Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/3/05

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/3/05



By Amy
Pictures by Juanita

Brady is talking to a nurse about Chloe. The nurse tells him that she has a patient named Chloe too. He begins to pull out a picture of her and Chloe (who is listening in behind the curtain) begins to panic.

At the church, Hope & Jennifer light candles as the guests start to arrive. Julie and Doug come in and she tells him that she can’t believe that Belle is actually going to marry Phillip. Doug tries to reassure her. Kate’s assistant gets a call from Jan saying the Shawn is on the way to try to stop the wedding. After she informs Kate, Kate goes to tell the guard to lock the front doors and not to let anyone, even latecomers, in. Lucas & Sami show up and try to enter the church, but the guard doesn’t allow them too. Sami thinks that Kate has something to do with it.

On the Basic Black plane, Billie is on the phone with the pilot tell him that she’s ready to go. All of the sudden Bo grabs the phone out of her hands and tells the pilot that they are not going anywhere. Bo & Billie begin to argue.

In Roman & Marlena’s room at the castle, Tony has a TV. brought in so that they can watch Belle’s wedding. Marlena is stunned that Belle is getting married.

Back at the church, Mimi, Belle & John begin to take their places at the start of the aisle. Mimi tells Belle that it’s not too late for her to change her mind. Belle says that she’s not going to and sends Mimi on her way. As she takes John’s arm to start down the aisle after Mimi, Belle suddenly stops and says she can’t do this.

Marlena tells Roman that she knew that Belle & Phillip were dating, but was unaware that it had gotten this far. Tony asks her if she wants the opportunity to watch the wedding, and then answer for her that of course she does. He tells them that’s why he donned a tux – he just loves weddings. Marlena is very sad that she’s not there for Belle, but happy to see John up and walking. Marlena starts to cry a little and says that Belle is the most beautiful bride she’s ever seen. Roman tells her that Belle takes after her mother. She looks a little closer at Belle’s face and is concerned that Belle doesn’t look happy and wonders aloud if Belle is marrying the man she really loves.

Shawn is on his motorcycle on his way to the church. We see the odometer go from 60 to 80mph. He’s thinking about when he made love to Belle and tells himself that he cannot let Belle marry Phillip. He pushes the odometer up to 100mph and almost collides with an oncoming car.

John, who is in obvious pain, asks Belle if she’s ok. Belle says that she is and strokes the locket that John gave her and thanks him for giving it to her. Marlena is surprised and please that Belle is wearing her grandmother’s locket. Belle pulls herself together and says they better continue before Phillip thinks she’s changed her mind. They get back into position and as they begin to go down the aisle, John collapses to the ground in severe pain. Everyone in the church panics, even Marlena who gets very upset. She turns around and hisses at Tony “I hate you! I hate you!”

Nicole walks back in & tells Brady that she called Belle and told her about the accident, and while they wouldn’t be at the wedding, they’d try to be there for the reception. Brady starts to get up saying he needs to be at the wedding cheering his sister on, especially since Marlena isn’t there to do it. Nicole insists that he lay back down and rest.

Lexie is looking John over and tells him that he’s in too much pain to continue and he should just listen to her. John tells her that she needs to listen to him – he WILL walk Belle down the aisle! Marlena, still upset at seeing John fall, wishes she could be there for him. Tony tells her that John doesn’t need her, that he has Kate to now and as Roman can attest, Kate has many ways of comforting a man. Roman calls Tony a son of a bitch. Lexie takes Kate aside and tells her that John might listen to her. Kate goes to John and asks if she can bring him his wheelchair. He tells her no – that it’s bad enough that Belle can’t have her mother there, he told her that she would walk down the aisle on her father’s arm and it’s exactly what she’s going to do. Lexie overhears this and says it’s not a good idea.

Outside Sami and Lucas are waiting to be let in, along with members of the USMC Color Guard. Lucas asks the guard if he’s really going to prevent soldiers of the USMC from going in. The guard softens, saying that he was once a Marine and lets them all in. Kate sees Lucas come in, then sees Sami. They exchange evil looks. Kate catches up to Sami and warns her to not even think about ruining the wedding. Sami shoots back “Who me?” and goes to sit down. Lucas & Phillip hug, and Lucas apologizes for being late.

Hope asks Jennifer & Julie if they think John will be able to walk Belle down the aisle. Julie tells her that she knows how stubborn men can be. Hope says she knows and that she practically had to chain Bo to the bed, but is confident that he won’t be going anywhere tonight.

Bo yells at Billie that he can’t trust her anymore since she lied about looking for Georgia. Billie retorts that Georgia is her daughter and she will do whatever she wants. Bo says that Georgia is his responsibility too but he won’t let Billie go off by herself and get hurt. She tells him that she is no longer his responsibility. He shocks her by saying that he’s lost too many people that he cares about and he will not loose her.

Roman and Marlena are watching Kate comfort John and Roman tries to soothe Marlena by saying it’s only because they are not there themselves. Tony says he’s sure it happens all the time, that the father of the bride and the mother of the groom, both lonely and already living together. He wonders how long it will be before John and Kate decide to have a wedding of their own.

Celeste tells Abe that terrible images keep coming to her. Abe says that unless they’re specific, then to keep them to herself. It’s a wedding and wedding are supposed to be happy. Celeste says softly to herself that this one will not be and many hearts will be broken tonight.

Phillip introduces the Marines to Rex and Mimi. Sami looks back at the fuss around John and wonders what is going on. Lucas reminds her that it’s none of her business. Sami says that it looks like Belle’s wedding is not going as planned, then excuses herself and gets up to walk over towards them.

Lexie tells John that his eyes look glassy and asks him if he’s been taking pain medication. John flashes back to the injection he gave himself, but tells her he’s only been taking aspirin. Lexie says that’s good, it’s too easy to get hooked on pain medications. She warns him not to do anything to risk his health and John agrees. After she leaves, John turns sideways on the pew and gives himself another injection. Sami is secretly watching him. Shocked, she says aloud “John Black is a junkie?”

Mimi hears something outside and says aloud “Oh My God! That could be Shawn now!” Kate, who is behind her begins to look worried.

Shawn stumbles over to the guard and tries to enter the church, but the guard won’t allow it. He walks away and tells himself that he’ll find a way in. He’s not going to let Belle make the biggest mistake of her life.

Billie acknowledges that Georgia is Bo’s child too, but he’s got other children – she does not. Georgia is her only child and if there is even a small chance that’s she’s alive, then Billie has got to take it. 16 years is way to long to be separated. Billie walks to the back of the plane and Bo sits down. He finds the recorder that Billie was using to tape the message for Georgia and begins to listen to it.

Tony has a food cart wheeled into the room complete with champagne. He asks Marlena if she would like to make a toast, but she just rolls her eyes at him. He then asks Roman, but Roman just stares hard back. Tony decides to make one himself and toasts to Belle and Phillip’s long life together and their happiness. He also throws in a little toast to John & Kate.

Kate locks all the church doors and says to herself that there is no way Shawn can get in now to ruin the wedding.

Celeste has visions of yelling and blood on the wedding dress and bouquet.

Sami goes and sits back down with Lucas. She tells him that John Black might ruin Belle’s wedding. Lucas says that she’s probably praying for that to happen. Sami says it’s karma, that Belle broke a promise to her and now she has to pay the price.

Hope wonders if Shawn even knows about the wedding. Alice tells her that Shawn say her invitation. Hope asks if he said anything about it and Alice says that he was very hurt. Doug wonders when “Bozo” will wise up about Belle. Julie asks him not to refer to his grandson as a “bozo”. Doug asks her what else would she call a man that would let the love of his life marry another man. Alice answers him with “Doug Williams”. They all laugh and Doug says that at least he wised up. Julie says she thinks she’s going to cry, not from tears of joy, but because Belle will be marrying the wrong man. Alice thinks that maybe she won’t be marrying Phillip after all.

Shawn tries all the doors to the church. He then resorts to banging on the doors and screaming for Belle not to marry Phillip.

John walks Belle down the aisle as the Color Guard presents the swords. As Belle & John pass under the swords, the last Marine lowers his in front of Belle and welcomes her to the Marine Corps family, Roman and Marlena continue to watch all this. Marlena starts to cry and Roman hugs her close.

Shawn is still trying to get in and is screaming Belle’s name.

Brady tells Nicole that he can’t miss the wedding. Nicole tries to get him to relax. He starts to talk about how he and Belle would discuss who would get married first out of the 2 of them. They always thought that Brady would and it would be to Chloe, but obviously won’t happen now. Nicole tells him to be a good little patient and to take his medicine. She then tells him that she loves him and never wants to be without him.

Bo listens to Billie’s message where she tells Georgia that she was conceived out of love and even though Billie & Bo are no longer together he loves Georgia very much and is a great father. Bo sits back and thinks about what he just heard.

Marlena says out loud that Belle is so beautiful, but she doesn’t see the joy in her eyes. She wishes she could’ve been there to help Belle make her decision.

John and Belle make it to the end of the aisle. After the minister asks “Who gives this woman in marriage?” and John answers that he does, he places Belle’s hand in Phillip’s. Kate help John sit next to her. Tony taunts Marlena and Roman that it’s such a wifely gesture, helping take care of John. Roman yells at him to shut the hell up.

The minister starts the ceremony. He asks if there is anyone who believes that the marriage not take place to speak now or forever hold their peace. The camera flashes to Mimi, then Alice and then Hope who all look concerned.

Shawn says to himself that there is NO way he can let the wedding happen.

Roman lunges at Tony, who tells him that it’s misplaced anger. It’s John Black that he really wants for turning to his wife yet again. He then throws in “so much for undying love: He says that apparently some people can recover from loosing the loves of their lives in record time.

Kate is staring hard at Sami. John notices this and looks to see what Kate is looking at. He leans over to Kate and says that Sami wouldn’t dare. Lucas holds Sami back from interrupting the wedding.

Belle and Phillip exchange their own vows and are very emotional. After Belle finishes hers, she looks at Phillip but sees Shawn’s face and hears him tell her that he loves her. She gasps and Phillip gets worried and asks if she’s okay.

Shawn gets on his bike saying he can’t let Belle marry Phillip.

Celeste looks around very worried and says that the nightmare is about to begin.

Phillip again asks Belle what’s wrong, but she covers and by saying she’s just happy to be marrying the right man. Together, they light the unity candle. The camera pans around the church, and no one except John and Kate looks very happy for them.

Shawn, who is very upset, says he’s got to get in there no matter what. He revs up the motorcycle.

Bo is very moved by the message he just heard. When Billie comes back and tries to explain that she’s still going, he tells her that he’s not going to stop her – he’s going to go with her.

Brady tells Nicole that he’s got to get to the wedding and asks her to please call the car service. She agrees, but only if he gets some rest in the meantime. She leaves and Chloe wonders if Nicole really loves Brady. She notices that Brady did not say he loved her back and she realizes that he still loves her and is not ready to give her up. Brady starts to dream of marrying Chloe and murmurs her name. Chloe goes to him and touches his head gently.

Nicole hangs up the payphone and starts to go back to the room. Chloe leans over and kisses Brady on the lips. Brady slowly opens his eyes and looks to where Chloe is standing, he smiles softly and says “Chloe”

Billie tells Bo that he’s not going with her, but Bo insists. Billie reminds him that Hope will be very upset. Bo says she’ll understand – eventually, then suggests they take off while they can. Billie smiles a little to herself.

As the wedding continues, Roman and Marlena still are watching. Tony leaves quietly. Marlena tells Roman that it’s not right, not any of it and it may never be. As the priest starts to lead them through the vows, Sami mutters that it looks like Belle got her wedding. Suddenly the roar of the motorcycle gets louder and louder. Everyone starts to look around in confusion. Kate leans forward and says “Oh no - he wouldn’t!” The camera is angled from up above so we can see Phillip & Belle and a headlight coming towards the stained glass window above them. As it sinks in to everyone as to what is about to happen, people start to panic. John shouts for Belle to get down. Belle and Phillip look up to the window just as Shawn crashes through it. Belle screams…..

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