Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/21/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/21/04



By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole surveys the decorated living room with approval. She says that it’s almost ready for a Christmas to remember. She tells herself that the only thing she has to do now is to sex it up. She goes upstairs, missing Brady as he comes in the front door. Brady looks forlorn. He goes into the living room and sees the festively decorated room. He thinks the place looks incredible, with only one thing missing. Brady then envisions a beautiful Chloe, in a white dress, who tells Brady “Merry Christmas”, as she walks towards him. They hug and then kiss. They continue to kiss, but when they break apart, Chloe disappears. Nicole comes in wearing a skimpy Santa costume, with red halter top, red mini skirt, and a Santa hat. Brady tells Nicole that the place looks fantastic, and that Nicole looks really good too. Nicole raises mistletoe over Brady’s head, and closes in for a kiss, but Brady backs away, saying he can’t do that. Nicole realizes that Brady is thinking about Chloe. Brady says that he’s sorry, but that it was at this time last year that Chloe was there, in that house, with him. He says that earlier that day that he accidentally dialed Chloe’s voicemail and heard her voice. Brady says that he feels that Chloe is out there and that he needs to help her. Nicole tells Brady that Chloe is dead. Brady says that he still feels Chloe’s presence. Brady says it like time stood still, that it was just like a year ago, and Brady has several flash backs, first to a time when he and Chloe were dancing and happy, then to another time where Chloe has food stuck to her lips and they kiss, and to another time where they make love. Nicole says that she’s done everything knows to help Brady to move on and that she’s out of ideas. She tears up, upset that she can’t compete with “St. Chloe.”

On an airplane, Chloe is covered in black, with a black hat and a black veil covering her face. Nancy suggests watching a movie, the new Matt Damon one. Chloe doesn’t want to. Nancy starts to suggest something, Chloe tells her no. Nancy says that Chloe doesn’t even know what she was going to suggest. Chloe says that Nancy was going to suggest calling Brady, which she doesn’t want to do until she is healed. Chloe goes into the bathroom and takes off her veil. She envisions Brady behind her, telling her that she is still beautiful, that he needs her in his life and that he will always love her. Fortified, Chloe keeps the veil off as she opens the bathroom door and walks out. A little girl sees her and screams. Chloe hides again in the bathroom. Nancy comes back to the bathroom. The little girl returns with an attendant and she shouts that there is an ugly monster in there. Nancy yells at the little girl, telling her it’s her daughter in there. Nancy pleads with Chloe to come out. The attendant asks Nancy if her daughter is okay. Nancy says that one person could help Chloe, but that Chloe refuses to asks him for help. Nancy pulls Chloe out of the bathroom. Nancy demands that they go back to their seats and for Chloe to call Brady. Nancy tells Chloe that she knows that Chloe wants to hear Brady’s voice. Chloe agrees that she does. Nancy tells Chloe that she’ll be right there with her. Nancy hands Chloe the phone, telling her to make the call. Meanwhile, at the mansion, Brady says that he doesn’t want to hurt Nicole, but that he wants to be honest with her about his feelings. Upset, Nicole goes upstairs. The phone rings and Brady answers. “Hello Brady, it’s me,” Chloe says. “Chloe?” Brady responds.

At the Christmas lot, Julie, dressed in a red hot chili pepper costume complete with Christmas tree broach, is under arrest. She hobbles along as the police officer is escorting her. Julie protests her arrest, claiming that she did nothing wrong. The officer tells her that she must be willing to waive her rights, because she won’t shut up. Doug and Hope arrive at the lot. The police officer recognizes Hope and Hope asks him why Julie is being detained. The officer tells Hope that Julie was arrested for possession and destruction of U.S. Government property. Julie claims that she did not steal the trees. Meanwhile, Bonnie arrives at the lot. Bonnie scolds Max the dog for not reminding her and chastises herself for forgetting to destroy the forestry tags. She searches for the tags, unable to find them. Max the dog runs into his doghouse and hides. Julie tells the officer that Bonnie is the responsible party, as Bonnie overhears them. Bonnie flashes back to where she bought the hot trees from a man named Billy Bob. Julie spots Bonnie and alerts the police officer to her. Julie tells the office that she took over the lot from Bonnie. Bonnie claims that her operation is legitimate. Hope says that isn’t the case, as the trees were obtained illegally. Bonnie claims that she got the trees from a guy who supplies the local girl scouts and a few more trees from a guy in a pick up truck. Bonnie claims that Julie has a record - shoplifting. Julie says that’s when she was 15-years-old. Julie asks Bonnie why Mickey would tell her about that. Bonnie says that Mickey is her husband and that he tells her everything. Bonnie claims that Julie orchestrated the whole thing, trying to set her up. The police officer gets a call and Hope tells the police officer she’ll take over. Bonnie and Julie fight, claiming that the other was behind this. Bonnie then claims that Julie hates her for marrying Mickey. Julie says that Bonnie’s right, that Bonnie is a horrible, manipulative woman who took advantage of a grieving man. Bonnie lunges at Julie. Hope breaks them up and tells Bonnie to zip it. Hope says that there is evidence that implicates the tree lot in felony theft and she asks if they want to do hard time. Julie fantasizes being put into a cell, with Bonnie as a roommate. Horrified, both scream. Bonnie has the same fantasy. Julie claims she innocent. The police officer returns from his telephone call and says that the man selling the stolen trees has been apprehended and that both Julie and Bonnie are off the hook. He gives the handcuff keys to Hope and Hope un-cuffs Julie. Julie borrows Doug’s cell phone and calls someone and tells that person to get down to the Christmas tree lot as soon as possible, with no arguments. Meanwhile, Bonnie knocks on Max’s dog house door and tells him that the coast is clear, but that she almost got them thrown out of 13-13 Mockingbird Lane.

At Jan’s house, Shawn says that Jan’s lying. Shawn says that being in the room has brought back his memory. He says that the train set is not the only thing locked up in the room. Shawn flashes back to Jan dressed up as an old woman, putting him on a bed in that room. Jan protests, telling Shawn that he must be confused and that she never locked anything in that room. Shawn says he’s clear about what happened. He flashes back to another time where Jan climbed upon top of him and handcuffed his wrist. Belle asks Shawn what Jan kept locked up all summer. “Me,” Shawn answers. Belle and Philip are shocked. Mimi tells Jan to tell them. Jan says that she did take Shawn prisoner in the room, but that he loved every minute of it. Mimi says now that the truth is coming out, that Shawn and Belle can get back together. However, Shawn says he remembers the lamp, a sexy negligence and handcuffs, but nothing more. Mimi tells Shawn that the handcuffs were to keep him prisoner. Shawn asks Mimi how she can know that. Mimi doesn’t respond. Philip wants him and Belle to leave. Jan asks them to stay, because she bought Belle and Philip a present. They agree and Jan leaves the room to get eggnog. Mimi follows Jan out of the room. Mimi asks Jan if she hasn’t done enough by ruining Belle and Shawn’s relationship. Jan claims that she’s just getting started. Jan gives Philip and Belle a present - a video camera and a photo album. Philip says that it’s too much and that can’t accept it. Jan says that they can’t say no, because it’s their first wedding gift. Jan tells them that when her parents would fight, they would pull out their photo album and look at their pictures and remind themselves why they were together in the first place. She asks Philip and Belle to promise that they would do that, if they fight. Then, Jan gives Shawn his present - keys. Jan then takes off a cover from a motorcycle. Belle tells Shawn that she won’t let him accept it. Belle says that Shawn shouldn’t be riding a motorcycle after his accident. Upset, Belle leaves. Philip follows her. Shawn checks out the motorcycle. Jan says that, if he wants, they can take it back. Shawn doesn’t want to, saying that one accident won’t scare him off. Rex goes over to check out Shawn’s bike. Left alone, Mimi calls Jan a bitch and Jan warns Mimi that she hasn’t seen anything yet. Mimi tells Jan that she’s not giving up and that she’s going to tell them about the cage and gun. Jan laughs at her, telling her that Mimi won’t be able to find any evidence to connect her with holding Shawn prisoner. Rex finds a metal pin. In the hallway, Philip comforts Belle and Belle apologizes for being emotional. Philip hugs her. Belle talks about how she is worried for Shawn. Philip says that Shawn will only change when Shawn wants to change and that Belle needs to let it go.

At the castle, Jack is in a bedroom, shackled to the wall and doing a crossword puzzle. Frustrated, he slams down the crossword puzzle, gets up and tries to walk away the wall, only to be caught and tripped up by the chain. A guard opens the door and tells Jack that the Count has sent someone to keep him company. “Please tell me that it’s not you,” Jack says. Another guard throws Cassie into the room and she lands in Jack’s arms. The guards leave. Jack is glad that Cassie is all right. They talk about hearing the explosion. They don’t know what it was. Cassie says that right after the explosion, the guards came and got her and brought her to Jack’s room. Jack thinks that they are consolidating the prisoners. Jacks hopes that someone is there to rescue them. He trips over his chain again. Cassie and Jack talk about how the DiMera mansion always had secret passageways. Jack and Cassie look for one in their room. Cassie wonders if their rescuers are dead. Jack tells Cassie to stay positive. Cassie tells Jack that he wants to get back to his family in Salem and Cassie says that she wants to get back to Rex, who is the only family she has. Jack tells Cassie that she’s a Brady, and that she has tons of relatives. Cassie laments that she never got to know any of them, but Roman and Caroline. Cassie wonders what if Roman and Caroline didn’t survive the tidal wave. Jack stops her and says that she can’t think that way. Jack wants to let any possible rescuers know that they are there. Jack says that they need to get their attention, and that he needs Cassie’s help.

Elsewhere in the castle, Billie is lying unconscious on the ground. She awakes, holds her head in pain and sits up. She calls for Bo. Seeing a pit next to her, she looks down and hears a hissing noise. She finds a flashlight in the pocket of her stolen uniform and she shines it down to see an unconscious Bo, surrounded by snakes. Billie yells for Bo to get up. Bo stirs. Bo slowly gets up, and sees all the snakes. Billie searches the room above, trying to find a way out. Bo begins scaling the wall. A snake lurches at him and bites him. Billie manages to find a passageway out. She goes back to the pit and helps Bo out. Bo collapses on the ground, next to Billie. Billie grabs Bo in her arms and tells him not to die on her. She kisses her forehead. She tells Bo that Georgia needs him, that his family in Salem needs him, and that she needs him. Bo opens his eyes. Billie cradles Bo in her arms, thanking God that Bo came back to her. Billie helps Bo up to his feet and tells him about the way out she found. Billie goes over to it, not seeing Bo unbutton his shirt, revealing blood. Bo re-buttons his shirt and follows Billie.

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