Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/16/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/16/04



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ER waiting room:

Bonnie, dressed as a sexy version of Mrs. Claus, is directing Rex where to put the Christmas tree. Rex is surprised that Bonnie is still running the Christmas tree lot this year since she is now married to Mickey. Bonnie chuckles as she says that she is still a businesswoman and had to do take advantage of this business deal because the markup is incredible. Bonnie jokes about being “in” with the right supplier as she secretly rips off the “Property of the US Forestry Service” tag from the tree and puts it in her pocket. Rex confirms that the trees given to the hospital are for charity. Bonnie insists that she’s fine with that because they would then be tax-deductible. Bonnie asks Rex why he is in the ER tonight. Rex says he is here to pick up Mimi, which worries Bonnie. Rex assures Bonnie that Mimi is fine and explains that Belle and Shawn were in a fire tonight. Rex assures Bonnie that Belle and Shawn were already treated for smoke inhalation. Bonnie asks what Shawn and Belle were doing together. Rex says that he can’t figure that out as he plugs in the tree. Rex adds that he knows Mimi has something to do with it because she has been so obsessed with getting Shawn and Belle back together again. Bonnie thinks that that’ll happen over her dead body and walks away.

Philip and Mimi return to the waiting room. Philip is upset that Belle is not in her cubicle. Philip is determined to find Belle and bangs on the nurses’ station for someone to come help him. Mimi stops him, insisting that he can’t find Belle. Philip asks Mimi what is wrong. Mimi tells Philip to prepare himself for the fact that Belle and Shawn are going to get back together tonight and there is nothing he can do to stop it. Philip sighs.

Shawn’s exam room:

Shawn coughs. Belle asks Shawn if he remembers what happened between them in the barn. Shawn flashes back to making love with Belle. Shawn tells Belle that he does remember and that it’s time for the two of them to face up to the truth. Belle sighs.

Outside of John’s hospital room:

Hope is standing around. She sighs.

Lexie looks over the test results with a nurse. Lexie can’t understand why when no matter what they do, John is in more pain than ever. Lexie asks the nurse to go see if John’s latest CAT scan and x-rays are ready. The nurse leaves.

Lexie looks toward John’s hospital room and sympathizes with what he is going through, especially now with having to be told about Belle. Hope helps herself to a cup of coffee. Hope thanks God that Belle is going to be all right and grows somber as she thinks about what could have happened to Belle and Shawn tonight. Lexie agrees that Shawn and Belle were very lucky. Hope asks what would have happened had they not been so lucky and insists that Bo should have been here for Shawn. Lexie confirms that Hope still hasn’t been able to reach Bo. Hope doesn’t know why Bo’s phone is turned off. Lexie tells Hope not to worry because she is sure that Bo and Billie will find Georgia and bring her home. Lexie turns back to look toward John’s room and points out that he isn’t so lucky since he has lost Marlena forever.

John’s hospital room:

The mystery person, dressed in green scrubs and black gloves, injects another syringe into John’s IV while John sleeps. John wakes up and sees a vision of Marlena in the mystery person’s place. Marlena tells John not to worry because they’ll be together soon, in eternity.

DiMera castle:

Roman and Marlena’s room:

Marlena is upset that everyone in Salem has given up on them because they think that they are dead. Marlena adds that even John and Kate think so. Roman begins to object. Marlena reminds Roman that he saw the videotape of John and Kate in bed together. Marlena insists that they have to find a way home. A big boom rocks the castle. They look around, wondering what that was.

Georgia’s room:

The room is now full of burning wreckage. Bo is face down, trapped under some of the wreckage. He wakes up and flashes back to when the explosion went off because Billie touched the file cabinet. Bo pushes the wreckage off of himself and finds Billie, unconscious. Bo pushes the wreckage off of Billie and holds her in his arms as he begs her to come back to him.

Hallway & Georgia’s room:

Bart orders several armed guards to find out where the explosion came from and make sure no one escapes. A guard tries to open the door to Georgia’s room but the wreckage behind it keeps them from opening it. Bart orders the guard to break the door down. Bo desperately tries to get Billie to wake up.

The guards continue to try and break down the door. Bo is able to wake Billie up. Billie asks what happened but Bo says they have to get out of there. Billie spots the now open file cabinet and remembers what happened. Billie starts to grab the files. Bo tries to convince Billie to leave it in favor of getting out of the room but Billie refuses to leave without it.

The guards are finally able to break the door down and enter the room with guns drawn. They look around. Bart spots the blown open filing cabinet. A guard declares that there is no one in the room. Bart orders the guard to make sure no one escapes and to go find whoever was in there. The guards run out. Bart uses his radio to call for back up. Bo and Billie listen to Bart on the window ledge.

Billie finishes putting the files into Bo’s backpack. Billie slips and Bo tries to catch her but ends up falling with her.

Marlena & Roman’s room:

Marlena asks if that was an explosion. Roman realizes that because the walls are made of stone and thick so the explosion had to be close by to make that kind of a sound. Marlena suggests that it was other prisoners trying to escape and Roman adds that that might be true if there were any other prisoners. Marlena hopes that it could have been someone coming to rescue them. Roman tells Marlena that they need to make noise and let whoever it is know that they are in there. Marlena and Roman begin to yell and scream for help. Marlena bangs around a metal container on the table to make extra noise.

John’s hospital room:

John asks the vision of Marlena to help him. The mystery person steps away from John’s IV. The vision of Marlena reappears with a large wooden cross. Marlena makes the sign of the cross on herself as she starts to say, “may God have mercy.” Marlena morphs into an evil looking version of herself as she finishes the phrase, “on your soul.” The evil looking Marlena tosses the cross at John before morphing into the grim reaper. The grim reaper tells John that it is time to meet his maker. John’s eyes roll back into his head and he becomes still as the monitors begin to beep loudly. The mystery person hides behind the door with syringe in hand as Lexie, the nurse, and Hope rush into the room. John lies motionless with his eyes closed as Lexie checks John’s pulse and respiration with her stethoscope. The nurse checks John’s chart. Hope asks if John is dead.

Outside of John’s hospital room:

Celeste enters the waiting room and senses that the angel of death is here.

Celeste walks around the waiting room but stumbles when she is overcome by the feeling of death lurking among them.

John’s hospital room:

The mystery person shuts the door. Hope asks Lexie if John is going to make it. Lexie says that John is going to be okay. John begins to come around. Lexie tells John that he gave them quite a scare. The nurse leaves the room. John asks for stronger drugs for his pain. Lexie tells John that she can’t give him any more drugs because an overdose could be fatal. John scoffs at the idea of a fatal overdose as he says he is dying. Lexie reminds John to breathe and focus his mind on something other than the pain. Hope steps up and tells John that she has news about Belle. Hope tells John that while Belle is okay, she had a close call tonight and Shawn saved her life.

Shawn’s exam room:

Belle insists that they be honest about what happened tonight. Shawn asks Belle what she thinks happened. Belle recalls that her car skidded off the bridge but Shawn saved her life by pulling her out of the river. Shawn asks if Philip knows that she is in there. Belle says that this isn’t about Philip. Shawn flashes back to seeing Belle and Philip kissing. Shawn says he thought everything was about Philip. Belle tells Shawn that Philip doesn’t know what happened between them in the barn. Shawn insists that nothing happened past taking their clothes off to use body heat to keep each other warm. Shawn flashes back to seeing Belle naked in the mirror. Belle asks Shawn if he remembers anything else. Shawn flashes back to making love with Belle. Shawn asks Belle the same question. Belle flashes back to making love with Shawn.

ER waiting room:

Philip insists that Mimi tell him what she is talking about right now. Mimi says that the truth will come out tonight and when it does, Shawn and Belle will be together again. Philip wants to know what truth Mimi is speaking of. Bonnie rushes up and pulls Mimi aside.

Philip walks over to join Rex at the tree. Bonnie asks Mimi what she is doing. Mimi tells Bonnie that she knows the truth about what Jan did to brainwash Shawn. Mimi relays to Bonnie how she saw proof of Jan’s brainwashing when she found the cage, shackles, and secret video of Belle and Philip. Bonnie praises Jan’s efforts to catch a man and wishes that Mimi could be more like Jan. Mimi is shocked at what she’s hearing.

Bonnie tells Mimi that she should have acted the same so she could get her hands on Shawn’s Horton trust fund and Kiriakis cash. Mimi insists that she is not interested in Shawn or his money even if he didn’t belong with Belle. Mimi insists that Rex is the man she loves and plans to be with for the rest of her life. Bonnie asks Mimi what will happen when Jan tells Rex about Mimi’s abortion since Mimi is planning on blowing the whistle on Jan. Bonnie asks Mimi if she wants to end up losing Shawn and Rex. Bonnie asks Mimi if she wants to end up as a big loser and uses her fingers to place an L on Mimi’s forehead. Mimi grabs Bonnie’s hand away from her head.

Rex asks Philip why he is so upset. Philip asks Rex why Mimi would call Belle and Shawn out of the blue to come to Jan’s house in a snowstorm. Rex says he has no idea. Philip vows that he is going to marry Belle before his marine unit ships out and there is nothing Mimi can do about it.

Shawn’s exam room:

Shawn asks Belle if there is anything else she remembers or may want to say. Belle says she just wanted to thank Shawn for saving her life. Shawn assures Belle that he wasn’t going to let her die and asks if that is all she wanted to say. Belle, to herself, says that she must have been dreaming. Shawn asks her to repeat herself. Belle claims she didn’t say anything. Shawn says that he heard what Belle said and asks her to say what she was dreaming about.

John’s hospital room:

John asks Hope why Belle was out on a night like this anyway. Hope says she doesn’t know. John laments about how he could have lost Belle too. Hope reminds John that he didn’t lose Belle because she is fine and that John has nothing to worry about. John tries to sit up as he complains that his daughter almost died and he’s stuck in this bed so racked with pain that he can barely move. Lexie steps up to get John to lie back down. John grabs Lexie and demands that she use her doctor skills to help him. Hope helps Lexie get free of John’s grasp. Lexie insists that she is doing everything in her power to help and that it is killing her that she can’t help him. Lexie says she is going to go check on the x-rays and waits for Hope at the door. Hope tells John that she is going to go check in on Belle but is sure that she’s doing fine. John thanks Hope. Hope tells John to hang in there because he is strong and will get through this. Hope and Lexie leave. John pulls his hand out from under his blanket to reveal that he stole Lexie’s keys. John decides that if Lexie won’t help him, he is going to have to help himself.

Outside of John’s hospital room:

Lexie wishes that there were more that she can do for John. Hope is suddenly overcome and grabs the counter with one hand as she puts her other hand to her stomach. Lexie turns and sees that Hope doesn’t look well and asks if she is okay. Hope explains that she just got this awful feeling about Bo. Celeste walks up to declare that at this moment, both Bo and Billie’s lives are hanging in the balance.

DiMera castle:

Window ledge:

Bo is hanging off the window ledge by his fingertips. Billie is hanging onto Bo’s legs. Bo tells Billie to hold on and to try to pull herself up. Billie climbs up Bo and they both make it back up onto the window ledge. Once safely back on the window ledge, Bo yells at Billie for not listening to him about touching the file cabinet. Billie profusely apologizes. Bo reminds Billie that she could have been killed. Billie asks what they are going to do now to find Georgia. Bo says they have to get out of the castle without getting caught first. Bo stands up and helps Billie up. Bo suddenly stops, thinking he heard something. Billie says she only hears the wind.

Roman & Marlena’s room:

Roman and Marlena continue to try and make a lot of noise. Bart orders one guard to check outside. Bart orders the other guard to open the door to Marlena and Roman’s room. Bart bursts into the room and yells at Marlena and Roman to back off and be quiet. They oblige him. Roman asks Bart about the explosion but Bart pretends to not have heard anything. Marlena spots Bo’s reflection in the mirror as he peeks into the window of Marlena and Roman’s room.

Window ledge outside of Marlena and Roman’s room:

Bo and Billie back away from the window. Bo tells Billie that he saw a guard holding someone prisoner in that room but didn’t recognize who it was.

Roman and Marlena’s room:

Marlena looks around the room and suddenly gasps. Bart and Roman look at her quizzically.

John’s hospital room:

John ties the keys to his waistband and reaches out to turn off his monitors. John detaches the IV from his arm and removes the tubes. John gives himself a pep talk as he tries to reach for the wheelchair that is by the door.

Shawn’s exam room:

Shawn asks about Belle’s dream and Belle confirms that Shawn really wants to know. Belle tells Shawn that she dreamt about making love. Shawn begins to feel relieved until Belle adds that she dreamt about making love with Philip. Shawn yells at Belle for being in a life or death situation and only being able to think about having sex with Philip. Upset, Belle heads back to her bed. Shawn is angry that not only was it a dream, but that Belle wasn’t even dreaming about being with him.

ER waiting room:

Belle, having grabbed a robe, storms out of the exam room and into the waiting room. Mimi spots her and rushes over to ask if Belle talked to Shawn. Belle insists that Mimi was wrong because she and Shawn didn’t make love tonight in the barn, they were only found naked because they were trying to keep warm. Mimi objects but Belle insists. Belle says that she is glad that Philip is in her life and vows never to second-guess the decision to marry him ever again. Belle leaves. Mimi insists on telling Shawn and Belle the truth tonight and follows Belle. Bonnie overhears Mimi and vows not to let her do that for she will ruin the one chance she has to have everything.

Philip and Rex return to the waiting room. Philip spots Belle and asks if she is all right. Belle insists that she is fine and Philip notices that she is crying. Philip asks if Shawn upset her. Belle asks Philip to take her home. Philip pulls her close and promises to hold her all night. Belle says that that is all she wants.

Shawn has come out of his exam room and stands by the nurses’ station. Rex walks up and asks Shawn how he is feeling. Shawn says he finally got it through his head that Belle wants Philip, which he has to deal with and move on. Rex is surprised to hear this from Shawn. Shawn says he has to see about getting out of the hospital and walks away.

Mimi returns to the waiting room. Rex walks up and tells Mimi that he just got done talking to Shawn. Mimi adds that she just got done talking to Belle but still insists that Shawn and Belle belong together. Rex advises Mimi to let it go because Belle is going to marry Philip and Shawn plans to move on with his life, which means there is nothing Mimi can do. Mimi tells Rex not to be so sure and starts to walk away. Rex stops her to ask what she is talking about. Mimi says she can prove that Shawn and Belle’s breakup was totally manipulated because Shawn was brainwashed into thinking that Belle had moved on with Philip. Rex tells Mimi that that kind of thing only happens on soap operas and she will have to accept reality that sometimes relationships don’t work out. Mimi refuses to accept anything and vows to prove to Shawn and Belle that they are meant to be together just like them. Mimi hugs Rex as she promises to show everyone that it is all going to work out.

Roman and Marlena’s room:

Bart mimics Marlena’s gasp and asks what her problem is. Marlena covers by claiming that she’s upset about never getting out of here and turns away from Bart. Bart pretends to be sympathetic as he gloats about how everyone in Salem thinks that Marlena and Roman are fish food. Bart insists that no one is coming to their rescue. Bart begins to look around the room. Roman asks what Bart is doing. Bart says he is doing his job by making sure that everything is cool. Bart heads toward the window and Marlena distracts him by knocking over a glass sculpture.

Ledge outside of Marlena and Roman’s room:

Bo wants to leave. Billie wants to stay in case that was Georgia in the room. Bo promises to come back for Georgia but doesn’t want the guard to see them. Billie doesn’t want to go anywhere until they find Georgia. Bo points out that they aren’t going to find Georgia by freezing their tails off outside. Bo insists that they go inside and they begin to make their way along the ledge. Bo warns Billie to be careful of the slippery snow along the ledge. They make their way around the edge of the building. Bo signals to Billie that he is going to get the window open and tries to push the window open. Billie braces herself against the wall as the winds pick up. He opens the window and then helps Billie to the window. They climb back inside.

Roman and Marlena’s room:

Bart tells Marlena to be careful. Bart tells Roman and Marlena to keep quiet but adds that no one can hear them anyway. Bart turns to leave. Roman asks what difference it’ll make if they yell or not then. Bart tells Roman not to play mind games with him and just do what he says to do or else. Bart motions for the guard to follow him out of the room. The guard closes the door behind him. Marlena tells Roman that she saw Bo and Billie outside through the reflection in the mirror. Roman looks out the window and doesn’t see anybody but notices the two distinct footprints in the snow. Marlena wants to believe that Bo and Billie have come to rescue them. Roman wonders why Bo would be here with Billie and not Hope. Marlena suggests that Billie was also being held captive and Bo came for her and is now coming for them. Marlena hopes that John is with Bo. Roman reminds Marlena that John was seriously injured when they left the island and can’t even walk. Marlena suggests that John is okay by now. Roman gets angry as he says that Marlena may be right after seeing John in bed with Kate like that.

John’s hospital room:

John is able to lift himself out of bed and into the wheelchair. John starts to move the wheels in an attempt to steer towards the door but is interrupted by Belle walking in.

Belle criticizes John for being out of bed and turns to go get Lexie. John yells after her not to do that. Belle turns back to John and morphs into a vision of Marlena. Vision Marlena tells John that Belle is right about John not pushing himself. Vision Marlena holds out her arms and asks John to let her help. Vision Marlena morphs into the grim reaper who helps John wheel himself out of his room.

Outside of John’s hospital room:

John is able to wheel himself out of the waiting room unseen by Celeste, Hope, and Lexie who is looking at the x-ray. The mystery person walks right by them all and leaves the waiting room. The nurse comes back into the waiting room and drops the tray of medication. The nurse apologizes and Lexie and Hope help her clean up. Lexie tells the nurse that she will replace the meds and reaches into her pocket for her keys. She discovers that her keys are gone and asks to borrow the nurse’s keys. The nurse gladly hands them over and offers to help look for Lexie’s keys. Lexie heads for the medicine cabinet while the nurse heads off to look for the keys.

Celeste gives Hope a cup of coffee to help calm her nerves. Hope asks Celeste if she is getting any vibes. Celeste says she isn’t but then asks to see Hope’s cup. Hope hands over her cup. Celeste looks into the cup and sees the liquid spinning around like a whirlpool. Celeste sees a vision of the DiMera castle amidst snow-capped mountains. Hope asks if Celeste sees anything. Celeste says that she sees a castle surrounded by snow-covered mountains. Hope notes that that must be where Bo and Billie went to look for Georgia. Celeste sees a vision of Billie touching the file cabinet as it explodes and then of Bo and Billie hanging off the window ledge. Celeste tells Hope that Bo and Billie have had several close calls and that she senses a great deal of tension and fear. Hope asks Celeste if she sees anything else. Celeste says she can’t say and apologizes to Hope.

DiMera castle:

Bo and Billie are now dressed like guards. Billie wants to check every room in the castle to see if Georgia is here. Bo suggests that it could be the room they passed on the ledge. They hear someone coming and Bo tells Billie to be quiet as he ducks out of sight. Billie starts to follow but a guard tells her to hold it.

ER waiting room:

Philip brings Belle a release to sign before they can go home. Belle signs the release.

Shawn watches them as he puts on his coat. Shawn signs his own release form and says goodbye to Rex. Rex begs Shawn to let him drive him home and Shawn agrees. Rex says they have to wait for Mimi.

Bonnie tells Mimi to prepare for a lonely Christmas because Rex will leave her in a minute once Jan tells him about the abortion. Mimi says she knows what she has to do.

Mimi tells Bonnie that she has made up her mind. Mimi insists that she has to trust in true love and believe that it will win out in the end for Shawn and Belle and for Rex and her. Mimi insists that she can’t keep lying to Shawn, Belle, and Rex. Bonnie warns that Mimi could end up losing Shawn, Rex, and Belle. Mimi says she doesn’t care and has to tell them the truth. Mimi walks away. Bonnie vows that Mimi will regret it and refuses to stand by and watch Mimi self-destruct. Bonnie leaves.

Mimi pulls Rex and Shawn over to Philip and Belle. Mimi makes Belle and Philip wait. Rex asks what this is about and Mimi declares that this is about why she called Belle and Shawn and insisted that they get to Jan’s house. Mimi wants everyone to go to Jan’s house again so she can show them the proof. Shawn doesn’t want to go anywhere. Philip complains about it being a long night. Belle wants Mimi to simply tell them what she knows. Mimi flashes back to finding the cage. Mimi insists that they have to see for themselves because what they see will change their lives.

Medicine cabinet:

John has wheeled himself to the medicine cabinet and tries to get Lexie’s keys to work in the lock. John gets the door to open.

Outside of medicine room:

Lexie walks up to the medicine room as she selects the right key.

Medicine cabinet:

John removes a bottle from the cabinet.

2nd floor waiting room:

Hope asks Celeste to tell her what is going on with Bo and Billie. Celeste agrees to tell Hope. Celeste sees Bo and Billie holding on to each other on the ledge. Celeste tells Hope that she sees Bo and Billie in each other’s arms. Celeste gets another vision of two people that she can’t quite recognize. Hope asks if it is Bo and Billie. Celeste says she can’t say for sure but senses that they once were lovers. Hope is sure that Celeste is talking about Bo and Billie. Hope is taken back when Celeste says that the two former lovers are now kissing.

DiMera castle hallway:

The guard asks Billie what she is doing up here. Billie asks the male guard if her shirt looks too tight on her as she runs her hands down her figure. Bo walks up and confirms with the guard that the shirt looks nice on Billie. The guard suddenly realizes that Bo isn’t supposed to be standing there but before he can do anything about it, Bo punches him out and the guard falls to the floor. Bo steals the guard’s keys. They decide to start searching every room for Georgia and Bo fumbles through the keys to be able to open the first door.

Roman and Marlena’s room:

Roman and Marlena are hugging. Marlena turns away from Roman as she begins to cry. Roman asks Marlena not to cry and promises to take care of her no matter what happens. Roman makes Marlena turn to face him and vows that they are in this together. Marlena asks Roman what will happen if she loses him like she’s lost everyone else. Roman promises Marlena that she will never lose him. Marlena begins to sob. Roman closes the gap between them and kisses Marlena.

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