Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/4/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/4/04

By Danielle
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Bonnie tells Rex that Mimi is terrified of losing him and plans to tell him why.

Kate and Eugenia walk back into Alice’s. Eugenia is upset that Sami has left before she and Brandon could hook up. Kate tells Eugenia to look on the bright side in that Sami did take off after who she thought was Brandon. Eugenia agrees that as soon as Lucas sees that Sami still has feelings for Brandon, he’ll dump Sami for good. They walk away.

Lexie and Brandon walk back into Alice’s. Lexie notices Kate and tells Brandon that Kate is enjoying what happened between Brandon and Sami. Brandon doesn’t think that dancing with Sami and not knowing it wasn’t a big deal. Lexie points out that it wasn’t a coincidence.

Lucas leaves his apartment and heads for Sami’s apartment but stops to listen at the door. Sami tries to calm Will down. Will is worried that Lucas will leave if he ever finds out that Sami went looking for Brandon. Lucas overhears that Sami was going after Brandon. Will worries that Lucas will never forgive Sami and Lucas walks in to ask what they were talking about. Will tries to cover by asking Lucas for help with his math homework. Lucas doesn’t buy it and asks Sami if they were talking about forgiveness in relation to the guy Sami was chasing tonight.

Captain Chasez looks out through binoculars to try and find out what caused a large wave to hit them. He can’t figure it out because there is fog from the ash and smoke from the volcano. The officer tells him about a swell on radar that’s probably caused by the underwater earthquake triggered by the volcano eruption. The radar begins to beep and the officer tells the Captain that there are a number of small crafts between them and the island. They worry that the wave is heading straight for the small crafts and if they don’t get to them fast, they’ll all die.

Nicole and Brady are rowing their raft while Caroline tends to Victor. Brady asks Caroline how Victor is doing and Caroline says that Victor is very weak and thirsty. Victor tells them not to worry about him and looks to Nicole as he says that he has too much unfinished business.

Bo, Hope, and Billie are on a second raft. Bo complains about not being able to see the stars through the fog so he can get his bearings or see the other rafts. Billie is grateful that they were all able to get off the island. Bo is grateful to Billie for risking her life and staying behind so that they could secure the last raft for the three of them. Bo uses an oar to steer the raft over some rough water.

Jack, Jennifer, and the baby are in the boat. Jack asks the baby what he thinks of the boat. Jennifer recalls how Hope and Bo sailed around the world with Shawn when he was a baby. Jack tells the baby about their cruise of deception. Jennifer admits that besides the shipwreck, it was one of the best times of her life. Jennifer can’t believe that after all they’ve been through they are now heading home.

Roman, Marlena, and an unconscious John are on another raft. Marlena is worried about the others as she tends to John. Roman offers to head over to the speedboat to check on everyone. Marlena offers to help him row but Roman refuses the offer, choosing rather to swim to the boat. Marlena insists that it’s too dangerous but Roman persists. Marlena believes that Tony is out of their lives but Roman isn’t so sure. John comes to and says that they should trust him when he says that Tony is dead. John flashes back to throwing a knife and hitting Tony in the throat. Roman asks John how he is doing. John says he isn’t in much pain anymore and asks Marlena if that is a good thing. Marlena looks worried.

Marlena tells John to get some rest for they are in for a very long night. John says that they are going home. Marlena kisses John’s forehead and lays her head on his as she repeats that they are going home. Marlena tells Roman that they need to get John to a hospital because he might have a spinal cord injury. Roman takes off his shoes. Roman points out to Marlena that a volcano that size can’t blow without someone knowing about it so there must be a rescue boat on its way. John points out that the island is believed to be uninhabited so nobody in their right mind is going to come near this place.

Jennifer dotes on the baby and tells him that Abby will be so glad to see him and then tells Jack that Abby will be so happy to see him. Jennifer admits that she doesn’t know who has been taking care of Abby since she’s been home from camp and how Abby thinks that she’s lost everything. Jack insists that Abby will never lose them. Jennifer mentions feeling superstitious about naming the baby. Jack points out that Abby will want to know her little brother’s name. Jennifer asks Jack for name ideas and Jack says that he has an idea.

Hope marvels at the thought that they are finally going home and can’t wait to see Shawn and Zack. Billie flashes back to losing Georgia. Hope calls her back to reality to ask what she is thinking about. Billie claims she was only thinking about getting back to her job at the ISA. Billie reminds them that she still has the discs from Tony’s computer. Billie explains that that means that she won’t be hanging around Salem when they get back, promising to head back to Europe after visiting with her family. Bo insists that Billie stays in Salem longer to spend time with friends and family and earns a glaring look from Hope.

Brady begins to undress as he tells Victor that none of this is her fault but Victor insists that there are other things that are her fault. Brady says he can’t continue this conversation because he has to swim to the other boat for fresh water and to check on the others. Both Nicole and Caroline don’t want him to go but Brady insists that he’ll be fine. Brady promises to be careful and jumps into the water. Nicole calls Brady back to the raft but Brady tells her not to worry. Nicole turns to Victor and tells him that she wants to beg for his mercy because she loves Brady and if he cares about Brady, he will stand aside and let them be together. Victor scoffs at the idea and calls Nicole an adulteress and a murderer. Caroline warns Victor not to get too upset. Nicole insists that she didn’t try to kill Victor. Victor doesn’t believe her. Nicole claims that she is a better person now and owes it all to Brady. Nicole is so scared that she will lose Brady. Nicole tearfully begs Victor to let her and Brady be happy.

Mimi pulls Rex aside to claim that Bonnie was going to say that Mimi is upset over Shawn and Belle. Rex asks Mimi why he feels that Bonnie was talking about them. Mimi claims that Bonnie was talking about them because she wouldn’t know what she would do if she lost Rex like Belle lost Shawn. Bonnie stands by the bar watching them and looking angry.

Lexie watches Kate and Eugenia talk at a table. Kate thanks Eugenia for helping her, believing that without her, she wouldn’t have to been able to pull off the plan. Kate promises that Eugenia will be rewarded once Lucas breaks off his engagement to Sami. Eugenia says that she will be happy to accept if Kate is talking about cash.

Lexie is convinced that Kate has something to do with what happened between Brandon and Sami. Brandon tries to talk Lexie out of it. Lexie points out that the first suspect should be the one with motive and adds that no one has more motive than Kate. Brandon vows that he isn’t going to let anyone jerk him around and decides that he and Kate should talk.

Will tries to convince Lucas that they should forget about what happened at the party because Sami is home now and she won’t ever let anything come between them. Lucas asks Will if he knew that Brandon was there tonight. Will asks how Lucas found out about Brandon and Lucas tells him about overhearing and confirms with Will that that is why Will was so desperate to get Lucas to Alice’s tonight. Sami walks away from them as she begins to cry. Lucas asks Sami to confirm that she was dancing with Brandon. Sami insists that she didn’t catch up with them so they didn’t do anything. Lucas interrupts to say the point is that Sami ran after Brandon in the first place and it’s a sign that Sami isn’t truly over Brandon like she claims. Lucas declares that if that’s the truth, he and Sami will never get married. Will worries.

Rex offers to get Mimi a glass of wine and heads for the bar. Mimi walks up to Bonnie and drags her away from the bar. Mimi threatens to never speak to Bonnie again if she tells Rex about her abortion. Bonnie points out that Mimi is acting just like her because she has learned to lie to her man.

Eugenia looks up to see Brandon approaching and rushes off. Brandon accuses Kate of setting the whole thing up and vows that it isn’t going to work.

Will tries to convince Lucas that he has to marry Sami. Lucas insists that he wants that more than anything. Sami insists that she didn’t know Brandon was there or that she was dancing with him. Sami remembers that Kate convinced her to go to the party. Sami tries to convince Lucas that Kate set them up and vows that she won’t let Kate get away with trying to break them up.

Jennifer agrees that Jack’s suggestion of naming the baby Jack is a good choice. Jennifer admits that if the baby had been a girl, she would have been named Jacqueline. Jennifer vows never to take anything for granted anymore and they kiss.

Billie believes that staying in Salem is a bad idea. Brady reaches their raft. Billie and Hope help him onto the raft. Brady explains that he needs more water and is headed to the speedboat to check on the others. Bo asks about Victor and Brady tells him that Victor needs to be hospitalized. Hope pulls out some fresh water to give to Brady as Bo offers to go with Brady so he can talk to Abe and Tek. Hope makes Bo promise to be careful and they kiss goodbye. Brady and Bo jump back into the water. Billie tells Hope that she doesn’t need to worry about Bo. Hope thinks Billie means right now but Billie explains that she meant that Bo didn’t ask her to stay in Salem because he wanted to be with her. Hope tells Billie that she should stay in Salem as long as she wants because it’s her home too and it wouldn’t bother her. Billie believes that Hope is lying to her and to herself.

Victor is offended that Nicole would ask for his blessing. Nicole likens her feelings for Brady to Victor’s feelings for Caroline. Nicole asks Victor to give her and Brady’s love a chance like Victor and Caroline’s love never had. Caroline insists that if Nicole is serious about turning her life around, then Brady deserves to hear the truth about everything. Nicole fears that Brady won’t want to be with her anymore if he knows the truth. Caroline points out that Brady will if he truly loves her. Nicole begs Victor to promise that he won’t make Brady hate her. Caroline lays her head on Victor’s head.

Roman still wants to believe that someone picked them up on radar but believes that they still have to keep moving just in case. Roman tells them his plan to talk with Abe and Tek once he gets to the speedboat. A large wave knocks Roman flat onto the raft and he holds onto Marlena until it passes. Marlena warns Roman that it is too dangerous to go into the water. Roman insists that he’ll be fine and tells Marlena to take care of John. Roman jumps into the water. John asks Marlena to tell him the truth about his chances of being paralyzed. Marlena tells him that she doesn’t know yet.

Kate pretends not to have known that Brandon was even in town. Brandon accuses Kate of wanting Brandon back in Salem to break up Sami and Lucas. Kate jokes about how she could have hired a hit man for half of what she was planning on paying Brandon’s organization and then she’d be rid of Sami for good.

Lucas can’t believe that Kate is responsible. Sami starts to badmouth Kate but then thinks to send Will to bed. Lucas feels that Sami is just trying to blame Kate for her actions. Sami explains how she ended up dancing with Brandon and points out that Eugenia set that up. Sami insists that Kate and Eugenia were scheming together. Sami claims that it was Kate who caused her to faint when she thought she saw Brandon at the door to her apartment. Sami brings up how Kate must have used a Brandon mask but Lucas thinks that idea is too far fetched. Lucas adds that the point is how Sami reacted when she found out that it was Brandon. Lucas demands to know why Sami reacted that way.

The coast guard officer shows the Captain satellite pictures of the speedboat and wooden rafts. The Captain asks who they are. The officer suggests that they may have been lucky enough to escape the island before the volcano erupted. The Captain warns that with the speed of the wave coming at them, their luck may have just run out.

Billie tells Hope that she understands that she doesn’t want her back in Salem. Billie explains that she always will be a part of Bo’s past and admits that if things had turned out differently, she wouldn’t want Hope around either. Hope admits that she wants Billie’s time in Salem to be short and sweet. Billie jokes about how nice it is that they can be honest with each other. Bo climbs back onto the raft. Bo tells them the plan to get the rafts over to the boat so they can all be tied together. Billie picks up the other paddle and together with Bo they row towards the boat.

Nicole demands to know Victor’s answer about forgiving her. Victor confirms that Nicole really loves Brady. Victor looks at Caroline as he says that he firmly believes that everyone deserves a second chance to find happiness wherever they can. Nicole believes that Victor is forgiving her until he interrupts to vow that the minute they get back, he will tell Brady the truth. Brady climbs back aboard the raft and hands over the fresh water. Brady tells Caroline, Victor, and Nicole about the plan to tie all the rafts together and attach them to the speedboat.

Marlena tells John not to get ahead of themselves because she can’t evaluate him right now. John notes the lack of confidence in Marlena’s voice. Marlena tells John that if she had really died, she would want John to move on with his life even if that meant moving on with Kate. John interrupts to insist that he only loves Marlena but adds that he feels the same way about Marlena and Roman. Marlena doesn’t want to talk about this anymore, insisting that they’re going to be all right. Roman climbs back aboard the raft and tells Marlena and John about the plan to tie all the rafts together. John wants to help row but Marlena tells him to take it easy. John suddenly realizes that he can’t feel his legs.

Mimi begins to cry but Bonnie tells her not to listen to her. Bonnie advises Mimi to hang on to Rex, whatever it takes. Bonnie admits that she was wrong about trying to push Mimi to be with Shawn. Mimi worries that nothing will turn out like it’s supposed to and she will end up losing Rex and her best friends.

Brandon tells Kate that he is not buying her innocent act and is leaving. Kate stops him to ask if Brandon is running away from Sami. Brandon insists that he isn’t running away from anyone and that Lucas and Sami deserve each other. Kate accuses Brandon of being angry because he is still has feelings for Sami. Brandon scoffs at the suggestion and walks away. Kate repeats her accusation and points out that it scares Brandon.

Lucas demands to know why Sami went chasing after Brandon but she claims that she doesn’t know why, blaming it on an impulse. Lucas asks if Sami still has feelings for Brandon, which Sami denies, insisting that she is sure that Lucas is the man for her. Sami insists that she doesn’t have the slightest feeling for Brandon. Lucas mentions having to get to bed because of his job interview and heads for his own apartment. Sami stops him to ask if everything is all right between them. Lucas tells Sami that that is up to her and leaves. Sami sobs as she looks at her reflection in the mirror.

Rex returns to Mimi’s side and asks if she is feeling better. Rex asks if there is anything he can do and Mimi suggests a dance. They head for the dance floor. Bonnie curses Jan and vows to get back at her for messing with Mimi. Mimi relishes in the feeling of being in Rex’s arms and Rex vows that she’ll never have to leave them.

Lexie walks up to Kate and warns her to stay out of Brandon’s life. Kate claims that she doesn’t know what either of them is talking about. Lexie doesn’t buy Kate’s denial and repeats her warning before walking away. Kate thinks to herself that soon Sami will go back to being a plague on Lexie’s family and not hers.

Sami looks out her window and see Brandon walking down the street. Brandon looks up at Sami’s window and stops. Sami continues to watch him from her window.

The coast guard officers notice that the wave is too close and that they aren’t going to make it to the rafts. They worry that the wave is almost on top of the captives and it’s the size of a building. The officer asks God to help those on the rafts.

Jack leaves Jennifer to go check on Alice. The speedboat is rocked by the waves and Jennifer is tossed around. Jennifer hears a splash and calls out to Jack but there is no answer.

Brady stops rowing his raft because he notices that it feels like the ocean is being pulled out from underneath them. They turn and see the wave approaching.

Bo, Billie, and Hope spot the wave as well. Bo orders them to hold on to the raft and not let go. Bo covers Hope with his body as he holds on to the raft.

Roman, Marlena, and John notice the big wave coming as well. Marlena holds on to John as Roman covers them both with his body as the wave hits them all.

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