Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/5/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/5/04

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Rex senses that Mimi is tense and asks her what is wrong. Mimi tells Rex that she wants to be honest with him and not ever lie to him. Rex asks why Mimi would say that unless she’s lied to him about something.

Bonnie fears that if Rex ever finds out about Mimi’s abortion, their relationship will be in trouble. Bonnie admires her engagement ring and gloats about becoming Mrs. Mickey Horton after they get hitched in Vegas tomorrow. Julie walks up to warn Bonnie not to count on that just yet for she has a different kind of future in mind for Mickey. Julie spots Mickey and walks over to him. Bonnie wonders what Julie has planned.

Julie leads Mickey over to Celeste. Bonnie rushes up to be by Mickey’s side. Julie asks Celeste to tell Mickey’s fortune and Celeste reluctantly agrees after Julie persists. Celeste warns that the future will change forever tonight. Celeste adds that lovers will be estranged while the living and dead may exchange places. Julie asks how that is possible. Celeste begins to deal out her tarot cards but gasps. Julie and Bonnie ask what is wrong. Celeste warns that there will be many tears shed tonight.

Sami is looking out her window when she spots Brandon walking up the street. Brandon stops and looks up at Sami. Sami turns from the window and grabs her coat. Sami notes that Lucas and Will are both asleep and won’t ever know that she’s gone. Sami grabs her keys, turns out the light and leaves her apartment. Brandon notices that Sami left the window and thinks that she’s gone to bed. Brandon thinks he hears Sami yelling at him to stop.

Lexie looks at a picture of Brandon as she hopes that Brandon didn’t go to see Sami. Lexie puts the picture back on the table and looks at a picture of Abe. Lexie considers the possibility that Abe could still be alive. Lexie flashes back to Celeste telling her that all of the victims are alive and on the island. Lexie looks at her watch and turns on the TV. The TV reporter reports that there is no reported loss of life but the eruption has triggered a tidal wave that is capable of killing anyone in its path.

The coast guard captain orders his officer to radio down to the crew to make sure they haven’t lost anyone. The officer does so and warns them to hunker down. The boat continues to be tossed around. The captain warns that anything smaller than their boat isn’t going to stand a chance in these seas.

John is still on the raft and calls out to Marlena who doesn’t answer him.

Bo climbs back onto his raft and calls out to Hope. When there is no answer, Bo dives back into the water.

Brady climbs back up onto his raft and calls out to Nicole. Nicole is clinging on to the post for the sail and begs Brady to save her.

Jennifer calls out to Jack. Patrick rushes to her to hold her back from the edge of the boat and to comfort her. The tidal wave rears up again over the rafts.

The coast guard officers watch as the speedboat and the rafts disappear from radar. The Captain warns that there was no way they could have made it through the wave.

Celeste looks at a card featuring a volcano. Celeste turns over another card, which splashes her with water. Mickey, Bonnie, and Julie don’t see the water. Celeste tells them that she just had another premonition. Celeste explains that the first premonition showed fire as she flashes back to seeing fire in her crystals. Celeste warns that there is a new danger. Julie desperately asks what it is. Celeste says that the new danger is of water and drowning. Celeste turns over a third tarot card, the death card. Bonnie tells Celeste that she is being too gloomy for her patrons and asks her to lighten it up before walking away. Julie glares at Mickey.

Rex pulls Mimi aside to sit on the hay bales and asks what she has to tell him. Mimi tells Rex that she hasn’t lied to him and has always wanted to be honest with him. Bonnie spots them talking and worries. Mimi tells Rex that she can’t let anything ruin their future together. Rex thinks that Mimi is talking about Shawn and Belle. Bonnie rushes over to interrupt by pulling Mimi away to have Celeste read her fortune. Rex joins them and Mickey and Julie stick around to listen in. Celeste tells Mimi that there is a secret that could ruin her life. Mimi sarcastically thanks Bonnie.

Lexie watches as the TV reporter reads a statement from the coast guard that while there have been several small crafts spotted in the area, they are all feared to be lost. The reporter adds that a coast guard ship has been dispatched to the area for a search and recovery mission. Lexie turns off the TV and tells herself that she has to stop listening to Celeste’s premonitions because Abe and the others can’t be out at sea.

The coast guard boat closes in on the coordinates where the wave seemed to crest. The officer grabs a pair of binoculars but he doesn’t see anything. The Captain fears that the captives didn’t survive. The officer looks again and sees wreckage and some bodies. The Captain asks if the officer sees anyone still alive. The officer adjusts his binoculars.

Lexie prays to God to bring Abe home and Tek and everyone else home safely. Lexie hears a car door slam and thinks that it is Abe. Brandon arrives back at Lexie’s house and flashes back to seeing what he thought to be Sami yelling at him was actually another woman yelling at a bus to stop. Lexie opens the door expecting to see Abe but runs into Brandon. Brandon asks Lexie whom she was expecting but Lexie claims she was expecting him. Lexie is upset to learn that Brandon went to Sami’s apartment after leaving Alice’s.

Sami is walking the street looking for Brandon, positive that she saw him earlier. Sami wonders why Brandon wanted to talk to her and considers the possibility that Brandon still has feelings for her. Sami vows not to let Brandon break up her and Lucas. Sami decides to go talk to Brandon so she can make that perfectly clear to him.

Celeste warns Mimi that this secret could destroy her happiness. Mimi and Bonnie try to end the reading but Rex insists that they stay. Rex decides that if Mimi won’t tell him what she’s been tense about, and then maybe the cards will. Celeste declares that there is great love in Mimi’s life. Mimi insists that it’s Rex and it always will be. Celeste warns that there are mixed signs for there is another old love that Mimi has had a long history with. Bonnie suggests that Celeste means Shawn but Mimi tells her to be quiet because Shawn will go back to Belle as soon as his fling with Jan is over. Rex wants to hear more about the other man. Mimi insists that the only man she’s ever dated besides Rex is Kevin from high school. Celeste begins to feel something and Bonnie tells her that the reading with Mimi is over. Celeste explains that she wasn’t talking about Mimi and leaves the table. Rex says he can’t help wondering if there is another man in Mimi’s life.

Julie tries to convince Mickey that he is making a big mistake by marrying Bonnie; upset that Mickey’s daughters weren’t able to convince him to change his mind. Mickey explains that the girls just want him to be happy. Julie is shocked that Mickey thinks that she doesn’t want him to be happy. Celeste approaches them to say that she just had a powerful sensation about Maggie.

Celeste can be heard warning Mickey that he may lose Maggie all over again as the coast guard officers carry an unconscious Maggie on a stretcher on board their boat. The officer explains to the Captain that Maggie is the first one they fished out and while there are others, they are in worse shape than Maggie.

Bonnie joins Julie, Mickey, and Celeste. Mickey doesn’t understand how he can lose Maggie when as far as he knows, Maggie has been dead for a year. Celeste tells Mickey that her vision of Maggie is fading but that Maggie is fighting to come back to Mickey. Bonnie asks if Maggie is coming back from the dead and Celeste points out that Maggie isn’t dead. Bonnie accuses Celeste of giving Mickey false hope but Celeste insists that Mickey and Maggie’s love is capable of miraculous things. Bonnie begins to get upset, fearing that Maggie could come between her and Mickey. Bonnie quickly turns to Mickey and pretends that all of Celeste’s comments are not to be believed.

Rex demands to know who is Mimi’s old love. Mimi insists that Rex is the only man that she will ever want or ever possibly love. Rex believes that Celeste is right about secrets killing a relationship and asks Mimi to promise to never have any secrets between them.

Sami rushes into Alice’s and approaches Celeste. Sami asks Celeste to tell her why Brandon is back in town. Celeste asks why Sami cares because she is in love with Lucas. Sami claims that she is just curious but Celeste doesn’t believe her. Sami wants to know if Brandon is going to come between her and Lucas. Sami swears that she is over Brandon. Celeste agrees and leads Sami to a table. Celeste begins to deal out the tarot cards and gasps. Celeste tells Sami that this isn’t a good sign that Sami won’t want to hear.

Brandon explains that he saw Sami through the window but then thought better of talking to her and left. Brandon tells Lexie about Kate asking about his feelings for Sami. Lexie wants to know the answer to that. Brandon says that he has to let go of his anger and forgive Sami. Lexie questions whether Brandon wants to get back together with Sami.

Maggie is now awake and gratefully reunites with Hope. Hope asks about everyone else. Maggie explains that Tek rescued her and Alice and went back out to look for Abe. Maggie asks about Bo and Hope tells her that last she saw, he was diving back underwater searching for Billie and Roman and anyone else. Hope tells her that she doesn’t know where Doug, Jennifer, or Jack is. Patrick leads Jennifer and Jack Jr. into the room and Hope and Maggie rush to her side. Jennifer wants to find Jack. Patrick announces that he is going out to find Jack but a coast guard officer tells him to stay put because Navy S.E.A.L.S. are out there looking. Brady leads Nicole into the room and asks about John, Victor, and Caroline. Hope tells him that they are still out there. Brady wants to go back out but Nicole stops him. John is led into the room on a stretcher and asks about Marlena. Brady asks what happened and John tells him that Marlena saved his life. John flashes back to Marlena strapping him to the raft because he wouldn’t be able to swim. In the flashback, John begs her to stay but she kisses him goodbye before dropping underneath the water. John begins to cry as he curses all that they’ve done to get off the island only to lose their loved ones all over again.

Brandon insists that he doesn’t want to get back together with Sami. Lexie asks Brandon where he plans to go from here.

Celeste warns Sami that if Brandon stays in Salem tonight, she won’t find happiness. Sami asks Celeste to shuffle the cards and do another reading, convinced that there must be some mistake. Celeste declares that the cards have spoken and Sami will have her happiness decided tonight.

Mimi promises Rex that there will be no secrets between them from now on. Rex is satisfied with that answer and wants to go home and be with Mimi. They hug as Mimi says she doesn’t know what she’d do if she ever lost Rex.

Bonnie tells Mickey not to believe Celeste because Maggie is dead and is not coming back. Julie wants to believe that their loved ones are alive. Bonnie tries to convince Julie to let Mickey move on with his life.

Maggie reminds everyone that Alice has always said to keep the faith and they’ll all be reunited. Jennifer asks God to return Jack to her safely. The coast guard brings another captive in on a stretcher and everyone begins to worry when they call for a medic to pronounce this victim dead. Everyone calls out to ask if it is a certain captive they’ve been waiting to hear about. The blanket covering the face is removed and Hope gasps when she realizes that it is Bo.

The coast guard officer fills the medic in on how they’ve been doing CPR on Bo for a while but believe it to be too late. Hope refuses to believe that Bo is gone. Hope flashes back to when Bo gave her CPR and notices that there is a boat on the way. Hope begs Bo to stay with her but Bo insists on going back in the water to look for Billie. Hope holds Bo’s hand close to her as she begs him to come back to her. Hope kisses him tenderly on the lips and he squeezes her hand before opening his eyes. The coast guard officer tells everyone that Bo found Billie but she’s in pretty bad shape. Bo asks who else is missing and Hope tells him that there are still quite a few missing. Brady wants to go back out and look for Victor but Nicole insists that he stay with her. The Captain walks in to declare that they found Doug alive and well. Bo asks if they have found anyone else and the Captain leaves to find out that information via the radio. John vows that he’d trade his life in a heartbeat for Marlena. Jennifer worries that they won’t find Jack but Patrick assures her that there is no way Jack is going to give up now. The Captain returns and announces that he has a list of survivors and the ones who weren’t so lucky.

Mimi and Rex return to their bedroom. Mimi despises having to walk by and hear Shawn and Jan making love in Shawn’s bedroom. Rex wants to concentrate on their relationship and they hug. Rex tells Mimi that he wants to have a beautiful family with her and they begin to make love. Mimi pushes Rex off of her and declares that she can’t.

Brandon tells Lexie that he isn’t moving back to Salem, which makes Lexie happy. Brandon promises to come back and visit but that living here wouldn’t be a good idea. Lexie asks about Kate’s offer. Brandon decides that he doesn’t want any part of Kate’s plan to break up Sami and Lucas. Lexie asks Brandon to stay the night.

Sami refuses to believe that Brandon could affect her happiness if he stays the night in Salem. Sami asks Celeste where Brandon is so she can talk to him and Celeste tells her that Lexie invited Brandon to stay with her. Celeste questions whether Sami is jealous but Sami insists that she loves Lucas. Celeste repeats that if Brandon doesn’t leave tonight, it won’t bode well. Sami thanks Celeste and declares her plans to talk to Brandon to get him to leave tonight before she heads out of Alice’s.

Bonnie continues to try and convince Mickey that Maggie is dead and criticizes Julie for trying to give Mickey false hope. Celeste warns Bonnie not to be so sure that Maggie isn’t going to come back. Julie is disgusted at the thought of Bonnie snuggling up with Mickey at night. Mickey declares that he’s made a decision.

Mickey declares that he isn’t going to waste any more time and since Bonnie makes him happy, then he plans to marry her. Bonnie delights in that response, running to wrap her arms around Mickey. Celeste prophesizes that the future will be clearer in the light of day. Bonnie feels that her future has never been brighter and leads Mickey away. Julie tells Celeste that she hopes Maggie shows up in time to keep Mickey from making the biggest mistake of his life.

Bonnie puts on a happy face as she tells Mickey that she is going to make him some of the chili that he loves so much. Once out of earshot, Bonnie begins to cry as she worries that Maggie truly is alive. Bonnie decides to get Mickey to Vegas tonight to get married.

Mimi explains that she isn’t ready to start a family and Rex agrees that he isn’t either as he shows her the condoms he had planned to use. Mimi decides to make love with Rex after all.

Lexie looks at Abe’s picture and asks God to let her know if Abe and Tek are alive. She asks God to give her a sign. There is a knock on the door and Lexie rushes to answer it. She is shocked and angered to see Sami there. Sami bursts in and demands to know where Brandon is so she can make sure that Brandon doesn’t stay in Salem tonight.

Maggie looks over the Captain’s shoulder at the list as he reads off that they found Abe and Tek who are alive and will be fine. Jennifer asks about everyone else but the Captain says they have searched the entire area and haven’t found anyone else. The Captain announces that he has a list of those presumed dead and reads off the names of Marlena, Roman, Cassie, Caroline, Colin, Victor, and Jack. Jennifer begins to cry, as John doesn’t want to believe that they could all be dead.

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