Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/30/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/30/04



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Bo & Hope’s Living Room:

Bo still doesn’t think that Patrick can be trusted and he could be leading Billie into a trap

At the Church:

Phillip is pacing around the vestibule very nervous as Kate tries to calm him.

At John’s Penthouse:

John tries to walk and Belle stops him. John tells her that he wants Lexie to give him stronger pain medication. Belle says she doesn’t care if he can walk he down the aisle, she doesn’t want him to be in pain. John says he made a promise to her and Marlena and tries to walk again.

At Shawn’s Apt:

Jan rips the wedding announcement of Belle & Phillip out of the newspaper and puts it in her pocket just as Shawn comes home. Jan asks Shawn where he’s been and he tells her he had to go think. Jan asks what he had to think about and Shawn flashes back to his conversation with Alice. Jan asks him again and he gives her a hard look and asks her if she really wants to know.

Hope tells Bo that Patrick in innocent but Bo doesn’t believe it. Hope says that the disk Billie had confirms it, but he thinks it was planted by the DiMeras. Hope wonders why Bo thinks that’s a DiMera trick, but the info about Georgia is not. Bo says he’s not 100% positive about that either. Jennifer, Billie & Hope all come to Patrick’s defense, but Bo still not convinced. He asks Billie why she asked for Patrick’s help. She tells him she didn’t, he offered it and she’s not going to turn down anyone who wants to help her find her daughter.

Belle begs John to stop trying to walk. She tells him all that’s important to her is that he’s there with her, especially since Marlena isn’t. John says that Marlena would have loved to have been there – to see how beautiful she looks & to see her marry the man she loves. John asks Belle again if she loves Phillip and she tells him that’s Phillip is everything she could want in a man and he loves her very much. Mimi is standing behind Belle and doesn’t look convinced. Belle says she can’t believe they got everything done before the wedding. John tells her that everyone pitched in because the wanted to see her happy.

Jan asks what Shawn went to think about and he tells her he just needed to think about some things. Jan tells him that if he can’t tell her, then who can he tell. Shawn again flashes back to his conversation with Alice. Jan tries to get him back into bed, but he pulls away from her and says that Belle and Phillip are getting married. Jan is confused and says she already knows this and they’ve been engaged for awhile. Shawn says they’re getting married today and making the biggest mistake of their lives.

Phillip tries adjusting the collar of his Marine dress uniform and Kate helps him to calm him down. Kate gets very emotional and tells him that Victor would be proud of him and how happy she is for him. They share a big hug.

Mimi tells Belle that it’s time to go to the church. Belle hugs John as he tells her that the only thing he wants is happiness for her & Phillip. Belle promises him that she is happy. John tells them that he’ll meet them at the church – a driver from Basic Black will be coming for him. After Belle & Mimi leave, John says to himself that he WILL walk Belle down the aisle and there is only one person that can help him. He picks up the phone to make a call. When the person he calls answers, John tells him that he needs to see him now.

Shawn goes to sit on the couch as Jan goes to the kitchen to pour him a drink. As she’s fixing him the drink, she tells him that she understands that Belle was his first love and he always thought he’d be marrying her, but Belle betrayed him and he needs to get over it.. She crushes up a pill and mixes it into the drink and brings it to Shawn, who didn’t see her put the pill in it. Shawn finds the paper that Jan ripped the announcement out of and demands to know what she did with it. Jan tries to calm him & give him the drinks but he pushes it away and asks what she’s trying to do to him.

Bo says that Billie can go, just as long as she doesn’t take Patrick with her. Or better yet, wait a day or two till he’s better and he’ll go. Hope gets very upset and reminds Bo that he has 2 sons that need him – especially Shawn. Bo asks her why she keeps talking to him like that. Jennifer calms everyone down by suggesting they at least hear what Billie has to say. Billie explains what she found encrypted on the disk and it puts Georgia near the DiMera castle and out of consideration for Bo; she thought she would tell him in person. Hope isn’t buying it and accuses Billie of not using the phone to tell Bo and instead parades Patrick in front of him, knowing full well that Bo doesn’t like him and would offer to go in his place.

John lets in an old friend named Mark from his ISA days. Mark asks how he’s feeling physically and John tells him he feels below average. That the long term prognosis is good, but he doesn’t agree with the treatment. Mark offers to give him a 2nd opinion, but John says he already had one. What he needs is for Mark to give him some “top shelf” medication. Mark says that he can’t since he’s not John treating physician. John tells him that he can AND he will.

Jan reminds Shawn that a drink will help with his hang over just like the last time. Shawn agrees and starts to drink, then begins to fantasize about him & Belle getting married again. He come to and finishes the drink. He then tells Jan that Belle cannot marry Phillip. Jan looks shocked.

Belle is looking at her wedding dress and telling Mimi how beautiful it is. Mimi holds up Caroline’s wedding dress and asks wouldn’t she rather wear that one instead. Belle says she was going to alter the dress for Sami to wear. Mimi presses Belle to wear it but Belle reminds her that Sami is Caroline’s granddaughter. Mimi counters that Shawn is he grandson. Belle gets upset and says she’s not marrying Shawn and Mimi shoots back “Yes, but you wish you were right?”

Billie gets very frustrated with Hope and tells her for the last time she is not trying to get Bo to go with her. Hope yells back if she wants to go so bad – why doesn’t she just leave, but Bo is not going anywhere. Bo tells Hope that he can speak for himself. Billie accuses Hope of her not wanting them to find their daughter. Hope tells Billie that she resents that and says IF Georgia is out there, she wants them to bring her home. But right now Bo is not going anywhere without some hard evidence. At that moment Billie’s cell phone rings and she goes to answer it. Jennifer pulls Patrick aside and asks him not to go, so then Billie won’t go and Bo & Hope will have nothing to fight about. Patrick says that Billie will go anyway and if she goes alone it will be suicide.

Kate tells Phillip that Belle and Mimi have arrived and are getting ready. Phillip wonders if Shawn is going to show up. Kate asks him if he invited Shawn and Phillip tells him of course not. But he must’ve heard about it by now. Kate assures him that there isn’t anything to worry about.

Jan reminds Shawn that Belle accepted Phillips proposal. Shawn says that Belle has blinders on when it comes to Phillip, and that Phillip is an arrogant jerk who probably forced the wedding on Belle. Jan tells him that it’s none of his business anymore and Shawn retorts that just because he’s not with Belle anymore it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about her or will stand by and watch her throw her life away. He starts to leave but Jan stops him. He eases her mind by telling her that he’s not going to the chapel, he’s just going to take a shower to clear his head. Alone, Jan says that by the time those drugs wear off that she put in his drink; Belle & Phillip will be married. She goes off to join Shawn in the shower to distract him further.

Belle is upset that Mimi keeps bringing up Shawn on her wedding day. Mimi reminds Belle that she couldn’t even tell John that she loves Phillip, but she has no problem telling him that she still loves Shawn. Belle is shocked by that and thinks it over. Belle is adamant that she is going to marry Phillip and be happy. Mimi asks her one last time if she wants to wear Caroline’s wedding dress. Belle picks up her wedding dress and says it’s the dress she’s going to wear and Phillip is the man she’s going to marry.

Jennifer tries to talk Patrick out of going but he’s insistent. Billie gets off the phone and says that the Basic Black jet made it back from Europe, but now it’s grounded in Salem for servicing so she’s stuck for a couple of days. She tells Hope she got what she wanted. Hope shoots back that if Billie were listening, she would know that Hope never said NOT to go but to just wait for a better plan. Bo agrees and asks Billie to show him the proof. They go sit on the couch with Patrick and review everything Billie has. Jennifer takes Hope aside and reminds her to have faith in Bo. Hope says she does, she doesn’t have faith in Billie.

Mark tells John that he appreciates his situation but cannot give him anything. John tries to appeal to him by saying that its Belle’s wedding day, but Mark won’t budge. John reminds him that Mark owes him from the time John helped him in Paris. Mark is stunned that John would be so low to bring that up. Saying it goes against everything he believes in, he hands John a vial and a needle. He then gets up and stalks to the front door. He turns around and tells John that they are now even, that their friendship is over for good and to never call him again. After he’s gone, John says to himself “This is for you Belle” and injects himself in the leg.

Mimi says Belle is being very stubborn and not long ago, Belle was standing in the very same room, wearing Caroline’s wedding dress and dreaming of marrying Shawn. Belle says all she wants now is to marry Phillip. Mimi agrees that Phillip is a great guy, but holding up a phone, asks isn’t what Belle had with Shawn worth one last chance?

Belle leaves a message for Shawn telling him she’s at the church and would like to talk to him before the wedding. She asks him to call her back. Jan leaves the bathroom, having being rejected by Shawn, walks over to the answering machine and wonders who called.

Jennifer tells Hope that she has every right to want Bo to stay and Hope thanks her for that, saying that it’s obvious that Billie doesn’t think so. She then tells Bo it’s time to go back upstairs to rest. Patrick and Jennifer leave for the wedding. Billie gets up to leave as well and says it’s what Hope really wants anyway.

Belle and Mimi are admiring the way she looks in her wedding dress. Kate walks in and says she has a surprise – it’s John who is walking fairly normal with a cane. Belle is overjoyed and wonders why he isn’t in any pain. He tells her it’s just mind over matter, that nothing would stop him from walking his little girl down the aisle. Phillip comes to the (closed) door and tells Belle that he loves her and cannot wait to marry her. All Belle says is “Thank you Phillip” Mimi takes notice that she didn’t return the sentiment of love. Belle steals a quick look at the phone and wishes to herself for Shawn to call.

Jan listens to Belle’s message. She’s about to erase the message just as Shawn walks in and asks what she’s doing.

Bo tells Billie she’s always welcome in their home and looks to Hope to confirm it. Hope apologizes for her behavior and explains she’s worried that it’s too dangerous, they both could die and both of them are too precious to loose. Billie says it doesn’t matter, nothing will stop her. Hope asks Billie to hire a PI who can do all the work for them, that way neither one will have to risk their lives. Billie says she’s a mother, and her ISA training has prepared her for situations like this. Both Bo and Hope try to talk her into waiting and they will do all they can to help. Billie says they have given her a lot to think about and she leaves for the wedding. Bo and Hope embrace and Hope thanks him for backing her up. Bo says that Hope made a lot of sense. Outside, Billie calls the pilot and tells him to forget what they talked about earlier, fuel up the plane because she’s leaving tonight.

Kate tells Phillip to leave since Belle is going to come out. Phillip tells Belle that he loves her one last time and he’ll be waiting for her at the altar. John tells Belle that he’ll wait for her outside and gives her a hug. Alone, Belle asks Mimi if she’s happy now – she left messages for Shawn on his cell phone and at his loft and he didn’t call back. Mimi tells her not to give up; he could still call or even be on his way. Belle says she’s sick of it and tells her that she needs to get excited about her wedding day and the fact that she’s going to be married to Phillip.

Shawn asks Jan what she’s doing, and she tries to cover by says she’s erasing some old messages. Shawn doesn’t believe her and thinks he heard Belle’s voice. He plays the message and wonders to himself what she wanted. He demands to know why Jan was trying to keep this from him. She tells him it’s because it doesn’t matter, Belle is marrying Phillip. He tells her that he has to find out why Belle wants to see him. He picks up the phone to call her back.

Back at the Bride’s Room in the church we see Belle’s phone ringing. A hand (we don’t see whose hand it is) picks up the phone……

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