Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/22/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/22/04


By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

John’s hospital room:

John grimaces from the pain as he sleeps. A mysterious person injects something into John’s IV. John wakes up and sees a blurry image of the drug being injected. He asks what is happening to him.

Police station:

The lower-ranking police officer continues to type on the computer. The sergeant looks at the computer screen over his shoulder and is amazed at how the news they have uncovered is so huge, he can see why the DiMeras encrypted the file. The other officer warns that if Bo and Billie find out this news, they’ll be blown away.

Alice’s Bar:

Billie tells Bo and Hope that she plans on leaving Salem tonight. Bo questions her decision but Billie insists as she relays her flight plans. She is interrupted by Celeste who bumps into her as she’s walking by. Celeste touches Billie’s arm as she apologizes and suddenly senses that Billie is making a big mistake.

Brandon asks Sami if she really wants him to come to the wedding. Sami insists that she does and mentions that Lucas said it was okay with him. Brandon asks how Sami feels about it and Sami simply asks why wouldn’t she want him to come to the wedding. Brandon says that Sami should tell him.

Lucas shares his amazement with Kate about her offer. Kate claims that she did it because Roman would have wanted her to watch over Sami. Lucas jokes about how Kate actually won’t interfere with the wedding and is actually offering to foot the bill. Kate insists that that is her plan. Lucas says he feels better knowing that Sami won’t have to worry about the wedding on top of worrying about her parents. Lucas tells Kate that he can’t trust her.

Outside of Alice’s Bar:

Shawn and Jan walk up just as Philip proposes on bended knee to Belle. Belle takes the ring from Philip’s hand and tells him that she doesn’t know what to say. Shawn rushes up and declares that since Belle is a slut and Philip is a snake, they are perfect for each other. Shawn tells Philip that of course Belle wants to get married.

Kitchen of Alice’s Bar:

Mickey is getting supplies off of the shelf when Maggie walks in. Maggie looks in a large can as she paces around the kitchen. Mickey asks Maggie what is wrong. Maggie simply says that it’s everything. Mickey lists all the things that could bother her, asking for specifics. Maggie repeats that it’s everything, including all of what Mickey mentioned. Maggie wishes that she could have made some good out of the outing by bringing Belle and Shawn back together. Maggie likens Shawn and Belle’s relationship to hers and Mickey by saying that it’s a shame when two people who love each other are being kept apart by a real bitch on wheels. Bonnie comes flying in on roller skates, yelling at Mickey for allowing Maggie to speak about her that way. Mickey catches Bonnie as she rolls by and holds her back as Bonnie tries to lunge at Maggie.

Outside of Alice’s Bar:

Jan walks up to Shawn and tells Philip and Belle to ignore them and feel free to accept the proposal. Philip is upset that their private moment was interrupted. Shawn tells Philip that he doesn’t care what he does and not to blame them for being there since he is proposing in public. Jan praises Philip for the way he proposed and compliments the ring choice as she gloats about how she prefers her own ring. Jan offers them best wishes but Shawn points out that Belle hasn’t said yes yet. Shawn suggests that Belle doesn’t care about marriage since she now just gives it away. Belle storms off in tears. Philip glares at Shawn before going after Belle.

Inside Alice’s Bar:

Kate lists all the things she has done in favor of the wedding and can’t think of what else she can do to show her support. Lucas asks Kate to give him her solemn word that she won’t sabotage his marriage.

Sami asks Brandon if he doesn’t want to come to the wedding. Brandon believes that not attending the wedding would be best for everyone. Sami insists that Brandon should come to the wedding because she wants to prove Celeste’s prediction wrong. Brandon advises Sami that the only one who can ruin her happiness is she and wants to know why Sami really wants him to come to her wedding. Sami asks Brandon to follow her and they walk away together.

Celeste tells Billie that she can read her aura. Bo steps up and tells Celeste that now isn’t the time for this. Celeste turns the comment around to tell Billie that now is not the time to leave. Celeste warns Billie that the person she loves the most is right here in Salem. Billie senses that Celeste is talking about Bo and tells her that she doesn’t need a psychic reading to understand what she’s giving up by leaving. Billie insists that she is making the right choice and is leaving tonight. Celeste warns that the one that will give Billie’s life a renewed purpose is very near. Celeste walks away. Billie sighs deeply and tells Bo and Hope that the love of her life is near. Billie puts her hand on Bo’s back and says that her love belongs with Hope as she pushes him toward Hope. Bo understands that this is a difficult decision for Billie and puts his arm around Hope as he tells her that they both wish her the best.

Alice’s Bar & Police station:

Bo’s phone rings and it is Sergeant Sanders who tells him that they found a hidden file on the DiMera disk that Bo should see right away. Bo tells Sanders to bring it to him at Alice’s Bar. Sanders agrees and they both hang up. Hope asks about the call and Bo shares that he has a nasty feeling that the DiMeras aren’t finished with them.

John’s hospital room:

John begins to feel the effects of the injected drug. He wonders what is happening to him. John looks over at the IV. A nurse walks in to check on him. John asks the nurse if someone was recently in his room. The nurse begins to explain that someone comes to check on him every hour. John repeats that he meant a few moments ago but the nurse only knows that John hasn’t had any visitors. The mystery person lurks outside the door and watches John. John flashes back to his grim reaper dream. John tells the nurse that he keeps having nightmares because of the extreme discomfort and asks for more medication. The nurse insists that it isn’t time yet but John persists. The nurse offers to check with Lexie and advises John to try and get some sleep. The nurse leaves. John continues to grimace from the pain. The mystery person comes back into John’s room but John doesn’t see them yet because he has his eyes closed.

Kitchen of Alice’s Bar:

Maggie struggles with Bonnie until Mickey pulls them apart. Mickey tries to convince Bonnie that she misunderstood Maggie’s comment. Bonnie repeats Maggie’s words and Mickey confirms that that is truly what Maggie said. Bonnie begins to gloat by laughing in Maggie’s face about being right until Mickey says that Maggie wasn’t talking about her. Maggie laughs in Bonnie’s face. Bonnie covers by insisting that Maggie would have said it about her too. Maggie says she can’t get over the fact that her housekeeper is now Mrs. Mickey Horton and she’s the laughing stock of Salem. Maggie asks Mickey why Bonnie is running around in roller skates. Bonnie gets upset that Maggie is talking like she isn’t standing right there and knocks over some things as she almost falls. Mickey catches her around the waist. Bonnie makes the most of the fact that she’s brushed up close to Mickey as she asks him what he thinks about having the cocktail waitresses wear roller skates. Maggie laments about her four star restaurant has turned into a barbecue pit. Bonnie insists that the place is better this way. Mickey steps in between them and reminds them that they both promised to share the responsibilities of the house and the restaurant. Maggie decides that she’ll start in the restaurant’s kitchen and suggests that they deep-fry Bonnie. Bonnie lunges again at Maggie but Mickey holds her back. Mickey suggests that they skip the kitchen for now. Mickey suggests that Maggie is best at greeting the guests at the front door. Maggie fantasizes having to pretend to be “country” as she greets Mickey and a drunk Bonnie who belches and spits beer in Maggie’s face after Mickey slaps Bonnie’s backside. Maggie decides that she can’t greet guests because she doesn’t have any wardrobe after Bonnie donated all her gowns to charity. Maggie suggests taking over keeping the books and Mickey agrees that that is a good idea. Bonnie looks worried but Maggie laughs and slaps her hands together.

Main room of Alice’s Bar:

Billie suggests that she should stay and hear this news about the DiMera organization but Bo assures her that they’ll forward the file to the ISA so Billie doesn’t have to miss her flight. Billie thanks them and leaves to say goodbye to her family.

Philip follows Belle back into Alice’s Bar. Philip tells Belle that he can see that she needs time because he just realized he forgot about something important he had to do. Philip holds up the ring as he tells Belle that he’s been carrying around the ring for weeks, waiting for the right time. Philip tells Belle to think about it and walks away.

Outside of Alice’s Bar:

Brandon gives Sami his jacket when he sees her shivering from the cold. Sami tells Brandon that she thought she could never be happy again after him but Lucas makes her really happy. Sami insists that she can’t ruin things with Lucas for he is the love of her life. Sami notices the expression on Brandon’s face and realizes that he doesn’t believe her. Brandon points out that she said the same thing to him and asks Sami if she truly wants to be happy. Sami asks Brandon if he came back to Salem to get back together with her. Brandon flatly denies it. Sami asks Brandon why he was standing outside her window. Brandon explains that he was curious about her and admits that he might have come back to Salem because he still has feelings for Sami.

Brandon explains that it’s natural to still have feelings for Sami because they did plan on spending their lives together. Brandon tells Sami that she belongs with Lucas so they can be a family and the most important thing to him is for Sami to be happy. Sami wishes that Brandon hadn’t told her that he still had feelings for her as she turns away and begins to cry. Brandon turns Sami to face him and admits that part of why he came back to Salem was to make sure that she was with the right person, which he believes Lucas to be. Brandon tells Sami that he’s okay with her being with Lucas but he doesn’t belong at her wedding. Sami takes off Brandon’s coat and hands it back to him. Brandon wishes Sami the best of luck and tells her that he hopes Sami don’t mess up this relationship like she did every one before. Brandon walks away. Sami stands there fighting back her own tears.

John’s hospital room:

The nurse comes back in to let Philip in to see John. The nurse warns Philip not to stay too long before leaving. Philip asks how John is feeling and John offers his condolences about Victor. Philip offers his condolences about Marlena. John asks about Belle and Philip explains that he is here about Belle. John asks if there is a problem but Philip says he has what he hopes is good news. Philip explains that tonight he asked Belle to marry him. Philip grabs a stool and sits down as he explains that he wanted Belle to feel better about the future and wants John to know that he isn’t acting on impulse like the old Philip. Philip insists that he wants to do right by Belle. Philip asks John to give him the honor of Belle’s hand in marriage.

Alice’s Bar:

Belle looks at the ring as Shawn and Jan watch her from across the room. Shawn wants to go talk to Belle, despite Jan’s wishes. Shawn approaches Belle and accuses her of already planning a six-figure wedding. Belle begs Shawn not to start but Shawn tells Belle that she should say yes because Belle always said that she’d only ever make love with her husband. Belle grabs Shawn’s attention and asks him if he truly wants her to marry Philip.

Kitchen at Alice’s Bar:

Maggie asks Bonnie for the location of the books. Bonnie pushes Maggie aside as she walks by her to pull out several unusual locations to house piles and piles of loose papers like food bins and a garbage bag. Mickey picks up a paper from the pile and Bonnie grabs it from, relieved to finally find what she’s been looking for. Bonnie looks over the paper as Maggie asks Mickey how he can trust Bonnie.

Main room at Alice’s Bar:

Jan watches Shawn and Belle from across the room. Shawn tells Belle that she might as well marry Philip and let him make an honest woman out of her because no one else can. Belle asks Shawn why he is trying to hurt her. Shawn insists that the truth hurts. Belle repeats her denial that she and Philip didn’t sleep together before Shawn’s accident. Shawn still believes that to be a lie and says that Belle and Philip deserve each other before heading back to Jan.

John’s hospital room:

Philip promises to work hard to be the husband that Belle deserves if both John and Belle say yes. John advises Philip that he and Belle are both still young and it would be irresponsible to condone anything that Belle isn’t ready for. John stops talking mid-sentence and just stares into space. Philip becomes concerned and offers to call the nurse. John tells Philip that he is strangely uncomfortable. John tells Philip that he was going to say that he can’t think of a more upstanding man for Belle than Philip, only asking that he love and respect her. John warns Philip never to hurt her like Shawn did and to just make Belle happy. Philip swears that he will. John decides to give Philip his blessing and hopes that they have a wonderful life together if Belle says yes. Philip grabs John’s hand in his and profusely thanks him.

Outside of Alice’s Bar:

Lucas meets up with Sami. Lucas notices that Sami has been crying. Sami claims that she wasn’t crying. Lucas asks what Brandon said to her. Sami says it was a mistake to invite Brandon to the wedding and he isn’t coming. Lucas asks if that is why Sami is crying. Sami adamantly denies it and likens her situation to being an alcoholic. Lucas asks Sami if Brandon is her tequila. Sami explains that her relationship with Brandon ended so suddenly. Lucas asks if all those feelings for Brandon came rushing back. Sami admits that when she sees Brandon, new feelings stir up that she doesn’t want there to be. Sami tells Lucas that she fears losing him.

Sami insists that she hates feeling this way and wants to be with Lucas. Sami curses Celeste but Lucas insists that Celeste has nothing to do with this. Sami begins to cry as she recalls how her life has been falling apart lately and insists that she still loves Lucas and doesn’t want him to leave her.

Inside & outside of Alice’s Bar:

Philip asks Billie to stay for Lucas’ wedding but she insists that she can’t. Billie and Philip hug good-bye. Billie notices Belle and tells Philip to go be with her. Philip and Billie say their goodbyes and Philip heads over to Belle. Philip notices that Belle doesn’t look happy. Belle begins to tell him about Shawn’s remarks but Philip interrupts to say it doesn’t matter what Shawn said. Philip leads Belle past Shawn and Jan to just outside the bar. Philip apologizes for running off and explains that he went to ask John for permission to marry her. Philip tells Belle that John said yes and asks Belle if she’ll marry him.

John’s hospital room:

The mystery person returns and continues injecting a drug into John’s IV. John wakes up and sees the mystery person as the grim reaper. John sees the grim reaper point at him and declare that it’s time.

Outside of Alice’s Bar:

Philip asks Belle again for her answer. Belle hesitates to answer. Shawn and Jan walk out of Alice’s Bar. Jan spots them and kisses Shawn. Belle tells Philip that she would love to marry him. Philip picks Belle up and spins her around before kissing her. Philip is so flustered that he doesn’t remember that he’s holding the ring at first. Philip puts the ring on Belle’s finger as Shawn and Jan watch Philip proclaim that he can’t wait for them to be married. Jan tugs on Shawn’s jacket and tells him to take her home to bed. Shawn pushes Jan away and heads back into Alice’s Bar, insisting that he needs a drink. Jan follows him back in. Belle insists that she is truly happy. Philip swears to Belle that he will make her the happiest woman in the world. Philip picks Belle up again and spins her around.

Lucas tells Sami that he understands temptation and offers himself as support for Sami. Lucas asks Sami to tell him when she needs help and if she does that, they can have a healthy mature marriage that will last them the rest of their lives. Sami begins to sob as she hugs Lucas and tells him that all she wants is to be with him.

Inside of Alice’s Bar:

Kate asks Billie to stay and help at Basic Black. Billie tells Kate that she is the most self-sufficient person she knows and doesn’t need her help. Kate tells Billie about how being with Roman was great because he was a man she could trust and share everything with, hoping that Billie could find a man like that. Billie insists that if she does, it won’t be in Salem or with Bo. Kate doesn’t want to think of Billie out there all alone and worries that Billie won’t come back to Salem. Billie insists that while she knows Kate wants her to be happy, but she can’t make that happen for her. Lucas walks up and adds that that won’t work for any of them. Billie and Lucas hug and say their goodbyes. Billie walks away. Lucas puts his arm around Kate as they walk away.

Eugenia serves Brandon a drink and notices that he’s probably still thinking about Sami.

Sami walks back into the bar and asks Celeste what is going to happen between her and Lucas.

Hope hugs Billie goodbye and tells her to be safe. Billie tells Bo to take care of his family and be happy. Billie walks out the door as the officers walk in. The sergeant hands Bo the file. Bo opens it and is shocked at what he reads.

Kitchen of Alice’s Bar:

Maggie tries to organize the pile of random papers. Maggie can’t fathom how Bonnie is able to run a business when she has all of the different categories of papers jumbled together. Bonnie insists that it’s a system only she can understand. Maggie mentions how the IRS will love that. Bonnie takes it as a threat that Maggie plans to have her audited. Mickey tries to calm Bonnie down but Bonnie believes that Maggie wants to see Bonnie left high and dry. Bonnie tries to stuff all the papers back into boxes but Maggie pulls them away from her. Bonnie gets frustrated and grabs a knife, threatening to use it on Maggie. Maggie grabs another knife and they prepare to fight. Bonnie rushes to hide behind Mickey and sticks her tongue out at Maggie before running out of the kitchen. Maggie runs after her. Mickey worries about what the situation has come to. He is almost run over as Bonnie chases Maggie back through the kitchen.

Maggie chases Bonnie back into the kitchen and corners her. They stand with knives drawn. Mickey comes up behind them and bangs two metal tins together to get their attention. Mickey orders them to put the knives down. They reluctantly do so. Maggie takes the opportunity of being closer to Mickey to snuggle up with him, despite Bonnie’s attempt to beat her to Mickey’s side. Mickey decides that they must hire an independent bookkeeper and then try to figure out the living arrangements. Maggie feels that living with Bonnie is going to be sheer hell.

Main room of Alice’s Bar:

Philip and Belle walk back in to the bar. Philip can’t stop talking about what their married life is going to be like. Philip compliments Belle by saying that their kids are going to be beautiful because they’ll look just like you. Belle sees Shawn standing in place of Philip and tries to hide her discomfort. Philip suggests that they set a date.

Shawn downs another drink. Jan suggests that they not let Belle and Philip beat them to the altar. Shawn tells Jan to shut up.

Brandon asks Eugenia to leave him alone. Eugenia jokes about how Sami will do that to him. Brandon gets up to leave as he insists that he isn’t thinking about Sami. Eugenia doesn’t buy it.

Lucas prepares to leave and says goodbye to Kate as he says he is heading home with Sami and is happy. Kate insists that she hopes he will continue to be happy and wishes him luck for he is going to need it.

Sami anxiously waits for Celeste to read her cards. Celeste tells Sami that everything is going to work out and she must have been mistaken earlier. Sami is relieved to hear that and hugs Celeste before she rushes off. Eugenia walks up to ask Celeste if Sami is going to have a happy life. Celeste explains that Sami is her own worst enemy and Celeste doesn’t need her to be her enemy too. Eugenia laughs when she realizes the Celeste lied to Sami about what the cards said. Celeste warns that if Sami’s marriage to Lucas falls apart, it will be Sami’s own doing.

Outside of Alice’s Bar:

Billie pauses outside the bar to tell herself not to waste any more time before leaving. Billie fights back tears as she says goodbye to Kate, Bo, and Salem. Billie walks away.

Inside Alice’s Bar:

Hope asks Bo what is on the file. Bo says they have to stop Billie and shows Hope the file. Hope is also shocked at what she sees.

John’s hospital room:

John continues to see the grim reaper standing by his bed. The grim reaper tells John to come with him. John writhes from the pain until he becomes unconscious. The monitors show flat line.

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