Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/12/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/12/04

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Mickey & Maggie’s house:

Maggie watches as Mickey and Bonnie kiss. Doug and Julie walk up to join Maggie. Julie fears that Mickey and Bonnie did get married. Bonnie gets upset at the sound of Julie’s voice. Maggie exclaims that she can’t believe that they are married and Bonnie is shocked to see Maggie standing there. Mickey slowly turns around and sees Maggie. Mickey can’t believe that Maggie is really standing there. Julie tells Mickey that everyone in their family is alive. Mickey gets lightheaded and Bonnie holds him up. Doug tries to convince Mickey that it’s true but Mickey feels that he must be dreaming. Maggie walks up and puts her arms around Mickey and gives him a big kiss. Bonnie pulls Maggie off of Mickey, declaring that Maggie better get her paws off her husband. Maggie grabs one of Mickey’s arms and pulls him toward her. Bonnie grabs Mickey’s other arm and pulls him toward her.

Jack & Jennifer’s house:

Jennifer, Patrick, and Jack Jr. arrive home. Jennifer tells Jack Jr. that this is home. Jennifer tells Patrick that this doesn’t feel like home anymore. Jennifer looks over the family pictures and imagines all the family reunions that must be taking place right now while Jack is still missing. Jennifer picks up a picture of her and Jack and holds it close as she begins to cry. Jennifer insists that Jack is still alive, pointing out that they would have found his body if he was dead. Jennifer wants to know why no one has called. Patrick picks up the phone and dials to try and find out.

University Hospital exam room:

Lexie is checking Abe out to try and determine why he is suddenly blind. Lexie shines a light into Abe’s eyes. Abe apologizes for ruining Lexie’s birthday party but Lexie assures him that him coming home was the best thing that ever happened to him. Lexie turns to make notes in the file as Abe asks her opinion on why he can’t see. Lexie tells him that she called in a neuropthamologist who will be able to tell them more. Lexie puts her hand on Abe’s shoulder and calls him a miracle. Abe covers Lexie’s hand with his and tells her that he is so thankful to be home with her, Theo, and Brandon.

University Hospital 2nd floor waiting room:

Tek asks Brandon for his opinion on Abe’s prognosis. Brandon tells Tek that he’s a counselor, not a doctor. Tek notes that Lexie seemed scared. Brandon asks Tek how close he and Lexie got while Abe was missing. Tek claims that he and Lexie are just friends. Brandon tells Tek that he noticed how Tek looked at Lexie when Abe came home. Brandon warns Tek that he doesn’t want to see either Abe or Lexie hurt.

University Hospital corridor:

Kate walks down the hall and spots Brandon through the window in the door to the waiting room. Kate recalls her conversation with Sami, when Sami claimed that Brandon left town. Kate thanks God that Lucas will be free of Sami forever.

University Hospital nurses station:

Sami is showing off her wedding ring. The nurse is not overly impressed. She asks Sami if she is eloping again. Sami tells her that she plans on having a big church wedding and invite everyone but then jokes about not being able to invite everyone. The nurse points out that Sami was practically banned from the hospital after switching the test results. Sami explains that she’s here for the blood test for her marriage license. The nurse is shocked as Sami slips up and says that she is going to be Mrs. Brandon Walker. Sami sees the nurse morph into Brandon who asks her if that Freudian slip came from her heart.

University Hospital exam room:

Lexie shuts the door. Abe puts out his hand and Lexie rushes over to assure him that she’s still here. Abe kisses her hand and proclaims that no matter what else happens, he is the luckiest man in the world.

University Hospital 2nd floor waiting room:

Tek defends his actions with Lexie to Brandon. Tek criticizes Brandon for not being there for Lexie while Abe was gone and reminds him of his affair with Lexie. Tek tells Brandon to think about whom he should blame for hurting Abe and turns to talk to a doctor.

University Hospital hallway:

Kate watches Brandon through the window of the door and gloats at the thought of Sami seeing Brandon face to face. Kate walks away.

University Hospital nursing station:

Sami begins to get upset at the sight of Brandon but comes back to reality when the nurse calls her attention. The nurse asks Sami if her comment was a Freudian slip. Sami denies having called herself Mrs. Brandon Walker. The nurse asks Sami if she would rather marry Brandon instead of Lucas. Sami insists that she wants to marry Lucas but it doesn’t even matter since Brandon isn’t even in Salem. The nurse wishes her better luck at the altar. Sami notes that it wasn’t the altar that was the problem. The nurse recalls that Brandon dumped her right after the vows. Sami asks how she knew about that and the nurse recalls how it was in the papers just like when Franco wound up murdered on her wedding day and everyone thought she did it. Sami insists that she didn’t murder Franco and blames all of her problems with marriage on Kate. Kate walks into the waiting room as Sami vows that she isn’t going to let Kate ruin her marriage to Lucas. Sami storms away from the nurse. Kate, having overheard, asks if Sami wants to bet on that.

Jack & Jennifer’s house:

Patrick finishes his phone call as Jennifer comes back downstairs. Patrick tells her that there is no news. Jennifer asks Patrick if she is crazy to hope for the best. Jennifer notes that Jack was trying to take care of his family but no one was taking care of him. Jennifer begins to cry again. Patrick apologizes for his part in the plan. Patrick blames himself for Jennifer being on the island in the first place. Jennifer interrupts to point out that he gave her that time to spend with Jack and thanks Patrick for risking his life by betraying Tony. Jennifer tells him that he has proved that he is on their side. Patrick says that he still has a lot to prove to himself but thanks Jennifer anyway. Jennifer checks her computer for messages from Jack. Patrick tells Jennifer that the prior messages were a hoax but Jennifer insists that she could feel that Jack was alive when she got the other messages and she can feel it now. Jennifer gasps at what comes up on the computer screen and exclaims that it is Jack.

Jennifer believes that Jack sent her an e-mail. Jennifer gets impatient that the computer is taking so long to bring up the e-mail. Patrick shows her that the e-mails are all dated the day she left for the island. Jennifer doesn’t want to believe it but Patrick insists that they are old messages. Jennifer worries what she will tell Abby since she was so angry the first time she thought Jack was gone. Patrick senses that Jennifer will want some time alone so he plans to gather his stuff and get out of here. Jennifer begs him not to go.

Mickey & Maggie’s house:

Maggie and Bonnie pull Mickey back and forth, each insisting that he belongs to them. Doug pulls Bonnie off of Mickey. Mickey can’t believe that this is happening and tells Maggie what Celeste said about her being alive. Doug relays the story of Tony’s plot. Maggie tells Mickey that the only comfort she longed for was Mickey only to come home to find Mickey married to Bonnie. Mickey fills Maggie and Doug in on their attempts to get married. Mickey explains that Bonnie forced the judge to slip them in. Bonnie asks Julie why she is at the house and Julie explains that she came by to apologize in writing but fortunately she hasn’t had a chance. Bonnie insists that she is the bride and tells Mickey to do something. Mickey apologizes to Bonnie. Maggie grabs Mickey’s arm and Mickey apologizes to her too. Maggie tells them that she was afraid that this was going to happen ever since she saw Mickey and Bonnie at the Penthouse Grill. Maggie tearfully tells Mickey that she hopes Bonnie took better care of him than she did her plant. Julie insists to Maggie that she tried to stop the wedding. Maggie wishes that she had gotten here sooner and Mickey says he does too. Bonnie snuggles up close to Mickey and pretends that it’s the best news that Maggie is alive and then turns to Maggie to tell her that she’ll always be welcome in “their” home. Maggie takes offense at the reference and lunges at Bonnie. Mickey holds Maggie back but Julie takes the opportunity to lunge at Bonnie, tearing her sleeve. Doug tries to hold Julie back.

Mickey brings out a bottle of alcohol and a glass to Bonnie and apologizes. Bonnie assures him that she is all right.

Maggie sits on the couch as she shakes her head at the thought of having been so hurt.

Julie tells Doug how she can’t even begin to comprehend that he’s standing in front of her. Doug suggests that they go home but Julie insists that she can’t leave Mickey alone now. Doug defends Bonnie, which angers Julie.

Maggie notices that Bonnie is drinking alcohol and confronts her for having alcohol in her house. Bonnie apologizes to Mickey and insists that she must keep drinking because of Julie’s actions toward her. Maggie tells Bonnie that you can only come back from the dead once and this is not how she pictured it. Mickey asks what he can do. Maggie tells Mickey to tell Bonnie that this is not her home, as much as she has put her tacky stamp over every inch. Maggie sarcastically notes that there should be a stuffed buffalo head over the mantle. Bonnie gets upset that Maggie ruined her surprise for Mickey’s wedding present. Maggie covers her ears as she repeatedly says that there was no wedding. Maggie insists that Mickey is still her husband and that Bonnie will be lucky to be welcome in this house to even vacuum the dust bunnies. Bonnie claims that she took a more active interest in Mickey’s career because she knows that by filing Maggie’s death certificate, Mickey was officially single until they applied for their marriage license. Bonnie shoves their marriage license in Maggie’s face. Maggie begins to weep. Bonnie suggests that they all help the newlyweds celebrate as she picks up the liquor bottle to pour.

Jack & Jennifer’s house:

Jennifer apologizes to Patrick for feeling so needy. Jennifer explains that she thought it would help if Patrick were here when she talks to Abby because Abby trusts him. Patrick puts his hands on Jennifer’s shoulders and promises to be there for the both of them as long as they want him to be. Jennifer asks what to say to a teenager and how she doesn’t want Abby to believe that Jack is dead because she doesn’t believe that Jack is dead.

Outside Jack & Jennifer’s house:

Abby walks up to the front door with her friend. Abby tells her friend that she is going to have to drop out of driver’s education because Julie freaks out every time she accelerates. Abby curses the fact that she can’t find her key. Her friend suggests that they go to the mall and they turn to leave. Her friend notices that the door is already open. They head inside.

Inside Jack & Jennifer’s house:

Abby spots Jennifer and they hug. Jennifer vows that she will never Abby again.

University Hospital’s exam room:

Abe caresses Lexie’s hand as he recalls how he dreamed about teaching Zack how to play sports and how he missed that with Brandon and then thought he was going to miss that with Theo. Abe begins to cry as he wonders if it is too much to ask that he be able to see again. Abe apologizes for feeling sorry for himself. Abe tells Lexie that Tek told him about looking after her and Theo after he was gone. Lexie flashes back to kissing Tek. Lexie tells Abe that she is happy that he’s the one who is here. Lexie snuggles up close to Abe. Dr. Nash walks in and Lexie introduces Abe to her. Dr. Nash tells Abe that she finished examining his chart and test results. Dr. Nash gives Lexie a disappointing look. Lexie tells Abe that she’ll be right back and steps outside the exam room.

University Hospital 2nd floor waiting room:

Lexie spots Brandon and Tek arguing and stops them, demanding to know what they are arguing about. Brandon tells Lexie that they were arguing about her.

University Hospital 1st floor waiting room:

Sami is filling out a form when Kate walks up to her. Sami isn’t pleased to see her. Kate apologizes and tells Sami that she has some bad news for her.

Jack & Jennifer’s house:

Abby tells Jennifer that she prayed so hard for her to come back. Jennifer tells Abby that she has a lot to tell her. Abby asks where she has been. Jennifer turns to Patrick and tells Abby that Patrick was a real hero in all of this. Abby hugs Patrick and thanks him for taking care of Jennifer. Abby turns around and remembers that her friend, Chelsea is still standing there. Abby introduces Chelsea to Jennifer and Patrick. Jennifer confirms with Abby that Julie has been taking care of her. Abby remembers that Jennifer was pregnant and Jennifer tells her that her little brother is sleeping upstairs. Abby runs upstairs to meet her new little brother and Jennifer runs after her.

Mickey & Maggie’s house:

Doug suggests to Julie that they should go see Alice but Julie doesn’t want to leave Mickey and Maggie.

Maggie notices that Bonnie is wearing the diamond from her wedding ring. Maggie tells Mickey that she risked a volcano erupting so she could home with her wedding band only to find that Mickey gave Bonnie her diamond. Bonnie claims that Maggie should thank Mickey for updating the setting. Bonnie asks Maggie if she thought he would sit around and wait for her to come back from the dead. Mickey explains that when he lost Maggie, he didn’t know what to do but then Bonnie took care of him. Maggie hopes that Bonnie kept Mickey on his healthy diet but Bonnie insists that Mickey needs beer and burgers. Maggie asks if Bonnie is trying to kill Mickey and Julie speaks up to add that Bonnie isn’t trying to kill Mickey until after the wedding. Maggie believes that Mickey is still hers until Bonnie and Mickey consummate their marriage. Julie flashes back to walking in on Mickey and Bonnie making love. Maggie notices Julie’s expression and begins to cry as she realizes that Mickey and Bonnie have already slept together. Bonnie jokes about how Mickey keeps his woman satisfied. Maggie faints into Doug’s arms.

University Hospital 1st floor waiting room:

Sami tells Kate that she doesn’t want to hear any bad news, especially not from Kate. Sami begins to walk away but Kate insists that this is important. Sami refuses to let Kate ruin her day and rattles off the list of tasks that she has accomplished toward the wedding. Kate asks Sami where Lucas is in all of her plans. Sami insists that Lucas is at a job interview because he wants to provide for his family. Kate points out that Sami never goes to work and Sami accuses her of the same. Sami insists that there is nothing that is going to mess up her future with Lucas because Brandon has already left town. Kate claims that she wishes Sami the best and tells her to run upstairs to the other waiting room because there is someone there that she really ought to see. Sami is wary but Kate repeats her request before walking away.

University Hospital 2nd floor waiting room:

Tek brushes off Lexie’s questions and asks about Abe. Lexie explains that the specialist is in with Abe now. Tek leaves to go check in with the station. Lexie asks Brandon what the argument was about but he brushes it off as well. Lexie wants them all to remain calm and positive for Abe and Brandon apologizes. Dr. Nash comes out of the exam room and asks to talk to Lexie. Lexie introduces Brandon and then asks about Abe. Dr. Nash warns her that Abe’s condition could be very serious.

Mickey & Maggie’s house:

Doug and Julie help bring Maggie around. She wakes up and sees Mickey and Bonnie staring her in the face and realizes that she wasn’t dreaming. Maggie curses herself for not firing Bonnie sooner. Maggie accuses Bonnie of cleaning only her wallet and being such a busybody. Bonnie jokes about how Mickey has been definitely keeping her body busy lately. Julie defends Mickey to Maggie but claims that Mickey is out of his mind. Bonnie accuses Julie of just being jealous because no man wanted her. Julie begins to point out that she was offered the company of another man but brushes it off when Doug presses for details. Bonnie tries to console Maggie by claiming that she shouldn’t have any trouble finding a new man. Maggie gets up and tells Bonnie and Mickey that she doesn’t want any other man expect her husband. Maggie runs out of the room. Mickey runs after her. Bonnie and Julie exchange glares.

Jack & Jennifer’s house:

Jennifer brings Jack Jr. down to see Abby. Abby notes how Jack Jr. looks so much like Jack. Jennifer claims that Jack Jr. looks like Abby did as a baby and gives Jack Jr. to Abby to hold. Abby tells Jack Jr. that he is the best thing that happened to their family in a long time. Jennifer whispers to Patrick that she wishes Jack were here to see this. Abby asks Jennifer about the baby’s name. Jennifer begins to explain that she and Jack decided on a name but Abby points out that Jack didn’t know about the baby when he died. Jennifer begins to tell Abby about how Jack was on the island with her as well as all their other family members. Abby begins to get excited at the idea that Jack is alive.

Jennifer returns to the living room after having put Jack Jr. back to sleep. Abby goes on and on about how happy she is that Jack is alive but believes that Jack is trying to surprise her by hiding upstairs. Abby and Chelsea run upstairs. Jennifer fears that she has made it worse and wonders who she can ever tell Abby that Jack may not be coming home. Patrick holds Jennifer as he consoles her.

Mickey & Maggie’s house:

Mickey returns to the living room, thinking that he shouldn’t go after Maggie. Maggie comes running downstairs to complain that all of her clothes are gone and all that is in her dresser drawers is a bunch of skimpy underwear. Maggie flings them at Bonnie and Bonnie rushes over to grab them all out of Maggie’s hands. Bonnie jokes about how Mickey will need an extra dose of heart medicine when he sees her in the underwear. Julie begs Mickey to do something to stop this. Mickey doesn’t know what to say except to apologize. Doug advises Mickey to make a choice. Mickey turns to look at both Bonnie and Maggie.

University Hospital exam room:

Abe hears the door open and confirms that it is Lexie who has come in. Abe confirms that Dr. Nash talked with Lexie. Abe is glad to be coming home even if he has to spend his life as a blind man. Lexie doesn’t want Abe to talk like that. Abe vows to be able to see again. Lexie hugs Abe.

University Hospital 2nd floor waiting room:

Kate hides in the hallway as she confirms that Brandon is still in the waiting room. Sami gets off the elevator and walks up to Brandon. Sami gets upset as she asks Brandon what he is doing there.

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