Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/28/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/28/04



By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

Bo and Hope’s Home:

Billie is there, showing Bo the PDA message that she received from Georgia. Bo believes that the PDA message is a hoax. Hope believes that the message could be a DiMiera trap, but Billie contends that the DiMieras are dead. Bo remains skeptical, because Georgia is adopted and he wonders how Georgia could know that they were her parents. Billie wants to continue their search. Hope says that, after their last adventure, there is no way that Bo is going on another search. Hope explains that Bo has an infection and that he can’t anywhere for awhile. Billie apologizes for intruding, but says that she thought that Bo should see the PDA message. Bo takes Billie’s PDA, looks at it and thinks it’s a hoax. Billie still thinks that it’s proof that it’s from her daughter.

Billie explains that Rex told her about the PDA messages that Roman and Bo had received form Tony the year before and that this message was different, that it came from an individual PDA. Hope says that that doesn’t mean that it comes from Georgia and Bo chimes in that it could have come from anywhere. Bo asks Billie to sit down and he tells her about how they got their hopes up after the DeMiera castle and that they’ve got nothing concrete. Hope tells Billie to think about it and think logically. Billie stops her and is emphatic that she got a message form Georgia. Billie tells Bo that she’s not asking him for anything and that she was just letting him know. Bo says that the last time they rushed off without a plan. Billie says that it turned out well, because they got valuable information. But Hope says that the trip almost resulted in having Bo killed. Billie wants to start right away. Bo tries to stand up from the couch and gets dizzy and has to sit back down.

Billie and Hope both hover over Bo. Bo says he was just light-headed for a minute. Bo and Hope urge Billie to not run off without thinking first. Billie tells them that she has to try and she starts to leave. Hope says again that Bo is not going with Billie. Billie says that she’ll call the ISA and she’ll ask them for help. She tells Bo that she’ll keep him updated and Hope tells her to be careful. Outside of the house, Billie talks to herself says that it’s better this way, because if anything happens to her, that Georgia will still have one parent who loves her.

At Mimi and Rex’s loft:

Mimi meets with a potential wedding planner, Summer. Mimi says that she’s sorry that the bride-to-be can’t be there, because her father is ill. Mimi tells Summer that she’s the maid of honor and the wedding planner grabs Mimi’s hand, sees that she has no ring, and says that Mimi must have been the frumpy best friend in high school. Right then, Rex comes in and the wedding planner takes an immediate interest. She asks Rex to tell her that he’s not the priest. Rex responds that he’s the frumpy one’s fiancé.

Rex says that Mimi’s anything but a frump. The seriously annoying wedding planner (how does she not drive all her clients away?), says that she didn’t know that Mimi’s fiancé was a hunk and asks them if they’ve set a date. Rex says that they have to get through Belle and Philip’s wedding first. The wedding planner goes through the list of things they have to decide upon. The wedding planner realizes that she left her wedding sampler in the car and she leaves to get it. Alone, Mimi asks Rex whether she’s really his fiancé. Rex asks her whether he was silly and forgot to ask her and then gets down on one knee and aks Mimi to marry him. Mimi says yes and Rex stands up and they kiss.

The wedding planner has returned and says that it’s her job to ask certain, seemingly personal, questions. She asks whether the bride-to-be can wear white on her wedding day. Mimi has an appropriate reaction of disbelief as she asks Summer what would keep Belle from wearing white. Summer goes on that white means pure and that if Belle is pregnant and everyone knows it, that white might not be appropriate. Summer mentions that she thinks this might be the case because the wedding is being rushed. Mimi says that it’s rushed because the groom is in the military. Summer then talks about how much the vows matter. Rex says that he knows what vows he would say. He recites what he would say and he mentions honesty. Summer jumps on that, and says that honesty is the most important thing. Rex says that Mimi is the most honest person and would never keep anything from him, as Mimi looks like she just swallowed a canary.

Mimi is upset and is crying as Rex holds her. Rex asks what’s wrong. Summer says that she must be touched by Rex’s vows. Summer leaves, telling Mimi and Rex to call her if things work out for them, and mouths to Rex to call her if things don’t work out. Rex then asks Mimi to elope with him and Mimi says that she can’t marry him.

Rex asks Mimi why she won’t marry him. Mimi says that they can’t elope, because they can’t take away from belle’s wedding. Mimi says that before they get married, that they’ll have to talk. Rex asks about what. Mimi says that she wants to start married life with a clean slate and she starts to cry as she says that there are things about her that Rex doesn’t know. Rex hugs her.

At the Basic Black lobby:

Philip tells Kate that he can’t marry Belle because his orders have changed and that his special forces unit has been called up. Kate asks about whether the commander knows of his wedding date. Philip says yes, but that it doesn’t matter. Kate tells him to at least try to postpone when he has to ship out. Philip doesn’t think it will work, but he agrees to try. He leaves, just as Eugenia come in. Eugenia sees that Kate is upset and Kate explains what has happened with Philip and that she fears that Sami and Lucas might be married first.

Eugenia tells Kate about overhearing Sami and Lucas at the Brady Pub talking about the annulment papers and that she got a job at the county clerk’s office. Kate is pleased with Eugenia and her ability to keep Sami from getting her annulment finalized. Eugenia says that the only way Sami would get the annulment right away is if someone with influence called in a favor and that, with her in the office, those papers might get lost. Kate comments that no one will help Sami, she pauses . . and thinks, except for maybe John.

At the penthouse:

John is in his bedroom with Lexie and Belle. Lexie is listening to John’s heart with a stethoscope. John says that he can’t take this pain much longer and that aspirin isn’t helping. Lexie asks for time alone with John. Belle leaves and Lexie tells John that she sympathizes with him, but can’t give him anything stronger. Her beeper goes off. She leaves the room to return the call, leaving John alone in his pain. He spots Lexie’s medicine bag and wheels himself over to it. John pulls out medicine and a syringe and loads the medicine into the syringe and injects himself in the thigh, through his pants.

John immediately starts to breathe easier, though his hands are still shaking as he continues to rummage through Lexie’s bag. He takes out vials of medicine and a syringe and puts them in an empty drawer. He flashes back to just before he wheeled himself over to take the medicine and we see that he just imagined taking the medicine, but really didn’t. He’s still in great pain, and he starts to wheel over to the medicine bag, just as Lexie comes back in from her telephone call. Lexie tells John to breathe through the pain and Lexie tells him again that she can’t give him anything stronger, because of his bad reaction to all the pain killers that they tried and because of her fears that he could get addicted. John says that he has more control than that and Lexie tells him that’s what all addicts say.

Meanwhile, downstairs Sami knocks, calls out for John and, having received no response, lets herself in. She tells herself that she can’t believe that she’s doing this, referring to being there to ask for help from John. She sees the Christmas cards on the table and goes over to them, telling herself that the one time that she needs a favor from John Black, that she has to do something stupid. Belle comes in, having overheard Sami talking to herself. Belle tells Sami that what she did wasn’t stupid, it was unforgivable and a hateful thing to do. Sami apologizes. Belle scolds Sami for coming over on Christmas Eve and doing everything she could to ruin it. Sami apologizes again and tells Belle that this is supposed to be the best times in their lives. Sami says that she thinks that Belle doesn’t really loves Philip. Belle counters that Sami isn’t often right in matters where love is concerned. Sami admits that Belle is right, but that she’s doing it right this time. Sami says that she’s trying to save Belle from making the same mistakes that she did. Belle says that Sami just wants to get married first. Sami says that they grew up believing that. way and Belle tells Sami that was Sami’s rule and that she threatened to ruin her Barbie dolls if she didn’t agree. Sami asked whether Belle thinks that she was a horrible sister. Belle says that she doesn’t think that, and Belle threatens Sami that if she is using John and hurts him, that she’ll never forgive her.

Sami goes off on Belle, saying that Lucas and Will are all she has and that Belle was supposed to be her maid of honor, but then Belle scheduled her wedding on the same day. Belle says that she thought that they could have a double wedding and that she doesn’t care if Sami marries first. Belle then accuses Sami of being desperate to marry Lucas so quickly just to get Brandon out of her head. John and Lexie comes down and John asks what’s going on and that he could hear the yelling all the way upstairs (though, at this point they weren’t yelling anymore). Sami asks John to help rush her annulment papers through. John says that he’s no in any position to help anyone right now. Sami is upset and asks for one phone call. John again says no. Kate and Philip come in. Belle wonders what Philip is doing there and Philip says that he needs to tell her in person that they can’t get married.

Belle asks the same question Kate did, about whether Philip’s commander knew of their upcoming wedding date. John says that he can’t do anything to keep Philip from being shipped out. Kate goes over to Sami and whispers to Sami, asking her what she’s doing there. Sami tells her that she was asking John for help. Kate tells Sami to leave John alone. Sami insults Kate and taunts her with the fact that Belle and Philip can’t get married and that she and Lucas will get married New Year’s Eve. Then, Kate gets an idea and goes over to Belle and Phillip and asks them why wait and that they should get married on New Year’s Eve. John offers to make a couple phone calls to make Belle and Philip’s wedding happen. As he reaches for the phone, Sami slams her hand on top of his and demands a phone call be made on her behalf first.

John demands that Sami put the phone down. John says that she’s tried and tried with her, but that Sami has only pushed him away. He explains that getting a marriage license is different than helping her with processing her annulment papers. Eventually, John says that he doesn’t have the energy for this and wheels away.

St Luke’s on Christmas Eve:

Brady spies a figure in black. He calls out Chloe’s name as he follows the figure. He then sees Nancy. Brady says that he thought he saw Chloe. Nancy says that she passed a girl who reminded her of Chloe. Brady says that he’s felt her presence and thought a Christmas miracle was happening. Nancy says that miracles do happen. We see that Brady was dreaming this, from Christmas Eve, and he awakes up, in bed, lying next to Chloe. Brady rolls over and wakes Chloe up and they start to kiss, only to reveal that Brady is actually kissing Nicole.

Meanwhile, Chloe is sitting in a hospital room, feeling her scars. She starts to cry. Nancy comes in with small, desk-top Christmas tree. Nancy tells Chloe about how much Brady misses her and asks her if that isn’t enough to reveal to him that she’s alive. Chloe says that she doesn’t want to, and Nancy warns her that if Chloe waits that she might lose him . . . to Nicole.

Nicole and Brady talk about Chloe. Nicole says that it was time to lay Chloe to rest, once and for all, and she tells him to get up and get dressed.

Nicole and Brady show up at St. Luke’s, where a charity called the Giving Tree Program is ongoing. People give charitable donations in memory for someone who died. Father Antonio comes over and tells them to pick an ornament, and underneath, it has the value of the donation to be made. The higher the ornament, the greater the donation will be. Brady is at the tree and looks up to see the angel and it turns into Chloe’s face. Meanwhile, Father Antonio and Nicole talk about how they knew other growing up and how times have changed. Father Antonio says that he sees that Nicole loves Brady and Father Antonio says that maybe he’ll marry the two of them someday, as Nicole fantasies exactly that.

Nancy and Chloe watch a news report on the Giving Tree program. Chloe watches as Brady and Nicole are interviewed. Brady says that he chose the angel because it reminded him of Chloe and that she was the love of his life and that his life will never be the same.

Nancy tells Chloe that she thinks that she was meant to see that and urges her, again, to go to Brady. Chloe says that she can’t because he thinks that she’s an angel.

Meanwhile, Nicole and Brady leave, but before they do, they stop and start kissing. The news camera person sees this and shoots them, so that Chloe sees them on the television.

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