Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/26/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/26/04

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Shawn’s loft:

Shawn sleeps on the couch as Mimi and Rex watch. Rex notes how Shawn must have passed out after his 10th beer. Mimi tells Rex how she had finally been able to get Shawn to talk to Belle but then Shawn heard Belle tell Philip how she couldn’t wait to get married. Mimi can’t imagine what Belle was thinking. Rex pulls Mimi aside and tells Mimi to accept the fact that Belle and Shawn are over. Mimi insists that Belle and Shawn belong together. Rex’s phone rings and it is Kate. Rex goes outside where he can get better reception. Mimi tells a still sleeping Shawn that he was so close and if only he and Belle could have talked. Jan walks out into the living room and threatens to tell Rex about Mimi’s abortion.

Loft hallway & Hospital:

Rex apologizes for having to put Kate on hold. Kate invites Rex and Mimi to join her and Lucas for Thanksgiving dinner at Sami’s apartment. Rex says he would love to and will talk to Mimi. Kate tells him to let her know when he decides. They hang up.


Kate says, to herself, that she is thankful this year that Brandon is back in town and whether he knows it or not, he is going to steal Sami away from Lucas.

Lexie’s house:

Brandon is doing pushups in the front yard. Celeste wheels Theo into the yard in his stroller. Brandon asks how Theo enjoyed the Thanksgiving parade. Brandon gives Theo a high five. Celeste tells Brandon that Theo enjoyed the parade very much but laments that Lexie wasn’t able to join them. Brandon explains that Lexie had rounds to make and had especially wanted to check in on John. Brandon promises to have everything ready for dinner by the time Lexie gets back and states his plan to grab a shower before heading back to the kitchen. Celeste offers to help. Brandon asks Celeste why she keeps having premonitions about him and Sami. Celeste tells him that Sami is locked with his destiny.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami checks a pot and then looks over a recipe. Lucas walks in and asks how it is going as he compliments how good it smells. Sami feels confident that everything is going perfect and tells Lucas that the turkey is almost done. Sami notes that she only has to turn off the oven and let the turkey rest. Sami accidentally turns the oven knob to broil instead. Sami decides to then turn to Alice’s pumpkin pie recipe. Sami stirs the ingredients in a bowl. Sami shows Lucas how the last ingredient on the recipe is a whole lot of love. Lucas says that they have that covered and he and Sami kiss. Sami is confident that nothing can go wrong and she will prove that she can be a good wife and mother.

John’s hospital room:

John sleeps. The mystery person prepares to inject another drug into John’s IV.

Hospital waiting room:

Belle and Philip ask Lexie about John’s condition. Lexie tells Belle about how John is in a lot of pain and is now having a hallucinatory reaction the pain meds. Belle asks if the pain meds can be changed. Lexie tells her that they tried that but it hasn’t worked. Philip asks Lexie if hallucinating is a common reaction but Lexie says she has never seen anything like it.

John’s hospital room:

The mystery person aims the syringe at the IV. John wakes up but his vision is blurry but he sees the mystery person as wearing a white coat.

Hospital waiting room:

Belle asks Lexie if it is okay if they go in. Lexie tells them that it is but only for a little while because John needs his rest. Philip assures Lexie that they will keep it short.

John’s hospital room:

The mystery person hears Philip tell Belle that if John is asleep, they’ll come back later. The mystery person quickly ducks behind the door before having a chance to inject the syringe. A crash is heard. Belle and Philip rush in and Belle is shocked at what she sees. Lexie runs up behind them.

DiMera compound:

Marlena wakes up on a large bed. The headboard is covered with a red emblem. Marlena’s vision is blurred and her leg is chained. Roman eases her to the edge of the bed and gives her a glass of water. Marlena asks where they are and Roman notes that this is some sort of castle. Marlena takes a drink of the water and rubs her head. Marlena remembers that one of Tony’s men drugged them, took them off the ship, and put them on a plane. Roman fears that they could be anywhere. Marlena realizes that their legs are shackled together. Tony and a guard walk in. Roman demands to know where they are. Tony tells them that he has a surprise that he knows they will both love very much.

Jennifer’s house:

Jennifer looks at a picture of Jack and tells him Happy Thanksgiving. Jennifer tells the picture that Abby made Jack’s favorite pumpkin pie this morning. Jennifer holds the picture close. Abby walks in but turns to go when she sees Jennifer there. Jennifer stops her and asks to talk but Abby tells her that Jack is dead and never coming back before storming off. Billie enters the kitchen and Jennifer apologizes for having to witness that. Jennifer hopes that Abby will come around sooner than later and offers Billie some coffee. Billie thanks Jennifer for letting her stay there while they figure out if Georgia is really still alive. Jennifer starts to mention how she hasn’t told Abby yet but is interrupted when the doorbell rings. Jennifer leaves to answer the door but Hope, Bo, and Zack have let themselves in. Jennifer greets them and dotes over how Zack is drawing them all a turkey.

Patrick walks into the kitchen and helps himself to coffee. Billie asks Patrick to use his connections within the DiMera organization to find out if Georgia is still alive. Bo walks into the kitchen and tells Billie that they don’t need Patrick because all the answers are on this disk. Bo promises that they are going to find out today. Billie is so happy that she hugs Bo. Hope walks into the kitchen and sees them hugging. Patrick notices that Hope has walked in.

Hope fully enters the kitchen and Billie pulls away from Bo when she spots Hope. Hope joins Bo at his side. Billie makes sure Hope has heard the news and asks Bo what is going on. Bo explains that Spector at the ISA has authorized the downloading of a new program that will help decipher what is on the disk. Jennifer walks back into the kitchen and Bo asks if it is okay to use her computer. Jennifer tells him to help himself and Bo asks Billie to join him. Bo and Billie head for Jennifer’s computer in the living room. Hope looks sad so Jennifer asks her if she is okay. Hope insists that she has to be because they have to find Georgia and bring her home if she is really out there. Patrick thinks that he may know just how to do that.

DiMera castle:

Roman tells Tony that they are tired of their surprises. Tony is shocked that they aren’t grateful for their lavish surroundings. Roman demands to know where they are. Tony jokes about how he isn’t going to let Roman send another code to Bo. Marlena asks Tony to tell them what he plans to do with them. Tony insists that he has many plans. Bart wheels in a table that Tony introduces as Thanksgiving dinner for two. Roman lunges at Tony but Bart stuns him. Tony jokes about how the dinner will be now dinner for one. Marlena tries to rouse Roman and ask if he is all right but Roman doesn’t answer. Bart tells Marlena that Roman is down for the count. Marlena gets in Tony’s face and tells him that she is sick of this. Tony asks what she plans to do about it and Marlena punches Tony in the face. Tony shakes off the punch and sarcastically laughs as he notices that his nose is bleeding.

John’s hospital room:

The mystery person eavesdrops from behind the door. Lexie pushes past Belle and Philip to check on John who is still asleep in bed. Belle picks up something from the floor and she and Philip believe that to be what John knocked over in his sleep. Lexie looks at the monitors and notices that the bad reaction to the pain meds has subsided. Belle rouses John and holds his hand. Lexie asks John how he is feeling and he says he is feeling better. John asks Lexie if she was just in here and she tells him that she was in the waiting room. Lexie thinks that John saw one of the nurses. Lexie promises to check in on John later and leaves to finish her rounds. The mystery person continues to eavesdrop as they hold the syringe. John asks Belle and Philip why they are there on Thanksgiving. Belle insists that they came to spend Thanksgiving with him. Philip tells John that he has something to tell him that concerns his marriage to Belle.

Hospital waiting room:

Lexie makes notes in a chart. Kate walks up and asks Lexie how John is doing. Lexie explains that Belle and Philip are in with John now and that John is doing better. Kate is glad to hear that and had hoped that Belle and Philip would be there. Lexie invites Kate to join them for Thanksgiving dinner because Brandon is cooking tons of food. Kate declines the invitation but asks to keep it open if her plans should fall through. Lexie tells Kate to come by anytime and to bring anyone she likes. Lexie says goodbye and leaves. Kate says to herself that she knows exactly whom she is going to bring.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami sets the table. Lucas comes up behind her and kisses her neck. Lucas insists that Will isn’t there so it’s fair game. Sami points out that Kate could walk in at any moment. Lucas notes that Sami told Kate not to come early. Lucas tells Sami that seeing her be domestic is getting his motor running. They kiss. Sami brushes him off, insisting that she needs to work. Lucas dips her and passionately kisses her. Lucas leads Sami to the bedroom as they kiss some more. The oven continues to be set on broil.

DiMera castle:

Bart steps up and offers to stun Marlena for Tony. Tony tells Bart to stay away. Bart leaves. Tony is glad to see that Marlena is still in good form despite all the crying and carrying on on the boat. Marlena warns that they’ll stop Tony just as they stopped Stefano. Tony warns Marlena not to make this a competition for he is not his father and promises that Marlena will never win. Tony notices that his nose is now bleeding heavily. Tony tells Marlena that his patience with her and all the good people of Salem is nearing an end. Tony takes a napkin from the table to put to his nose as he tells Marlena “Bon appetite” before leaving. Marlena returns to kneel by Roman and hold him in her arms as she tries to get him to wake up.

Jennifer’s house:

Bo frantically tries to work on Jennifer’s computer as Billie sits by his side. Hope walks in and asks what is wrong. Bo explains that Jennifer’s computer crashed. Hope asks Bo if he can bring it back but Bo says he can’t bring it back here. Bo wants to go to the station and see if he they can bring it back. Billie worries that the disk has been corrupted and the information lost. Hope consoles Billie. Billie wants to go with Bo but Bo tells her to stay here. Bo promises to be back as soon as he can and leaves. Billie tells Hope that she feels like her whole life is on that disk and if she loses it, she loses everything. Hope hugs Billie.

John’s hospital room:

Philip takes Belle’s hand and tells John that he wants to marry Belle as soon as possible. John asks what the hurry is and Philip explains that he has been called to active duty. John winces from the pain but assures Belle that he is okay. John tells Philip that he is proud of him and Philip thanks him. John suggests that they wait until Philip gets back to get married. Belle insists that she doesn’t want to wait and Philip agrees that that is what he wants too. John asks for a moment alone with Belle and Philip agrees to wait outside. John asks Belle if she is really over Shawn. Belle sighs and insists that she has thought this through because Philip loves her and would never do anything to hurt her. John guesses that Belle doesn’t love Philip. Belle starts to go on about how great a person Philip is but John begins to writhe in pain again. Belle rushes out of the room to get help. The mystery person takes the opportunity to rush up and inject the drug into John’s IV. John turns to the person but still sees them wearing a white coat. John tries to reach out to the person but the person runs back behind the door when they hear Belle and the nurse coming back in. The nurse rushes to administer something to help him relax. John continues to writhe from the pain. The nurse tells Belle and Philip that they should leave. Philip leads Belle out of the room as Belle promises to be right back.

Rex, Mimi, & Shawn’s loft:

Mimi stops Jan and begs her not to tell Rex. Jan agrees to give Mimi one last chance. Jan insists that she will have no mercy next time. Rex walks back in and tells Mimi about how Kate invited them over to spend Thanksgiving dinner at Sami’s apartment. Mimi says that that sounds good but Jan interrupts to claim that she and Mimi were just talking about doing something nice for Shawn and Rex today. Rex asks what they had in mind just as Shawn begins to wake up. Jan tries to get Shawn to wake up but Shawn is completely hung over and yells at them for being so loud. Jan announces that she and Mimi are going to make Rex and Shawn Thanksgiving dinner.

Sami’s apartment:

Kate arrives and smells smoke. She bangs on the door. Will answers. Kate asks about the smoke and Will explains that Sami burnt the turkey. Sami lifts the turkey out of the oven as she sobs. Lucas pulls her close as Sami worries about ruining Thanksgiving again. Kate tries to assure Sami that Thanksgiving isn’t ruined. Sami feels that it is ruined because their turkey is destroyed and now they have nothing to eat. Kate tells Sami to open a window to get the smoke out and fix her face because they are going out. Lucas fears that they are not going to be able to get a reservation now. Kate explains that a wonderful dinner awaits them with great friends. Sami wants to know what Kate is talking about but Kate doesn’t want to ruin the surprise. Lucas and Will insist that Sami take Kate up on her offer. Sami thanks Kate for saving the day.

DiMera castle:

Marlena sits on the floor, cradling Roman in her arms. Marlena cries as she insists that Roman has to be okay. Marlena recalls to Roman how one Thanksgiving, he had insisted that they spend it up at the lake under the stars and wishes that they had that simple moment right now. Marlena tells Roman that the children need him and that she needs him too. Marlena kisses the top of Roman’s head. Roman wakes up and looks into Marlena’s face.

Jennifer’s house:

Jennifer pulls the turkey out of the oven while Billie tends to the vegetables. Abby and Chelsea walk into the kitchen chatting. Jennifer fusses at Abby for not coming home sooner. Abby explains that she and Chelsea took a walk and met some friends at the park. Jennifer tells Abby and Chelsea to wash up and then bring things to the table. Abby yells at Jennifer for being so rude since Chelsea and Billie have yet to meet. Jennifer apologizes to Chelsea. Abby introduces Chelsea to Billie as a friend who is having dinner with them because Chelsea’s folks are out of town. Billie and Chelsea shake hands and Billie compliments Chelsea on her name. Abby tells Chelsea to come with her to wash up before Jennifer starts yelling again. Jennifer yells after them as they walk away that she doesn’t yell. Billie laughs and Jennifer insists that she doesn’t yell. Billie hopes that one day she and Jennifer will get to compare notes on motherhood. Hope walks into the kitchen carrying Jack Jr. Hope suggests that Jack Jr. is hungry and Jennifer offers to let Billie feed him. Hope hands Jack Jr. over to Billie.

Outside of Jennifer’s house:

Patrick talks on his cell phone. He explains that while he is no longer with the DiMeras, he needs a favor. He tells the person on the other end that he needs to know exactly where Bo and Billie’s daughter is.

Belle & Philip’s loft:

Jan and Mimi prepare Thanksgiving dinner in Belle’s kitchen as Shawn lounges on the couch by Rex. Jan pretends to care that Belle would mind them using her kitchen. Mimi tells Jan that no one wants to be here but her. Jan reminds Mimi of the blackmail threat by telling Mimi to pass her the bag of baby carrots.

Shawn groans from the headache. Rex asks if Shawn isn’t feeling too well but Shawn tells him to mind his own business. Rex insists that this is his business because he is Shawn’s cousin and friend and is worried about Shawn’s drinking problem since the accident. Shawn laughs hysterically and tells Rex to stick around for this joke of a Thanksgiving because he plans to leave.

Jan notices that Shawn is putting his coat on and asks where he is going. Shawn says he will go to the Cheatin’ Heart and drink off his hangover. Shawn opens the door and comes face to face with Belle and Philip.

Inside Lexie’s house:

Brandon brings out the turkey and places it on the table. Brandon hopes that everyone is hungry and Lexie notes how they’d better be because there are only the four of them.

Outside of Lexie’s house:

Kate, Lucas, Sami, and Will arrive at Lexie’s house. Kate explains that Lexie invited her to dinner. Lucas asks if Lexie invited her or all of them. Kate explains that Lexie said she could bring anyone she wanted. Sami worries that Brandon is here. Kate asks if that will be a problem. Sami insists that it isn’t a problem for her as long as it isn’t for Lucas. Lucas says that it’s all right. Sami decides to get this over with and rings the doorbell. Brandon answers the door and comes face to face with Sami.

John’s hospital room:

John asks the nurse if she were here a little while ago. The nurse confirms that she wasn’t in his room before. John asks for more pain meds but the nurse says that they can’t give him anymore for the next 24 hours. The nurse advises John to try and get some sleep before leaving the room. John asks Marlena to help him. The mystery person walks across John’s room and leaves. John looks up and sees a vision of Marlena smiling down at him. John feels that Marlena has come back to him and asks her to help him.

Belle & Philip’s loft:

Belle and Philip walk in and they ask why everyone is there. Jan explains that she is making Thanksgiving dinner and it was Mimi who said it would be okay to use Belle’s cookware. Belle decides that it is okay then. Philip uses the opportunity to announce that he has been called to combat duty overseas and that he and Belle have decided to get married before he ships out. Jan holds up a bottle of champagne and suggests that this occasion calls for it. Rex and Mimi congratulate Belle and Philip and show their appreciation for how brave Philip is for stepping up. Jan pours the champagne and everyone grabs a glass. Rex tries to offer a toast to Philip but Philip decides to drink to Belle, telling her that he can’t wait to make Belle his wife. Shawn throws his glass down on the floor and storms out of the loft. Jan rushes out after him and Mimi follows them.

Lexie’s house:

Lucas, Sami, and Will play with Theo. Brandon brings Will a soda with a cherry and gloats about how he remembered. Will complains about how he doesn’t drink soda that way. Sami starts to chastise Will but Brandon insists that he should have known that Will isn’t a kid anymore. Brandon walks by Celeste and tells her not to start because he had nothing to do with this.

Lexie tells Kate that she had no idea that she’d be bringing Sami. Kate tells Lexie about how Sami burned the turkey. Lexie calls Kate on her attempt to get Brandon and Sami back together. Lexie insists that Brandon and Sami are no longer in love. Kate insists that while Sami and Brandon may not believe it, they are. Lexie insists that she won’t believe it until she sees it. Kate tells Lexie to turn around as they see Brandon and Sami gazing at each other. Lexie walks up to break things up by suggesting that they eat now. Brandon tells everyone to sit down and they’ll start by saying thanks. Everyone heads for the table. Kate thinks that she’ll give thanks the day Sami is out of Lucas’ life for good, which should be very soon.

Outside Jennifer’s house:

Patrick tells the caller to find out about Georgia and get back to him. Patrick hangs up the phone. Hope walks up and thanks Patrick for calling in his favors. Hope tells Patrick that dinner is almost ready and they head inside.

Inside Jennifer’s house:

Abby and Chelsea are preparing the table as Jennifer tells Billie to place her dish on the corner of the table. Patrick and Hope walk up to the table. Jennifer suggests that they wait for Bo but Hope begins to say that Bo told them not to wait.

Bo returns and calls out to everyone. Billie rushes into the living room and asks about the disk. Bo explains that he was able to save the disk and found out that it is true that Georgia is alive. Billie exclaims that this is the best Thanksgiving ever and rushes up to wrap her arms around Bo.

DiMera castle:

Bart dumps a semi-conscious Jack onto a bed and tells him how surprised he is that Tony wants to keep him around because this is the third time that Jack has tried to escape. Bart pushes Jack on his back on the bed. Jack whispers Jennifer’s name. Bart repeats that he told Jack that Jennifer and Jack Jr. are fine but he can’t say the same for him.

John’s hospital room:

John sees Marlena caress his face and tell him to let the pain go. John grimaces from the pain and insists that he can’t let it go. John begs Marlena to help him. A mystery person watches John through the window and then walks into another room.

DiMera castle:

Marlena helps Roman sit up. Roman says how tired he is of Tony’s stun gun. Marlena notes that it could have been worse. Roman feels that Tony doesn’t intend to kill them. Marlena suggests that that plan could change later. Roman laughs and explains that while knocked out, he dreamt about that Thanksgiving camping trip. Marlena suggests that they eat the meal Tony brought them to keep their strength up. Roman wonders what kind of sick game Tony is playing on them now. Marlena vows that Tony won’t get away with it because they will get back to their families, one way or the other.

Tony and Bart watch Marlena and Roman sit down to dinner via a video screen. Tony tells them to enjoy this Thanksgiving because unfortunately, this will be their last.

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