Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/23/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/23/04



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Jack is on his bed in castle looking at a small object. He then sits up and begins to unlock the ankle cuffs he’s wearing. As he pulls off the last one Tony walks in and asks Jack if he’s going somewhere. Tony then fakes being hurt that Jack was trying to leave without getting his Christmas surprise.

Jennifer is holding up a baby Santa Claus Suit as she sighs and wishes for Jack to be there for their son’s first Christmas. Just then loud music emanates from upstairs and Jennifer runs to yell at Abby to turn the music down. Abby yells back to leave her alone and adds “I hate you!” Just then the baby starts crying as Jennifer looks frustrated and goes to tend to Jack Patrick.

Lucas & Sami are having breakfast at the Brady Pub. Sami is reading an ad for a psychic in a tabloid when suddenly she sees Brandon’s face instead of the psychic and gets startled. Lucas asks what’s wrong and Sami plays it off that she is just frustrated that City Halls closed early on Christmas Eve – delaying her filing the annulment papers for her marriage to Brandon. Lucas tries to comfort her by saying that they can file the papers next week and she won’t be Mrs. Brandon Walker for much longer. Sami agrees and says that Brandon has already left town, so he can’t ruin their Christmas or their wedding.

Meanwhile, Eugenia is outside the pub spying on Sami & Lucas, all the while on the phone with Kate (who happens to be right outside of John’s penthouse door). She tells Kate that so far so good, Sami is still married to Brandon. Kate says that if all goes to plan, Sami will stay that way. Kate ends the conversation, telling Eugenia to keep her posted and Eugenia agrees. Kate brings her luggage into the penthouse just in time to see John fall in great pain from his attempt to walk. Kate rushes to his side.

Marlena & Roman are in their room in the castle. Marlena looks sad as she confirms with Roman that no one is coming for them. Roman, who’s been looking distracted as Marlena talks, apologizes and asks Marlena to repeat what she just said. Marlena now thinks she imagined seeing Bo & Billie out on the ledge and that now they won’t get home to John or Kate or their families in time for Christmas – maybe not at all.

Hope is in her living room hanging the stockings over the fireplace: first Zack, then Shawn D., then hers, and finally Bo’s. She picks up a picture of her and Bo, and kisses her finger and gently touches Bo’s face. Suddenly she hears a loud “HO HO HO” coming from outside. Hope gets a look of excitement on her face as she says Bo’s name and runs to the door. She says his name again as she opens the door and gets a big smile on her face.

Bo & Billie leave the castle. Billie tells Bo that she doesn’t know whether to be happy or sad. On one hand she’s glad to know that Georgia hasn’t been held prisoner in the castle, but on the other….Bo finishes the thought for her by saying on the other hand she could be anywhere. Billie assures Bo that they will find their daughter and Bo agrees. As they start to leave, Bo doubles over in pain. Billie is worried that he lost too much blood & he should go see a doctor before they get on the plane. Bo says he doesn’t have the time – he has a small amount of time to get back to his family by Christmas and nothing will stop him. He then walks off leaving Billie to stare after him before following.

Jack reluctantly hands the guard the tool that he was using to open the ankle cuffs and asks Tony what’s going on. He says that he heard the explosion, the guard running and shouting. Tony lets Jack know that Bo & Billie were there. Jack starts to get excited and asks if they were there looking for him & Cassie. Tony tells him they were looking for someone else, which prompts Jack to confirm that there are in fact other survivors. Tony tells Jack to face it: no help is coming, not now – not ever. When Jack asks where Bo & Billie are now, Tony advises that they found what they were looking for and left. Jack thinks that they are now suspicious about what’s going on at the castle. Looking smug, Tony agrees that they will probably call the police, but it won’t matter as the police are on the DiMera payroll. As Jack starts looking depressed, Tony begins taunting him that things are beginning to look hopeless, then starts talking about Jennifer and what will happen to her and the 2 children – especially around Christmas. He then tells Jack that speaking of Christmas; it reminded him that he promised Jack a surprise. Tony pulls out a remote and a painting on the wall lifts up to reveal a television which shows Jennifer and Patrick. Patrick is comforting Jennifer by saying he wants to help her. Tony again taunts Jack by saying there is another rooster in the henhouse. Jack watches in deep pain and disbelief. Tony ends the visit by saying “The lovely Jennifer won’t be so lonely after all”

Abby tries to sneak out of the house through the front door. Jennifer catches her and asks her where she thinks she’s going. Abby shoots back that she’s going to the mall. They begin to fight as Jennifer reminds Abby that she is grounded and that the only place she’s going is back upstairs. Abby storms upstairs while saying that this will be the worst Christmas ever, and then slams her bedroom door. Jennifer states “At least we agree on something”

The person at Hope’s door is Grandpa Shawn dressed as Santa. Hope gives him a hug and invites him in. Grandpa Shawn explains he’s dressed as Santa because he’s on his way to pass out gifts for homeless children. He also let’s Hope know that when she answered the door, she thought he was Bo. Shawn suddenly remembers that not only is it almost Christmas, it’s also Bo & Hope’s anniversary. He tries to comfort Hope by saying that nothing would stop Bo from missing both events. Hope tells him that she hopes that’s true.

Bo & Billie are now at the airport and Bo explains to Billie that the Basic Black jet has been grounded due to mechanical problems. Billie offers to go book seats on a commercial flight, but Bo informs her that all flights are booked solid. He then tells her that he has to call Hope and try to explain.

Back at Bo & Hopes house, Hope says good-bye to Grandpa Shawn as the phone rings. She answers it and is relieved that’s its Bo. Bo apologizes for being out of touch. Hope then asks how it’s going with Georgia and Bo explains that they didn’t find Georgia, but it’s a long story. He then tells Hope that he’s having a hard time finding a flight home. At this point the call gets a lot of static. After they assure each other that the other is still on the line, Hope tells Bo that his family misses him. Bo says he won’t miss Christmas or their anniversary. Hope is happy and touched that he remembered, he tells her of course he remembered. She then asks about Billie, which he doesn’t really get to answer as the call again gets static and cuts out. Billie looks on with a sad expression.

Roman reminds Marlena of his promise to get them out of the Castle. Marlena apologizes for getting their hopes up about seeing Bo & Billie on the ledge. They begin to talk about how everyone back in Salem thinks that they are really dead this time, even John and Kate.

Kate asks John what he thought he was doing trying to walk. Through his pain, John explains that he is determined to walk his daughter down the aisle. Kate then asks if the people from the wheelchair company came by to install the wheelchair lift by the back stairs. John snaps at her that he took care of it. Kate tries to cheer him up by talking about their kids, how happy they are in their lives, and how great it will be when Belle and Phillip marry, but disaster if Sami & Lucas marry.

Sami and Lucas are still at Brady’s Pub. Lucas again asks Sami what’s wrong. She covers and says she can’t wait to be married and before Belle & Phillip get married. Lucas reminds her that Belle is her half sister and Phillip is his half brother and they should have a big family wedding. Sami insists that she wants and deserves her own perfect wedding for the last trip she takes down the aisle. All her other attempts have turned out disastrous. She looks at the newspaper and sees Brandon’s face again. She gasps and startles Lucas who asks what’s wrong. Sami again covers by saying she’s tired of seeing bad news all the time. Lucas looks skeptical at her response. Just then a waitress walks up and offers to take their order. Sami slips and orders “Brandon and Eggs”; she realizes her mistake and looks at Lucas who stares angrily back. The waitress helps Sami out by saying she’ll bring her “Bacon and eggs”. She then asks Lucas what he’d like, but he says he’s lost his appetite. Meanwhile Eugenia is still spying on them and says to herself that it looks like there’s trouble in paradise. Lucas accuses Sami of still having feelings for Brandon. Sami responds that the only reason she’s thinking of Brandon is because of her annulment papers that she wants to file ASAP. Eugenia mutters “Don’t be so sure of that”. Lucas tells her to sort it out.

Kate goes to the door and brings back a package to John that was just delivered. She tells John that it looks like he just got a Christmas gift. John asks who it’s from. As Kate reads the card, she gets a stunned look on her face “I don’t believe it – it’s from Marlena”. John stares at her in surprise.

Hope is at Jennifer’s helping wrap gifts. Jenn thanks her for helping since she’s so far behind. Hope confides in Jenn that she’s worried that Bo won’t be home in time for Christmas and it’s possible he’ll spend it with Billie.

Bo tells Billie that no one will give up their seats. Billie gets up and says she’ll be right back. After she leaves an older, well dressed man, looking a bit like Santa, sits down next to Bo. He tells Bo that he’s having a hard time getting a flight out & lots of kids will be disappointed if he can’t fly out. Bo is sympathetic as he explains he’s desperate to fly home to be with his wife & kids.

Jenn asks Hope if she really thinks Bo won’t be home in time for Christmas. Hope apologizes for complaining, to which Jenn says is okay. Hope says she knows Bo is coming home – eventually. Jennifer says it’s hard to believe Jack won’t be coming home & that he’s really gone forever. It’s something that she just has to learn to deal with. Hope gives her a hug.

Tony brings a television into Roman & Marlena’s room saying he’s got a brand new reality show for them to watching “Changing Spouses”. Roman and Marlena look on concerned.

John is looking at the gift that was in a box. It’s a clock with an inscription on it ‘John, my time with you is so precious – Marlena’ Kate tells him that it looks like Marlena ordered it a long time ago to be delivered at Christmas. John says all it reminds him of is all the time they’ve lost. Kate puts her hand on his shoulder and leans her head against his in comfort. The camera focuses in on the clock, which we see has a hidden camera on it. It’s been feeding the images of the closeness to Roman & Marlena.

Sami consoles Lucas by telling him she loves only him and cannot wait to marry him and be his wife. She doesn’t want to postpone the wedding and she’s sure of her feeling, or non feelings, towards Brandon. She’s never been so sure of anything in her life. Sami asks Lucas to believe her. Lucas gets up and leaves without a work. Eugenia continues to watch with a pleased smile on her face. Sami breaks down and tears up the newspapers, saying to herself “Damn you Brandon! Get out of my head! Just leave me alone!”

As Roman & Marlena watch John & Kate comfort each other, Tony states that it looks like John & Kate are getting familiar with each other, but he’s sure it’s just platonic. Then the hidden camera pans over to Kate’s luggage. Tony feigns surprise and states that she seems to be moving in, just in time for Christmas. He then turns off the TV. by making a crack about there being nothing good on television anymore. Marlena looks stricken.

Kate is massaging John’s shoulders while she tells him she wishes there was something more she could do for his pain. Her phone rings and she goes to answer it – it’s Billie. Kate asks if they had any luck in finding Georgia, Billie says no. Billie explains that the good news is that they know she was at the castle for sure, they found some of her baby things. Billie starts crying as Kate comforts her. Billie then explains about the adoption, but they don’t know who adopted her, or where she is now. She states she will find Georgia and Kate agrees that Bo & Billie will never give up looking. Billie then tells Kate how bad Bo wants to get home to his family for Christmas, but the Basic Black jet is grounded and there are no other flights. She asks Kate if there is another jet she could send to get them. Kate tells Billie she is out of her mind and she should use the time to get closer to Bo. Billie asks if that’s what she’s doing with John, she got the message about Kate moving in with him. Kate looks back at John and says never mind about that. Kate tells Billie to have a wonderful holiday with Bo and hangs up. Billie looks at her phone in disbelief.

Bo is still talking to the old man about how he’s been praying to get home to his family. The old man agrees that it’s a shame to disappoint the little ones. Bo then asks the old man for his name, which is Wenceslas. Bo asks him if it’s like the Christmas song of the same name and he says it is. They sing a few verses of it. Bo asks what Wenceslas does, and he explains he has something to do with charity for children. Bo gives him some money as a donation because he hates the thought of kids being in need at Christmas. Bo then says with determination that he will find a way for all of them to get home for Christmas. Wenceslas asks “And how is Beauregard Brady going to do that?” Bo starts explaining, but stops and asks how he knew his name. The man explains he saw it on the luggage tag. Bo says he doesn’t know how, but he will find them a flight. Wenceslas says it might be easier to find a sled with 8 tiny reindeer. Bo laughs and says whatever it takes.

Billie has flashbacks to the kiss Bo gave her in the castle. She asks herself what if they do end up spending Christmas together. She then smiles to herself and says “Who knows what could happen?”

Sami leave Brady’s Pub and sees Lucas who is waiting outside for her. Sami cautiously approaches Lucas, who tells her they need to talk – it’s important.

While Kate is decorating the penthouse with John off to the side looking at the clock, she finds a picture of Sami. She picks it up and says to herself that there is only room enough there for one of them. She then quietly puts the picture in a drawer so John doesn’t hear her. In its place she puts a picture of Belle & Phillip. John turns around and says he appreciates all the decorating she’s done. He then says sadly that Doc always loved decorating for Christmas, she always made the place feel special. Kate tells him she believes that Roman & Marlena would want them to be there for each other. She holds her hand out to John who takes it.

Tony is still taunting Roman and Marlena about what they just say, comparing it to one of his favorite shows – Fear Factor. He tells them that he’s always been a sucker for a good Christmas story. Roman asks him how he could be such a bastard. Tony leaves, but not before wishing them a Happy Holidays. Marlena cannot believe that John & Kate are now living together; she then asks Roman what’s happening? Roman embraces Marlena and says he doesn’t know.

Jack paces his room as he wonders to himself who else besides him and Cassie are at the castle. He starts shouting things like “Hello” and “Can anybody out there hear me?” He walks over to the window and starts shouting again. He walks away from the window telling himself that of course no one can hear him, the place is a fortress. With a look of determination, he tells himself that he’s got to find a way back to Jennifer.

Jennifer is walking around her living room and stops in front of a picture of Jack. Smiling sadly at it, she places a small piece of mistletoe on it. Meanwhile, Abby starts to creep down the stairs in attempt to sneak out again. She gets to the front door, but hesitates when she looks back at Jennifer.

Hope comes downstairs after putting Zack down for a nap, wishing him sweet dreams. She walks over to the Christmas tree saying she knows what Zack will be dreaming of, for Bo to be there Christmas morning to watch him open his presents. She closes her eyes and tells Bo to not disappoint their little boy at Christmas.

Bo comes back to tell Wenceslas that there in not a single seat on a single flight. Wenceslas says they’ll just have to arrange their own flight. Laughing slightly, Bo asks how they go about doing that. Wenceslas hands Bo a compass saying it always helped him find his way home. Bo opens it and smiles as a soft white light emanates from it. He asks “So you live at the North Pole” He looks over at Stanislaus, but he’s gone. Bo looks around the airport, and then hears a loud “HO HO HO”; he looks back at the compass and grins.

Jack is looking at a picture of Jennifer. He tells the picture that he has to get back home to Jennifer, Abby and the baby before Patrick Lockhart hijacks his life.

Jennifer is putting presents under the tree, then stands back and smiles as she looks at the tree. Abby has second thoughts about sneaking out and walks to the living room. Jennifer sees Abby in her coat and asks her where she’s going. Abby says she doesn’t want to fight with Jennifer anymore and asks to call a Christmas truce. Jennifer agrees and they both hug with tears in their eyes.

Sami asks Lucas to just tell her what she has to say. Lucas tells her that after he left, he thought about what happened and what he said, all along Sami is watching him with tears in her eyes. He then tells her it’s time for him to give her her Christmas present. Sami looks up at him in surprise. She opens her gift, which is a silver heart pendant on a chain. He asks her to read the inscription, which she does out loud – ‘Sami-My Love-My Life-Forever’ Lucas puts it on her while she cries softly. He tells her that they are not just words, that he means them. He tells her that he loves her and he knows she loves him and they belong together. Lucas cannot wait to marry Sami and spend every Christmas with her for the rest of their lives. They kiss.
Eugenia watches is and states that Kate is no going to like this at all.

John & Kate are still holding hands. He says she’s right – Marlena would want them to be there for each other. Kate says she’s is there and holds up some mistletoe. John gives a little sad smile. She tells him Merry Christmas and share a little kiss.

Roman tells Marlena to be strong, it will be okay and to not let Tony get to them. Marlena agrees that he’s right; Tony just wants them to fall apart. Roman tells her that they can’t give in; they can beat him if they stick together as a team. Marlena asks him how that’s possible. Roman tells her that they know life is about love, not hate. He smiles at Marlena as he wipes tears from her cheek and gives her a kiss on the cheek. They wish each other a Merry Christmas and also share a little kiss.

Hope takes Bo’s stocking and sits in front of the fire. She closes her eyes as she hugs it close.

Bo is asleep on the chair when Billie walks up. Bo asks Billie what happened and Billie explains that Bo got some much needed sleep. Bo asks where the old man went. Billie asks him what he’s talking about. Bo says it must’ve been a dream, which makes Billie smile and ask if he always dreams of old men. Bo tells Billie that the old man could get them home by way of the North Pole. Billie says it’s too bad it was just a dream, since it looks like it will be next to impossible to get you home to your family. Bo gives her a smile and says “Oh I don’t know about that. Like the old man said ‘Christmas is a time for miracles’

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