Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/24/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/24/04



By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

At the Brady Pub:

Brady looks up at the Christmas tree and the angel on top morphs into Chloe. Nicole come up behind him and asks him whether he’s thinking of Chloe. She tells him that it’s okay if he is. Brady tells her that he knows that she’s gone, but that he has this feeling that if he turns around, that he’ll see her.

Meanwhile, Chloe is outside the pub with Nancy. Nancy tells her it’s killing Brady to be apart from Chloe. Chloe says that he’s with Nicole, but Nancy responds that he doesn’t look happy. Nancy urges Chloe to tell Brady that she’s alive. Chloe says that she can’t and she walks away.

At the penthouse:

John and Kate are wrapping a present. When Kate goes to put it under the tree, John shows that he’s still in physical pain. John thanks Kate for helping with the presents. Kate says shopping is not a hardship and that she should be thanking him for welcoming her children into his home. John reminds her that Philip and Belle will soon be family. John says that he wouldn’t have been able to spend the holidays at home if it hadn’t been for Kate. He’s grateful that Kate can stay there with him. Sami is at the door with Lucas and Will and overhears this. Sami accusingly asks John whether he has invited Kate into his bed too.

At Belle’s loft:

Philip and Belle are kissing. Rex and Mimi come in, with bags filled with Christmas presents. They ask if they are early. They’re late, Belle tells them and they leave. In the hall they run into Jan and Shawn. Shawn asks where they are going in such a hurry. Shawn asks if today is the big day, referring to Philip and Belle’s wedding. Philip tells him not today, and Shawn says that, knowing Belle, that she’ll keep him waiting forever and never deliver.

At Hope’s house:

Doug is reading The Night Before Christmas to Zack. Julie and Hope come in and talk about Bo doing everything he can trying to get home. Julie puts down Billie, as she talks about how Billie lured Bo to Italy and got pregnant and now she’s going to use that child to get Bo back. Julie then says she’s sorry, that’s she’s upset about Mickey and about Bo missing Christmas and Bo and Hope’s anniversary. As Doug continues reading to Zack, and gets to the part about the Santa landing on the roof, they hear a noise of the roof and ashes fall down the chimney. They hear a Ho-Ho-Ho ring out. Zack thinks that it’s Santa Clause. They all look up and Hope smiles.

Hope thinks that it’s Grandpa Shawn. Doug and Zack look up at the chimney. There is a knock at the door. Julie opens it and it’s Bo dressed as Santa Clause. Santa comes in and picks up and hugs Zack. Doug takes Zack into the kitchen to get cookies for Santa, with Julie following them. Hope runs over and hugs Bo, whose beard has fallen off. As Hope hugs Bo, Bo winces in pain from his chest injury. Hope asks if he’s okay and how he got home. Bo said that he found an U.S. air force base and that they set him up with a military flight. They kiss and tell each other they love each other as Julie and Doug open the kitchen and look on.

Back outside the pub:

Chloe tells Nancy that she won’t show herself to Brady until her voice and face are healed. They hide as Nicole and Brady leave the pub. Brady tells Nicole that he has a surprise for her and Chloe overhears this. Chloe is upset. Nancy warns Chloe that Brady isn’t going to wait forever, and that if she doesn’t choose to reveal herself that she might lose Brady forever.

Back at the penthouse:

Lucas tells Sami to relax and that his mom is just there to take care of John and that there is no one else to do it. Lucas asks Sami if she would like to be the one to take care of John. Sami asks what about Belle, and says that Belle is only thinking about her wedding. Sami notices that the picture of her is missing. She asks why they hate her so much. Sami thinks that John is trying to get rid of her the way he "got rid of" her parents. Meanwhile, John promises Belle that he will walk her down the aisle.

In the hallway outside, Brady and Nicole arrive. Nicole is reluctant to go inside. They go in and immediately see Lucas, who doesn’t say anything. Philip asks Brady how could he bring Nicole here, when his father’s body isn’t even cold yet. Sami makes a biting comment about what the Greeks might called someone who sleeps with their step-grandmother. Lucas wants to leave and he, Sami and Will leave without saying goodbye. Rex and Mimi leave too, but wish Kate a Merry Christmas and hug her, before they go. They explain they need to get to the Hortons, to do damage control because of Bonnie.

At Alice’s:

Micky, Maggie and Bonnie arrive. Maggie and Bonnie quibble. Mickey says that last night was a mistake and cannot happen again. He says that they agreed to remain platonic and that there will be no more three-ways, or four-ways if you count the dog. Julie walks in, overhears that last comment and stands mouth agape. Julie pulls Mickey aside and tells him that they have to talk.

On the doorstep of Alice’s house, Jennifer, Patrick , Billie, Abby, and Chelsea arrive.

Chelsea almost drops a pie and Patrick catches it. Chelsea tries to flirt with Patrick. Billie hesitates and doesn’t go in. Jennifer asks her what’s wrong. Billie says that she shouldn’t be there, that no one thinks of her as family. Jennifer tells her that there’s no problem with her being there, that Lucas will be there too. Shawn arrives, holding Jan’s hand. Bo and Hope hug Shawn and Jan hugs Hope and Bo, who are unreceptive. Jan goes off and Bo, Shawn and Hope talk about the motorcycle. They are upset that Jan got Shawn a new motorcycle. Bo lectures Shawn and Shawn retorts saying that Bo hasn’t talked with him in weeks and that he’s been spending all his time with Billie. Just at that moment, Billie walks in and overhears them.

Back at the penthouse:

The party continues. John looks at Nicole disapprovingly. Kate tells John that he looks upset. John says that he doesn’t like Nicole and that he’s afraid that she’ll ruin Brady’s life. Nicole tells Brady that everyone is giving her the evil eye. Brady pulls out a small black jewelry box and tells Nicole that tonight everyone will know how much Nicole means to him.

Back at Alice’s home:

People gather around Alice. Shawn wonders to Jan what Billie is doing here. Bo goes over to Shawn and tells Shawn that now is a good time to apologize. Shawn says that Bo should apologize to his family for not being there for them. Shawn walks off. Hope goes over to Bo and tells him that she’ll try to talk to Shawn. Billie goes over to Bo and Billie says she’s sorry. She asks about how Bo is. She tells him that he needs real stitches. Billie is upset to find out that Bo hasn’t told Hope about his injury. Julie comes over and asks Bo if he’s keeping secrets from his wife. Hope goes outside to talk to Shawn. Shawn and Hope argue over Billie. Jan comes out and brings Shawn a drink and takes his hand to bring him inside. Hope wonders if Shawn is blind. Hope goes in and sees Jan and Shawn kissing in the hallway. Jennifer comes over to Hope and gives her a hug, and tells her that she’s the one who invited Billie, because Billie is all alone. Billie comes out and tells Hope that this is uncomfortable for her too and that Hope has nothing to worry about. Billie leaves. Outside, Billie runs into Lucas, Sami and Will. Lucas tells Billie that she can’t be alone that their mom would want to see her. Billie says that she called the Salem Inn and was told that Kate had moved out. Lucas tells Billie that Kate is living with John. Meanwhile, inside, Julie tells Hope that Hope can’t trust a word that Billie says. Patrick and Mimi hug and say that they’re there to represent the sane half of the Lockhart family. Just at that moment, Bonnie whistles to gather everyone’s attention. She thanks Alice for making her welcome in their family and that she wants to skip ahead to the hanging of the ornaments tradition. Bonnie brings out a gaudy, basketball size ornament that she had custom-made at Jordan’s Jewelers. Maggie hangs her ornament right next to Mickey’s and Bonnie does likewise. However, Bonnie’s ornament is so heavy that the tree begins to tip over.

The tree is righted, as Maggie tells Bonnie that her ornament needs a diet. Julie and Doug hang their ornaments next to each other and give each other a kiss. Hop hangs hers next to Bo’s, Zack’s and John Thomas’s, while Shawn hangs his farther away. Jennifer and Abby hang theirs next to Jack’s, as Jennifer says that Jack will always be there with them. Jennifer starts to hang Jack Patrick’s ornament and stops and asks Patrick if he would like to do the honors for his godson. Bonnie looks on with approval. Lucas and Will hang their ornaments and Julie tells Sami that next year that she’ll have one. Alice hangs hers next to Tom’s and Alice says that she wasn’t sure if she would be home this year, but she knew that they were all watching over her and that it was good to be home again.

Back at the penthouse:

John gives Belle a present from Marlena - Grandma Evans’s pearls. John tells her that Marlena wanted Belle to have them on her wedding day. John tells Philip to take good are of his daughter and Philip tells him yes, Sir. John tells him to drop the Sir, because it’ll soon be Dad. Until then, it’s Sir, Philip says. Philip goes off to say goodbye to his mom and Belle talks to Brady about how she thought that she was supposed to be with Shawn and he’s supposed to be with Chloe, but that they have to move on. Brady says that there’s a difference, that Chloe is gone but Shawn is still alive.

At St. Luke’s:

Chloe, covered by a hood, lights a candle. Behind her, Sami asks aloud, “what is she doing here?” She is referring to Nancy. She asks what Nancy is doing here. Brady and Nicole come upon them and Brady says that he knows what Nancy is doing there. Belle, Philip, Rex and Mimi come in and see Nancy. Belle gives her a hug. Brady says that Nancy is here to spread Chloe’s ashes. They all say that they want to be there for that. Upset, Nancy walks off. Brady again gets a feeling that Chloe is there.

At the hospital:

Maggie and Bonnie are dressed like elves. Mickey tells them that they both look adorable. Jennifer reads the story of the birth of Jesus to the children. Mickey dresses as Santa Claus.


Back at the Penthouse:

John tries to walk using his canes. He gets so upset that he smashes a vase with his cane. Kate runs out to check on him. John says that he’s going insane from the pain. Kate hugs him and tells him that it’ll be okay.

At St. Luke’s:

Jan and Shawn arrive. Sami admires her engagement ring and flashes back to her wedding to Brandon. Lucas takes Sami’s hand and kisses it and says that he can’t wait to see her walk down the aisle. Bo and Hop kiss in their pew as Billie looks on. Billie gets a PDA message supposedly from Georgia. A man arrives with an envelop marked confidential. He says that the news will ruin the Christmas for so many people. Brady spots a mysterious woman (Chloe) and he gets up to investigate, coming up behind her as she is talking into a cell phone and saying that she can’t leave yet and has to be near Brady . They all sing Oh Come All Ye Faithful, as do the children at the hospital.

At Alice’s home:

Alice places the baby Jesus in the nativity scene and looks at a picture of Tom Horton. She looks from the picture and then into the camera and us all that “the blessings of this day be with us now and all the days of our lives.”

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