Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/10/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/10/04

By Danielle
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Celeste’s room:

The crystals light up. Celeste senses that there is great apprehension among the spirits. The window flies open and a cold wind blows in. Celeste warns that when a new chapter comes to an end, another must begin.

Justice of the Peace:

Bonnie drags Mickey to the Justice of the Peace’s office. Mickey wants to know why they are there instead of in Vegas. Bonnie admits that she couldn’t get a flight out until next week. Mickey explains that he was willing to wait until they could be married by Bonnie’s idol, Elvis. Bonnie says she isn’t willing to wait and Mickey asks why not. Julie walks up and asks to know that answer as well.

Hope and Bo’s house:

Belle flashes back to Shawn telling her that he is dropping out of college. Belle tells herself that she can’t do anything about Shawn’s choice. Belle knocks on the door and decides that she can help Shawn’s family by keeping her play dates with Zack as long as she doesn’t have to see Shawn anymore. Shawn answers the door.

Kate’s office at Basic Black:

Kate leaves a message for Lucas to wish him good luck on his job interview. Kate hopes that Lucas gets this job so he can have women flocking to his door so much that he’ll forget about Sami.

St. Luke’s church (outer office):

Brandon walks in to the church and tells a nun that he has an appointment with the priest. The nun tells him to wait while she leaves to let the priest know that he is here. Brandon picks up the newspaper page announcing Sami and Lucas’ engagement and flashes back to dancing with Sami.

St. Luke’s church (outer hallway):

Sami, on the phone, tells Joelle to tell Kate that she is busy planning her wedding to Lucas and will be at work as soon as she can.

St. Luke’s church (outer office):

Brandon greets the priest, Antonio, like an old friend, surprised to see him there. Antonio ushers Brandon into his office with a promise to explain everything. Sami walks into the inner office and is surprised to see Brandon.

Lexie’s house:

Lexie is showing Theo some family photos. She shows him a picture from Theo’s birthday. She shows Theo a picture of Abe on the day Theo was born. Lexie tells Theo that Abe loved him very much and that she wishes he were here. Lexie kisses Theo’s head.

Fishing boat:

Bo, Hope, Abe, and Chavez question the Japanese captain of the fishing boat. The Japanese captain claims that he has only picked up fish, no people. Abe asks for a chance to look around and the captain allows them to. Bart, still armed, listens from the hallway.

Marlena and Roman’s room:

Marlena realizes that Bo, Hope, and Abe are on the boat. Roman and Marlena try to bang on the door and yell to get their attention. Bart unlocks their door and yells at them for making noise. Bart orders them to follow him out of the room. Roman asks where they are going but Bart refuses to tell him. Marlena hangs back and slips her wedding ring in the fishing net by the door. Bart comes back to order Marlena to join them and they all walk down the hall.

Bo, Hope, Abe, Chavez and the captain arrive moments later at Marlena and Roman’s room. Hope turns and notices Marlena’s wedding ring. Hope asks the captain again about her friends and he continues to deny it. Hope asks him to explain Marlena’s wedding ring as she holds it up in his face.

Lexie’s house & Celeste’s room:

Lexie comes back downstairs to answer the phone. It is Celeste who asks if she and Theo are all right. Lexie assures her that they are fine and asks what is wrong. Celeste warns that the spirits are restless. Lexie groans and asks Celeste not to do this to her on her birthday. Celeste apologizes but still insists that she feels an overwhelming sense of foreboding. Lexie asks her what her cards say. Celeste says she has been afraid to ask. Lexie says she can’t help her so Celeste reluctantly decides to read her cards while on the phone with Lexie. Celeste deals the cards and warns Lexie that a change has been set in motion. Celeste flips over another card and warns that this change will affect all of their lives.

St. Luke’s outer office:

Sami asks the nun if that is whom she thinks it is because she thought “he” left Salem.

Antonio’s office:

Brandon tells Antonio that he had no idea that he went into the priesthood and talks about how they haven’t seen him in eight years. Antonio explains that the summer after they worked together at the community center he realized he had a higher calling and joined the seminary the next year. Antonio explains that he is filling in for Father Jansen while he is on sabbatical. Brandon explains to Antonio that he made an appointment with Father Jansen to see about funding for his organization but asks Antonio if he’d like to join the board instead.

St. Luke’s outer office:

Sami confirms with the nun that it was Antonio that she saw. The nun explains that Antonio is filling in for Father Jansen. Sami gushes about how she hasn’t seen Antonio since junior high school and how she thought he was hot. The nun looks shocked and Sami quickly tries to cover. The nun assures her that she isn’t the first to comment on Antonio’s good looks. Sami tells the nun that she wanted to see about talking to Antonio about her upcoming wedding and shows off her engagement ring. The nun walks over to the desk to get her appointment book but knocks over a pile of papers with the book. Sami leans down to pick up the pile for her and is able to see Brandon’s name written on the page.

Fishing boat:

Bart pushes Roman and Marlena into another room and lowers a second door over the original door. Roman begins to look for a way to get out. Marlena tells Roman about dropping her wedding ring for Hope, Bo, and Abe to find. Marlena worries that she may have hurt their chances of getting rescued because the ring might fall into the wrong hands.

Hallway on fishing boat:

Hope insists that this is Marlena’s wedding ring and that it wouldn’t be there if she wasn’t on board, demanding to know where she is. The captain doesn’t say a word. Bo grabs the captain’s shirt and demands answers.

Bo & Hope’s house:

Belle tells Shawn that she didn’t expect to see him there. Shawn asks why she is here. Belle explains that she stops by once a week to play with Zack since he left and since both Hope and Bo are gone. Belle adds that Shawn Sr. thought Zack might need to be in a familiar place so she came to play with him at home. Shawn realizes that Shawn Sr. told him to bring Zack home before taking him to Lexie’s so he would run into Belle. Shawn lets Belle in and Belle greets Zack who is playing with his toys on the floor. Belle and Shawn join him on the floor. Shawn sighs and Belle asks him what is wrong. Shawn says that he can’t believe that he’s here and his parents aren’t anymore. Belle says that she hasn’t been back to the penthouse either. Shawn tells Belle that he was thinking about selling the house but then thinks that he doesn’t know how to tell Zack that their parents are gone and not coming back.

Justice of the Peace:

Bonnie accuses Julie of following them. Julie explains that she saw Bonnie driving down the parkway and worried that something bad had happened to Mickey so she followed them here. Julie asks Bonnie to tell why she is so anxious to get married today. Bonnie flashes back to Celeste’s prediction of Maggie heading home. Mickey suggests that they take time to do the wedding like Bonnie’s always wanted but Bonnie demands to do the wedding today. Mickey holds Bonnie’s hand as he tells her that they aren’t getting married.

Roman and Marlena’s room:

Roman assures Marlena that dropping her ring was the right thing to do. Marlena worries that Tony will find it. Roman points out that if Tony had wanted them dead, he’d have killed them already. They hear a helicopter. Marlena looks out the window and sees people getting off the Coast Guard boat and getting on to the helicopter. Roman pulls Marlena away from the window so he can look. Roman spots Maggie and Jennifer getting into the helicopter. Marlena asks about John and Roman lets her look. Marlena spots John and is thankful to see that he’s alive. Roman asks about anyone else but Marlena doesn’t see anyone else. Marlena hopes that someone will find her ring and give it to John because she knows that John will come back and rescue them.

Hallway on fishing boat:

The captain denies that he did anything and Bo lets go of his shirt. Hope asks again what the ring is doing on his boat. Abe advises the captain to tell them the truth. The captain says that that ring could belong to anyone but Hope reads off the inscription proving that it is Marlena’s ring. The captain claims that since Hope found it on the net, they could have pulled it out of the sea. Bo asks again where Marlena is. The captain suggests that the ring could have been pulled off Marlena’s finger when the wave hit. Chavez forms a huddle with Hope, Bo, and Abe and admits that what the captain is saying could be true. Bo doesn’t believe the captain but Abe says that they may have to face the fact that the others are dead.

St. Luke’s outer office:

Antonio comes out to greet Sami. Sami tells him how happy she is for him. Antonio tells her that he is wrapping up a meeting and will be with her shortly. Sami promises to be here waiting. Antonio tells her to make herself comfortable and leaves.

St. Luke’s outer office & Kate’s office at Basic Black:

Sami’s phone rings and she answers it as “Samantha Roberts.” Kate tells her that she isn’t a Roberts yet. Kate tells her that she got her message and wants to know when she will be coming back to the office. Sami claims that planning her wedding to Lucas is Basic Black business. Kate orders Sami to come into the office within the hour or there won’t be any money for her wedding. Sami asks Kate if she wants her there because Brandon will be there. Kate claims to not know what Sami is talking about. Sami tells Kate that she knows about her plan to use Brandon to get her away from Lucas. Sami tells Kate about Celeste’s prediction but adds that she also believes that it didn’t come true because Brandon left Salem last night. Sami calls Kate a miserable little bitch and quickly hangs up the phone when she turns to see that Antonio and the nun have walked back into the room and overheard her. Sami apologizes and explains that she was talking to her future mother in law.

Kate’s office & Lexie’s house:

Kate can’t believe that Brandon left town. Kate looks up Brandon’s number and dials it but gets his voice mail so she hangs up without leaving a message. Kate dials Lexie’s number and Celeste answers. Kate asks Celeste if she really told Sami the prediction about Brandon. Celeste confirms it. Kate asks Celeste to read her cards for more information. Celeste agrees and deals out her cards. Celeste gasps at what she sees and tells Kate to get to the hospital right away.

Justice of the Peace:

Bonnie asks Mickey what he means when he said that they aren’t getting married. Julie proclaims that Mickey has finally seen the light and Mickey asks her to leave them alone to talk. Julie leaves them alone. Mickey tells Bonnie that they could live as companions. Bonnie acts concerned about how the people of Salem would feel seeing a respected member of society living with a woman he wasn’t married to. Mickey claims that he doesn’t care what people think. Bonnie insists that if they are going to be together, they must get married. Mickey agrees to do it to make Bonnie happy. They kiss.

Bo & Hope’s house:

Shawn looks at a picture of the whole family. He brings it over to show Belle while Zack continues to play on the floor. Shawn shares his worries with Belle about while he has many great memories of times together with his parents, Zack doesn’t have any. Belle suggests that Shawn can make new traditions for Zack. Shawn doesn’t think he can and tells Belle that it’s partly because that now he doesn’t even have Belle in his life.

Antonio’s office:

Antonio leads Sami into his office and they sit down to talk. Antonio tells Sami that she was an independent teenager who never wanted help from anyone. Sami admits that her problem is that she doesn’t listen or likes to compromise. Sami tells Antonio that she wants to sign up for pre-cana classes. Sami tells Antonio that he’s never met her fiancé because he came to town after Antonio left. Sami tells Antonio that while she really loves Lucas, she’s been fantasizing about her ex-husband. Sami feels embarrassed but Antonio assures her that he isn’t here to judge her. Antonio asks about Sami being able to marry in the church because of a divorce. Sami interrupts to admit that her marriage was annulled. Sami tells Antonio that she never made it to the wedding night with either of her husbands. Sami asks Antonio what to do and asks if she is going to hell.

Marlena and Roman’s room:

Roman tries to open the porthole but it won’t budge. Roman suggests that they weren’t found because Tony left this room off the blueprints. Roman points out that the Coast Guard has no jurisdiction over the fishing boat because they are in international waters. Marlena is frustrated that Tony is controlling their lives again. Roman assures Marlena that Tony is no match for Hope, Bo, John, or Abe. Roman and Marlena yell at Tony to let them out. Tony listens out the door as he notes that they have no idea what he has planned next for Marlena and her friends.

Hope & Bo’s house:

Belle assures Shawn that she will always be here for Zack. Shawn thanks Belle for looking out for Zack while he was gone. Shawn tells Belle that he can’t imagine what it’s like for Zack to wake up every morning wondering where his mom and dad are. Shawn fears that Zack will think he’s been abandoned but Belle assures Shawn that Zack doesn’t feel that way. Shawn can’t understand why Bo and Hope took off without telling anyone where they were going. Belle notes that there are a lot of things wrong right now and it sparks Shawn to apologize for the way he treated her at the loft.

Justice of the Peace:

Bonnie tells Mickey to go in to the office and start filling out the paperwork while she goes to freshen up. Mickey goes into the office. Bonnie fixes her makeup as she gushes about her dreams coming true. Julie watches Bonnie from down the hall. Bonnie drops her compact and curses herself as she realizes that she broke the mirror. Julie walks up and calls it an omen before joining Mickey inside the office. Bonnie swears that she is going to live happily ever after with Mickey and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Inside the office of the Justice of the Peace:

Mickey is filling out the paperwork as Julie watches. Bonnie walks in and Mickey shows her where to sign the paperwork. Bonnie is anxious to get the wedding started. Julie takes a seat. Justice Gerard starts with the formal wedding ceremony but Bonnie interrupts to ask that they skip ahead. Justice Gerard asks if there is anyone who has just cause why Bonnie and Mickey shouldn’t be wed. Julie gets up and starts to say something but Mickey and Bonnie glare at her. Julie thinks better of it and claims that she simply had a cramp in her leg before sitting back down. Julie thinks to herself that she objects and so would Maggie.

Maggie & Mickey’s house:

Maggie walks in the door of her home and calls out to Mickey. There is no answer. Maggie revels in being home until she walks into the living room where she suddenly stops, shocked at what she sees.

Antonio’s office:

Antonio assures Sami that she isn’t going to hell simply for having impure thoughts about another man. Sami asks if that is true when she is thinking about her ex-husband when she is about to remarry. Antonio asks Sami if her relationship with Lucas is satisfying and Sami insists that he is. Antonio suggests that Sami talk to Brandon and find out what he has that she isn’t getting from Lucas. Antonio advises Sami to see if what she isn’t getting is something she must have or can do without in a relationship before knowing whether she should proceed with this marriage to Lucas. The phone rings and Antonio excuses himself to answer it. Sami thinks to herself that she might lose Lucas forever if she talks to Brandon.

University hospital:

Kate arrives at the hospital and finds room 210. Kate pauses at the door and remembers Celeste’s warning that someone she is going to spend her life with is in the hospital. Kate believes that Roman has come back to her and opens the door. Kate is shocked to see John in the bed instead.

Roman and Marlena’s room:

Marlena fights back tears. Roman tells Marlena that they can’t let Tony get to them. Roman guarantees that they are going to get out alive. Tony walks in and promises that they will reunite with their loved ones. Tony adds that it may be in Salem or it may be in hell. Tony tells them that their loved ones have left and the authorities have searched this vessel but couldn’t find the hidden apartments that were designed especially for them. Roman vows that they will get out of here. Tony taps his gun as he tells Roman and Marlena to enjoy themselves in the meantime. Tony leaves. Marlena begins to cry again as she asks if Tony could be right about never seeing their loved ones again. Roman turns her around to face him and insists that they will get back to Salem and the good news for now is that they still have each other. They hug.

Shawn replaces the picture on the mantel and apologizes again for yelling at Belle. Shawn holds his head and explains that he keeps getting headaches off and on since the accident. Belle suggests that he should let Lexie look him over but Shawn refuses. Shawn looks at his watch and realizes that he is late for taking Jan to Salem Place. Shawn confirms with Belle that she can take Zack over to Lexie’s house and says goodbye to Zack before turning to leave. Shawn opens the door and comes face to face with Hope and Bo who grab him in a huge hug.

Lexie’s house:

Brandon is setting up for Lexie’s party. Lexie comes downstairs and thanks Brandon for organizing the party. Lexie asks about Celeste and realizes that she must have gone to get something from her car. Lexie opens the door and meets Celeste on her way back into the house. Brandon joins them outside as they all stop suddenly as they notice Abe standing there. Lexie shakes her head, unsure if what she is seeing is true. Lexie sobs as she and Abe are reunited.

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