Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/19/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/19/04

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Alice’s Bar:

Lucas tries to get Sami to stop worrying about Kate but Sami insists that Kate is up to something. Lucas vows that he can handle Kate even if she is up to something. Lucas claims he can prove it. Lucas walks away from Sami.

Kate and Eugenia are chatting together. Kate insists that she knows exactly how to break up Lucas and Sami for good. Lucas approaches them to ask what is going on. Eugenia walks away from them.

Brandon stops Eugenia and demands to know whether she and Kate are plotting to break up Sami and Lucas.

Outside of Alice’s Bar:

Belle and Philip arrive at Alice’s Bar. Belle has reservations about going inside but Philip promises that it’ll be a better time than last time. Philip tells Belle that he can identify with her because no one else knows what it’s like to go through what they’ve been through with their parents. Philip and Belle agree that they are both glad that they have each other. They turn to go into Alice’s Bar and spot Shawn and Jan walking up. Philip offers to go somewhere else but Belle insists on staying. Belle and Philip walk inside Alice’s.

Jan advises Shawn to forget about Belle. Shawn simply replies that she’s forgotten. Bo walks up and asks Jan to excuse them so he can talk to Shawn. Jan agrees to wait for Shawn inside and steps toward the entrance as Bo and Shawn walk away. Jan vows that she won’t let anyone come between Shawn and her not even his parents.

Ladies’ room at Alice’s Bar:

Hope escorts Billie into the ladies’ room to talk. Hope notes that she noticed how drawn Billie seemed to be to Bo while they were dancing. Billie flashes back to the dance. Billie explains that she was dancing with Patrick and didn’t ask to switch partners. Hope asks Billie how it felt to dance with Bo. Billie admits that she still loves Bo and will never love anyone else.

Outside of Alice’s Bar:

Bo tells Shawn that he and Hope are concerned about him. Shawn tells Bo that he’s made a huge mistake.

John’s hospital room:

John asks a nurse to give him something for the pain. The nurse tells him that it’s too soon to give him more medication because the risk of side effects is too high. John is willing to risk the side effects but the nurse refuses. The nurse suggests that John get some sleep and leaves. John closes his eyes to try and sleep and sees a vision of Marlena by his side dressed as a doctor. John is relieved to see that Marlena has come back and Marlena vows never to leave John again.

John continues to dream that Marlena is really there. John kisses Marlena’s hand. John has a million questions for Marlena but she tells him not to ask her questions. Marlena asks John how he feels and he says he feels amazing now that she is here. Marlena laughs and insists on checking the feeling in his legs. John realizes that now suddenly he has feeling in his legs. John begs Marlena to help him out of bed because he wants to walk. Marlena warns him not to overdo it. John persists until Marlena suggests another kind of therapy. Marlena slips off her doctor’s coat to reveal that underneath she is wearing sexy lingerie. Marlena climbs into bed with John and he wraps his arms around her. They hug and kiss. John tosses and turns in his sleep, calling out Marlena’s name. A mysterious person enters the room dressed as a doctor but with black gloves on their hands.

Outside of Alice’s Bar:

Bo believes that Shawn’s mistake was with Jan and advises him that it is not too late to fix it. Shawn says that his mistake was listening to Bo for he is not a little kid anymore. Bo acknowledges that. Shawn tells Bo to have him and Hope stay out of his love life. Bo explains that he is worried about Shawn because he isn’t acting like himself. Shawn insists that Belle is his past and Jan is his future. Bo asks Shawn if he loves Jan. Shawn admits that it’s different than with Belle but he thinks that to be a good thing. Bo points out that you only have one true love in your life and usually when you look at that woman, you know it. Bo asks Shawn if Jan is his one true love. Shawn thinks it over but then turns on Bo by listing all the women that Bo has been involved with over the years, accusing Bo of not being the best person to tell him about true love. Shawn walks away.

Ladies’ room at Alice’s Bar:

Billie insists that she has too much respect for Hope and Bo and their family to act on her feelings. Billie explains that she is going back to London because she can’t stop thinking about what life would have been like had Georgia survived. Hope advises Billie that if she really wants to have a family, she’ll make it happen. Billie wipes away her tears and insists that she’s already resigned herself to the fact that she’ll be alone for the rest of her life. Billie adds that once you’ve had the best, you can’t settle for just anything.

The bar at Alice’s:

Lucas begins to tell Kate not to do whatever she’s planning to do to hurt Sami. Kate claims she isn’t planning anything and only wants Lucas to be happy. Lucas tells Kate that Sami has her doubts about that and he’s beginning to question it as well. Kate vows to prove it to Lucas and Sami tonight. Lucas asks how but Kate asks him not to make her spoil the surprise.

Eugenia pretends to not know anything about Kate’s plans. Brandon tells her to tell Kate to forget using him to break up Lucas and Sami. Brandon walks away.

Lucas warns Kate that she better not be planning on ruining their wedding. Kate begins to repeat that she doesn’t plan on doing that but Lucas interrupts. Lucas vows that if Kate does ruin the wedding, she’ll lose him and Will forever. Kate vows that family is very important to her and that she’d do anything to protect Lucas and make him happy. Kate notices that Philip walked in and tells Lucas that she must really go talk to him since he’s upset about losing Victor. Kate walks away. Sami walks up and asks Lucas what happened between him and Kate. Lucas tells her how Kate is on her best behavior. Lucas suggests that they ignore Kate and enjoy themselves. Lucas looks up and spots Maggie across the room and he and Sami go over to her. Lucas hugs Maggie. Maggie offers her condolences about Marlena and Roman to Sami. Lucas notes how Maggie must be shocked at the look of the old Tuscany. Maggie notices Sami’s ring and Lucas confirms that they are engaged. Maggie hugs them and congratulates them. Sami is relieved that Maggie thinks their engagement is good news. Maggie begins to cry and turns away from them. Lucas inquires and Maggie tells them about how Mickey married Bonnie just before she got back. Lucas suggests that now that Maggie is back, Mickey can “un-marry” Bonnie. Maggie says that will happen only if Mickey decides that that is what he wants to do.

Ladies’ room at Alice’s Bar:

Hope touches up her makeup and hair in the bathroom mirror. Billie asks Hope if the tables were turned, could Hope see herself with another man. Hope shakes her head and insists that she never could. Billie explains that that is the way she feels and could never fall out of love with Bo. Billie insists that for me it’s either Bo or nothing so it has to be nothing.

Outside of Alice’s Bar:

Shawn recalls how even after Hope came back, Bo still went off and planned his wedding with Billie. Bo points out that his relationship with Billie only started when they thought Hope was dead. Bo continues to try and explain it but decides that it’s too complicated. Shawn gets angry that Bo is talking to him like he is still young. Bo tells Shawn that he hopes he’ll never have to live his life the way he and Hope were forced to by the DiMeras. Bo believes that now with Stefano and Tony dead, Shawn is free to make his own choices. Shawn gets upset that Bo says it’s his choice but doesn’t stop giving him advice in the form of telling him whom to love. Shawn says that he is sick of everyone with slightly more experience telling him how to live his life. Bo tries to calm Shawn down. Shawn yells that he is not a little kid anymore and vows that he and Belle are not getting back together.

Inside Alice’s Bar:

Belle returns to Philip at the table. Philip asks about Sami. Belle is upset that while she and Sami should be helping each other through this, every time she talks to her she just feels worse. Philip promises to be there for Belle. Belle promises to be there for him too and they hug. Belle spots Shawn walk in. Belle leaves Philip to go put some cold water on her face. Not knowing that Shawn is listening, Philip declares that he’s waited long enough to enact his way of making Belle feel good about her future and forget about Shawn. Philip walks away from the table.

Maggie walks up and hugs Shawn. Maggie asks about Belle and Shawn tells her about how he broke up with Belle and is with Jan now. Maggie looks disgusted at that thought but quickly apologizes. Shawn excuses himself and walks away. Maggie wonders what this world is coming to when Bonnie and Jan end up with the good guys. Maggie suddenly comes up with an idea.

Philip paces outside of the bathrooms and runs into Billie. Philip grabs Billie in a huge hug. Billie apologizes for making Philip worry about her and offers her condolences about Victor. Kate walks up and tells Philip that Victor would have been so proud to see him marry Belle. Philip jokes about how this routine is getting old. Philip makes sure that Billie is going to be around for a while before walking away. Billie advises Kate to stop interfering in her kids’ lives. Kate insists that Philip wants to be with Belle. Billie insists on letting them work things out. Kate brings up Bo. Billie insists that if she had a family with Bo, she would be fighting for him but she just can’t stay. Billie insists that it’s over and that there is no way that Kate can push Billie and Bo back together. Billie walks away. Kate watches Billie walk away as she says to herself that that is what Billie thinks.

Outside of Alice’s Bar:

Hope walks up and greets Bo with a kiss. Bo holds Hope against him. Bo asks Hope if she was jealous when he was dancing with Billie. Hope insists that she wasn’t jealous and asks about the rest of Bo’s evening. Bo explains that he tried to have a talk with Shawn but it didn’t go well. Bo jokes about how Shawn is Hope’s son and is stubborn. Hope counters by claiming that Shawn is just like Bo. Bo adds that Shawn is being stubborn about Belle. Hope blames Jan for the situation and wants to figure out what Jan did to Shawn. Hope insists that they have to do something or Shawn and Belle will end up with the wrong people and be miserable.

The bar at Alice’s:

Shawn returns to the bar with his drink. Maggie joins him and comments about the classic song now being played. Maggie notes how Tom and Alice used to love to dance to this song. Shawn remembers. Maggie asks Shawn to ask Belle to dance with him. Shawn begins to object as Jan watches them from across the room. Maggie insists that Alice would say to believe in miracles. Maggie repeats her request and Shawn turns her down again. Maggie insists that Shawn can dance with Belle because she knows he wants to. Jan vows that she can’t let this happen. Shawn makes eye contact with Belle from across the room. Maggie turns to look at Belle.

Kate and Billie watch the scene from across the room. Kate complains that this isn’t good. Billie warns her to stay out of it.

Philip watches them as well. Jan walks up to Philip and insists on getting his help to keep Shawn and Belle apart. Philip tells Jan to stop talking to him like they’re on the same team. Philip vows that before today is over, Belle is going to forget all about Shawn. Jan turns from Philip to look at Belle and Shawn. Jan advises Philip that now would be the time to take out the big guns.

Shawn walks up to Belle and asks her to dance with him. Belle is shocked at the request and turns him down. Shawn explains that he is only asking as a favor to Maggie. Belle realizes that she can’t say no then and allows Shawn to lead her out onto the dance floor. Kate and Billie, now seated at a table, watch them. Kate looks extremely annoyed. Belle and Shawn begin to dance. Maggie reaches beneath the bar and turns down the lights. Maggie prays that this works.

Belle and Shawn  look into each other’s eyes as they dance. Maggie delights in how her plan appears to be working. Kate shakes her head in anger. Jan drags a reluctant Philip out to the dance floor. Shawn tells Belle that he owes her an apology. Kate vows to Billie that she to stop this but Billie tells her that she can’t.

Lucas tells Sami about Kate’s plan to surprise them. Sami expects it to be a bad surprise. Lucas insists that Kate won’t risk losing Lucas and Will. Kate walks up to them and tells Sami that she wants to make a loving tribute in memory of Roman and Marlena.

John’s hospital room:

Still asleep, John dreams of holding Marlena in his arms as she lies next to him. Marlena declares that she has to go and turns to get out of the bed. John pulls her close to him and vows not to lose her. John wakes up and recognizes the mysterious person in his room.

John sits up and sees the grim reaper in front of him who brandishes the phoenix ring. His vision then turns to a smiling Marlena who vows never to leave him again. The grim reaper struggles with Marlena as she begs him to save her. John can only yell and sob as Marlena is reduced to a rotting corpse. The grim reaper turns to John, points a finger at him, and in an evil voice declares that he is next.

Outside of Alice’s Bar:

Bo is thankful that he didn’t lose Hope like John lost Marlena. Hope likens it to the way Kate lost Roman. They vow to make the most of their second chance as a couple and as a family. They kiss.

Inside of Alice’s Bar:

Belle and Shawn continue to dance. Shawn apologizes to Belle for thinking that Marlena was the killer. Shawn admits that had he known that Marlena was innocent, a lot of things would be different, even suggesting that they would still be together. Shawn looks over at Jan and Philip dancing. Shawn accuses Belle of having slept with Philip whether or not they would have stayed together. Belle points out that Shawn slept with Jan first but Shawn doesn’t believe her. Belle gets angry and walks off. Jan returns to Shawn and begins dancing with him while Belle dances with Philip. This discourages Maggie.

Kate calls everyone’s attention as she steps onto the stage. Sami and Lucas walks over and stand in front of the stage. Kate explains that everyone in Salem will be following the impending nuptials in Basic Black publications. Kate points out that in Sami’s case, her parents can’t pay for the wedding themselves. Kate announces that Basic Black will be hosting the wedding reception and she will cover all additional costs. Sami’s eyes go wide. Lucas thanks Kate. Kate continues her surprise by offering an all expenses paid by her honeymoon anywhere of their choosing. The crowd applauds. Lucas believes that Kate is now on their side but Sami isn’t so sure.

Jan and Shawn continue to dance. Philip and Belle continue to dance. Philip notices that Belle isn’t okay and suggests that she stay away from Shawn. Belle insists that after losing her mom, she can’t take any more loss. Philip decides that it’s time for some good news. Belle looks over at Jan and Shawn dancing. Philip asks Belle to follow him to a place where they can be alone so he can ask her something important. Belle agrees to follow him.

Shawn watches them walk away. Jan calls Shawn’s attention back to her. Shawn wants to know where Philip and Belle are going. Jan tries to convince Shawn that he shouldn’t care. Shawn leaves the dance floor to follow Philip and Belle.

Lucas believes that Kate is for them being together because she’s willing to pay for their honeymoon. Sami is nervous because she doesn’t know why Kate is doing this.

At the bar:

Eugenia walks up and asks Kate why she is willing to pay for everything. Kate informs her that this is a perfect way to keep her hands clean and vows that Lucas won’t be marrying Sami. Billie walks up and declares that she needs to speak to Kate.

Hope and Bo reenter Alice’s Bar. Hope stops suddenly and explains that she suddenly got the strangest feeling. Hope assures Bo that she doesn’t feel threatened by Billie. Bo insists that Billie shouldn’t threaten Hope. Hope explains that she has a feeling that Billie should leave Salem right away.

Police station:

Two police officers, one of a lower rank, are going over the disk of information about the DiMera’s files. The lower ranking officer shows the higher-ranking officer a hidden file he found on the disk. The higher-ranking officer tells the other officer to try and open it.

The bar at Alice’s:

Eugenia excuses herself and walks away. Kate begins to explain herself but Billie interrupts to tell Kate how proud she is of Kate for offering. Kate asks Billie to stay in town a little longer.

Lucas believes that Kate wants them to be a family. Sami has decided that since Kate is taking care of the expenses, they can expand the guest list. Sami declares to the crowd that everyone there is invited to the wedding and reception. Everyone cheers. Brandon walks up and asks if that includes him.

Sami tells Brandon that he is invited if it is okay with Lucas. Lucas insists that it is okay with him and he shakes hands with Brandon. Lucas excuses himself and walks away. Sami asks Brandon if he really wants to come to the wedding.

Kate begs Billie to stay for the wedding. Lucas walks up and announces that he agrees that Billie should stay.

Outside of Alice’s Bar:

Philip leads Belle to the back patio. Philip explains that he has wanted to do this for a long time so he can give them something to look forward to. Philip explains that their parents would want them to move on so he is doing this for their future. Belle notes that this sounds serious. Philip confirms that it is. Jan and Shawn spot them from across the grounds. Philip gets down on one knee and proposes to Belle.

Police station:

The low-ranking officer calls the sergeant over to look at the hidden file he has uncovered. He declares that this is huge news for Bo and Billie.

The bar at Alice’s:

Bo is drinking a beer when Hope kisses him. Billie walks up and gets Bo’s attention. Billie tells Bo that there is something she needs to tell him.

John’s hospital room:

The mysterious person returns to John’s room and injects something into his IV. John sleeps through it all.

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