Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/29/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/29/04

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Sami insists that she has to move on as she watches her mementos from Brandon burn. The doorbell rings and Sami grabs her bowl of candy, believing it to be trick-or-treaters. Sami opens the door and sees Brandon dressed in a hooded cape. Sami faints.

Lexie admits that Brandon will not let Sami into his life again but worries that Sami will still find a way. Lexie flips through her calendar as she contemplates taking a trip to London so Theo can see Brandon. The doorbell rings and Lexie grabs her bowl of candy, thinking it to be trick-or-treaters. Lexie gasps at the sight of a man wearing a hockey mask who holds up a large knife.

Billie lies unconscious on the jungle ground, pinned under the fallen tree. Her head is bleeding.

Bo and Hope search for Billie in the jungle. Hope is grateful that they ran into Tek who told them that Billie didn’t make it back to New Salem. Hope is grateful that they made it out alive. Bo pulls Hope close as he assures her that they’ll make it back alive. Hope remembers that it’s Halloween and she had promised Zack that she’d take him trick-or-treating. Bo assures Hope that they’ll see him and be there for him for the rest of his life. The island shakes.

Caroline is standing outside the New Salem Brady Pub when Roman comes up to assure her that Shawn Sr. will be waiting for her with open arms back in Salem. Jennifer, Marlena, and John arrive at the Pub. Caroline asks about Jennifer’s baby. Jennifer tells her that the baby was not hurt and he is sleeping while Maggie takes care of him. Roman asks about Jack. Jennifer tells him that Jack is at the beach, helping cut down trees to build rafts for their escape. Everyone braces himself or herself as the island shakes again. John asks if Brady has made it back with Victor and Nicole. Caroline tells him that there is no sign of him and that she’s worried about Victor. John assures her that Brady will protect Victor. Roman assures Caroline that Abe and Tek will get everyone back safe. Caroline has a feeling that something terrible is happening to Victor.

Nicole reconsiders killing Victor with a brick. Nicole resumes CPR on Victor. Nicole yells at Victor not to die on her because he is living proof that she didn’t kill him. Abe and Brady arrive. Victor calls out Nicole’s name. Nicole leans in close as Victor tells her that she had her chance and now he’s going to get her. The compound shakes and everyone ducks and covers.

Tek does his best to shield himself from falling debris while still stuck under the beam. He calls out to the mysterious stranger wearing an uniform with the compound emblem. The stranger ignores Tek as he takes Stefano’s phoenix ring off of his hand. Tek offers them immunity to help him out but they ignore him. The stranger turns out to be Bart who thinks that the ring may be Tony’s only help.

Tony lies unconscious among the rubble in the control room as the compound shakes. His leg is bleeding heavily.

Billie comes to and notices the cut on her head. Billie hears Bo’s voice and calls out to him. Bo checks with Hope to make sure she is all right. They hear Billie’s calls and call back to her as they head toward the sound. Billie tries to push the tree off of her legs as she yells to tell Bo where she is. A smoky haze comes up from the ground and makes Billie cough.

Jennifer checks with Alice to make sure she is packed and ready to go. Alice refuses to bring anything from the New Salem house because she’d much rather wait for the real thing back in Salem. Jennifer insists that Alice will need things like a hat and sun block but Alice assures her that she has all those things. Jennifer jokes that Alice is “the unsinkable Alice Horton.”

Caroline continues to pace and worry as she waits for signs of Victor coming from the compound. Marlena asks Roman what to do about Caroline. Roman believes that Caroline won’t get on the raft until Victor’s safe. Marlena admits that they share a similar bond because of Eric and Sami and she takes Roman’s hands in hers as she tells Roman that she knows how she would feel if anything ever happened to him. John watches them through the window from inside the Pub.

The rumbling at the compound stops. Abe tells Brady and Nicole to get Victor back to New Salem where Marlena can check him out. Abe wishes them luck before leaving. Brady asks Nicole to help him get Victor to his feet.

Abe returns to Tek in the study. Tek warns Abe to watch his back for there is someone skulking around. Abe looks at Stefano’s corpse and curses Tony as he notices that the ring is gone.

Bart revels in the feeling of getting to hold the phoenix ring. Bart flashes back to talking with Tony about how whoever wears the ring will always be able to channel the powers of the phoenix. Bart enters the control room and puts it on Tony’s hand as he asks God to help Tony’s enemies.

Kate pulls off her “Brandon” mask and gloats about the effect of seeing Brandon would have on Sami. Kate admits that Eugenia was right and flashes back to when Eugenia surprised her with a Brandon look-a-like mask. Eugenia offers Kate the mask so she can show up on Sami’s doorstep and scare her. Kate lets herself into Sami’s apartment and questions why Sami would have a fire going. Kate tosses around the items in the fireplace with the poker. Lucas arrives and rushes to Sami’s side when he sees her unconscious on the ground. Kate turns at the sound of Lucas but is still holding the poker. Lucas demands to know what Kate is doing.

Lexie grabs an umbrella to defend herself. Brandon pulls off the hockey mask to reveal himself. Lexie yells at him for wearing that specific mask. Brandon explains that one of the kids gave it to him. Lexie explains that Marlena used the same mask while she was the Salem Stalker. Brandon apologizes and points out that he was out of town at the time and never connected the two. Lexie tears up as she hugs Brandon and tells him to come in. Brandon asks about Theo and Lexie tells him that Theo is upstairs sleeping. Lexie offers Brandon the spare bedroom to stay in. Brandon asks Lexie how she is doing since Abe was killed. Lexie says she is doing fine. Brandon asks if Lexie ever gets to go out or is seeing anyone new. Lexie is reluctant to admit it but Brandon assures her that it is okay. Lexie tells Brandon about Tek and Brady disappearing during their search for Bo and John. Brandon asks to be filled in. Lexie fills him in on how Jennifer, John, Bo, and Hope’s plane has all gone down in the Caribbean. Brandon is upset that Lexie didn’t tell him about this. Lexie tells Brandon that Abe might still be alive.

Bo and Hope rush through the jungle looking for Billie. Bo tells Billie to keep calling out so they can find her. Billie tries to get the tree off her legs as she calls out. Billie looks behind her and sees lava coming close. Bo and Hope reach Billie and notice the lava as well. Bo and Hope combine their strength to try and pull the tree off of Billie.

Caroline feels some ash fall on her from the volcano. Caroline prays that God will bring Victor, Brady, Abe, Tek, and reluctantly adds Nicole back safely and get them all back home to Salem. Alice overhears the prayer and adds her amen. Caroline hugs Alice.

Marlena watches Caroline from inside the Pub. John walks up and puts his arms around Marlena as he asks her how she is holding up. Marlena tells him that she is worried about Caroline. John mentions seeing Marlena with Roman earlier. Marlena explains that she is trying to help Roman understand what Caroline is going through. Marlena admits that she does identify with Caroline in that she’d be devastated if anything happened to Roman. John adds that Roman would be devastated if anything happened to her. Marlena wraps her arms around John’s neck and tells him that she loves him. Marlena tells John that when Tony set off the explosion, all she could think was that she hoped they’d get to heaven together. John assures her that it wasn’t their time and they’ll be living their lives together to a ripe old age. Roman watches them kiss.

Brady repeats his need for Nicole to help get Victor up and out of the compound. Nicole continues to hesitate.

Abe works to get all of the wreckage off of Tek, apologizing for taking so long to free him. Tek asks about Brady. Abe explains that Brady stayed with Nicole and Victor. Tek recalls that Lexie always said that Abe kept a cool head while in crisis. Abe asks about the last time Tek saw Lexie. Tek flashes back to kissing Lexie but tells Abe that Lexie misses him terribly. Abe says he can’t believe that Lexie didn’t go out with anyone else. Tek admits that Lexie went out with him.

Bart takes the time to clean Tony’s hand before putting on the ring so the ring won’t fall off. Bart flashes back to when Tony told him that it was his job to bring the ring to him. Bart hopes that this works so that he can get a big raise as he slips the ring on Tony’s finger. The ring goes from solid black to a picture of fire.

Lucas thinks that Kate hit Sami with the fire poker. Kate scoffs at the suggestion and claims that she came by to see Will but found Sami on the floor. Lucas questions why Kate didn’t check on Sami. Kate claims she checked Sami’s pulse and then saw the smoke from the fire so she thought Sami might have forgotten to open the flu. Lucas tells Kate about Sami hitting her head and fears that she might have severely hurt herself. Kate squats down near Sami and pretends to be compassionate as she claims that she was about to call Lucas when he walked in. Lucas rouses Sami and she asks if he is Brandon. Lucas identifies himself and asks Sami what happened. Sami explains that she thought there were trick-or-treaters when she opened the door. Sami flashes back to seeing who she thought was Brandon. Kate brings Sami a glass of water and Sami accuses Kate of doing this to her.

Lexie tells Brandon about all of the caskets being empty. Brandon regrets not being able to get to know Abe since he found out Abe was his father. Lexie tells Brandon that Abe felt badly about not being there for Brandon’s childhood. Brandon hopes that Abe could still be alive so they can have a second chance. Lexie tells Brandon that she missed him and they hug. Brandon returns the sentiment. Lexie fears that Brandon stayed away because of her. Brandon tells Lexie that he might be coming back to Salem for good. Lexie suddenly insists that Brandon can’t come back for good.

Billie begs Hope and Bo not to let her be burned alive. Billie passes out again. Hope rushes to check on her as Bo lifts the tree the rest of the way off of Billie. Hope worries that Billie may have lost a lot of blood from the cut on her head. Bo suggests that they get back to New Salem so Marlena can give her medical attention. Hope directs Bo on where to find an aloe plant so they can stop the bleeding or else Billie won’t make it back to New Salem. Bo heads off to find the plant. Hope watches the lava build up around them.

Marlena joins Caroline outside the Pub to ask what she can do. Caroline explains that she filled the canteens and packed up the food. Caroline asks Marlena about Victor as Brady and Nicole arrive carrying Victor on their shoulders. John and Roman head outside to greet them. Caroline thanks God for Victor’s safety and John congratulates Brady on a job well done. Nicole sarcastically mutters under her breath that she is fine too. Marlena looks over Victor and asks what happened. Brady tells her about the beam falling on him and having to give him CPR. Marlena suggests that they take him inside and everyone heads inside. Caroline stops Nicole from following them inside, insisting that she and Nicole need to talk.

Tek insists that he just tried to be there for Lexie but they weren’t dating. Tek is anxious to get the wreckage off his legs. Abe tells Tek to try and distract himself as Abe pries the wreckage off Tek’s legs. Tek flashes back to kissing Lexie as his means of distraction. Abe is able to lift the wreckage off of Tek enough for Tek to slide his legs out. Abe lets the wreckage fall back down and helps Tek up. The compound shakes again and they head out of the study.

Bart fears that even with the ring on, Tony is dead. Bart decides to focus on saving himself by gathering the computer discs before heading for the submarine to escape the island. The phoenix ring shows fire as Tony moves his fingers.

Brandon takes Lexie’s hand in his and asks if she hasn’t gotten past what happened between the two of them. Lexie explains that she doesn’t want Brandon returning to Salem because of Sami. Brandon points out that Sami has always been her worst enemy but insists that his eyes are open now. Brandon realizes that Sami needs more than he can give her and he’s now moved on. Brandon tells Lexie about Kate’s offer. Lexie tries to convince Brandon that Kate is only using him to break up Lucas and Sami.

Kate pretends not to have done anything to make Sami faint as Lucas helps Sami to the couch. Lucas believes Kate’s story about coming to see Will. Sami insists that she is fine and refuses Lucas’ offer to go back to the hospital. Sami flashes back to seeing Brandon and tells Lucas that she saw Brandon. Lucas claims that to be impossible since Brandon is in London. Kate suggests that the smoke from the fire made Sami dizzy. Lucas walks over to the fireplace and pulls out a burnt stuffed animal. He asks Sami why she is burning it and asks if it is Will’s stuffed animal. Sami simply claims that it wasn’t Will’s but just junk she didn’t want anymore. Lucas asks Kate to leave them alone and Kate leaves but stops outside the door to listen. Lucas asks Sami again why she is burning it and Sami explains that she was burning everything from her time with Brandon. Lucas asks Sami if she was burning it because she is still in love with Brandon.

Brandon thinks Lexie is being paranoid. Lexie insists that Kate is using him. Brandon doesn’t believe that Kate would spend that much money simply to stop Sami. Brandon insists that he won’t have Sami back in his life anyway but is glad that Sami and Lucas are finally forming a family with Will. Lexie warns that Sami won’t be happy until she can dig her claws back into Brandon. Brandon thinks that he’s the furthest thing from Sami’s mind.

Kate continues to listen at the door as Sami explains that she was getting rid of her stuff from Brandon to make room for their future together. Lucas asks why Sami didn’t simply throw it away in the trash. Sami claims she read that it was important to have a cleansing ritual so she built the fire. Lucas asks if he can’t compete with the memory of Brandon. Sami claims she is just a packrat who wanted to clear the decks for their family. They hug. Kate looks over the Brandon mask as she vows to put Sami and Brandon back together.

Marlena brings Victor a pillow to elevate his head before heading off to get her medical bag. Brady tells Victor that Nicole saved his life.

Caroline tells Nicole that she knows who she is and what she’s done and that if anything happens to Victor, she plans to go directly to the police and tell them everything. Caroline leaves a worried Nicole standing outside the Pub alone.

Roman offers John a drink from the canteen. Roman mentions to John that Abe stayed behind to get Tek out of the rubble. They turn to see Nicole hold the door open for Abe and Tek to walk into the Pub. Abe asks if they have everyone accounted for and Roman tells him about how Bo, Billie, and Hope are still out there. John hands Abe and Tek the canteen.

Hope tears her sleeve off and uses it to dab at Billie’s cut. Hope notices that they are now surrounded by the lava and pulls Billie up to a sitting position. Hope calls out to Bo who rushes back to them. Bo vows to get them out of there as the island shakes. Bo yells at Hope to hang on.

Bart gathers all the computer discs. Bart doesn’t notice that Tony’s chest is rising and falling as he breathes. The ring shows the phoenix flying amidst flames. Bart climbs over Tony and the wreckage as he mentions having to contact the DiMera organization and let them know that the big boss is dead. Bart heads out of the control room. Tony opens his eyes.

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