Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/20/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/20/04



By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Bonnie’s Christmas Tree Lot:

Max is lying on the ground, wearing reindeer ears. Jennifer walks up and spots him and laughs. Max barks. Jennifer kneels down and pets the dog. Jennifer’s cell phone rings and it is Abby. Jennifer tells Abby that she is picking out their Christmas tree and plans to decorate it with Abby tonight. Only Jennifer’s side of the conversation is heard as Abby asks to spend the night out late instead of decorating the tree. Jennifer insists that Abby is home by 8PM because it is a school night. Abby begins to protest but Jennifer refuses to argue. Jennifer is annoyed when Abby hangs up on her. Jennifer slams her phone down on the table. Jennifer walks over to the edge of the lot and decides to settle for the first tree she finds. Jennifer rips off the tag and reaches in her purse for the money to pay for it. Jennifer pulls out her wallet and finds a picture of Jack. Jennifer tells Jack that they need him. The tree lot operator walks up to Jennifer, spotting that she is planning to buy a tree, and greets her. Jennifer returns the greeting and hands the man the tag. The man confirms that she is Jennifer Deveraux and tells her that her Christmas tree has already been taken care of. Jennifer looks surprised.

Jennifer’s house:

Patrick is dressing Jack Jr. on the couch and has wrapped him in a blanket. There is a knock on the door and Patrick carries Jack Jr. to the door. Patrick lets Bonnie in who has brought over their tree. Bonnie carries the tree inside and Patrick confirms that he owes Bonnie $50 for the tree. Bonnie adds that it is $50 for the tree but he also owes her an extra $125 for bringing it over and setting it up. Patrick objects as he puts Jack Jr. in his bassinet but Bonnie insists that it’s for charity. Patrick asks if the charity is the “send Bonnie to Nashville fund.” Bonnie acts hurt as she recants how Patrick called her 20 minutes ago to ask her to bring that tree over from the lot only to treat her like this. Patrick apologizes and thanks Bonnie for coming over so quickly and hands over the money. Bonnie stuffs the money in her cleavage. Bonnie wants to discuss Patrick’s plan to snag Jennifer but Patrick insists that he has no plans. Bonnie sits Patrick down and tells him that there is room for two Lockharts in the Horton family. Bonnie says she hopes it might be three if she can get Mimi hooked up with Shawn. Patrick can’t believe what he’s hearing. Bonnie urges Patrick to keep his eye on the prize. Patrick asks Bonnie how it feels to finally have her prize. Patrick asks Bonnie why she is scamming Christmas tree money out of people when she just married into one of the wealthiest families in Salem. Bonnie insists that she is not scamming anyone. Bonnie insists that Mickey is proud of her entrepreneurial skills and even though Maggie is trying to convince Mickey that she made a mess of Alice’s bar, she vows to show them all. Bonnie insists that she is going to make her own money as she counts what Patrick gave her so she can take Mickey on his dream honeymoon to Nashville, where Maggie won’t follow them. Jack Jr. begins to cry. Patrick picks him up and soothes him quickly. Bonnie notes how Jennifer must appreciate having a man around that can soothe Jack Jr. like that. Bonnie laments about never having a man like that in her life. Patrick says he learned a few things from having to take care of Mimi and Connor. Bonnie segways from talking about Patrick helping take care of Jack Jr. by putting him to bed to asking when Patrick plans to help Jennifer into his bed. Patrick tells Bonnie to stop because Jennifer isn’t ready for another relationship yet. Julie walks in, having overheard Patrick, and declares that he couldn’t agree with him more. Bonnie glares at Julie.

Jan’s house:

Mimi stands in front of the bedroom door as Shawn, Philip, and Belle stand around. Jan yells at Mimi to get away from the door because there is nothing there for her to see. Mimi flashes back to finding the love cage. Mimi tells everyone that it’s about time that they find out what Jan has really been up to. Jan continues to object but Mimi opens the door anyway. They all walk into the room, which is now decorated with a Christmas tree and huge train set going around a model town. The train’s conductor is Kewpie, dressed in a Santa suit. Jan complains that Mimi ruined Shawn’s surprise. Mimi demands to know what she did with everything but Jan pretends not to know what she is talking about. Mimi insists that Jan tell her the truth even if she has to choke it out of her. Mimi grabs Jan by the neck and they fall to the floor.

Victor & Caroline’s room at the DiMera castle:

Victor sits on his bed with his hands and legs chained. Caroline is asleep on her bed, also chained. Victor shuffles over to the vanity and knocks over the perfume bottles as he turns. Victor quickly picks up the bottles and shuffles to the door. He tries to listen at the door and figure out what the guards have been up to all night. Victor flashes back to playing chess with Caroline when they heard the explosion. In the flashback, Victor suggests to Caroline that someone could be trying to break in. Victor tells Caroline that no one knows they’re here so they couldn’t be coming for them. Victor realizes that he must get the intruder’s attention without attracting the guards. Victor insists that he can’t risk being separated from Caroline.

DiMera castle hallway:

Two guard walk by. Bo knocks out the grate and he and Billie climb out, still dressed as guards. Bo suddenly stops as he realizes that he smells Caroline’s perfume.

Bedroom of Jan’s house:

Mimi demands to know where Jan put everything. Shawn and Rex rush over to break up the fight. Mimi yells at Jan that she is not going to get away with this for it has to be here somewhere. Mimi runs out of the room in an attempt to find the cage. Jan runs after her. Philip asks Rex what is going on with Mimi. Rex says he doesn’t know. Philip suggests that he go find out and Rex rushes out to find Mimi and Jan. Shawn appears disoriented as he looks around the room. Belle walks up to check on him.

Hallway of Jan’s house:

Mimi returns to where Jan is standing outside of the bedroom and demands to know where “it” is. Rex asks Mimi if everything is okay. Mimi tells Rex that she needs to speak to Jan for a minute and pulls Jan to a corner of the room. Rex leaves them alone. Mimi asks Jan where the cage is. Jan warns Mimi to keep her mouth shut. Mimi refuses to let Jan blackmail her anymore for Jan is crazy and needs help. Mimi wants to get Jan out of their lives. Jan insists that she isn’t crazy. Mimi tells Jan that locking someone in a cage against his or her will is not sane behavior. Jan pretends to not know what Mimi is talking about. Mimi realizes that without being able to show Philip, Belle, Rex, and Shawn the cage, they won’t believe her and Jan will simply deny it all. Jan smiles.

Bedroom of Jan’s house:

Rex returns to the room and Philip asks what Mimi had to say. Rex explains that Mimi wanted to talk to Jan alone. Philip complains that Mimi brought them all the way out there to simply see a room decorated for Christmas. Shawn walks over to a lamp and strokes his fingers along the lampshade. Shawn remembers seeing the lamp through bars.

Hallway of DiMera castle:

Billie can’t smell any perfume. Bo insists that it is Caroline’s perfume because she has worn it ever since he was a kid. Billie insists that they’re a lot of people who could wear the same perfume. Bo points out that they are in an old musty castle where all the guards are guys. Billie asks if Bo thinks Caroline is here. Bo realizes that that doesn’t sound like it could be true. Billie insists that Tony is dead and there is no way that Caroline or anyone else here. Bo decides that Billie is right. Billie suggests that all this talk of Billie being a mother again has got him thinking about Caroline. Bo decides that Billie is right and they turn to go. Bo stops and insists that he isn’t imagining it. Bo determines that the scent of Caroline’s perfume is coming from the door they are standing in front of.

Victor and Caroline’s room at DiMera castle:

Caroline wakes up and tells Victor that she can smell her perfume. Victor apologizes for spilling the perfume earlier on his way to the door. Caroline asks if something happened and Victor says he heard a noise earlier. Caroline asks why Victor didn’t wake her and Victor explains that since Caroline was sleeping so soundly, he didn’t want to wake her. Caroline smiles at that. Victor asks Caroline what she was dreaming about and Caroline says she was dreaming about their last picnic on the island. Victor agrees that that time was nice. Caroline laments that back then, they thought it was the last time they’d spend together before returning to Salem. Victor laments about how Tony had other plans for them. Caroline wants to know why Tony would abduct them again and bring them to the castle. Victor says he doesn’t know but at least they are together. Victor lifts his shackled hands over Caroline’s head so he can hug her and hold her close.

Hallway outside Victor and Caroline’s room:

Bo wants to check out the room but Billie warns that it could be a trap. Bo insists on checking it out anyway. Bo touches the lock but it shocks him and throws him to the floor, unconscious. Billie rushes to Bo’s side. Billie hears a guard alerting other guards that they are down there and desperately tries to wake Bo.

Bonnie’s Christmas Tree Lot:

Jennifer asks the man what he meant by her tree was already taken care of. The man explains that someone already bought it for him and Bonnie is on her way now to deliver it. Jennifer realizes that Patrick must have arranged this. The man smiles and excuses himself.

Jennifer’s house:

Julie tells Patrick that he is right about Jennifer not being ready for a new relationship. Bonnie asks Julie how she could know what Jennifer is ready for. Julie says that anyone who has been in love knows that you don’t get over losing that true love in just a couple of weeks, especially when someone died as tragically as Jack did. Bonnie gets in Julie’s face as she asks if Julie is saying that she has never been in love. Julie smiles as she asks if this is a trick question. Patrick tells Bonnie and Julie not to fight in front of the baby. Patrick asks Julie if she wants to wait for Jennifer to come back by spending time with him and Jack Jr. Julie says she is here to see Bonnie. Bonnie wants to know what for. Patrick decides to leave them alone and takes the baby into the dining room. Bonnie quickly says goodbye to Patrick and tells Julie that she doesn’t have time for her because she has a business to run. Bonnie grabs her coat and heads for the door. Julie follows her and warns her to make time because she has a business proposition for her that concerns her tree lot. They begin to argue as a mystery person (what they see is what the viewer sees), walks around the front of Jennifer’s house.

Dining room of Jennifer’s house:

Patrick has Jack Jr. in a carrier on the table as he sits there and folds laundry. The mystery person makes their way to the dining room window and looks in on Patrick. Patrick senses that someone is out there.

Jan’s bedroom:

Jan and Mimi stand in the doorway as they watch Belle, Philip, Shawn, and Rex look around the holiday decorations. Jan gloats about how they all think that it took her weeks to set up the room.

Jan walks back out into the hallway as she jokes about they would believe that a big cage was in there just a few hours ago. Mimi tells Jan not to play stupid with her because she saw it. Jan asks for proof and Mimi says that Jan knows that she doesn’t have any now. Jan tells Mimi to ask her where her proof is now. Mimi asks what Jan is talking about. Jan pulls the slip of paper from the abortion clinic out of her shirt as she points out her proof that Mimi killed Rex’s baby without telling him about it. Mimi insists that her and Rex’s relationship is strong enough to handle anything. Jan twirls the paper between her fingers as she asked Mimi why she didn’t tell Rex about her abortion. Mimi says she will tell Rex as soon as she tells Belle and Shawn about what a lying witch Jan is. Jan suggests that they get it over with and go in there now so Mimi can tell Shawn and Belle about the cage and she can tell Rex about the abortion.

Victor and Caroline’s room:

Victor suggests to Caroline that she should go back to bed. Caroline insists that she’s slept enough. Caroline offers to keep watch while Victor sleeps. Victor begins to object but Caroline tells Victor to go to sleep for he is getting cranky. Victor decides that a few minutes wouldn’t hurt. Victor sits down on the bed and notices that Caroline is suddenly worried. Caroline says she thinks that Bo is nearby but is in trouble.

Hallway of DiMera castle:

Billie has dragged Bo back into the vent and closed the grate behind her. The guards head their way. Billie sits back away from the grate as the guards arrive at Victor and Caroline’s door. She watches through the grate, as a man and a woman are led away from the room. Billie realizes that she smells the perfume now as well. Billie wants to see what is going on and opens the grate. Billie turns her back to help drag Bo out of the vent. A guard knocks her out with a baton.

Jan’s bedroom:

Rex makes the whistle blow on the train and calls everyone over to check it out. Philip and Belle laugh as Kewpie rides the train around the track. Rex asks if this is weird. Philip says the entire setup is weird but then they are talking about Jan. Belle objects at Philip’s badmouthing Jan. Philip apologizes but points out the overdone decorations. Rex laments about not having anything like this growing up. Belle offers her condolences. Rex hopes to do something for his kids, even though he doesn’t know what normal parents do. Belle assures Rex that he and Mimi are going to be great parents. Rex notes how Mimi has a maternal thing going on which makes Belle look worried. Shawn says they have a while because it isn’t like they are going to be having kids anytime soon. Rex admits that he and Mimi have talked a lot about starting a family lately. Belle and Shawn question whether Rex is serious. Mimi walks up and overhears Rex say that while they’ve talked about waiting he’s starting to think that sooner might be better than later. Mimi walks up and hugs Rex. Rex asks Mimi if she is okay. Mimi says she is sorry and that she never meant for any of this to happen.

Christmas Tree lot:

Julie has followed Bonnie all the way back to the tree lot and has told her about her proposition. Bonnie refuses to do it. Julie tries to convince Bonnie that it is for a good cause. Bonnie asks Julie to have another bake sale or something other than using the proceeds from her tree lot for the Horton foundation. Julie insists that it is too late to stage another event and reminds Bonnie that she is a Horton now, a name that comes with certain responsibilities within the community. Julie says that she knows how to be a Horton as she trims a tree. Julie asks if that means that Bonnie will donate the proceeds from this Christmas tree lot to the Horton foundation. Bonnie realizes that Mickey would want her to participate and Julie adds that Mickey would expect it. Julie taunts Bonnie by adding that Maggie would have been happy to donate the money. Bonnie agrees to the deal. Julie turns to go. Bonnie calls her back and asks if she is going to make demands without offering to help. Julie says that had been her plan. Bonnie insists that if Julie wants her money, she’ll have to work for it. Julie asks what she will have to do and Bonnie pushes open her coat, showing off her sexy Mrs. Claus outfit and tells Julie to get into costume and sell, sell, sell.

Alice is looking at a tree when Jennifer greets her. Jennifer leads Alice to a bench and they sit down to talk. Jennifer tells Alice how she is coping without Jack during the holidays. Jennifer tells Alice how Jack was always a sentimental around Christmastime, wanting to save every Christmas card and make egg nog from scratch. Jennifer begins to lament about how sometimes these days it’s hard to even get out of bed in the morning. Jennifer asks Alice how she can give her children hope because she doesn’t think she can ever hope again. Alice tells Jennifer that she will surprise herself. Jennifer asks for help on what to do with Abby. Alice tells Jennifer to be patient. Alice realizes that at this same time last year, they were having the same conversation. Alice advises that Abby and Jennifer love each other and that’s all that matters for everything else will work itself out in the end. Jennifer hugs Alice as she tells her that she always knows what to say. Jennifer hopes that Alice is right because she doesn’t know how much more she can take.

Jennifer’s house:

Patrick gets up from the table and looks out the window in an attempt to find whoever is outside of the house. The mystery person runs for the gate but Patrick races outside and yells at them to stop. The mystery person turns around and it is Chelsea.

Jan’s bedroom:

Rex pulls Mimi aside to ask what she is sorry for. Jan clears her throat and fans herself with the slip. Mimi says she is sorry for making everyone come out here for nothing especially since Belle and Shawn could have been killed. Belle assures Mimi that it is okay. Rex asks Mimi what she had expected them to find. Mimi explains that when she got here, Jan had the door padlocked and when she tried to come in, Jan got all crazy on her. Mimi goes on to say that she feared Jan was hiding something big in here, something that had to do with Shawn and Belle. Rex asks if Mimi never saw what was in here. Mimi says that Jan wouldn’t let her in so she called them to come help. Jan says that she locked the door because this is her grandmother’s snow village that she doesn’t even trust the cleaning lady around. Shawn returns to the lamp and has hazy memories of being shackled to the bed. Jan asks Shawn why he is so preoccupied with the lamp and insists that the lamp and the rest of the furniture are the only things that have ever been in here. Shawn remembers Jan climbing on top of him and handcuffing him to the bed. Shawn turns to face Jan and accuses her of lying.

Second room of Caroline & Victor at the DiMera castle:

A guard escorts Caroline and Victor into a second bedroom. Caroline asks the guard why they are being moved. The guard yells at her to get in the room and locks them in. Caroline asks Victor what is wrong with the guard. Victor admits that he may have been wrong about Bo looking for them because the guard looked frightened. Caroline is hopeful. Victor notes that the guards were anxious to move them for some reason. Caroline is suddenly overcome with another bad feeling.

DiMera castle pit:

The guards drag an unconscious Bo and Billie to a pit and throw them in. The first guard confirms with the other that this is what Tony wants them to do with Bo and Billie. The second guard confirms this and adds that there is no way that either of them will make it out alive.

Bonnie’s tree lot:

Bonnie brings Max a bowl of food. Bonnie laments to Max how they now have to forget about their trips to Nashville because Julie is forcing her to give her profits to a real charity. Max growls. Bonnie sits down and pulls out the slips from all the trees that said property of the US forestry service. Bonnie decides that she must get rid of them right away before anyone finds them. Bonnie’s cell phone rings and it is a hectic call from Eugenia whom Bonnie tells that she’ll be right there. Everyone begins to giggle and point as Julie walks up, dressed as a giant jalapeno. Julie asks Bonnie how a jalapeno fits into a Christmas celebration. Bonnie says it’s tradition to hang a bunch of jalapenos on the Christmas tree. Julie refuses to do this and turns to leave. Bonnie stops her and reminds Julie of their deal. Bonnie tells Julie that she has to go to Alice’s because the heater is broken and Eugenia can’t get the generator started. Julie is shocked that Bonnie is leaving her there. Bonnie adds that Dwight isn’t there either so it’s just her. Bonnie wishes Julie happy tree selling and leaves. Max barks at Julie’s feet. Julie asks Max what he’s looking at and calls him a dogface.

Outside Jennifer’s house:

Patrick asks Chelsea what she is doing out there because he thought she was trying to break into the house. Chelsea apologizes and explains that she was waiting for Abby to get home. Patrick asks why Chelsea didn’t just come to the front door. Chelsea explains that Abby is late and she didn’t want her to get into trouble. Patrick looks at his watch and realizes that Abby is 20 min late and Jennifer won’t be happy. Patrick offers to let Chelsea wait inside for Abby. They head inside.

Jennifer’s kitchen:

Patrick asks why Chelsea isn’t with Abby. Chelsea explains that Abby wanted to stay later so she was going to come with Blake. Patrick asks who Blake is. Chelsea explains that Blake is a hot guy from school. Patrick asks if Blake has a driver’s license. Chelsea quickly says yes but then admits that he only has a permit. Patrick doesn’t feel very reassured. Chelsea changes the subject by complimenting the decorations. Patrick says he is almost finished putting up the decorations. Chelsea is impressed by the fact that Patrick helps around the house. Patrick brushes it off by claiming that he doesn’t do much and remembers that he needs to finish decorating the living room. Patrick excuses himself and carries Jack Jr. into the living room. Chelsea smiles.

Jennifer’s living room:

Patrick sets the carrier down inside the bassinet and returns to the shelves in the corner. Patrick digs through a box and uses a hammer to tack up the mistletoe over the entranceway. Jennifer walks in at that moment and sees Patrick.

Patrick is surprised to see Jennifer back so soon. Jennifer explains that she went to pick out a Christmas tree but heard that Patrick had already taken care of that. Jennifer enters the living room and takes in all the decorations. Patrick explains that he wanted to surprise Jennifer. Jennifer says it is beautiful and asks if he did this all by himself. Patrick says he had a little help and points out that Jack Jr. is in his bassinet. Jennifer goes over to Jack Jr. and checks on him. Jennifer thanks Patrick and recalls how Jack used to decorate the house like this for her every year. Patrick apologizes for upsetting Jennifer and offers to take some of it down. Jennifer insists that this house could use some Christmas cheer now and so could Abby. Jennifer asks Patrick to tell her that Abby is home. Patrick hesitates and looks toward the door. Patrick adds that Chelsea is in the dining room waiting for Abby. Abby walks in the door and Jennifer pounces on her, demanding to know where she’s been. Abby says she was with Blake. Jennifer asks about Blake and is shocked when Abby says that Blake is a guy that she doesn’t know. Jennifer yells at Abby for not coming home before her curfew. Abby insists that it won’t happen again. Jennifer grounds Abby. Abby protests the grounding. Jennifer adds that the grounding is for being late and for disrespecting her. Abby claims that Jack wouldn’t have grounded her. Abby storms up the stairs. Jennifer yells after Abby to not walk away from her while she is speaking to her. Jennifer excuses herself to go talk to Abby but Chelsea rushes up and asks if she can talk to Abby instead. Jennifer agrees and Chelsea heads upstairs. Jennifer begins to cry as she tells Patrick that she can’t do this anymore. Patrick hugs her and consoles her.

Christmas tree lot:

Julie, still dressed as the jalapeno, directs a customer to a tree. Julie spots Alice and greets her. Alice asks Julie what she is wearing. Julie explains that she is a Texas Christmas chili. Alice says that Julie looks ridiculous and Julie reluctantly agrees. A police officer asks Julie if she has a tarp to wrap his tree in. Julie directs the cop to the tarps stacked by Max. The cop thanks her and heads over to pet Max. The cop finds the bag of tags from the US forestry service. Julie finishes explaining to Alice why she is dressed up as a chili and selling trees. Alice jokes about how Bonnie has pulled a fast one on Julie. The cop interrupts them to ask Julie if she is the one collecting the money. Julie says she is and asks what she can do to help the cop. The cop shows her the bag of forestry tags, which shocks Julie. The cop arrests Julie and begins to charge her with destruction of government property. The cop handcuffs Julie as he reads her her rights. A child points out to his mom that “the hot pepper” is getting arrested and snaps Julie’s picture.

Jan’s bedroom:

Jan walks away from Shawn. Shawn follows her and accuses Jan of having something else in here besides the train set. Jan insists that that isn’t true and asks if Shawn remembers. Shawn declares that he remembers being locked up in this room. Mimi smiles as everyone gathers closer to hear what Shawn has to say.

Caroline and Victor’s new room:

Victor asks Caroline if she is okay. Caroline tells Victor that she can sense that Bo was here but she can’t feel his presence anymore. Caroline asks God to protect Bo.

The pit:

Billie wakes up and finds herself in this pit. She calls out to Bo but he doesn’t answer. Billie crawls over to another opening to a deeper pit and calls out to Bo. There is still no answer. Billie pulls out her flashlight and shines it down into the deeper pit. Billie sees Bo face down and not moving at the bottom of the deeper pit.

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