Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/29/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/29/04



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Bo is in bed with Hope taking his temperature – it’s 101. Jennifer states it’s a low grade fever from the cut on his side. Hope gives him some medicine and tells him to rest. Bo agrees and turns over and goes to sleep. Hope & Jennifer go downstairs, and Jennifer comments that men are like little boys when they’re sick. Hope says he’s lucky he’s just got a fever – he could’ve died.

Billie is on the computer at Jennifer’s house when Patrick comes in and tells her to take a break. Billie is convinced that all information needed to find Georgia is on the computer. She states she’s going to find her no matter what. Patrick says it’s probably better if she doesn’t

Outside Alice’s house, Shawn flashes back to his recent fight with Bo. Shawn talks to himself and says he doesn’t know what’s wrong with him and there’s only one person who can help him.

At Basic Black, Rex, Mimi, Phillip and Belle are all rushing around to plan the wedding. Rex, who is on the phone, asks Belle how many groomsmen there are going to be. Mimi, who is on her cell phone, tells Belle that the dress shop doesn’t have any bridesmaid dresses. Phillip, who is on his cell, tells Belle that the Penthouse Grille needs to know what time they want the cocktail hour & reception. Belle gets frustrated and says she can’t think w/ everyone asking her questions at the same time. Everyone gets off the phone and tries to calm her down. She thinks that the wedding will be a disaster and hugs Mimi. Phillip asks Rex where their mom is.

Kate and Eugenia are standing outside the receptionist area and listening in to Lucas trying to talk Sami into going to lunch with him. She says she can’t, she’s listening in to Belle and her friends try to plan the wedding. Lucas thinks she’s finally on board with Belle & Phillip’s wedding. Sami says no – she now hates Belle & Phillip along with everyone else. She still can’t believe that Belle will get married before her.

Celeste is at the church walking around holding an invitation to Belle & Phillip’s wedding. She says to herself that ever since she got the invite, she’s had a bad feeling. She walks by candles and suddenly the invite bursts into flames. She drops it and wonders if it was the candles that did that or the spirits.

Kate & Eugenia talk about Sami and Lucas’ mini fight. Kate knows that Sami will end up calling her psychic. She tells Eugenia to go the psychic hotline and monitor all calls to make sure they know everything Sami tells the psychic. Eugenia asks Kate how she’s so sure Sami will call. Kate says she knows how to push Sami’s buttons.

Lucas reminds Sami that they have to go to the wedding because Phillip is his half brother & Belle is her half sister. He gets Sami to admit that she does want Belle to be happy, she just wants to get married first. Lucas sarcastically reminds her that she’s already been married twice (to Austin & Brandon). Then asks her if Belle has to wait till Sami gets it right. Sami says that her first 2 marriages don’t count. She wants her marriage to Lucas to be special, to prove to the whole town how she’s not a screw up and truly loves Lucas. Lucas pulls her into a kiss. They are interrupted by Basic Black employees bringing racks of wedding clothes into Belle. Sami is upset that Kate is not doing the same thing for their wedding. Lucas reminds her of all the promotion stuff they got through the magazine. Kate overhears and walks it. She’s very fake when apologizing for not being ‘psychic’ about her son being called into active duty sooner and maybe Sami & Lucas being married first was not ‘in the stars’. Kate asks Lucas to go help Phillip with the wedding plans. Lucas tells Sami to breathe and try to be happy for Belle.

Phillip tells Kate that they need her help. Kate assures him that everything will be okay and everyone at Basic Black has been called in to help. Belle panics and runs down a list of things that still need to be done. Kate assures her that she took care of most of it, and what is left will be handled by the staff. Mimi offers to take Belle to the Church to talk to the priest about the ceremony. Rex pulls Mimi aside and asks why she offered to do that. Mimi responds that if her plan works, then Belle will forget about the wedding and realize she still loves Shawn.

Belle passes Sami when she leaves and Sami shoots her a look. Mimi tells Sami that that was a real classy move to which Sami responds to mind her own business. Mimi’s cell phone rings and its Jan looking for Shawn. Mimi tells her she has no idea where Shawn is but then taunts Jan that there must be trouble in paradise.

Shawn tells Alice that he doesn’t know who else to talk to about this. Alice asks him why isn’t he talking to Jan about this since she’s the one he’s going to be spending the rest of his life with.

Jennifer reminds Hope that the only reason Bo went off with Billie was to find Georgia. Hope knows that, but she could’ve lost him. She tells Jennifer that she is not letting Bo leave until he’s better and he & Billie have a more concrete plan – otherwise it’s too dangerous. She says that the boys need him, especially Shawn. Jennifer asks what is going on with Shawn nowadays. Hope explains that he’s still with Jan and still drinking and dropped out of school. Jennifer says that it’s so hard to know what your kids are thinking. She talks about Abby staying out past curfew and talking back, but with everything they’ve been through in the past year she can’t really blame her. Hope reminds Jennifer that they acted the same way at Abby’s age. Jennifer states that Bo and Billie are getting closer to finding Georgia and it will change the family when they do. Hope says maybe, she hates to say it but it still could be a DiMera trick set up years ago and Georgia could really be dead. The DiMera’s are known for things like that that will destroy people’s lives.

Billie asks Patrick why he thinks she shouldn’t do everything she can to find her daughter. Patrick says he understands her drive, but if Georgia was adopted then finding her could disrupt her life. Billie asks if that’s true, then why did she send her a message on her PDA? Patrick asks her if the message was real and Billie says yes. She then explains that if Georgia really was adopted then her parents are probably on the DiMera payroll. She won’t let Georgia be kept close to the DiMeras – she could be used in a plot against her and Bo. Patrick reminds Billie that it would affect Hope too.

Phillip, Lucas, Rex and Kate are working on getting the last of the wedding preparations done. Phillip wonders if this is all worth it since it’s stressing everyone out, especially Belle. He thinks that they should’ve planned a smaller, intimate wedding. Lucas states that that would make Sami happy. Kate mutters to herself that that’s reason enough NOT to have a small wedding. She covers when the boys ask her what she said.

While Sami is writing down a phone message, she thinks back on ‘in the stars’ comment Kate made and calls her psychic. The psychic tells Sami she knew she’d be calling. We see Eugenia sitting next to the psychic.

Shawn tells Alice that he can’t talk to Belle because a lot of it has to do with her. He tells her that family means a lot to him and lately he’s been fighting with them and trying to hurt them. Alice asks if it makes him feel bad and he says yes. She thinks that’s good because it means he’s healing. He says that ever since the accident he hasn’t been sure of his feelings and been so angry. Alice asks him who he normally would talk to about his feelings. As Shawn looks away, she asks “It’s Belle, isn’t it?”

Mimi takes Belle to the Bride’s room of the church where they find Caroline’s hope chest. Belle tells Mimi that it was brought there when Sami was to marry Brandon. Belle then fantasizes about her and Shawn getting dressed for their wedding and dancing together. Mimi holds up Caroline’s wedding dress and says it could be the solution to Belle’s problems. Belle looks at the dress and says there’s no way she could wear it.

Celeste asks herself if the burning invite was an accident or the spirits. She looks at the invite on the floor again, but now it’s no longer burning and back intact. She says it must be an omen.

Hope tells Jennifer that she looks skeptical. She asks Jenn to think back to all the couples Tony hurt. If Georgia is alive she wants Bo to find her. Jenn doesn’t think it’s the DiMeras, but Hope is adamant that it’s a trick. There are just too many coincidences.

Bo dreams of him and Billie back in the castle, finding Georgia’s files, have the file cabinet explode and him comforting Billie. He murmurs Billie’s name in his sleep.

Billie asks Patrick since he was part of the DiMera crew; does he really think that this is a DiMera plot? Patrick says since they’re not sure it was Stefano’s body or that Tony is really dead it’s possible. He also tells her that once a DiMera plan goes into action, it’s carried out by underlings until it reaches a conclusion no matter the cost. Patrick then asks Billie if it really was Georgia then why she didn’t tell Billie where she was. Billie says she thinks it’s because Georgia was interrupted. Patrick says if that’s true, then Georgia is being used as bait. Billie tells him that it doesn’t matter – nothing will stop her.
Sami is on the phone with the psychic. The psychic tells her she know why she’s calling, then proceeds to run down the problems with the annulment, Belle getting married first and Sami’s desire to be married first. Sami is impressed that the psychic knows so much, but is unaware that Eugenia is there feeding all the info to the psychic. Sami asks if she will be married before Belle.

Kate tells Phillip says that the wedding has to go on. Phillip says all that matters is him & Belle their feelings. Kate says Belle deserves a memorable wedding and puts the boys back to work.

Mimi tells Belle that Caroline’s dress would look beautiful on her. Belle looks at the dress and again flashes back to her and Shawn in wedding clothes. Belle says it’s the dress she was going to wear when she married Shawn. Mimi asks Belle if she still loves Shawn. Belle says how can she after everything he’s said and done. Mimi says if she still loves Shawn then she’s making the biggest mistake of her life by marrying Phillip.

Shawn says that Alice is right – he could always talk to Belle. He then sees the wedding invite and asks if Belle & Phillip are getting married now. Alice confirms it and asks him what he intends to do about it.

Jennifer says it makes sense that it’s a set up since Georgia never got back in touch with Billie or tells her where she is. Hope says that Billie is so caught up in finding her that she’s not thinking straight. Bo thinks it’s a hoax too, but will do the right thing by Billie and Georgia. They then talk about Shawn and how he’s still in love with Belle and they’re destined to be together – just like Bo and Hope.

Bo is still dreaming of the castle. This time he flashes on hanging off the ledge, falling in the snake pit and impaling himself on the spike. Bo wakes up in a sweat.

Patrick suggests a break again since Billie has been at it for hours. Billie finds hidden encrypted sub files. It’s a series of latitudes and longitudes that are somewhere near the castle. Patrick reminds her that the DiMeras are onto her and will be waiting for her. Billie says she doesn’t care she has to go. Patrick tells her that he’s not going to stop her – he’ll go with her.

Jennifer says that Bo is stubborn and will want to go with Billie. Hope says she’s just as stubborn. The doorbell rings and its Billie and Patrick. Billie explains the hidden clue she’s found and it’s legit. Patrick tells Jennifer that he can’t go to the wedding with her since he’s going to go with Billie. Hope really likes that idea, but Jennifer is worried. Patrick says he’ll be fine. Suddenly Bo comes down the stairs and says Billie is going anywhere with Patrick.

Sami asks if Belle’s wedding is going to happen. The psychic says it looks like it will, but there will be great drama. Sami likes that idea and says she’ll definitely be there and hope for the worst.

Phillip, Rex, Lucas & Kate are done with the preparations. Phillip really thinks it will go off without a hitch. Kate gives him a hug and says of course it will.

Belle says it doesn’t matter what she feels for Shawn, he’s made his lack of feelings clear. She’s marrying Phillip and Shawn doesn’t matter. They’ve both moved on and that’s the end of it. Belle walks out and Mimi says to herself that Belle didn’t answer her question and she knows that Belle still loves Shawn.

Alice asks Shawn again what he’s going to do. Shawn says he’s got a lot of thinking to do. She tells him that she knows that he’ll make the right decision. He kisses her on the cheek, thanks her and leaves. She looks at a picture of Tom and asks him to help Shawn to realize who he really loves and needs to be with. A slight wind blows and a Christmas bell rings.

As Celeste leaves the church, the wedding march begins to play…there is also a lot of noise and yelling that she hears. She looks panic and says something terrible is going to happen.

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