Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/16/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/16/04


By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Mickey & Maggie’s house:

Julie is upset because no one listened to her or Celeste’s warnings that Maggie was coming back. Julie accuses Bonnie of heeding Celeste’s warning and using it to hustle Mickey to the justice of the peace before Maggie could come back. Bonnie denies forcing Mickey to do anything. Maggie points out those years ago, she and Mickey said the same vows. Bonnie points out to Maggie that legally she is dead and legally she is Mrs. Mickey Horton. Julie tells Mickey to annul his marriage with Bonnie and go back to Maggie. Mickey declares that he can’t do that.

Police Station:

Bo arrives at the police station and greets Billie who is looking at the disk contents on the computer. Billie asks about Hope but Bo says that Hope didn’t want to join him for fear of what could be on that disk. Bo comes over to look at the computer monitor over Billie’s shoulder. Billie explains that the contents of the disk were encoded but she finally cracked it and Bo won’t believe what’s on it.

Hospital 2nd floor nurses station:

Lexie walks by and notices that Brandon is still there. Lexie tells Brandon that he shouldn’t be hanging around since Abe has already been transferred to the clinic. Brandon tells Lexie that he saw her crying when the ambulance pulled away and offers his condolences about Lexie having to be separated. Lexie regrets not being able to go with Abe because of Theo. Lexie regrets feeling so helpless and hopes that there isn’t something else wrong with Abe. Brandon promises to be there for Lexie. Tek rushes up and announces to Lexie that he just got news about the missing captives.

John’s hospital room:

Sami grills Kate with questions about the missing captives. Kate repeats exactly what Brady told her about finding something that they are bringing back, not that they found any person. Kate explains that after that she lost the connection. Sami believes that Brady didn’t say anymore because he wants to surprise them. Both Belle and John say that Brady wouldn’t do that. Kate warns that she didn’t get the impression that it was good news. Sami accuses Kate of not wanting Marlena and Roman to come back. Lucas tries to get Sami to stop but she brushes him off. Sami says that she can’t wait for her parents to come home so that John and Kate will get what they deserve while her parents can finally be together. Hope walks in and declares that that isn’t going to happen. Belle notices that Hope is holding a bag and asks what it is. Hope holds the bag up.

Roman and Marlena’s room on the fishing trawler:

Roman and Marlena lie unconscious on the floor. Roman wakes up and spots Marlena. He crawls over to her and wakes her up. Marlena asks what happened but Roman doesn’t know either. Marlena and Roman notice that they are now dressed in fresh clothes. Marlena worries that their rescuers have left them and never plan on coming back.

Police station:

Bo realizes that the disk Billie downloaded contains the entire financial and criminal history of the Dimeras. Billie notes that it also includes a list of Dimera holdings, fronts for the illegal operations, and everyone who was on their payroll. Bo notes that the information goes all the way back to when Stefano held Marlena and Roman prisoner. Billie asks Bo if he has heard anything about the survivors but Bo admits that he hasn’t. Bo realizes that this information could tell them about John’s past as Stefano’s mercenary but Billie notes that there were some obvious deletions. Billie hopes that the ISA can get back the missing information. Billie is thankful that the disk was not destroyed when they were in the water. Bo notes the large amount of information they’ve uncovered and Billie mentions how it’ll take the rest of her ISA career to follow up on all these leads. Bo asks if that means that Billie is leaving Salem. Billie turns to Bo and adds that she plans to leave unless he can give her a reason to stay.

John’s hospital room:

Sami insists that she doesn’t want to hear any bad news. Kate tells Sami to leave then because the rest of them are desperate to know what happened to their loved ones. Belle asks what is in the bag again. Hope asks Lucas to help her move the table and lays the contents of the bag out onto the table. The contents of the bag include the clothes Marlena and Roman were wearing when they were on the raft. Hope explains that the clothes were found when they dredged the ocean where the boat and the rafts were sunk. Sami and Belle both insist that old clothes don’t mean anything because they could belong to anyone. John realizes that the shirts Marlena and Roman were wearing while on the raft are among the clothes on the table. Sami begins to sob as Kate begins to fear the worst. Hope explains that Brady also identified articles of clothing that belonged to Caroline and Victor and that she recognized Jack’s backpack as John continues to pull the items out of the bag. Sami wants to believe that while this is Marlena and Roman’s clothing, it doesn’t mean that they are dead. Hope points out that the clothes are bloodstained and that the police labs are testing the blood against hospital records of those who are missing. Belle begins to think that Marlena and the others could really be dead but Sami interrupts to insist that they not think negatively.

Marlena & Roman’s room on the fishing trawler:

Roman helps Marlena to her feet. Marlena realizes that her arm is sore and pulls up her sleeve to find a red mark where they’ve been injected with something. Roman pulls up his own sleeve to find the same red mark. Roman asks Marlena what she thinks they have been injected with. Marlena worries what will happen when the drug starts to affect them.

Mickey & Maggie’s house:

Maggie asks Mickey if he doesn’t love her anymore and would rather be with their housekeeper. Bonnie points out that she no longer has to be their housekeeper. Julie tells Mickey to annul the marriage and throw Bonnie out. Mickey points out that he can’t annul a marriage simply because he wants to, there has to be valid grounds. Both Julie and Doug ask why Maggie coming back from the dead doesn’t qualify as valid grounds. Mickey reminds them that Maggie is still legally dead and their marriage has been dissolved. Bonnie pushes Maggie aside as she gloats about how their marriage is 100% legal. Doug asks if Mickey and Bonnie have been consummating their relationship for a long time now. Maggie doesn’t want to hear anymore about that, wanting to forget it ever happened. Bonnie gloats about how she knows Mickey won’t ever want to forget it. Julie begins to lunge at Bonnie but Maggie puts her hand up to stop her insisting that this time, Bonnie is hers. Maggie puts up her fists and spits on one, ready to fight Bonnie.

2nd floor hospital nurses station:

Tek tells Lexie and Brandon about the Coast Guard finding a bag full of tattered clothing and a chewed up backpack. Lexie feels sick at the thought of the missing captives being so close to coming home. Tek tells them that Hope is in John’s room right now telling his family. Tek offers to go with Lexie to tell Abe but Lexie simply says that Abe is gone. Tek takes it to mean that Abe has died and wraps his arms around her for a hug. Brandon rushes up to pull Tek’s arms off of Lexie.

John’s hospital room:

Hope leaves the room to call the station. Sami accuses John and Kate of not being able to wait for those blood tests to come back positive so they can carry on with their affair. Lucas yells at Sami to stop it. Belle yells at Sami to stop as well, pointing out that John was the one who tried to save everyone and could end up paralyzed. Kate explains that John was the one who killed Tony so the others could escape the island. Sami accuses John of only saying that because that’s what he wants everyone to believe when in reality he was only fending for himself, leaving Marlena and Roman to die.

Police station:

Bo asks Billie why she wants a reason from him to stay because he thought she planned to stay in Salem to be with her family. Billie assures him that she plans to see her family but outside of that, she’s sure the ISA is anxious to finish up this case. Bo points out that Shane can assign anyone to work on the case but Billie insists that she wants to do this. Bo admits that while Billie has earned the right to do this, it isn’t any kind of life for her. Billie points out that her job is all she has right now. Bo asks if that is all she wants.

Roman and & Marlena’s room on the fishing trawler:

Tony lets himself into their room, armed with a gun. Roman demands to know why they were drugged and had their clothes taken. Tony explains that he didn’t expect them to be awake so soon. Tony jokes about how Roman looks ridiculous because he isn’t wearing his policeman’s outfit. Tony laughs as he tells Marlena that she is looking as stylish as ever. Roman repeats his desire to know what they were injected with. Tony tells them that neither of them are going anywhere for a long, long time. Marlena insists that Tony can’t keep them here forever. Tony admits that he doesn’t plan on keeping them on the boat forever but that they should be reaching their final destination soon. Roman demands to know where that is but Tony doesn’t say a word. Roman repeats his demand to know where they are headed.

John’s hospital room:

John tries to convince Sami that he understands how she feels but Sami doesn’t believe him. Kate yells at Sami for lashing out at people and causing them pain as a way of dealing with her own pain. Lucas tells Kate that Sami doesn’t do that deliberately and Sami doesn’t appreciate his lack of stepping up to her defense. Belle suggests to Sami that she should see Lexie for something that could calm her down. Sami scoffs at the suggestion, accusing Lexie of being in on Tony’s plan or simply a moron because she pronounced all of the victims’ dead. John defends Lexie, explaining how the victims were given a drug to make it look like their nervous systems shut down. Sami believes that no one should believe that excuse because Tony is the one who must have told him that. John is grateful that nothing happened to Sami while she was getting so close to Tony last year. Sami accuses John of claiming all of this is her fault now. Lucas assures Sami that that is not what John is saying. Belle tells Sami that she is so paranoid, believing that everyone in Salem has it in for her. Kate adds that they probably do. Hope returns with the news that the blood on the clothes matches the blood of the missing captives. Sami begins to sob. Lucas holds Sami to comfort her as Hope consoles John. Kate pulls Belle close to comfort her.

Maggie & Mickey’s house:

Bonnie gets ready to fight Maggie but Mickey steps in to stop them. Julie tells Mickey to choose and he better pick Maggie. Mickey insists that that isn’t as simple as it seems. Mickey turns to Maggie and tells her that he loves her and even wanted to kill himself so he could join her when he thought she was dead. Mickey then goes on to tell her that Bonnie helped her see that he could get on with the rest of his life. Mickey says that there is so much good about both of them that he loves. Mickey adds that until this is all worked out, it isn’t fair to choose. Maggie begins to cry as she reminds Mickey that he’s been married to Bonnie for only about a second and she doesn’t know him anymore. Bonnie asks Maggie why there’s a problem if she doesn’t want to be with him anymore. Julie warns Bonnie that she’s asking for a mouthful of fist. Doug says he can understand that Mickey needs time to decide on whose heart to break. Julie tells Doug that if she wasn’t so thrilled that he is alive, she could kill him for saying that. Julie walks over to comfort a sobbing Maggie.

2nd floor hospital nurses station:

Brandon explains to Tek that Lexie didn’t mean that Abe was dead, that he only was transferred to another hospital for more tests. Brandon accuses Tek of wanting Abe to be dead. They begin to argue but Lexie steps in to stop them. Lexie asks Brandon for a moment alone with Tek and Brandon walks away. Lexie tells Tek that they can’t see each other anymore. Tek insists that he’s thrilled that Abe is alive and how having Lexie and Theo makes Abe the luckiest guy on Earth. Tek kisses Lexie on the cheek before walking away. Lexie fights back tears and sighs as Brandon comes back and watches her from across the room.

Police station:

Billie insists that she does want more in her life but for right now her job will have to do. Billie tells Bo that this isn’t his problem anyway. Bo asks if Billie is insinuating that this is his fault but Billie insists that it isn’t. Bo asks why it keeps coming up whenever they have a discussion, advising Billie that she doesn’t have to give up on a personal life unless she chooses to. Billie insists that it’s not that easy. Bo asks if there isn’t some guy out there waiting on her. Billie says that all the men she meets are either too young, too immature, or criminals. Billie points out that she doesn’t need a man for financial stability. Bo assures Billie that someone would be lucky to have her. Bo brings up Billie’s last visit to Salem. Billie insists that being duped by Larry was all her fault but Bo insists that that is all in the past. Bo is grateful that Billie saved him and Hope and Billie points out that he also saved her. Billie grabs her things, intent on leaving. Bo says goodbye and offers his hand for a handshake. Billie suggests that they’ve been through too much not to hug goodbye. Bo agrees and they hug.

John’s hospital room:

Sami refuses to believe that Marlena and Roman are dead, begging Hope to tell her otherwise. Hope insists that she can’t ignore the evidence. Hope tells everyone that the Coast Guard is recommending that they call off the search and list everyone as missing and presumed dead. Belle and John hug to comfort each other and Lucas comforts Kate. Hope tries to comfort Sami but Sami accuses Hope of not caring whether Marlena and Roman lived or died. Hope tries to convince her otherwise but Sami runs out of the room. Lucas rushes after Sami, despite Kate’s wishes. Hope asks for a moment alone with John and Belle and Kate step outside. Hope reveals to John that she found Marlena’s wedding ring on the fishing trawler.

Roman & Marlena’s room on the fishing trawler:

Roman demands to know where Tony is taking them but Tony simply says that they’ll know soon enough. Marlena asks Tony why their clothes were taken and asks what they were injected with. Tony explains that he didn’t inject them with anything; he simply took some blood. Marlena asks why. Tony claims that he wanted their blood type in his files in case something happened to them. Tony tells them to relax for they will be at their destination soon. Tony leaves. Marlena asks Roman if Tony could be telling the truth. Roman suggests that they could be reading too much into it, believing that they were only knocked out so that they wouldn’t struggle. Marlena insists that she isn’t buying that.

Mickey & Maggie’s house:

Mickey tries to console Maggie, leading her to believe that Mickey is choosing Bonnie over her. Mickey explains that he needs time to sort things out. Mickey suggests that they each take one of three bedrooms upstairs in the meantime. Bonnie calls dibs on the master bedroom. Maggie runs out of the house in tears. Julie yells at Mickey before following Maggie out of the house. Bonnie suggests to Mickey that it would be best for everyone if he just let Maggie go.

Outside of John’s hospital room:

Belle walks over to comfort Sami. Sami sarcastically thanks Belle for her support in the room. Belle insists that John needs their support and not her accusations. Sami insists that John will be fine, unlike Marlena. Belle points out that they are all grieving. Sami insists that she isn’t grieving because Marlena is not dead. Sami refuses to believe anything anyone else says because they all thought Marlena was a mass murderer. Sami turns to Kate and accuses her of being behind the whole thing.

Kate, in hushed voices, argues with Lucas about Sami’s recent behavior. Lucas defends Sami, claiming that she is simply in denial.

Sami turns to accuse Kate of telling Lucas horrible things about her. Belle begs Sami to stop but Sami yells at Belle to realize that John hated Marlena and wanted her dead. Belle insists that that isn’t true for John loved Marlena and loves Sami too, only Sami refuses to see it. Sami accuses Belle of being brainwashed like the others and runs off. Lucas apologizes to Kate about having to leave her to run after Sami.

John’s hospital room:

Hope explains that the ring must have gotten caught in one of the fishing nets. John asks Hope if it is possible that Marlena could be on the trawler. Hope tells him that they found no sign of any of the missing. John tells Hope that he had a feeling that they were on the trawler and now he finds out that Hope found Marlena’s wedding ring on that boat. Hope tries to convince John that a Japanese fishing boat would have no reason to deliberately hide survivors from the Coast Guard.

2nd floor nurses station:

Brandon stops Sami as she runs through the room. Brandon explains that he heard about Sami’s parents and offers his condolences. Sami insists that no one cares about her or her parents. Brandon insists that he cares about Sami very much.

Outside Mickey & Maggie’s house:

Maggie tells Julie about how she dreamed what it was going to be like when she came home only to come home to this nightmare. Julie insists that the marriage isn’t permanent.

Inside Mickey & Maggie’s house:

Bonnie tells Mickey that Maggie did the right thing by going someplace else and praises Maggie. Bonnie suggests to Mickey that Maggie left because she has fallen out of love with Mickey. Doug steps up to insist that that isn’t true. Bonnie then suggests that Maggie left because she saw the great love that she and Mickey share and realizes that she is his present and future. Maggie and Julie walk back into the room. Maggie tells Bonnie that she can have the master bedroom and she’ll take the blue room which she’ll be renaming the nightmare room because that is what she plans to be to Bonnie.

Police station:

Billie ends the embrace with Bo and tells him to get back to Hope and his kids. Bo tells Billie to keep in touch and leaves. Billie fights back tears as she vows that the only life she ever wanted was with Bo so without that, it doesn’t matter what she does or where she goes.

2nd floor nurses station:

Sami asks Brandon what he meant when he said he cares about her. Brandon offers to be there for Sami. Sami begins to sob again and tells him that he is the only person who understands. Lucas walks in and sees Sami and Brandon hugging.

John’s hospital room:

Hope feels that there can’t be any kind of Dimera plot this time because they saw Stefano’s corpse and John killed Tony. Hope insists that all the missing captives are really gone. A tear runs down John’s cheek.

Marlena & Roman’s room on the fishing trawler:

Marlena deduces that Tony took their clothes and blood to send their torn, bloody clothes back to Salem so everyone will think that they are dead. Roman doesn’t believe that idea until Marlena calls him on suspecting that same idea all along. Marlena goes on to realize that once the Coast Guard finds their clothes, they’d turn them over to Salem PD to serve as the evidence that they were all dead. Marlena worries that that would also be a sign that Tony is dead. Roman adds that this means that no one in Salem would believe that this was another Dimera plot. Marlena worries that this means that their families will give up the search and now they will be at Tony’s mercy forever. Marlena and Roman hug.

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