Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/8/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/8/04


By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Sami’s apartment:

Lucas wakes up and realizes that Sami isn’t home. Lucas flashes back to his argument with Sami about Brandon. Lucas looks at a picture of Sami, him, and Will at the family camping trip. Lucas vows that if Sami went chasing after Brandon, they are through.

Lexie’s house:

Sami barges into Lexie’s house and demands to know where Brandon is. Lexie asks what is wrong and Sami tells her about Celeste’s prediction. Lexie is getting impatient as Sami searches Lexie’s house. Lexie has no sympathy for Sami’s predicament. Sami confirms that it is Brandon’s rental car in the driveway. Lexie makes Sami admit that she still has feelings for Brandon.

Coast Guard ship:

Bo is looking out over the water through binoculars before handing them over to Patrick to use. Abe enters the room and Hope and Bo are glad to see him. John rides up in his wheelchair to join the conversation. Abe says how grateful he is to Tek and Hope tells him that Tek saved Alice and Maggie and asks where he is. Abe tells them that Tek is down below getting oxygen and tells them that he saw Billie and she is still in critical condition. Abe asks to be filled in on who else is missing. Bo rattles off the names of Marlena, Roman, Colin, Cassie, Jack, Victor, and Caroline. Bo refuses to believe that anyone is dead until he sees bodies and vows that this is not happening again.

John wants to go back in the water and find Marlena but Brady points out that John can’t use his legs. Brady wants to go back out and find Victor. Abe warns Brady that Victor is in bad shape and couldn’t last very long out there. Nicole thinks to herself that she hopes Victor dies. Jennifer rushes up to the group to beg them to find Jack so Jack Jr. can have his father. Patrick chimes in to state his desire to go back out. Bo asks Abe and Brady to join the search party with him and Patrick. Abe starts to spell out a plan to split up but the Captain interrupts to insist that they aren’t going anywhere for he doesn’t want to add their names to the list of the dead.

Japanese fishing boat:

Two Japanese fishermen, who speak only Japanese, pull up their fishing net and discover that they’ve pulled up an unconscious Roman and Marlena.

Coast Guard ship:

Bo, Patrick, and John try to convince the Captain to let them go out and search. Captain Chavez explains that they just sent out a deep sonar probe that will recognize any moving form by weight, shape, and density. Chavez adds that if they go back out and churn things up, they might be the reason that they never find the others. Bo agrees to stay put. Hope suggests that they pray that the Coast Guard saves the others before walking away from where she was standing near Nicole. Nicole says, under her breath, that the Coast Guard should save everyone except “Grandpa Munster.” Brady overhears Nicole and asks what she said.

Jennifer holds Jack Jr. close as she insists that Jack has to be okay. Patrick puts his arms around Jennifer and the baby and tells her that it is going to be all right.

Sami’s apartment:

Lucas returns the picture to the mantel, as he grows angry with Sami for lying to him. Lucas vows that he can’t marry a woman he can’t trust. Will overhears him and comes out of his bedroom to insist that Lucas has to fight for Sami.

Lexie’s house:

Sami insists that she wants to marry Lucas and be a family with Will. Lexie taunts Sami as she follows her attempt to search the house for Brandon. Lexie pretends to be shocked that Sami is taking so much stock in Celeste’s prediction. Sami demands to know if Brandon is there and how fast he can get out of town tonight. Lexie tells Sami about how she asked Brandon to stay over tonight so he can spend time with Theo. Sami accuses Lexie of working together with Celeste to ruin her life and tries to choke Lexie.

Japanese fishing boat:

Marlena and Roman are now conscious and wrapped in blankets in a room inside the ship. The two Japanese fishermen bring them some Miso soup. The one fisherman tells the other that it is a miracle that Roman and Marlena survived. Marlena tells them that she can’t understand what they are saying and thanks them for saving them. Marlena asks Roman if he thinks anyone else survived and Roman tries to ask the fishermen if they found anyone else. The fishermen simply nod and Roman can’t tell if they were nodding because they were saying yes or they don’t understand what he was asking. The fishermen ask each other what Roman is saying and deduce that Roman must be saying thank you again. Marlena and Roman walk away from the fishermen to talk. Marlena is worried about John and Roman suggests that they are the only two who did survive.

Inside another room on the Japanese fishing ship, Caroline uses the same bowl now filled with water to wet a rag to wipe Victor’s forehead. Caroline asks God to help Victor pull through. Caroline tells an unconscious Victor about being rescued and her fears that they are the only two survivors.

Inside another room on the Japanese fishing ship, Jack tends to an unconscious Cassie as he tries to convince her that she is going to make it.

Lexie’s house:

Lexie pulls Sami’s hands from her neck and yells at Sami to get out. Sami apologizes and starts to go upstairs. Lexie stops Sami and tells her that Brandon isn’t upstairs and that he turned down her offer to stay in Salem. Sami feels relieved that Brandon won’t be ruining her future. Lexie assures Sami that she can do that all by herself and shows Sami out. Sami leaves. Lexie vows not to let Sami anywhere near Brandon. Brandon comes back downstairs and asks if someone else is here but Lexie claims she was watching TV. Lexie asks about Brandon’s time reading Theo a bedtime story. Brandon decides that he hated saying goodbye to Theo and has now decided to take Lexie’s offer of spending the night. Lexie becomes worried at the idea but Brandon can’t understand why one night will make a difference.

Lexie tries to convince Brandon to leave tonight. Brandon can’t understand why Lexie has changed her mind so quickly. Lexie blames her desire for Brandon to leave tonight on a forecast of pouring rain by the morning. Brandon notes that there isn’t a cloud in the sky. Lexie points out that it would be hard to say goodbye to Theo again in the morning and starts to leave to get his coat. Lexie stops to tell Brandon that she and Theo will come visit him soon in Chicago. Brandon tells Lexie to tell the truth and asks if this is about Sami.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami lets herself back into her apartment. Lucas surprises her and asks where she’s been. Sami claims she went to the store. Lucas asks what she bought but Sami says the store was closed. Lucas calls Sami on her lie and makes her admit that she went to see Brandon. Lucas declares that he isn’t marrying Sami.

Coast Guard ship:

Brady asks Nicole if she doesn’t want Victor to make it. Nicole admits that her future would be brighter if Victor wasn’t in the picture. Brady asks Nicole how far she would go to see Victor dead.

Hope hugs Bo to comfort him. Bo is worried about the rest of the captives and asks why the Bradys have to suffer. Bo wonders whether this will ever end even with Tony and Stefano dead.

John looks through the binoculars and asks God to return Marlena and the others to them safely and end this nightmare forever.

Japanese fishing boat:

Marlena insists that she needs to know that John is all right. Roman points out that he is also worried about Caroline, Abe, and remembers that Cassie can’t even swim. Marlena apologizes but Roman assures her that it isn’t her fault. Roman worries that he’ll have to tell Kate that they lost their newfound daughter.

In another room on the fishing boat, Jack is able to wake Cassie up. He fills her in on their situation, including how he can’t communicate with the Japanese fishermen to find out what happened to everyone else. Cassie wants to find out what happened to everyone else.

In another room on the fishing boat, Victor wakes up and sees Caroline. Caroline grabs his hand and tells him how grateful she is that he made it even though everyone else may not be as lucky. Victor asks about his immediate family and Caroline prays that they haven’t lost them all.

In their room on the fishing boat, Marlena suggests to Roman that there could be other survivors on the ship. Roman asks why the fishermen didn’t take them to the others if there were any other survivors. Roman tries to open the door but finds it locked.

In their room, Jack is desperate to find Jennifer and Jack Jr. Cassie asks Jack if it is horrible to say that she’s glad that Tony’s dead. Jack assures her that they are all glad but hopes that this time it is finally true.

In their room, Marlena tries to convince Roman that Tony is dead and can’t hurt them anymore. Roman thinks that Tony plans to haunt them from the grave.

Bart, dressed as a sailor, walks through the hallway of the fishing boat. Bart notes how grateful he is that he was able to use Tony’s emergency escape route from the island. Bart looks heavenward as he apologizes to Tony for not being so lucky. Bart vows to follow through with his orders on not letting any of Tony’s enemies are going to get out of here alive.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami begs for a chance to explain. Lucas refuses to hear her explanations because he is sick of hearing her lies. Sami insists that Kate and Eugenia were working together to break them up but Lucas refuses to believe her. Lucas points out that right after Sami told him she loved him, she ran after Brandon. Lucas can’t believe that he actually worried about whether Sami was going to pick him or Brandon. Lucas gives Sami the ultimatum of her complete heart or he’s gone. Sami insists that she only went to Lexie’s tonight to make sure that Brandon was leaving town. Sami asks Lucas what she has to do to convince him that Brandon is not a problem for them.

Lexie’s house:

Brandon scoffs at the idea that if he stays the night, he will sneak out and meet up with Sami for a nightcap and some hot sex for old times sake. Brandon insists that he and Sami are over and Lexie has nothing to worry about. Lexie brings up how Brandon almost went to Sami’s apartment tonight and that it is inevitable that Brandon and Sami will run into each other. Lexie warns that Sami will pull one of her tricks and ruin Brandon’s life. Lexie tells Brandon that he and Theo are all she has left of Abe and if Brandon stays here in Salem, his life will never be the same.

Coast Guard ship:

Jennifer and Patrick return to the control room of the Coast Guard ship. Jennifer notes how weird it feels not to have Jack Jr. in her arms. Patrick assures her that Jack Jr. will be safe with Maggie and Alice. Jennifer worries that Jack won’t make it and Patrick hugs her as he assures her that Jack is going to be saved. Jennifer tells Patrick that she and the baby wouldn’t have survived if it weren’t for him. Patrick asks Jennifer to forgive him for working with Tony.

Nicole tells Brady that she could have killed Victor but instead saved him. Brady believes that Nicole would never wish anyone dead. Nicole flashes back to Victor’s warning that she’ll be hurting when Brady finds out about Nicole’s attempt to kill him.

Bo brings Hope a drink and tells her about how he talked to Billie who told him that she still has the disc with the downloaded files. Hope hopes that the water didn’t damage the disc. Bo hopes that the ISA and the Salem P.D. will be able to use the disc to determine how Tony was planning on controlling the world’s power sources. Hope notes how this feels like a video game. Bo warns that if the information gets into the wrong hands, it could be very dangerous. Hope vows that they must stop Tony before he hurts anyone else even from the grave. Abe and John join them to agree with those sentiments. John calls Captain Chavez over to ask about the other survivors. Chavez tells them that while they can’t radio out, they’ve heard from every ship in the area except for a Japanese fishing trawler. John suggests that everyone else could be alive and on that boat.

Japanese fishing boat:

On their boat, the Japanese fishermen talk about the radio being out. They decide to wait on orders from the captain and walk away. Bart comes out of hiding, having overheard the conversation. Bart thinks to himself about how he recognized that the fishermen said that the radio isn’t functioning, which means the survivors won’t be able to call for help. Bart pulls out a gun as he smiles and declares aloud that the survivors won’t get off the boat alive.

Caroline helps Victor stand with a cane and warns him not to overdo it. Victor insists on finding out if Bo and Brady survived and hopes that Nicole didn’t. Victor makes his way to the door and finds it locked. Caroline suggests that the door is just stuck and tries to open it also finding it locked.

Jack tries their door and finds it locked. He bangs on the door and tries to call out for help.

Roman and Marlena try to listen for others but don’t hear anything. Marlena worries that Tony left instructions for all of his enemies to be destroyed. Marlena suggests that they form a plan to defend themselves just in case. Roman declares that he has an idea.

Lexie’s house:

Brandon doesn’t believe that spending one night in Salem is going to make any difference. Lexie assures him that this doesn’t mean that he can’t ever come back to Salem. Brandon changes the subject to ask about Nicole since she hasn’t returned any of his calls. Lexie tells him that she doesn’t know where Nicole is. Brandon insists that he is planning on spending his time in Salem with his family and not with Sami. Lexie continues to insist that Sami won’t be happy until she makes Brandon’s life miserable. Lexie begs Brandon to leave.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami reiterates that Brandon is out of her life forever. Lucas asks why Sami went over to Lexie’s house and Sami repeats that she wanted to make sure that Brandon is leaving town. Sami explains that she burned her stuff from her past with Brandon to get rid of any memory of him. Sami grabs Lucas’ hand and holds it close to her as she vows that he is the only man she loves. Sami cries as she insists that she really wants to be a family with Will. Sami vows to love Lucas will all of her heart as long as she lives. Sami says she doesn’t think she could live without Lucas.

Sami turns away to wipe her tears. Lucas turns her to him and vows that he will never leave her. They kiss. Sami tells Lucas that this is a turning point for them. They kiss again. Sami asks Lucas to make love to her. They kiss and Lucas carries Sami into the bedroom. Sami thinks to herself how nothing can go wrong now that Brandon is gone.

Lexie’s house:

Brandon comes back downstairs with his bag packed. Lexie assures Brandon that he made the right decision and promises to come bring Theo to visit him in Chicago. They hug goodbye and Lexie walks Brandon to the door. Brandon leaves. Lexie hopes that Brandon finds someone special that makes him happy. Lexie picks up a picture of Abe and tells him that she needs him and wishes he were here.

Coast Guard ship:

Abe tries to convince John that there is no guarantee that the Japanese fishing trawler picked up anyone. John demands that Chavez to do anything short of ramming the trawler to make contact with it. Chavez points out that it’ll take till morning to get there. Bo asks about the sonar probe but Chavez says that it hasn’t picked up any sign of bodies in the water. Chavez decides to head for the fishing trawler after Bo and John point out that as a sign that the trawler could have picked everyone up. Hope asks God to keep everyone safe as she and Jennifer hug.

Japanese fishing boat:

Jack continues to bang on the door until his hand hurts. He yells out Konichiwa, cursing the fact that he only knows one word in Japanese. Jack calls out to any of the other survivors but no one answers. Cassie shares that she has a bad feeling about this. Jack worries that something is going on that isn’t good.

Victor bangs on his door and calls out for help until Caroline warns him to stop before he gives himself a heart attack. Victor determines that they are locked in the room on purpose and wonders what is going on.

Roman warns Marlena to be prepared because they may have to get off the ship in a hurry. Bart bursts in the room with his gun drawn. Marlena asks what he wants from them. Bart declares that the captain would like to see them and steps aside to let Tony enter the room. Tony tells them not to leave on his account and chuckles as he says that they don’t want to miss their killer reunion.

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