Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/1/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/1/04


By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Sami opens the door to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters and imagines seeing them all wearing Brandon masks. Sami slams the door. Lucas and Kate walk up and ask Sami what is wrong. Sami blames her reaction on the kids’ costumes. Kate insists that Sami admit that it is Brandon.

Brandon hands out candy to trick-or-treaters but tells the kids to make sure and brush their teeth afterwards. The kids joke about Brandon being a dentist before thanking him for the candy. The kids run off and Brandon shuts the door. Eugenia walks up to Lexie’s door, looking over a sheet of paper. Eugenia hopes that Kate’s plan works.

Lexie brings Brandon a cup of hot cider. Brandon asks Lexie if it is a problem that he is there. Lexie admits that she is worried that Brandon will eventually run into Sami. Lexie asks Brandon if he is still in love with Sami and Brandon admits that he will always love Sami.

Celeste uses her crystals to ask Abe to send her a signal. Celeste sees a raging fire in her circle of crystals. Celeste thinks to herself that Abe is at the gates of hell.

Marlena paces the pier as she keeps watch over Patrick who is tied to the pier. The island shakes. Roman and Abe arrive at the pier with supplies. Roman reluctantly unties Patrick and warns that this doesn’t mean he trusts Patrick. Patrick insists that Tony gave him no choice but to program that volcano. John arrives at the pier carrying more bags of supplies. John declares that they’ll never know whether Patrick is telling the truth because Tony is dead. Marlena tells John that Tony can’t hurt them anymore.

Back in the compound, Bart tends to Tony’s wounded leg. Tony is growing impatient with the pace that Bart is working. Bart marvels at how the phoenix ring was able to bring Tony back from the dead. Tony admires the ring as he declares that he is the true phoenix who will always rise again.

John, Brady, Roman, and Abe set down the stretcher carrying Victor on some boxes at the pier as Caroline and Nicole watch on. John returns to packing his bags with supplies while Roman and Abe vow not to let Tony finish what he started. Patrick looks out to sea through binoculars.

Brady and Caroline sit by Victor’s side. Caroline walks over to Nicole and vows that as soon as they get back to Salem, Nicole is going straight to jail. Caroline returns to Victor’s side and says to Brady that she wishes Victor would regain consciousness. Brady agrees that he’d be happier when Victor is off the island and in the hospital.

Brady leaves Victor’s side to talk to Nicole. Brady remarks about how they’re almost ready to go and how good it’ll feel to get back to Salem. Nicole vows that she isn’t going back to Salem.

Roman walks over to check on Caroline. Caroline insists that she is fine but is worried about Victor, Bo, Hope, and Billie. Caroline insists that they wait for them.

Hope tears off the sleeve of her shirt to wipe down Billie’s face. Hope notices that they are surrounded by the lava and makes a somewhat comatose Billie sit up out of the way. Hope calls out to Bo to help them. Bo promises to get them out of there and begins to climb among tree limbs to try and get around the lava. Smoke flares up around them and Hope screams. Bo calls out to Hope to ask if she is all right.

Tony yelps in pain and grabs the needle from Bart so he can stitch up his own leg. Bart is amazed at how easy Tony is able to stitch himself up. Tony vows that there is nothing he can’t do once he sets his mind to it. Tony promises Bart that he will win the battle against the people of Salem. Bart urges Tony not to try to stand but Tony simply tells Bart to get his briefcase. Bart marvels at the thought of being able to get the sacred briefcase that is always sealed up tight. Tony grows impatient and yells at Bart to get the briefcase or he’ll be dead before John and the rest of the crew. Bart chuckles as he reaches for the briefcase.

Patrick brings jugs of water to the pier as Marlena, John, Abe, and Roman finish packing the bags of supplies. Roman declares that Jack took Jennifer, the baby, and Cassie to the speedboat already. Marlena is grateful that Tek anchored the boat close by. John asks about Tek and Roman tells him that Tek is getting Alice, Maggie, and Doug on the boat. Rumbling is heard and everyone picks up the pace in fear that the volcano is about to erupt.

Brady demands to know why Nicole can’t go back to Salem. Nicole insists that she can’t go back to being Victor’s wife when she loves him. Brady insists that Nicole needs to respect her marriage vows to Victor. Nicole insists it is more than that and Brady claims that Victor can’t claim she is a killer anymore because they know that Colin is alive. Nicole mutters under her breath that that isn’t true and Brady asks her to repeat what she said but Nicole brushes it off. Nicole, in her mind, says that once Victor wakes up he’ll tell Brady about her getting Jan to try and kill him which will ruin their chance for a future together. Nicole looks over at Caroline caressing Victor’s hair and sighs.

Bo continues to call out to Hope to see if she is okay. Hope returns the call and Bo warns her not to move. Hope urges Bo to be careful as Bo picks up a large tree limb to try and make a bridge across the lava. Bo takes that first step onto the log but it is quickly engulfed in flames, forcing Bo back to the ground.

Celeste sees that all of her individual crystals are showing flames and worries that so many lives are in danger.

Lexie can’t believe that Brandon still loves Sami. Brandon tries to explain that Lexie doesn’t know Sami the way he does. Brandon believes that if Sami had trusted their love enough to be honest, they could have been soul mates. Brandon insists that Sami has made her choice to be with Lucas and he is moving on with his life. Lexie still doesn’t trust Sami and fears the way she’ll react when she finds out that Brandon is back in Salem. Brandon decides that he wants to go out for a walk. Eugenia slips the paper under Lexie’s door and leaves. Lexie helps Brandon put on his coat and they notice the paper. Eugenia hides behind a bush and eavesdrops as Brandon and Lexie read that the paper is advertising a Halloween party at Alice’s as a fundraiser for the Basic Black foundation. Brandon decides that he should go the party and show his support. Brandon and Lexie hug goodbye as Eugenia delights in the fact that Brandon is walking right into their trap.

Lucas tries to convince Kate that Sami vowed that she was over Brandon. Kate brings up how Brandon always had a Halloween party for sick children at the hospital and how this holiday might bring back bad memories for Sami. Sami insists that it doesn’t. Kate brings up how Sami was upset earlier but Sami claims that she was sad thinking about how Will is growing up and not wanting to go trick-or-treating on Halloween much longer. Kate suggests to Lucas that Sami could use a cup of tea and Lucas takes the hint that he’s not wanted and leaves to get the tea. Kate leans in close to Sami and warns her not to lie because she knew that Sami had been thinking about Brandon. Kate suggests that Sami is afraid to fully commit to Lucas because she is still in love with Brandon.

Sami vows that she is not still in love with Brandon and would rather forget he ever existed. Sami sees a vision of Brandon telling her that she is a liar who can’t even admit the truth to herself. Sami tells Brandon to shut up and Kate thinks that she is talking to her. Sami claims she meant for Kate to shut up about Brandon. Kate notes that Sami wouldn’t be so upset if she hadn’t struck a nerve. Sami’s vision of Brandon chuckles. Lucas brings Sami the cup of tea. Kate asks about Will and Lucas explains that he took Will trick-or-treating and then dropped him and his friends off at Alice’s for the Halloween party. Kate suggests that Sami and Lucas go to Alice’s as well.

The Halloween party is in full swing at Alice’s when Brandon arrives. Will notices Brandon and wonders to himself what Brandon is doing back in Salem. Will quickly puts a mask over his head so Brandon won’t recognize him. Brandon jokes with whom he doesn’t know is Will about his costume. Will takes off the mask and vows that he can’t let Brandon get back together with Sami.

Brandon sits down at the bar and is greeted by Bonnie. Bonnie jokes that if she didn’t just get engaged, she’d be all over him. Bonnie winks at Brandon as she asks if he is already taken.

Lexie stands inside her front doorway as she tells Celeste that she hopes that Brandon is having a good time at the party. Celeste tells Lexie that she has been having unsettling vibrations about Abe, Tek, and the others. Lexie insists that there is no evidence that they are alive. Celeste begs Lexie to trust her that they are alive. Lexie admits that she is worried and doesn’t want to get even more upset. Celeste asks if Lexie is worried about Tek and Lexie admits that she wished Tek hadn’t gone off to investigate John and Bo’s plane crash. Celeste tries to convince Lexie that everyone is alive but Lexie doesn’t want to hear it. Lexie turns on the TV and they hear a news story about the impending volcanic eruption on an uninhabited island in the Caribbean. Celeste flashes back to seeing fire in her crystals. Lexie is thankful that the island is deserted and Celeste proclaims that all the victims are on that island and warns that if they don’t get off that island, they really will be dead.

Abe returns to the pier to tell everyone that Tek just checked in with the news that Alice, Doug, and Maggie are on the boat and ready to go. John notes that they need to find a way to get Victor on a raft. Brady calls everyone over because Victor is waking up. Caroline warns Nicole that Brady won’t want to have anything to do with her once he learns that Nicole tried to kill Victor. Victor tells Brady that he wants to tell him about Nicole but can only get out “don’t believe.” Brady turns to Nicole and tells her that he hopes her attempt to give Victor CPR and save his life has changed his mind about her. Caroline whispers to Nicole that she shouldn’t hold her breath. Patrick announces that he is going to check on Jennifer and the baby but Abe holds him back, insisting that Jack can take care of his wife and to stay away from them. Patrick yells at Abe not to give him orders and Abe remarks that that was Tony’s job. Patrick declares that Tony is dead and not calling the shots anymore.

Bart tells Tony that he can’t find the briefcase. Tony insists that Bart find the briefcase so he can finish his plans. Tony vows that he will succeed where Stefano failed and will get to control Salem. Bart returns to looking for the briefcase but stops when they hear an alarm chirping. Tony explains that he put an alarm in his briefcase as insurance. Tony climbs over the wreckage toward the sound of the alarm and retrieves the briefcase from behind a console. Bart grabs the briefcase from Tony and wants to open it. Tony warns him not to just as Bart is electrocuted.

Bo climbs aboard the fallen tree again but Hope tries to convince him not to risk it. Bo insists that he is going to save them and grabs a vine to swing over to them. Hope and a now conscious Billie join Bo on the vine together and they count to three before swinging back out of the lava. The vine breaks.

Eugenia begins to walk up to the bar but smiles when she sees Brandon and walks away from the bar. Bonnie remembers that Brandon used to be married to Sami. Brandon points out that he was married to Sami for all of five seconds. Bonnie asks how Sami could let Brandon get away but Brandon simply says it is a long story. Bonnie says that she is used to hearing people’s sad stories while tending bar and offers to listen if Brandon wants to talk about it.

Will calls Shawn Sr. and claims that he is sick and bored and asks to be picked up. Will refuses Shawn Sr.’s offer to get picked up in half an hour, insisting that he must leave now. Will hangs up the phone, puts his mask back on, and heads for the door.

Eugenia calls Kate to tell her that Brandon is here at Alice’s and asks when Sami is going to show up. Kate tells her that she is just about to make the deal. Eugenia warns Kate that Brandon doesn’t look like he isn’t having a good time and might leave. Kate tells Eugenia that it will be taken care of. Sami asks Kate what her call was about but Kate claims it was business. Kate tries to convince Sami and Lucas to join Will at Alice’s but Lucas says no way.

Abe and Roman comb the jungle looking for Bo, Hope, and Billie. They curse the fact that they can’t get any closer to the volcano. Abe decides that they would want them to save the others. Roman insists that they can’t just leave them if they’re still alive. Abe worries that if they wait any longer, it’ll end up costing everyone’s life.

Tony kicks Bart and orders him to get up and get back to work. Bart tries to recover from the shock and Tony points out that that should be a warning to him that no one touches this suitcase except him. Tony declares that the little jolt Bart felt is nothing compared to the jolt he has planned for his enemies.

John and Patrick return to the others on the pier as John vows that Patrick will give him a full deposition on everything he knows about the DiMera plot. Marlena asks how much time they have and John refers the question to Patrick. Patrick warns that the eruption could be at any time now.

Doug and Caroline worry and wonder where Bo and Hope are. Doug vows that Bo will move heaven and earth to save Hope. Abe and Roman return to the pier with the news that they couldn’t find Bo or Hope. Abe insists that they have to go without them. Caroline begins to cry as she and Doug beg for more time to wait so they don’t have to leave without Bo and Hope.

Lexie calls police headquarters to try and tell them about Celeste’s proclamation. Lexie tells Celeste after hanging up the phone that while the officer was very polite but when she got to the part about dead people being alive on the island with the volcano, he turned off on her. Celeste believes that the officer should have treated Lexie with more respect as the wife of the police commissioner. Lexie points out that as far as everyone in Salem is concerned, Abe is the former police commander and that’s the only reason the officer didn’t hang up on her thinking she was some sort of crackpot. Celeste insists that she is right about what she saw. Lexie insists that seeing a vision in some rocks isn’t proof. Lexie decides to stop listening to Celeste’s advice because it is making her crazy. Celeste gets upset as she points out that she is the only one in Salem who knows what is going on and not even her own daughter will believe her. Lexie tears up as she begs Celeste to stop because she can’t handle this right now.

Eugenia watches Bonnie and Brandon at the bar. Bonnie brings up how Eugenia and Sami switched the paternity tests. Brandon jokes that that is all blood under the bridge. Bonnie points out that Sami and Brandon were quite the couple. Brandon refers to him and Sami as soul mates and Bonnie insists that he has to get her back then. Brandon feels that it is too late for that and they have to let go of the past. Bonnie points out that if Brandon ever had Sami in his arms again, he’d never let her go.

Lucas explains that he has an important job interview tomorrow. Kate suggests that Lucas doesn’t want Sami to go out without him. Lucas denies it and Sami tells Lucas not to worry about it because she doesn’t want to go anyway. Kate tries to convince Sami to go so she can be more involved in Basic Black’s fundraising. Sami insists that she does and suggests that they try to go out another night. Kate claims she is trying to get Sami out of the apartment and away from the fireplace fumes. Sami thinks to herself that she won’t fall for whatever Kate is plotting.

Will returns to the apartment and wonders where everyone is. Lucas comes out and asks why Will is home. Will explains that the party was a drag so he had Shawn Sr. bring him home. Will wants to stay home with Sami and Lucas and watch a scary movie. Lucas tells Will that Kate talked Sami into going to the Halloween party at Alice’s. Lucas leaves to make Will some popcorn. Will worries that this isn’t good.

Sami and Kate arrive at Alice’s. Kate pretends to be offended that Sami doesn’t trust her. Sami insists that of course she doesn’t trust Kate since she hates her and that she hates that Sami is going to be her daughter in law. Kate admits that she doesn’t like the idea but is trying to bury the hatchet by trying to honor Roman’s wishes of making peace. Sami asks Kate why she kept mentioning Brandon. Kate apologizes and claims she only mentioned Brandon because she doesn’t want to see Lucas hurt. Sami vows that she won’t hurt Lucas. Kate claims she believes Sami and promises not to mention Brandon again. Sami and Kate head into Alice’s.

Bonnie and Brandon throw darts together. Bonnie tells Brandon that if he loves Sami, he will go after her eventually. Bonnie believes that Brandon is a man who gets what he wants. Bonnie tells Brandon to head out on the dance floor and help raise money for the charity. Brandon heads away from the bar to the dance floor.

Sami peeks in the door and hesitates going in. Sami tells Kate that she knows that she is up to something and can’t wait to find out what it is. Kate says that if Brandon is truly in Sami’s past, then there is nothing to worry about. Sami agrees.

Eugenia grabs Brandon on his way to the dance floor. Eugenia explains that she is trying to raise extra money by renting out costumes and masks. Brandon gives Eugenia some money in hopes that this means that Eugenia has changed. Eugenia tells Brandon that Sami was blackmailing her. Eugenia apologizes to Brandon and tells him that she has the perfect costume for him as a way to make it up to him. Eugenia leads Brandon away.

Kate and Sami enter Alice’s and Kate points out that there is nothing to worry about. Sami insists that she’ll stop worrying when she gets away from Kate. Kate suggests that they find Will and join him. Eugenia comes out from the back room and greets Sami. Eugenia claims that she has the perfect costume for Sami. Sami claims that she is already dressed as the paranoid soon to be daughter in law of the wicked witch of the west. Eugenia tries to convince Sami to help her rep in this town by helping out the charity. Sami agrees.

Bonnie takes the stage and announces that it’s time for the couples dance and everyone should find the dance partner who matches the number on his or her costume. Sami is now dressed in her costume, complete with facemask, and notes that she is number 13 before heading to the dance floor. Kate asks Eugenia to point out Brandon as Brandon walks out of the back room dressed as a knight in armor, face completely hidden, with the same number 13. Kate delights in the fact that her plot is going according to plan. Kate watches as Brandon finds his matching number in Sami and they begin to dance.

Lexie comes back downstairs and tells Celeste that Zack and Theo are asleep and she plans to go out to get away from her. Celeste insists that she will take care of the children but wishes she could say the same about the island captives.

Abe pulls Roman aside to warn him that they can’t wait much longer. The island shakes again. Roman orders everyone to get on the rafts but Doug and Caroline object. Brady vows that Nicole will get on the raft with him even if he has to carry her and Victor. Nicole asks herself how she can make sure that Victor never wakes up. The men lift Victor’s stretcher up and onto the raft. Roman tries to get Doug and Caroline to board the raft but they refuse to leave until Bo, Hope, and Billie show up. Roman worries that it will be too late just as Bo, Hope, and Billie show up at the pier. Everyone is relieved to see each other and hugs but Roman insists that everyone hurry up and get on the raft. They turn for the rafts but are stopped suddenly by Tony and an armed Bart who come around the corner. Marlena is shocked to see Tony alive. Tony jokes about how everyone can’t possibly leave his party so soon. An outline of the phoenix appears behind Tony.

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