Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/13/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/13/04



Written By Emily
Pictures by Juanita


Hope paces her living room and wonders why Bo hasn't called. She rummages through a desk and finds a satellite phone, with a strong enough signal that it should reach Bo in Europe. Meanwhile, Bo and Billie are in a snowy woods and they come upon the castle. They are stopped by two men with guns. They pretend to surrender, but then fight and overtake them. Bo and Billie take the guards' clothes and Bo turns off his cell phone just as Hope is trying to call him. Bo and Billie reach the castle gate and Billie punches in the code to open the gate. Bo cautions that they should proceed slowly, but Billie runs into the compound, setting off an alarm. Brandon visits Hope, telling her that he heard from Lexie that Bo and Billie were in Europe. Hope makes them tea and Hope compares Bo and Billie to Brand and Sami, as they are two couples who broke up without falling out of love. Hope wonders if a love like that ever ends. Brandon admits to Hope that he still loves Sami, and that he is leaving Salem right away.

The Hospital

Lexie is startled form behind by Maggie, who is stopping by to see John after a meeting. Lexie tells Maggie that Abe's condition is not good, that it is only a matter of time before he'll be completely blind. Lexie and Maggie talk about John's condition. Lexie says that John hasn't responded to any of the medications they've been giving him. Maggie has a cross given to her by Marlena and says that Marlena asked her to give it to John if anything happened to her. Maggie goes in to visit John and gives him the cross.

Kate confronts Brandon about whether he still has feelings for Sami. Brandon tells Kate to drop it and leaves. Lexie confronts Kate about her using Brandon to break up Sami and Lucas. Kate and Lexie go in to check on John and find John still in a great deal of pain. Lexie takes Kate outside of John's room to talk about his condition. Lexie tells Kate that she believes that John might be able to recover better if he were in the familiar surroundings of home, but that she can't release him because someone needs to be around him 24 hours a day. Kate volunteers to move into the penthouse and to hire a nurse for when she can't be there. Lexie agrees and says that she'll prepare the release papers. Kate goes back into John's room, where he is still in pain. Kate hugs him and tells him that he shouldn't have to go through alone and to hold onto her. The gloved figure who has been drugging John is hiding in the bathroom and videotapes Kate comforting John. Later, John is alone and the gloved figure injects something into John's i.v. and alters his chart. A nurse comes in, sees John in pain, reads his chart, and thinks that he hasn't been given his medication and gives him more.

The Castle

Roman and Marlena are together in a room at the castle. Marlena is upset and says that she wishes there was a way to contact John or Kate. Roman says that there may be a way, that he has an escape plan. Marlena is afraid, though, and is worried that if Tony catches them trying to escape, that he'll separate them. She agrees to Roman's plan and Roman rings for the guard. When the guard arrives, Marlena and Roman lay as though passed out on the floor. When the guard goes to check on Marlena, Roman knocks him out, searches him, and finds a cell phone. Just as he is about to call, Tony comes and points a gun at Roman and forces Roman to drop the phone. Then, Tony has Bart wheel in a television set. Tony plays a tape of Kate and John. Roman at first believes that the tape is a trick by Tony, but Marlena sees the cross in John's hand and knows that they believe she and Roman are dead. Marlena is upset and begins to cry and Roman hugs her, trying to comfort her.


Sami searches her apartment for her annulment papers. She has a flashback to being trapped in the car with Brandon, and his telling her that he still loves her. Sami then has a flashback of Lucas telling her that he loves her. Sami calls the psychic and asks her where her annulment papers are. Sami tells the psychic, a different one from the last telephone call, about her marital status, and the psychic tells Sami that she has to make a choice between Brandon and Lucas. Lucas overhears Sami on the phone, but Sami covers and says that she's talking to someone at Basic Black to see if the annulment papers are there. Sami goes to Basic Black to look for her annulment papers and calls the psychic again to ask if the psychic knows where her annulment papers. Sami then asks the psychic to tell her who she should choose. Kate overhears Sami, and hatches a new plan.


Belle and Shawn are in the barn. Shawn tells Belle that he loves her and Belle tells Shawn that she loves him to and asks him to make love to her. They make love. Afterwards, as they sleep, sparks from the pot-bellied stove escape and set the hay on fire. Belle and Shawn awake to find the entire barn on fire. Shawn picks up Belle and tries to find a clear way out. Not finding one, he runs through the flames. They are found unconscious by firefighters, who take them to the hospital. Meanwhile, Rex and Philip cross-country ski to make there way to find Belle. They come upon the barn after it has burned and find Belle's scarf. They hear the ambulance siren, as the ambulance drives away.

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