke’s:

Shawn, Belle and Philip are lying on the ground. Hope goes over to Shawn, Kate to Philip and John to Belle. An unconscious Shawn wakes up and says ‘Mom.’ Belle is lying unconscious and John cradles and hugs her, rocking her. Lexie comes over and tells John to be careful and that Belle could have severed an artery. Belle opens her eyes, says, ‘Dad,’ and falls unconscious again.

At the castle:

Marlena and Roman are watching the feed on the televison and see that Belle is injured. Marlena is distraught, crying out Belle’s name over and over.

Back at St. Luke’s:

Sami and Mimi are standing over Belle and Sami is crying, wondering whether Belle will live. Belle opens her eyes. Lexie and John are crouched over her, and John tells Belle to hold on.

Meanwhile, Kate, Rex and the marines are tending to Philip as he comes too. Philip asks where Belle is and tries to get up to see her. Kate tells him that he can’t see her right now and that Lexie is treating her. Upset at that news, Philip tries even quicker to get up, but is restrained by Kate, Rex and the marines. Rex and Kate try to reassure Philip that Belle will be all right and that Lexie is doing everything she can to help her. Kate sends Rex to check on Belle for Philip. Philip is upset that Shawn did this, and Philip says that Shawn is a dead man.

Meanwhile, Shawn also tries to get up, but Hope urges him to stay still, because he might have broken bones or internal injuries. Shawn passes out.

The paramedics arrive.

On the Basic Black Jet:

Bo and Billie continue to argue. Billie feels insulted at Bo’s insistence that she needs help. Bo criticizes Billie for always being ruled by her emotions. Bo tries to call Hope, but can’t get through. Billie sarcastically asks whether Bo treats Hope the same way he treats her and Billie concludes that he doesn’t, because he trusts Hope. Bo counters that this is a situation where Billie needs back up. Billie claims that Bo isn’t Superman and reminds him that even he needs help too. Billie takes Bo on a stroll down memory, as she flashes back to a pretend-flashback where they are married and cooking and Bo doesn’t know which spice is oregano. Billie picks sniffs the spices, picks out the oregano and saves the meal. Back to reality, Bo reminds her that he didn’t ruin the pasta and that he listened to her. Billie claims that now she’s ISA and is better trained than Bo and Bo tells her to give him a friggin’ break.

At St. Luke’s:

A lit candle has overturned and gasoline from Shawn’s bike is leaking towards it.

Belle and Shawn are taken out on gurneys by the paramedics. Hope and Jennifer are talking about how Shawn could have killed himself and Belle and Philip. Hope tries to reach Bo on her cell phone, but she can’t get reception inside the church. Alone, Jennifer smells gas and looks over to see the gasoline leaking towards the candle. She call Rex over to look at it and Rex and she then shout to tell everyone to get out.

Outside fo the church, Hope still can’t through to Bo and suddenly, behind her, the church explodes. Hope rushes insides to an empty church.

At the castle:

Marlena and Roman are sitting on the bed, holding each other and watching the televison. Marlena is crying hysterically. The feed cuts out and they wonder what happened. Roman believes that it might have been an explosion. Marlena cries out “John and Belle” over and over and Roman tries to reassure her that everyone made it out. Marlena turns towards the door and screams hysterically for Tony Tony to get them out of there.

In the corridors, Jack hears Marlena’s voice and says that help is on the way.

At the Clinic:

Doctor talks with Nicole about what to expect with Brady over the next few days. Nicole goes into Brady’s room as Brady is asking Chloe why she pulled away. Brady leans back and closes his eyes. He opens them and Nicole is there, in the shadows. Brady tells her that he needs her in his life and that he loves her. He closes his eyes again as Nicole leans over and kisses him. Brady opens his eyes as is surprise to see Nicole instead of Chloe. Nicole leans in again to kiss Brady. Chloe spies on this.

At St. Luke’s:

Hope comes out of the church coughing. Jennifer follows her out and explains to Hope about the explosion and that she believes everyone got out. Hope is distraught and she still can’t reach Bo on the telephone.

One the Basic Black Jet:

Bo and Billie continue to argue. Bo is upset that Billie claims that she’s better trained. Billie continues her trips down memory lane, reminding Bo about a time they were in Monte Carlo, when Bo was held at gunpoint and Billie knocked out the gunman. Back to reality, Billie is smug about their Cairo memory, but Bo cautions that Billie is emotional and that she could get herself killed.

At the hospital:

John, Philip and Kate are waiting outside of Belle’s room. Lexie comes out and Philip wants to go in, but Lexie stops him, telling him that Philip needs to be examined. John urges Philip to go with his mom to get checked out and that he’ll stay to keep an eye on Belle. Kate and Philip leave. Lexie asks John how he’s doing and John flashes back to the penthouse, when he injected himself with pain killers. John says that he’s fine and asks how Belle is and Lexie gives him the standard ‘It’s too soon to tell.’ Lexie leaves and John’s face contorts to show pain. He talks to himself about needing stronger pain medication to get through the night.

Rex and Mimi arrive at the hospital and see Sami on the pay phone, crying. Sami is talking to Lucas, telling him that it’s her fault that Shawn crashed (and crashed into) the wedding. John uses his cane to pull at the phone card and turn Sami around as he tells her that she owes him an explanation.

At the castle:

Roman urges Marlena to get some sleep. Marlena Roman wants to know what duh hell Shawn was doing. Marlena believes that Tony was behind everything . She shouts out that she’ll make Tony pay.

Meanwhile, Jack is a corridor, trying to follow the voice he heard. He tries opening various doors, using the ring of keys he took off of the guard. Just as he gets to the door of Roman and Marlena’s room, he overhears someone saying that he escaped and that they are authorized to shoot to kill.

On the Plane:

Bo and Billie continue arguing. Bo takes his own stroll down memory lane, without flashback, reminding Billie about her last time in Salem, when she failed to her do her homework and let Larry Welch trick her into kidnapping Hope, which almost got Hope killed.

At the Hospital:

Sami gets off the phone with Lucas. John tells Sami that he overheard her saying that it was her fault that Shawn literally crashed the wedding and asks her whether she had anything to do it. Sami confesses that she prayed that something would stop the wedding and ruin Belle’s day. John is angry with her and yells at her, but Sami is defiant, telling him to leave her alone, and she storms off. John tries to follow her, but the pain is too overwhelming. John spies a hospital cart.

Meanwhile, Lexie leaves Shawn’s room, and outside of his room, she tells Hope and Jennifer that Shawn may have been under the influence. Philip comes down, yelling out. Hope apologizes to Philip for Shawn’s actions, but Kate is angry and says that Shawn wasn’t thinking and something has to be done about it. Kate and Philip walk off.

In his hospital room, Shawn comes too and says Belle’s name.

Meanwhile, Lexie is with Belle, telling a Belle that she’s lucky that they stopped the bleeding. Belle awakens and tells Lexie that she needs to see Shawn.

At the clinic:

Brady is confused, asking Nicole if that was her. Brady says that Chloe was there. Nicole throws back the curtain that Chloe had been hiding behind, and says that no one is there. Brady says, ‘There she is” and Nicole turns to look. Nicole says, “You.”

At the hospital:

A nurse takes medicine out of a cart and goes off to treat a patient. John rolls the cart to a more secluded part of the room and picks the lock. He takes out medicine and a syringe and puts them in his pocket. He goes off into another room. Sami watches him, as she flashes back to watching John inject himself with medicine at the wedding and when Lexie asked him whether he had taken anything. Sami figures out that John is a junkie and a thief. The nurse returns to notice the cart was moved and had been broken into. Sami walks by the nurse without saying anything.

John is in a dark closet-like room and he loads the medicine into the syringe and injects himself. A feeling of relief immediately rushes over him.

Outside of Belle’s room, Kate and Philip return. Philip wants to go in, but Lexie stops him saying that Belle can only have one guest at a time. Philip asks who is in there, and Lexie says that it’s Shawn. Lexie explains that Belle asked for him. Philip shakes his head in disbelief.

Inside Belle’s room, Shawn sits down next to Belle. Belle starts to cry, asking him why he did this to her. Shawn is at a loss for words and he manages to stammer out that he was sorry. Belle turns her head away from him.

At the clinic:

Brady sees an unscarred Chloe, and she morphs into his doctor. The doctor explains that disorientation is common. The doctor tells Brady that he’s released and Nicole goes off to see if the car has arrived. Alone, Nicole is visibly upset that Brady is still thinking about Chloe. Meanwhile, Brady remains confused, but he concludes that it was his concussion that made him believe that Chloe was there.

Meanwhile Chloe returns to her own room, and with tears streaming she asks Brady to forgive her for not telling him that she was alive.

At the castle:

Marlena awakens from a nightmare. Roman tells her that it was just a dream, but Marlena says that it’s all real - that Belle has been hurt and that John is with Kate.

Meanwhile, Jack is running through the castle towards the front door. He tells Jennifer that he’s coming home. He opens the door and, after going outside, he looks around marveling for a second at his freedom and he says aloud that Jack Deveraux has left the building.

Back at the hospital:

The nurse returns with a security guard and she explains the break in. Sami also returns, and the nurse stops Sami and asked if she saw anyone suspicious. Sami looks at John, who is on the other side of the waiting room, and she says in a loud voice that yes, she did.

Right outside of Belle’s room, Philip still wants to go in and see Belle. Lexie grabs his arm to stop him from going in. Lexie tells Philip that he’ll get his turn, and Lexie goes off to check on another patient (is she suddenly on duty - didn’t she just come from the wedding?). Philip goes over to the door and talks to it, telling it that Shawn will pay, and he storms off.

Meanwhile, Rex and Mimi are sitting in the waiting room and Mimi mentions that there’s no way Belle should forgive Shawn for this (duh!).

Inside of Belle’s room, Shawn says that he can’t explain why did it, except that he had to stop Belle from marrying Philip (killing her would have been one way to do it).

Meanwhile, Hope is on the hospital pay phone, trying to reach Bo. She hangs up, upset. She goes over to Jennifer and says that she’s now receiving a message that Bo is out of area. Jennifer goes off to get coffee, leaving Hope alone to ask aloud ‘where are you, Bo?”

On the Basic Black Jet:

Bo and Billie continue to argue. Billie explains that the Larry Welch situation says a mistake and Bo counters that if she had paid for her mistakes, then she might have learned from them. Their fighting reaches a shouting level and Billie says that she’s going to have the pilot land the plane to let Bo off. Bo then shouts to Billie that he’s only doing this because he loves her.

Nicole is about to go back into Brady’s room, but the doctor stops her. Inside, Brady opens his eyes to see Chloe next to the screen, just before Chloe ducks back behind it. Chloe flashes back to a conversation with Nancy about the severity of her injuries. Back to reality, Brady calls out to Chloe that he always knew that she couldn’t have died. Chloe is crying, listening to this. Brady urges for Chloe to come over and let him see her. Chloe obliges and starts to go in, but when Brady says that he wants to touch her beautiful face, Chloe stops and retreats back to behind the curtain.

On the Basic Black Jet:

Bo and Billie continue to argue. Billie explains that the Larry Welch situation says a mistake and Bo counters that if she had paid for her mistakes, then she might have learned from them. Their fighting reaches a shouting level and Billie says that she’s going to have the pilot land the plane to let Bo off. Bo then shouts to Billie that he’s only doing this because he loves her.

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