Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/17/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/17/04



By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

Jan’s country house:

Jan is at her country house. Mimi, Philip, Rex, Shawn and Belle arrive outside Jan’s country house. Mimi tells them that they won’t believe what they’re about to see. Mimi yells at the door for Jan to open up. Jan opens up the door and is unhappy to find them there. She tells Mimi that she broke into her house earlier and that she could call the police. Mimi flashes back to her discovery of the cage. Mimi charges into Jan’s house and the others follow her. Shawn is the last to walk in and he stops to kiss Jan on the cheek. They all go to outside the room where Mimi found the cage. Jan blocks the door. Jan tells Shawn to tell everyone to get out of her house, out of ‘their’ house. Belle says she wants to know what is behind the door. Jan says they’ll be sorry if they open the door. Mimi is confident that once she opens the door, they’ll all see how evil and demented Jan is.


John is in a wheelchair and goes into a supply room. He has the keys that he had lifted off of Lexie earlier. He opens a cabinet and takes out a bottle of medicine. Lexie is outside the door.

Brady and Nicole arrive at the hospital, with Nicole carrying packages of Christmas presents. Brady kisses Nicole and Nicole teases him that he’s trying to peek at the Christmas presents. Brandon see them and tells Nicole that he’s leaving Salem that evening. Nicole doesn’t want Brandon to go yet and tells him that their mom would like to him stay through the holidays. Brandon says that he talked with their mom. Nicole accuses Brandon of running away from Sami.

Lexie is stopped outside of the supply room by a nurse and Lexie walks away from the door without opening it. Inside the room, John takes the medicine, hides it, and wheels out of the room, stopping at the door to check for sounds first. John wheels to the lobby area outside of his room, where Lexie, Brady, Nicole and Brandon are. Lexie scolds John for being out of bed. John says that he was told by his physical therapist to push himself.

Lexie gets John back into his hospital bed. Outside of John’s room, Nicole tells Brady that she thinks that John looks better. Brady talks about how some people act when they put energy into looking fine for the sake of other and then says that he’s spent too much time in the hospital. He flashes back to when Chloe was in the hospital with leukemia. Brady wants to check on John and asks Nicole if she wants to go with him.

John asks Lexis whether he’ll be paralyzed. Lexie says no, that there’s a very good chance that he’ll walk again, but that the process will be difficult. John is upset that Lexie has continuously changed his medication. Lexie is worried about drug dependency. Lexie leaves and John grabs his arm in pain. He takes out the vile of medicine he stole and a syringe and he injects himself in the thigh. John immediately begins to breathe easier. Brady comes in and asks what John is doing – getting out of bed on his own. John again says that he’s supposed to push himself if he wants to get better. He says that he’s feeling better. Brady asks about the pain. Nicole realizes that John isn’t drug free. She flashes back to a time when her father injected her with drugs. Nicole leaves, saying that wants to spend time with her brother. Brady quickly kisses her goodbye. Brady leaves too, saying that he is going to the chapel to light a candle for Chloe and Nicole. John moans Doc’s name.

Nicole tells Brandon that she wishes that Brandon would have listened to her about Sami. Nicole realizes that Brandon still has feelings about Sami. Nicole then urges Brandon to leave. Nicole says that things are better for her now, that she never should have married Victor, but that she was glad for Brady. Nicole tells Brandon that she’s worried that she’ll never live up to Brady’s ideal, Chloe.

Brandon tells Nicole that at least she didn’t do anything to keep Chloe and Brady apart. Nicole flashes back to when she intercepted Chloe’s telephone calls.

Celeste and Hope are also at the hospital. Celeste tell Hope that her vision wasn’t clear and that while she saw Bo and Billie in danger, and while she saw two people kissing, she’s not sure if Bo and Billie were the ones kissing.

Hope asks Celeste to try again to get an image of Bo. Celeste does and she sees Bo and Billie together, with Billie leaning her head on Bo’s shoulder. Celeste tells Hope that she doesn’t know if she’s seeing a moment from the past, present or future. Hope thanks her and leaves. Alone, Celeste says that she couldn’t tell Hope that she’s afraid that she was about to lose Bo to Billie.

Lexie asks Celeste if Hope went home. Celeste says that Hope may have wanted to get away from her, but that she didn’t even tell Hope the worst. Celeste says that she fears that Bo and Billie are destined to be together.

Lexie tells Celeste that her premonitions about Sami and Brandon won’t come true. Celeste says they already have, that Brandon and Sami are married. Celeste says that the future is filled with unhappiness, uncertainty and deep unrest.

At Another Hospital:

Nancy goes into Chloe’s room. Nancy tells Chloe that there was good news. Chloe lies in her hospital bed with her face covered. She pulls her hair back, revealing her scarred face.

A doctor has arrived and Chloe tells the doctor that he’s wasting his time. The doctor advises Chloe that the process may be grueling, but that she might make a full recovery.

Chloe says that her last surgery caused an infection and made things worse. Nancy asks Chloe why she no longer wants to fight. Nancy tells her that she still has her family and Brady and Nancy urges Chloe to undergo another surgery. The doctor tells them that the surgeon is in Salem. Chloe doesn’t want to go back to Salem. Nancy urges Chloe to undergo the surgery to help them - her family and Brady. Nancy orders Chloe to go back to Salem for the surgery and to tell Brady that she’s alive.

Nancy packs Chloe suitcase. Chloe says she’s not going. Nancy asks Chloe what she’s afraid of. Chloe is worried that Brady will see her and hate her. Nancy says that Chloe is the same on the inside and asks her if she believes in Brady’s love for her. Chloe agrees to go back to Salem.


At the castle, Roman and Marlena are still kissing. They break apart and Marlena asks “what are we doing?” Marlena says that they’re about to be rescued and that she saw Bo and Billie out on the window ledge.

Meanwhile, Bo and Billie are trying to open a door. Bo has a set of keys and is trying to find the right one. Billie thinks that she hears a woman’s or girl’s voice and she wants to call out to her. Bo stops her. Billie urges Bo to hurry.

Roman and Marlena watch as their door opens. Bo and Billie open a door, but it’s a different door and they walk into an empty room. A radio is playing, which they believe must have been the source of the woman’s voice. They leave. Meanwhile, an armed guard opens the door to Roman and Marlena’s room, checks on them and closes the door. Marlena wonders if something happened to Bo and Billie.

Bo and Billie are frustrated by guards everywhere. Billie blames herself for putting the guards on high alert by touching the file cabinet and setting off the explosion. They lock themselves in a bedroom of the castle. Bo tells her not to blame herself and that he’s worried about her and that she hasn’t slept in days. Bo demands that Billie get some sleep. Billie agrees to take a quick nap, but she can’t sleep on the bed. She goes and sits by Bo and lays her head against his shoulder (this is the vision that Celeste saw).

Roman tells Marlena that he’s not sure that anyone was out there on the ledge. Marlena reminds him that there are two sets of footprints on the ledge. Romans says that they be believing that they’re going to be rescued as a coping mechanism.

Marlena tells Roman that they can’t give up hope. Roman tells her she’s right and that it’s close to Christmas and that he believes in miracles. Marlena reminisces about a time when Roman was the only family she had in Salem. Roman remembers back to when he first moved into her home to protect her. Marlena remembers back to their first Christmas - where she gave Roman champagne glasses and Roman gave her beer stouts. But they discovered black velvet and they smile at each other, remembering those times.

Roman tells Marlena that they will get out of there. He asks Marlena if she trusts him. Marlena says yes, wonders what she would do without him, and hugs him. Roman tells Marlena that he’ll always be there for her.

Billie continues to sleep, resting against Bo’s shoulder. She dreams of a time when they were together. Billie has long hair and she and Bo are on the pier as Bo is trying to teach Billie to fish. Billie gets a pull on her line and Bo wraps his arms around Billie to draw in her catch. Bo tells her to never let go. “Never,” Billie murmurs aloud in her sleep. Bo tells her that they’ll never give up and that they’ll find their daughter.

Meanwhile, Hope walks alone at the pier. She comes upon a wooden pier column that has the initials B.B. + H. B. She flashes back to Bo carving their initials in that column. Later, still at the pier, Hope is sitting on a bench and she looks up at her and Bo’s star. She wonders if Bo can see the star where he is. She loses sight of the star. She’s worried that she can’t see it anymore. Then, she tells herself that she’s being ridiculous, looking for signs in the sky. Meanwhile, Bo looks out the window of the castle and up at the sky. He returns to a sleeping Billie and wakes her. They get ready to leave the room they’ve been hiding in. They go out to the hall, continuing their search.

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