Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/3/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/3/04

By Danielle
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Mimi lies in bed with Rex who is still sleeping. Mimi silently cries as she flashes back to Jan’s blackmail threat. Mimi thinks of someone who can help her figure out what to do and climbs out of bed.

Bonnie wipes down the bar as she hums the wedding march. Max jumps up on the bar. Bonnie shows Max a picture of Mickey and Max barks. Bonnie starts to cry as she tells Max that tomorrow he will have a new daddy. Bonnie tells Max about how Mickey has completely changed her life. Bonnie laments that Mickey is with Julie right now and Max begins to whine. Bonnie tells Max about how she would love to sic Max on Julie. Bonnie is convinced that Julie will try and get Mickey’s daughters to talk him out of marrying Bonnie. Bonnie admires herself in a mirror and refers to herself as Mrs. Mickey Horton.

Kate, Will, and Lucas move to a table. Eugenia walks past them and Brandon and Lexie towards the office. Brandon doesn’t seem the harm in just talking to Sami but Lexie insists that Brandon put his mask back on and get out before Sami sees him.

Sami meets up with Kate, Lucas, and Will. Sami tells them about the phone call. Will wants Lucas to ask Sami to dance but Lucas repeats that he already said that they wouldn’t be staying. Sami wonders who the man was that she was dancing with and flashes back to dancing with Brandon. She suddenly recognizes that it is Brandon. Sami spots someone in the same prince charming costume as Brandon heading for the exit. Sami rushes off.

Sami catches up with the man outside of Alice’s and pulls off his mask. Sami is shocked at who she sees.

A coast guard vessel is monitoring the seismic activity around the island. An officer warns the captain that if there is anyone around those coordinates, they are as good as dead.

The rafts have washed up on shore. Nicole looks through her bag as Brady tells Victor to hang in there as he flashes back to seeing Caroline tell Victor that he is going to be on the boat with Alice and Tek. Victor looks up to see Nicole and tells Caroline that he wants to speak with Brady. Brady asks an unconscious Victor what he was trying to tell him. Nicole walks up and, in her mind, sarcastically thinks how tragic it would be if Victor’s body were to suddenly fall off the raft in an effort to keep Victor for pinning her for attempted murder. The island shakes. Brady warns that the main eruption is on its way. The island shakes again and Brady and Nicole are thrown into each other’s arms. Victor watches them kiss. Caroline walks up, sees Nicole and Brady kissing and yells at them.

Marlena calls down to John who has fallen into a shaft. Roman rushes up and tells Marlena that Bo and Hope went around the pier to look for a way down the shaft. Marlena flashes back to when Tony revealed that he had the remote control. Also in the flashback, Marlena remembers that John struggled with Tony in an attempt to get the remote control away from him and they both fell down the shaft. Roman tells Marlena not to worry.

John comes to at the bottom of the shaft and sees Tony lying next to the remote control. John reaches for the remote but Tony gets a knife out of his sleeve and stabs John.

Lucas asks Kate why Sami would run off like that. Kate tries to convince Lucas that Sami has a wandering eye and brings up how Sami was flirting with another guy at The Blue Note. Lucas asks Kate what happened to getting along with Sami and Kate claims that she is the one who is trying, unlike Sami. Kate wants to know why Lucas won’t realize that Sami is going to break his heart. Lucas thinks that Sami won’t hook up with some random guy while he is standing right there. Kate suggests that Lucas should go and find Sami to find out for himself. Lucas agrees and heads after Sami. Will thinks to himself that Sami is really going to screw this up.

Sami looks over the mask in her hands and it is shown that she has the wrong prince charming. Sami flashes back to dancing with Brandon. Sami hands the mask back to the man and apologizes. Sami insists that she was dancing with Brandon and wonders where he went.

Lexie finds Brandon standing by the valet post. Brandon explains that he is trying to leave but the valet service can’t find his car keys. Lexie grabs her keys and tells Brandon to take her car. Brandon tells Lexie to stop because he isn’t going to run away from Salem or Sami.

The island shakes as Marlena tells Roman that she is scared for John. Roman tries to assure Marlena that John will be okay. Marlena worries that John was killed.

Tony crawls over to a motionless John and proclaims that Stefano always said “an eye for an eye.” Tony rears up, ready to plunge the knife into John’s chest. At the last minute, John reaches up and wrestles the knife away. John kicks Tony off of him and holds the knife at his throat. John asks Tony to give him one reason why he shouldn’t kill him and Tony proclaims that John can’t kill him. Tony puts his phoenix ring against John’s neck and shocks him. John falls back onto the floor. Tony gets to his feet. John recovers from the shock and looks around the room, rubbing the spot on his neck where the phoenix ring’s emblem was burned into his skin. Tony braces himself as the island shakes again. Tony grabs the top sword off a stand and holds it toward John as he proclaims that this is the place where he murders John in cold blood.

Rex wakes up and realizes that Mimi is gone. Rex finds a note from Mimi that tells him that she went to see Bonnie. Rex fears that if Mimi went to see Bonnie, something must really be wrong. Rex jumps out of bed.

Mimi arrives at Alice’s and watches Bonnie toasting to love with the crowd. Mimi greets Max before sitting down at the bar. Bonnie offers Mimi a drink and tells her that tomorrow Mickey’s big house will be hers. Mimi asks if Bonnie and Mickey are going to live together before the wedding and Bonnie tells her about the plans to get married tomorrow. Bonnie starts to mention how Mimi doesn’t approve but Mimi interrupts to insist that she is happy for her. They hug. Bonnie marvels at how she’s come from bankruptcy to something too good to be true. Mimi wants to make sure that Bonnie really cares about Mickey and not just his money. Bonnie insists that she truly loves Mickey. Bonnie advises Mimi that once they find their one true love, they must do everything in their power not to screw it up. Mimi feels that she’s blown her one true love. They hug again.

Caroline walks past Nicole and Brady and kneels by Victor’s side to check on him. Caroline leaves Victor to talk with Brady and Nicole. Brady tries to defend his actions but Caroline criticizes them for flaunting their relationship in front of Victor. Brady says they fell into each other during a tremor and Nicole interrupts to complain that they shouldn’t have to defend themselves to Caroline. Brady apologizes anyway. Another tremor shakes the island. Brady leaves to get more food and supplies. Nicole calls Caroline a hypocrite for passing judgment on her and Brady when she is doing the same exact thing with Victor. Nicole calls Caroline a low-rent bottom-feeding whore and Caroline slaps her.

Kate brings Eugenia a drink proclaiming that they need to celebrate because right now Lucas is catching Sami with Brandon. Eugenia regrets having to use Brandon to break up Sami and Lucas but knows that Brandon is too smart to get back with Sami. Kate feels that Sami will only have herself to blame for being alone.

Lexie asks Brandon if he plans on telling Sami that he is back in town. Brandon insists that he isn’t, he’s only not going to run away or ask her to marry him. Lexie insists that Sami will find a way to drug him and drag him down the aisle for she won’t be able to think of anything else.

Sami is convinced that she was dancing with Brandon and asks herself where he went. Lucas overhears her and asks Sami who she was chasing after.

The coast guard captain, Captain Chasez, tells the officer that there is a volcano underneath the island that could cause the whole island to break apart. Chasez warns that if that happens they are looking at a catastrophe of epic proportions.

Marlena and Roman are looking down the shaft as the island shakes. They notice that some boxes were moved about across the pier and find a staircase hiding behind them. Roman and Marlena work together to move the boxes out of the way before heading down the stairs.

Tony declares that this is where they finish their age-old rivalry once and for all. John climbs to his feet and suggests that they get on with it. Tony warns that only one of them will come out alive. John asks if Tony is going to talk all night and Tony tells him to pick a weapon, joking about how Stefano’s killing machine may not need a weapon. John grabs the other sword. An alarm goes off and Tony pulls up a video monitor that shows Marlena and Roman descending the staircase. John moves to the monitor and sees Marlena and Roman. John warns Marlena to stay away. Tony insists that in order to save Marlena, John must kill him. The sword fight begins with John only able to fight with one arm because of the stab wound. John arches back to avoid Tony’s swing but is forced to fall to the ground when the island shakes again. Tony uses the opportunity to try and finish off John but John quickly rolls out of the way. John sneaks a quick look at Marlena and Roman climbing down the staircase and warns Marlena again not to come. Tony uses the distraction to his advantage and lunges at John. John rolls out of the way and gets to his feet. John ducks under Tony’s swings and grabs his sword.

Roman and Marlena reach the bottom of the staircase. They hear John warning them not to come. Marlena rushes to the door. Tony and John are stuck with John’s sword pinned on top of Tony’s sword. Tony warns John that the door is booby-trapped and if Marlena tries to open it, she and Roman are dead. John and Tony lift their swords again.

Bonnie tries to comfort Mimi by telling her that Rex doesn’t ever have to find out about her abortion. Mimi tells Bonnie about Jan’s blackmail threat. Bonnie is upset and threatens to harm Jan. Mimi feels that it’s no use because Jan would still try to find a way to hurt her. Mimi feels that since she is the one who made the wrong choice, then she will have to pay for it. Bonnie insists that she won’t let that happen but Mimi declares that there is nothing Bonnie can do. Bonnie offers to pay Jan to keep quiet. Mimi says that Jan doesn’t want money, all she wants is Shawn. Mimi tells Bonnie about how Jan is worried about how long she’ll be able to keep Shawn. Mimi tells Bonnie about finding proof that Jan cut up Philip’s uniform. Bonnie suggests that this is a blessing in disguise.

Nicole continues to harass Caroline by listing all her faults. Caroline points out that she and Victor have a past and share a son. Nicole reminds her that she and Shawn Sr. share a son and two daughters. Nicole asks Caroline who she will choose when she gets home. Victor comes to and tells Nicole not to talk to Caroline that way. Nicole leans in close and patronizes Victor. Victor grabs Nicole’s arm. Nicole complains that he is hurting her and Victor warns that as soon as Brady learns that Nicole hired Jan Spears to try and kill him, she’ll be hurting a lot worse. Brady walks up and asks what is going on.

Lucas demands to know whom Sami was chasing after. Will, eavesdropping on their conversation, thinks to himself that if Sami tells him that she was chasing after Brandon, Lucas will never marry her and their family will be ruined forever. Sami claims that she was chasing after someone from high school but Lucas doesn’t believe her. Sami insists that Lucas is the only man who can hold her attention and kisses him. Will steps up to ask if they can go home now. Lucas tells them to go ahead as he plans to say goodbye to Kate. Sami kisses Lucas goodbye and they leave. Kate rushes out and asks Lucas where Sami and Will are going. Lucas explains that they are going home. Kate asks whom Sami was chasing after and Lucas repeats Sami’s story but Kate doesn’t believe the story either. Lucas kisses Kate goodbye and leaves. Kate wonders what happened to Brandon.

Brandon tries to convince Lexie that Sami is in love with Lucas now. Lexie warns that Sami will still come after Brandon and then he’ll rue the day he came back to Salem.

Marlena reaches for the door. John pins Tony’s sword against him and sneaks a peek at the monitor. He warns Marlena not to open the door because it is a trap. Tony pushes John off of him.

Roman pulls Marlena away from the door and repeats John’s warning. Marlena insists that John is in danger. The island shakes again.

Tony and John brace themselves for the tremor and then return to fighting. John ducks Tony’s swipe at his head. Tony knocks John’s sword out of his hands. Tony kicks John into the corner. John grabs a long pole to fend off Tony’s sword. Tony gloats about having John watch Marlena die before he dies. John flashes back through memories of his time with Marlena and uses it to give him the strength to fend off Tony. John uses the candle stand to push Tony off of him so he can get up out of the corner. They spar some more until John uses the candle stand to pin Tony’s sword over John’s shoulder. John then flips Tony over his shoulder. John prepares to bring the candle stand down on Tony but Tony knocks John across the room with a kick from the floor. Tony jumps to his feet and John comes back at him. They resort to physical fighting without weapons. Tony realizes that he is now dealing with Stefano’s killing machine as they both pause to catch their breath.

**The rest of today’s show was preempted by news coverage of Kerry’s concession speech.

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