Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/31/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/31/04



By Emily
Pictures by Juanita


In Bo and Hope’s living room, Hope brings hot soup to Bo, who’s sitting on the couch recuperating. Bo tells her that he’s not hungry, but Hope forces him to eat. They talk about Billie and Bo’s glad that he was able to convince Billie to stay in Salem. Hope realizes that Bo cares about Billie. Bo says that he cares about what happens to Billie and he cares about his daughter. Hope says that she’ll be the best stepmother she can be, but that she doesn’t want Bo rushing off foolishly. Bo tells Hope that she has nothing to worry about.

Later, Hope brings Bo chamomile teal. Bo tells Hope that someone should go to the wedding because Philip is his half-brother, and someone should represent their family at the wedding. Bo says that Hope is too distracting to him to recover and to prove it, he pulls her to him and kisses him.

Bo and Hope are fooling around on the couch, but they’re forced to stop when Bo winces in pain. Hope agrees to go to the wedding, as long as Bo rests while she’s gone. With a reproachful look, Hope kisses Bo and runs upstairs to change.

Meanwhile, Billie is on board the Basic Black jet, and she tells the pilot to fire it up. The pilot tells her it’s impossible, as the flight plan has to be filed and other preparations to be made. After the pilot leaves to prepare for take off, Billie takes out a gun and straps it to her boot.

Billie talks to herself into a tape recorder. She start an ‘event the event that I die’ message.

Later, Bo is pacing the living room as he makes a telephone call. Billie answers. Assuming that Billie is on her way to the wedding, Bo mentions that Hope is going too. Billie is surprised to hear that Hope is coming to the wedding. Bo thanks Billie for not taking off that night and waiting until he was better and until they had solid evidence. Then, Bo overhears the jet engines and the pilot mentioning getting ready for take off. Bo is mad at Billie for lying to her.

Bo and Billie are on the phone. Bo yells at Billie and makes her promise not to leave. Billie says that she will stay and hangs up. Bo doesn’t trust her and he goes upstairs, stopping midway to clutches his wound in pain. Billie then calls the pilot and tells him to take off immediately.

Jack At the Castle/Jennifer and Patrick at the Wedding:

At the castle, Jack’s leg chains now allow him to reach the door, as he is up on a chair, trying to perch a candlestick above the door, so that it will fall when someone opens the door. Before he finishes his trap, Bart comes in and Jack jumps back, pretending to use the candlestick as a gym weight. Bar turns in on the t.v. and taunts Jack about Jennifer and Patrick being at a wedding. When Bart has his back turned, Jack lifts up the weight as if to hit Bart (think comic effect). Bart turns around and Jack quickly lowers the candlestick.

Meanwhile, Jennifer and Patrick arrive at the wedding. They notice that they among the first to arrive and that a videographer filming is filming them. The feed goes to Jack, who looks on puzzlingly. Jack says they don’t look like they’re getting married. Bart teases Jack and says not yet and taunts him about Patrick, especially about Patrick becoming a father to Jack’s children and changing their name to Lockhart.

Later, Patrick goes up to the menacing-looking videographer and mentions that he’s filming a great deal of the guests. The videographer says that he’s under direction of the wedding planner. Meanwhile, Jennifer stands at the altar and has a fantasy (I think it’s a fantasy and not a flashback, because Jennifer has those bangs, but it may be intended to be a pretend-flashback) of her and Jack, drinking champagne and Jack telling her that hee loves her and that he wants to marry her every year on their anniversary. Back to reality, Jennifer becomes upset and starts to cry, when Patrick comes over and puts his hands on her shoulders for a second. Jennifer says that it’s hard for her not to cry, and that she must be a mess and Patrick tells her that she’s beautiful and he picks up a red rose and hands it to her as the videographer captures the scene and feeds it to Jack. Bart continues to taunt Jack, and tells him about getting a camera for Jennifer’s bedroom and that it’ll get a lot of action soon with Patrick. Upset, Jack attacks Bart and they struggle and land on the bed. Bart gets away from Jack and throws Jack back on the bed. Bart tells Jack that he’ll be sorry for attacking him and that he gets no dinner tonight and no dessert for the rest of the week. After Bart leaves, Jack frantically resumes his escape plan by hopping back up on the chair and tying the rope around the candlestick.

Jack again places the candlestick above the door and ties it to the doorknob. He shouts for help. A guard opens the door and the candlestick falls and hits him on the head, working like a charm.

Jack searches the unconscious guard for a key.

At St. Luke’s

Belle and Mimi are standing outside the church, and approach John, as a photographer takes pictures. Mimi runs back to the bride’s room to get Belle’s phone and their shawls. As the photographer takes pictures, John notices that Belle’s smile is a forced one. John asks the photographer for a minute, and alone, he asks Belle if she’s thinking about Shawn and if she has second thoughts about marrying Philip.

Meanwhile, in the Bride’s Room, a cell phone rings and Kate answers it. It’s Shawn. Kate hangs up the phone without saying anything, puts the phone down, and leaves the bride’s room, just missing Mimi. Mimi grabs the phone, and as she picks it up, she aks, ‘why doesn’t Shawn call.’ (Wouldn’t the cell phone say when the last message came in?).

Back to outside the church, John and Belle talk about Shawn and John reminds Belle that her entire future and happiness is at stake. Mimi runs over, as the phone is ringing. It’s the bakery. Mimi is disappointed that it’s not Shawn. Mimi and Belle argue again about Shawn and Belle says for the umpteenth time that Philip is her future. Belle reiterates that she’s going on with the wedding, as Kate overhears.

Meanwhile, inside the church, Philip paces anxiously, as Rex tries to calm him down. Philip laughs off Philip’s nervousness as pre-wedding jitters. Rex tells Philip that he knows that Philip is really worried about Belle getting cold feet. Kate comes up behind Philip and assures him that the wedding will go off without a hitch.

Henderson arrives and shakes Philip’s hand and tells him that his father would be proud. Kate says that she’s proud of him too and that Philip and Belle are going to have all the happiness they deserve.

Back in the Bride’s room, Belle admires herself in the mirror, when John approaches her. He has something for her - from her mother. John gives Belle a small jewelry box and in it is something old - a locket belonging to Belle’s grandmother. Belle mentioned that she loved it ever since a girl. A blue garter is also in the box. So is something borrowed - a snowman charm, which John explains that he had given Marlena right after he had learned that he was Belle’s father. John mentions that the only thing missing is something new and that Marlena was going to wait until Belle’s wedding day before getting that. So, John explains, he stopped and got something - a bell pin. Belle hugs John and tells her that she loves him and Mom. And Belle is crying as John tells her that she’ll always be their little girl.

After receiving a call from Nicole telling them that Brady and she were in a car accident (see below), Belle indicates to John and Mimi that they’ll go ahead with the wedding. John says it’s time. Belle asks John if he’s up to this, referring to his being able to walk, and John flashes back to injecting his leg with medicine. Mimi continues to wonder where Shawn is.

Later, Mimi, Belle and John stand in the vestibule. Mimi asks Belle if she’s sure and when Belle says she is, Mimi gives her a hug and pulls Belle’s veil over her face. Mimi then proceeds down the aisle. Belle takes John’s arm and John tells her to be happy. ‘Here Comes the Bride’ starts to play and the guests stand. John and Belle smile at each other.

On an Icy Back Road:

Nicole and Brady are driving back from the a secluded inn, where they had made reservations for Philip and Belle’s wedding night as a wedding gift. Nicole mentions the innkeeper remembered Brady and Brady mentions that he was there once with Chloe. Suddenly, Brady loses control of the car, and they crash into a tree and are knocked unconscious. Nicole awakes and sees that Brady is unconscious and bleeding from the head. She cries out ‘no’ over and over.

At the clinic:

Chloe is in an examination room, consulting with a doctor. The doctor leaves and Chloe picks up a newspaper and sees the wedding announcement for Belle and Philip. Chloe tells herself that Brady will be there with Nicole.

The doctor says that all systems are go and that they can schedule the next plastic surgery. Chloe says that she has the most awful feeling. A nurse comes in and tells the doctor that there was an accident nearby, that a man was injured, and that they brought him here at girlfriend’s insistence. Chloe hears Nicole’s voice and her saying Brady’s name.

Later, the doctor tells Nicole that Brady suffered a mild concussion and some bruises. Chloe listens in on them. Brady, sporting a huge bandage on his head, wants to go to the wedding. Nicole becomes all weepy, telling Brady how much she loves him and bends over to kiss him as Chloe spies on.

Brady still wants to make the wedding. Nicole says that the car is wrecked and that Brady is in no shape to drive. She tells Brady to relax as she will call his family to tell them that he can’t make the wedding. As Nicole leaves to make the call, Brady closes his eyes and lies back. Chloe goes over to a Brady and places her hand lightly on his shoulder. She says his name aloud and Brady responds by saying her name.

Chloe takes Brady’s hand and tells him that she’ll love him always. She hears the doctor coming and runs and hides. Brady asks where she went and the doctor thinks he’s referring to Nicole. Brady said that he thought that there was someone else in the room. The doctor mentions his girlfriend was worried about him and refers to Nicole as his soul mate. Brady says that he found his soul mate a long time ago, but that she’s gone. Chloe overhears this. Meanwhile, Nicole is on a pay phone, telling Belle about the accident. Belle immediately wants to postpone the wedding, but Nicole tells her not to and that she and Brady will be at the reception.

Brady tells the doctor that it is not getting easier over time, as Chloe continues to listen. The doctor asks Brady the name of his lost love and when Brady tells her it’s Chloe, she mentions that she has a patient there named Chloe.

Shawn’s Loft:

Shawn listens to Belle’s answering machine message that she wants to talk to him. Shawn is mad at Jan for not telling him that Belle called. Shawn tries to call Belle, Kate answers and hangs up the phone without speaking.

Jan tells Shawn that Belle won’t have her cell phone on while walking down the aisle. Jan prepares Shawn a drink and she flashes back to putting drugs into it. Jan brings the drink back to Shawn and offers a toast to Philip and Belle. Shawn is still upset that Jan tried to delete Belle’s message.

Shawn again demands that Jan tell him why she deleted Belle’s message. Jan defends her actions by saying that she was trying to protect Shawn, because Belle has hurt him enough. Shawn finishes his drink at Jan’s urging. Shawn wonders if Jan is wrong about Belle, that Belle needs him and that the wedding in a mistake. But, Shawn stumbles back, onto the couch and passes out.

Shawn calls out Belle’s name as Jan talks to her kewpie doll about how it’s good that she drugged Shawn. Shawn dreams/flashes back to Belle and Shawn arguing about when the first time she slept with Philip was. Shawn mumbles that he believes Belle.

Shawn comes to and he wants to go to Belle. Shawn mentions that he dreamed of Belle and he believes that Belle wouldn’t jerk him around on her wedding day and that he has to get to her. But, he is still under the effect of the drugs and he is unable to get up from the couch.

Shawn mentions that he needs coffee. Jan gets Shawn coffee, but puts alcohol in it. Shawn tastes it and says that it tastes weird. Jan claims that it’s flavored coffee. Shawn struggles to get up from the couch and he goes to the door, saying that he has to stop the wedding. Jan pleads with him not to go, but Shawn tells her to stay away from him and not to follow them and that they’re finished.

Shawn leaves as Jan pulls at him and begs him to stay. Shawn leaves, saying that Belle is making the biggest mistake of her life. Jan goes back inside and, upset, clears everything off of the table with her arm and wails that she doesn’t want to lose Shawn.

Shawn goes outside, puts on his helmet and jumps on his motorcycle.

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