Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/18/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/18/04


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Doug & Julie’s house:

Doug and Julie are all dressed up because Doug has planned a special evening for the two of them. Julie kisses Doug and tells him that he looks gorgeous. Doug rattles off that he plans to take Julie for champagne and caviar at the Salem Inn, main course at the Penthouse Grill, drinks and dancing at the Blue Note. Julie revels in the idea and starts to hug and kiss Doug but is interrupted by the phone.

Doug & Julie’s house and Mickey & Maggie’s house:

It is Maggie on the phone who tells Julie that she feels like a stranger in her own house. Maggie asks Julie if she has told Alice that Mickey is married to Bonnie. Julie hopes that the marriage will be annulled before Alice ever needs to find out. Maggie warns that no one can keep a secret from Alice for long. Maggie fears that Bonnie and Mickey’s marriage is becoming more and more permanent. Maggie tells Julie Mickey’s plan to show her what Bonnie has done to Tuscany.

Mickey & Maggie’s house:

Mickey comes downstairs and stops in front of a mirror to adjust his bolo tie. Bonnie yells at him to stop and points out that he missed a spot of shaving cream by kissing it off. Bonnie then moves to kissing Mickey on the lips. Maggie walks in and sees them kissing. Maggie pulls Bonnie off of Mickey and tells her to get off of her husband.

Bo & Hope’s house:

Bo and Hope cuddle in bed. Bo jokes about how they can’t even get out of bed so he can take Hope to lunch. Hope says she wants to spend their first day back in bed. They agree that there’s no place they’d rather be. Hope notes that Zack will be waking up soon and Bo groans about having to get back to the real world. Hope declares her plan to grab a shower and then order in Chinese food. Hope jokes about how they have a lot of bills to pay since the mail didn’t stop coming simply because they were presumed dead. Bo isn’t listening to her so she calls his attention back to her. Bo explains that he was thinking how lucky they were considering what Jennifer and John’s family is going through right now. Bo and Hope agree that they’re worried about Sami the most. Bo says that he feels responsible for what Sami is going through. Hope tries to convince him that Tony is the one to blame but Bo insists that he killed Marlena because he sent a sniper to kill her. Hope stops him to point out that Bo did revoke that order and that it was Tony’s volcano and tidal wave that killed Marlena. Bo wants to go see Sami because Caroline and Roman’s worst fear was that Sami was going to end up living her life alone. Hope assures Bo that Sami isn’t alone because she has Lucas.

Outside of Alice’s:

Lucas and Sami arrive at Alice’s. Sami stops Lucas before going in to suggest that they skip spending the night out because she is not in the mood. Sami would rather go home and take a bath and look at old photo albums. Lucas jokes about how he’d love to go home and take a bath but adds that Sami shouldn’t be looking at the photo album because it would only upset her. Sami insists that she has a right to be upset because her parents just died, again. Lucas suggests to Sami that she’s been grieving too much and Roman and Marlena wouldn’t want that. Lucas offers to take Sami to dinner to help get her mind off her parents. Sami apologizes for her earlier actions toward Kate and thanks Lucas for being there for her. Sami kisses Lucas. Lucas offers Sami a night of just him and her.

Brandon is making notes on the Basic Black proposal when Lexie walks up. Brandon asks about Abe and Lexie explains that Abe has arrived at the clinic and they have run a battery of tests but Abe seems to be doing okay. Brandon says he can’t imagine what it’s like to lose your eyesight. The waiter walks by and takes their drink order. Brandon tells Lexie about running into Sami at the hospital. Lexie asks if Sami is stalking him and offers to get a restraining order. Brandon explains that Sami had just found out about her parents and was hysterical. Lexie sarcastically adds that Sami must have right into Brandon’s sympathetic arms for comfort. Brandon confirms this and says he is glad that Sami did turn to him.

Bo & Hope’s house & Doug & Julie’s house:

Bo returns to the bedroom and tells Hope that Zack is playing with his blocks and he just placed an order at Mrs. Wong’s. The phone rings and Bo tries to keep Hope from answering because he’d rather kiss all over her some more. Hope answers the phone and pushes Bo away. It is Julie on the phone who tells Hope about Mickey marrying Bonnie. Hope is shocked to hear the news.

Mickey & Maggie’s house:

Mickey breaks up Maggie and Bonnie, claiming that what she walked in on is not what she thinks. Maggie points out that Bonnie was truly kissing Mickey in their house. Maggie tells Mickey to wipe off his mouth, which he quickly does. Bonnie gloats about how they’ve done much more than kiss. Maggie insists that Mickey is her husband because she married him first. Bonnie reminds Maggie that legally she is dead. Maggie brings up her marriage vows. Bonnie reminds her that the vows said, “until death do us part” and Maggie did die. Mickey breaks up their argument and apologizes to Maggie for kissing Bonnie in her presence and explains that she caught him off guard. Mickey vows that it will never happen again. Mickey explains that he doesn’t want to hurt either of them but Maggie points out that that isn’t possible. Mickey asks for time to sort things out. Maggie wants to know why he needs any time. Maggie leaves to wait in the car. Bonnie apologizes to Mickey for getting him in this mess and suggests that they annul the marriage. Mickey agrees that that might be for the best. Bonnie, who only said that to make herself look good and expected Mickey to disagree, is shocked at his reply.

Bonnie asks Mickey if he really wants to throw away everything they have. Mickey tells Bonnie that he loves both her and Maggie and groans about how he’s facing such a predicament at his age. Bonnie offers to leave to make things easier. Mickey quickly tells her not to go and asks for her to stay while he sorts out his heart. Bonnie tells Mickey to take all the time he needs. Mickey suggests they head off for Alice’s and helps Bonnie with her coat. They head out the door.

Bo & Hope’s house:

Bo and Hope finish dressing and head downstairs. Bo cleans up Zack’s toys as he and Hope talk about the Mickey/Bonnie/Maggie triangle. Bo feels that now that Maggie is back things will work out. Hope recalls that they’ve been in that situation before. Bo insists that Mickey will make the right decision in the end. Hope is worried how Maggie will react when she sees what Bonnie has done to Tuscany. Bo jokes about being a fly on the wall at Alice’s tonight. Hope tells Bo that Julie asked her to go to Alice’s to support Maggie but Hope doesn’t want to go without Bo. Bo realizes that that is why Hope is all dressed up and they kiss. Doug and Julie knock on the door and Hope calls out to have them come in. Hope explains to Bo that Doug and Julie are there to baby-sit Zack. Bo jokes that Doug and Julie are all dressed up to impress Zack. Hope apologizes for asking them to baby-sit when they had plans to go out. Doug explains that he’s just happy to be alive and if Bo and Hope need their help, then he’s just as happy to spend the evening with Zack. Hope hugs Doug and thanks him. Hope tells them that she is treating them to the Chinese takeout for dinner. Julie explains how Bonnie has been spending the last few months digging her claws into Mickey. Doug worries that while the island didn’t kill Maggie, seeing what happened to Tuscany just might do it.

Outside of Alice’s:

Lexie warns Brandon that Sami is playing a game with him and only wants his sympathy. Brandon insists that Sami wasn’t pretending but was in real pain. Lexie notes that Sami does pain very well. Brandon believes that Sami feels that the only people who ever truly cared about her were Roman and Marlena. Lexie still feels that Sami is going to use this to get to Brandon.

Inside Alice’s:

Sami and Lucas walk in. Sami tells Lucas that she is glad that they came out tonight. Sami vows that they are going to have a good time even though she isn’t really in the mood for line dancing or riding the mechanical bull. Lucas promises her that they can leave whenever she wants. Sami spots Billie and Kate hugging and decides that she wants to stay and grab a bite.

Billie apologizes to Kate for not knowing that the ISA told her that she had been killed in the line of duty. Kate gushes as she tells Billie that she couldn’t stop crying when she found out that Billie was alive. Kate says that Billie is back in Salem where she belongs. Billie tells Kate not to get too excited. Eugenia offers to get them a drink and Billie orders a club soda. Kate introduces Billie to Eugenia. Eugenia leaves to get Billie’s drink but offers a warning to Kate to think things through. Billie asks Kate if she has been telling her problems to a bartender. Kate points out that Eugenia is the hostess and also a future employee of Basic Black. Billie asks Kate whose demise she is planning now. Sami walks up and declares that it’s her demise that Kate has been planning.

Bo & Hope’s house:

Doug and Julie are watching Mr. Magoo on TV with Zack. Doug marvels in how nice this moment is and promises to enjoy the simple things in life. Julie wishes she were at Alice’s to see the fireworks. Julie regrets not being able to stop Mickey and Bonnie before it was too late. Doug asks if Julie meant getting married but Julie covers Zack’s ears as she whispers to Doug that she meant consummating the relationship. Doug tells Julie that he is proud of her. Julie doesn’t feel that Doug should be proud because she wasn’t able to prevent Bonnie from getting Mickey. Doug points out that he’s proud because Julie tried to fight for her family. Doug adds that Tom would be so proud if he could have watched her in action. Doug and Julie each lean forward to kiss and then realize that Zack is still sitting between them. Julie talks to Zack in baby talk and repeatedly kisses the top of his head while Doug laughs.

Outside of Alice’s:

Brandon assures Lexie that Sami is committed to Lucas and he refuses to go down that road with Sami again. Lexie reminds Brandon that he once said that Sami was his soul mate. Brandon insists that he’s let Sami go and asks Lexie why she can’t let go of this as well. Lexie suggests that what Brandon is saying and feeling in his heart are two different things.

Inside Alice’s:

Kate explains to Billie that Sami is accusing her of trying to ruin her relationship with Billie’s half brother. Billie doesn’t understand what Kate is talking about. Sami explains that Kate was referring to her and Lucas’ relationship. Sami tells Kate that she is disregarding Belle’s earlier comments and insists that Kate only chose Brandon’s charity so he’d come back to Salem. Kate moans that this conversation is getting old. Lucas joins them and agrees with Kate. Billie and Lucas greet each other. Lucas asks Billie how long she is in town for and Billie says that she isn’t in town for very long. Lucas offers to let Billie spend time alone with Kate and promises to meet up with Billie later. Lucas leads Sami away to their table. Kate gets upset over Sami and Lucas’ impending nuptials. Billie encourages Kate to give them her blessing. Kate insists that life with Sami isn’t going to make Lucas happy and looks over to see Bo and Hope enter Alice’s as she tells Billie that life without Bo isn’t going to make her happy either.

Outside & inside of Alice’s:

Maggie walks up to Alice’s and sees the large sign with flashing lights. She shakes her head in amazement. Maggie walks in and looks around. Eugenia greets her and asks if she has a reservation. Bonnie and Mickey walk in shortly after and Bonnie gloats about what she’s done with the place. Maggie shrieks and falls to the floor. Bonnie mutters to Mickey that she knew Maggie would love it. Mickey rolls his eyes and sighs.

Hope and Bo rush over to Maggie. Bo and Hope tell Eugenia to get her some water and Eugenia rushes off to do so. Mickey and Bo help Maggie up and to a table. Bonnie quickly does crowd control by telling Kate and Billie that Maggie loves the place so much she fainted. Lexie rushes up, having heard that someone had fainted. Lexie checks Maggie’s pulse and finds it racing. Lexie asks if something upset Maggie and Bo explains that seeing Maggie’s elegant restaurant turned into a honky-tonk bar might have done it. Hope asks Mickey how he could have done this to Maggie.

Bo & Hope’s house:

Julie tucks a napkin around Zack’s neck as they prepare to dig into the Chinese food. Doug walks into the kitchen and Julie directs him to the water for tea on the stove. Julie and Doug marvel at how good the food smells. Doug leans across the chairs for a kiss from Julie as the teakettle whistles. Julie breaks off the kiss and dishes out some noodles for Zack. Doug pours the tea and joins them at the table. Julie scoots her chair over to Doug and asks to continue the kiss. Doug confirms with Julie that they’re glad they never ended up at the Penthouse Grill. Julie tells Doug to shut up and kiss her and they kiss. Zack laughs and uses his fork to fling food at them. Julie is in the middle of correcting Zack for throwing food when Doug flings some noodles at her. Doug throws some noodles at Zack next. Julie picks up some of the noodles and throws them back at Doug. Food flies back and forth at everyone as Julie shouts, “Food fight!”

Women’s bathroom at Alice’s:

Sami is fixing her makeup in the mirror when Eugenia walks in. Sami accuses Eugenia of still working with Kate. Eugenia simply claims that the only thing she knows about Kate is that she loves her children and hates Sami. Sami tells her to tell her something she doesn’t already know. Eugenia vents her frustration to Sami as she rattles off all the bad jobs she had to endure because of Sami. Eugenia fights back tears as she tells Sami that her six years of college are going to waste because of Sami. Sami claims that she never meant for Eugenia to lose her job. Eugenia vows that Sami will pay and storms out of the bathroom. Sami asks herself how much more can she pay and walks out of the bathroom, running right into Brandon.

Bonnie gets in Maggie’s face to pretend to dote on her. Lexie tells Bonnie to step back and suggests to Maggie that she go to the hospital for observation. Maggie doesn’t want to go insisting that she’s had enough observation for one night. Maggie can’t believe that Tuscany has turned into this honky-tonk brothel. Lexie tells Bonnie to step back again and gives Maggie water to drink. Lexie smiles as she tells Maggie that it is so good to see her. Lexie assures Maggie that she is going to be just fine but Maggie doesn’t know about that. Lexie tells her to stay calm and promises to be back to check on her in a little bit. Hope thanks Lexie and Lexie leaves. Hope offers to take Maggie home but Maggie refuses to leave. Mickey apologizes for not realizing how much of a shock this would be. Bonnie offers Maggie a chance to join her at the bar for the rest of her tour but Maggie insists that she shouldn’t be at a bar right now. Bonnie asks Mickey to come help her but Mickey hesitates to leave Maggie. Maggie tells him to go and he and Bonnie walk away. Maggie laments that everything that ever mattered to her is gone. Hope offers her condolences.

Kate can’t imagine how Billie can consider leaving Salem now because her life is here. Billie tells Kate to forget it if she is thinking of a life in Salem with Bo for her. Billie reminds Kate that she even admitted that trying to push her together with Bo was a big mistake. Kate blames Bo for pushing Billie to join the ISA and risk her life. Billie vows that Kate won’t ever have to receive the news of her being killed in the line of duty again. Kate points out that the ISA is a very dangerous job and she wants Billie to stay in Salem a while since she just lost Roman and Cassie. Billie says it is too hard to stay and Hope doesn’t even want her around. Kate points out that Hope doesn’t want her around because she is jealous that Billie could take Bo away from her. Billie refuses to break up Bo and Hope. Billie points out that Bo and Hope share two sons and Kate points out that if Billie and Bo’s daughter Georgia were still alive, she’d want Billie to be with her father.

Outside of Alice’s women’s room:

Sami wipes away her tears and laments about always running into Brandon when she’s a mess. Brandon assures her that it’s all right to cry since she just lost her parents. Sami tells Brandon about her confrontation with Eugenia. Brandon empathizes with Eugenia for not being able to get past losing her job because of Sami. Sami notes that Brandon couldn’t get past that either but Brandon doesn’t want Sami to think that. Brandon explains that what happened between them is in the past and they’ve both moved on. Sami is so happy to hear that Brandon has forgiven her that she hugs him. Lexie and Lucas walk up and see them hugging.

Sami tells Brandon that it means so much that he has forgiven her because he and Lucas were the only ones who’ve ever had faith in her. Lexie lets her presence known by exclaiming that they’re both crazy. Brandon begins to object but Lexie explains that she only came looking for him to let him know that she is leaving to go see Abe. Brandon offers to walk Lexie out and says goodbye to Sami and Lucas. Brandon and Lexie walk away. Sami says she is happy that she made up with Brandon. Lucas tells Sami that he is proud of her and adds that in AA they tell them that it’s important to make verbal restitution to those they’ve wronged. Sami tells Lucas that, in that case, she can’t marry him.

Bonnie walks past Maggie’s table with an angry expression. Patrick walks in the door and Bonnie spots him. Bonnie begins to cry as she hugs Patrick. Patrick tells her that he’s been trying to get a hold of her and asks where she’s been. Bonnie shows him her ring and tells him about marrying Mickey. Patrick asks if Mimi knows about this. Bonnie explains that Mimi knows they were engaged and as soon as she can, she, Connor, and Max are moving into Mickey’s house. Patrick reminds Bonnie that he just spent the last few weeks with Maggie. Bonnie tells Patrick that it was unfortunate for Maggie that she found her way home because Mickey has found a new younger wife. Patrick tries to convince Bonnie that Mickey and Maggie’s love is legend in this town but Bonnie insists that it’s time for a new legend. Bonnie points out that Mickey fell in love with her too and she doesn’t want to lose him. Bonnie rushes off to the bar to get Patrick a drink. Billie walks up to Patrick and offers to pay for his drink.

Bo & Hope’s house:

Julie is cleaning up the kitchen when Doug walks in to say that he put Zack to bed after scrubbing him down. Doug notices that Julie has something in her hair and licks his fingers after touching her hair to discover that it’s plum sauce. Doug guesses that Zack threw plum sauce at Julie and jokes that he threw other things. Julie jokes about “getting moo shoo porked.” Doug offers Julie a fortune cookie but Julie throws them down on the floor and stomps on them. Julie explains that as long as she has Doug, she has all the good fortune she needs. They kiss.

Outside the women’s bathroom at Alice’s:

Sami explains that she must apologize for the sins of her past before she can marry Lucas. Sami wants to make sure that he truly understands how sorry she is for everything she’s done to him. Lucas points out that he has done horrible things too and is sorry for them. They hug. Sami says how glad that she is that they are going to get married and vows that no one, not even Kate, can ruin their chance of happiness.

Brandon walks across the main room of Alice’s and spots Kate and Eugenia talking. He fears that that doesn’t look good. Kate vows to find something that will break up Lucas and Sami since Lucas seeing Brandon hugging Sami didn’t work.

Bonnie walks behind the bar and turns on the stereo.

Bo asks Hope to dance and she accepts.

Bonnie joins Patrick and Billie and explains that this music is part of a line dance where you switch partners until the one you end up with is your soul mate for life.

Bonnie walks toward Mickey as she vows to show Maggie exactly who Mickey should be with. Bonnie drags Mickey onto the dance floor.

Billie and Patrick join the line that also includes Lucas and Sami. Together they all begin to line dance. Bonnie calls for a chance in partners and she heads over to dance with Patrick while Billie dances with Mickey. Eventually Billie ends up with Bo while Hope dances with Patrick. Bonnie ends up with Mickey as the music changes to a slower tempo and each of the couples dance as couples outside of line formation. Maggie watches them from the corner and sobs.

Patrick notes that Hope isn’t jealous that Billie is dancing with Bo. Hope vows that while she knows Billie loves Bo, she won’t come between them.

Bo notes that he and Billie already said goodbye and asks her if she is having second thoughts about leaving. Billie insists that leaving Salem is something she has to do.

Kate and Eugenia watch Lucas and Sami dancing. Kate thinks of the perfect plan to break up Sami and Lucas. Brandon continues to watch her from across the bar.

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