Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/2/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/2/04

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Will flashes back to seeing Brandon at Alice’s. Will insists that he and Lucas go back to the Halloween party or they’ll blow their one chance at being a family.

Sami and Brandon continue to dance, still unknowing who each other is. Kate checks with Eugenia to make sure that it is really Brandon that Sami is dancing with. Eugenia insists she is positive because she picked the mask out herself. Kate believes it is now only a matter of time before Lucas is free of Sami once and for all. Sami tries to make conversation with Brandon.

Mickey and Julie arrive at Alice’s and Bonnie greets him. Julie criticizes Bonnie for not remembering that Maggie died on Halloween. Bonnie tells Mickey that she lit a candle for Maggie earlier and had thought that Mickey wouldn’t want to be in the house tonight. Bonnie likens the party’s donation to charity to blowing the roof off the place, which prompts Mickey to bring up the news about the volcano erupting on the island. Julie and Mickey note how grateful they are that the island is uninhabited.

The island captives head for the raft but are stopped by Bart and Tony. They are surprised to see Tony still alive. Bo whispers to Billie and Patrick to sneak onto the rafts and make sure that the others already on the rafts get as far away as they can. Billie and Patrick agree and look for a chance to sneak away. John talks with Tony about the motives for his plan. Bo whispers to John to keep Tony distracted so they can get the others off the island. John tries to engage Tony in conversation by asking about the master plan. Tony jokes about how he’d love to tell them about his plan so that they can go their graves knowing what they missed and what still awaits the rest of the world. Hope pulls Bo close.

Lucas believes that Will is just overreacting and that he only wants them to be at the party together so they can spend time together as a family. Lucas tells Will that he can’t go because of his job interview in the morning and that as soon as Sami sees that Will isn’t there, she’ll come right home. Will mutters that he isn’t so sure about that under his breath and Lucas calls him on it but Will claims he didn’t say anything. The doorbell rings and Will thinks it is Sami. Will rushes to answer the door but it is only kids trick-or-treating.

Sami and Brandon continue dancing as Kate and Eugenia watch. Kate is impatient for Sami to find out that she is dancing with Brandon. Eugenia asks what will happen if Brandon walks out but Kate points out that it only matters how Sami will react.

Sami repeats her question to Brandon, asking him what he is doing here. Brandon says that he is for the party. Sami asks if he is alone and he says he is and asks her the same. Sami admits that she is and asks Brandon’s name.

Bonnie tells Mickey and Julie that she was reminded of Patrick’s plane going down when she heard about the volcano. Bonnie begins to cry and Mickey steps in to comfort her. Julie rolls her eyes.

Patrick warns Bo and Hope that they will be in danger unless they head back to Salem with everyone already on the rafts. John tries to get Marlena to get on the raft but she refuses to leave without him. Tony overhears Marlena and demands that no one is going anywhere. John and Roman ask Tony how he survived the bomb. Tony flashes back to setting off the bomb and claims that it was a miracle that the phoenix has risen again. Tony admits that the bomb didn’t kill them all because it was tampered with by someone in his organization. Bart begins to quickly deny having anything to do with it. Tony says that he was talking about Patrick and orders Bart to shoot and kill Patrick.

Bart has a hard time following through with Tony’s order. Bart suggests that they give Patrick a change to get away before shooting him. Tony doesn’t like that idea, pointing out that he wasn’t given a second chance. Patrick admits that he tampered with the bomb so it would give the captives a chance to escape. Bo asks Patrick how he could program a volcano to erupt and kill them all instead. Patrick explains that he delayed the eruption. Tony believes that it didn’t work but Patrick points out that everyone on the rafts is already gone. John and Bo confront Bart about his willingness to shoot them all. Bart admits that he doesn’t to shoot them but it’s Tony that signs the checks. Tony insists that everyone including the ones on the boats are going to die. Tony starts to answer John’s question about what he plans to accomplish. Bo urges Patrick and Billie to get off the island and tells Billie to get the files she downloaded to ISA once she gets back to Salem. Bo tells them to watch for his signal to make their move. They return their attention to Tony. Tony gloats about how soon the whole world will be in awe of him. John begins to walk away, claiming that they don’t have time to listen to Tony. Marlena stops him, demanding to know why Tony did all this to them. Tony marvels at Marlena’s beauty and curiosity. They all look up as the glow from the lava engulfs the pier and ash begins to fall as steadily as rain. Roman demands to know what kind of power Tony is talking about. Tony laughs as he insists that he has the power to control the world.

Will hands out candy to the trick-or-treaters and they thank him before leaving. Will is anxious for Sami to get home. Lucas insists that Will get to bed because he has school in the morning. Will insists that he can’t sleep until Sami gets home. Lucas tries to convince Will that Sami will be home at any minute but Will doesn’t believe him. Will insists that if he and Lucas don’t head back to the party, Lucas could lose Sami forever.

Bonnie apologizes for getting upset in front of Mickey and Julie. Julie apologizes for bringing up the volcano because she didn’t realize that it would upset her. Bonnie says she is still holding out hope that Patrick is still alive. Julie empathizes with Bonnie, pointing out that she lost Doug, Alice, Hope, Jennifer, Jack, and Maggie. Julie turns to Mickey as she refers to Maggie as his one true love. Mickey gives her a glaring look but Julie insists that Maggie was. Bonnie excuses herself to go back to being mistress of ceremonies. Mickey makes her promise to save a dance for him before she leaves.

Kate and Eugenia grow even more impatient that Sami has yet to realize that Brandon is the one dancing in her arms. Eugenia jokes that Sami is barely in costume because she is always a witch.

Sami jokes about how quiet Brandon is tonight. Sami asks again for Brandon’s name and just as he is agrees to tell her, Bonnie stops the music to announce the costume contest. Bonnie has everyone in the contest line up by the stage.

Kate decides to head to the bar for a drink when she sees Lexie walk in. Kate decides to greet Lexie and asks about Theo. Lexie mentions that Celeste is watching Theo and Zack. Kate senses that Lexie is upset. Lexie tells Kate about the volcano and that Celeste had a vibe that all of the victims are alive and on that island.

Tony insists that Patrick must die before he tells them about his plan. Bo nods to signal Patrick and they head toward Tony and Bart. Bart fires a series of rounds at the ground and orders them to stay back. Bart warns them not to make him nervous or he’ll start firing his gun again. Marlena tries to convince Tony that he isn’t capable of cold-blooded murder and Tony jokes that that is what they said about Marlena. Tony orders Bart to shoot Patrick. Bart aims the gun at Patrick.

Bart hesitates to pull the trigger and Tony orders Bart to shoot. Hope steps up in front of Patrick to insist that Bart will have to shoot them all. Marlena and Billie step up to confront Bart, believing that he couldn’t shoot a woman. Bart admits to Tony that he can’t shoot a woman. Tony grabs the gun from Bart and declares that he would have no problem doing it and John and Bo, along with Roman, step in to protect the women. Tony laughs and decides that he might as well tell them his plan since they are going to die anyway. Tony explains that he is accomplishing what Stefano was never able to do and repeats his desire for world domination. Bo and Roman scoff at Tony’s plan. John asks Tony how he plans to go from controlling Salem to controlling the world. Tony explains that he has enough technology in his briefcase to control the world’s power. Tony taps the briefcase that he had to put down on the ground to hold the gun. Roman asks about the technology and Patrick speaks up to explain that Tony has several computer programs like the one used to program the volcano. Tony adds that he also has several deadly viruses that will cripple entire nations. John jokes about needing Batman and Tony jokes about not having used the technology for good instead of evil. Tony tells John that if he had only remained faithful to Stefano, he could have shared in all this glory like Marlena could have if she had accepted Stefano’s advances. Bo asks Tony to quit while he’s ahead and not take more innocent lives. Tony declares that no one here is innocent and returns to his plan to kill Patrick. Patrick decides to come out from behind his human shields and demand to let the others go in exchange for killing him. Tony refuses to grant that request and cocks the gun.

Maggie comes running down the stairs to the pier to ask what is going on. Tony turns away from the group at the distraction and Bo runs behind him get at Bart. Tony is confused and doesn’t know which way to turn. Hope grabs the briefcase and holds it above the lava. Bo forces Tony to make a choice between surrendering or seeing his case tossed into the lava.

Lucas sits Will down and demands to know what is going on. Will claims that he is just worried about Lucas and Sami. Will brings up how this time last year; people thought Sami was the serial killer. Lucas flashes back to Will’s school Halloween party where Sami got into a food fight. Will recounts the rest of the Salem Stalker’s rampage. Lucas points out that all that is in the past. Will believes that this Halloween is like a fresh start that he wanted to share as a family. Lucas agrees that they should all celebrate together and makes a deal with Will to head for the party only long enough to find Sami and then come home. They head out of the apartment for Alice’s.

The various costumed kids parade across the stage as the crowd claps. Kate tells Lexie that there is no way that the victims could have survived. Lexie points out that they both saw that the bodies were not in their graves. Kate wants to change the subject but Lexie persists on. Lexie tells Kate about how Celeste doesn’t feel Abe’s presence among the dead. Kate thinks that Celeste is saying that to upset her and insists that both Abe and Roman are dead. Lexie flashes back to kissing Tek before asking Kate if she has moved on with her life. Kate flashes back to almost making love to John. Kate also flashes back to when Bo burst in on them to tell them that Roman and Marlena are still alive.

Mickey tells Julie that Bonnie has made him feel that his life is worth living. Julie tries to convince Mickey that he still loves Maggie. Mickey interrupts to insist that he will always love and mourn Maggie but he is going to marry Bonnie whether Julie likes it or not.

Bo repeats his threat to have Hope toss the briefcase into the lava if Tony moves. Tony curses Maggie. Marlena criticizes Maggie for coming back to the pier. Maggie explains that she left her wedding band. Bo tells Patrick and Billie to take Maggie back to the raft. Patrick objects but Billie tells him to do as Bo says. John tells Marlena to go with them to the raft but Marlena refuses to go without John. John tells Billie and Patrick to take Maggie to the raft. Maggie stops to ask if Hope is coming and Hope promises that she’ll join them soon. Patrick tells Bo that they’ll wait for them just off shore. Patrick, Billie, and Maggie head for the rafts. Tony vows that no one will get off the island. Tony tries to convince them that he will let them go if Hope gives back the case. Bo scoffs at the idea and tells Hope to drop the case. Hope lets the case fall into the lava and Tony screams.

All of the costumed kids have gathered on the stage as Bonnie calls for a round of applause for them. The crowd claps as Bonnie jokes about how no one dressed as Jason. Bonnie calls for a return to the dance contest with a slow song. The music starts and Sami asks Brandon to dance again. As they dance, Sami thinks to herself about how she can’t understand why she feels like there is something about this guy.

Lexie asks Kate if she ever wonders whether Roman could be alive. Kate asks to change the subject again, claiming that she needs to focus on the event since it is for Basic Black. Lexie looks around for Brandon and Kate pretends to be surprised that Brandon is back in town. Lexie admits to Kate that Brandon told her about the offer and accuses Kate of using Brandon to break up Sami and Lucas. Kate denies it but Lexie doesn’t believe her. Kate suggests that Lexie won’t be able to recognize Brandon since he is wearing a mask. Lexie spots Brandon by the clothes he was wearing but then realizes that he is dancing with Sami. Kate suggests that Brandon doesn’t know that he is dancing with Sami. Lexie accuses Kate again of setting this up but Kate denies having any part. Kate looks over at Eugenia, who is now wearing a mask of her own, while Lexie has her back turned. Lexie decides to believe Kate and figures that this must be Sami’s doing.

Lexie breaks up the dance between Sami and Brandon with an excuse about an important call in the office. Sami is shocked that Lexie knew it was her. Sami says goodbye to Brandon, still not knowing that it is him, and leaves to answer the call. Lexie pulls Brandon aside to criticize him for dancing with Sami. Brandon pulls off his mask; shocked to find out that that who is he was dancing with.

Lucas and Will arrive at Alice’s and meet up with Kate. Lucas explains that they came to find Sami. Kate looks across the dance floor towards Lexie and Brandon who has his back to them.

Bonnie tells Julie that she is surprised to see her out of the house. Julie says she is there to support Mickey. Bonnie refers to the party as a pre-celebration for her and Mickey. Julie asks about the pre-celebration and Mickey declares that he has something to tell Julie that she won’t like.

Tony decides that he will now have to kill Bo in front of Hope. Tony turns and aims the gun at Bo but is distracted by a flare. Bo, John, and Roman use the opportunity to get the guns from Tony and Bart. Bo explains that the flare was to signify that the rafts are safely away. Bo orders Tony and Bart to put their hands behind their heads as John and Roman hold the guns on them. John declares that he now has enough to put Tony away for life and that it is all finally over. Tony declares that the DiMeras never lose as he secretly holds a remote control in his hands.

Bonnie tells Julie that she and Mickey plan on heading to Vegas tomorrow to get married.

Lexie tries to convince Brandon to get away from Sami as fast as he can. Brandon doesn’t see any harm in simply talking to Sami. Lexie repeats her concerns about getting away from Sami right away.

Sami returns from her call, now out of costume, and runs into Lucas and Will. Sami tells him about how Lexie told her about a call that she assumed was Lucas but when she went to answer it, there was no one there and now she runs into him at Alice’s. Lucas asks Sami who else would be calling her and Sami insists that she doesn’t know. Will wants Lucas to ask Sami to dance but Lucas reminds Will that he said they weren’t going to stay and enjoy the party. Sami, to herself, tries to figure out why Lexie would tell her she had a call unless she wanted her away from the man she was dancing with. Sami flashes back to dancing with Brandon and suddenly realizes who he is. Will realizes that he wasn’t able to prevent Sami from seeing Brandon. Sami spots Brandon walking out the door and runs after him. Lucas demands to know where Sami is going but Kate claims that she doesn’t have a clue.

Sami catches up with who she believes is Brandon outside of Alice’s and pulls his mask off. She asks why he didn’t tell her that he was back in town but then is surprised at what she sees.

Tony reveals the remote and claims that it will turn the simmering volcano into a full-blown explosion. Tony insists that this one hasn’t been tampered with. John considers it a bluff and Bo and Hope wonder why Tony is willing to kill himself for the sake of killing them all. Marlena tries to convince Tony that they can take him back to Salem with them where he can get help. Tony yells that he doesn’t want any help. Tony jokes about how Marlena only has enough time to say goodbye to her loved one but claims that she doesn’t know which one, between John and Roman that would be. The island begins to rumble and the lava comes closer. Tony laughs and looks at the sky as he tells Stefano that he made it to the top of the world before hitting the button on the remote.

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