Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/28/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/28/04

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Rex holds Shawn and Philip away from each other as Philip accuses Shawn of destroying his uniform. Shawn declares that he’s made a mistake with Belle.

Mimi suggests that Jan even brainwashed Shawn into loving her. Jan insists that she and Shawn are in love. Jan denies Mimi’s accusations that she cut up Philip’s dress uniform. Mimi tells Jan that it is time for Shawn to see her as the manipulative little witch that she is.

Lexie arrives home and is almost trampled by trick-or-treaters. Lexie flashes back to when she begged Abe not to die. Lexie marvels at how it has already been a year since Abe died yet it seems like a lifetime ago. Lexie uses her cell phone to leave a message for Tek asking him to call her and let her know he is okay.

Celeste is inside the house reading her tarot cards and notices that the same message keeps reappearing saying “One journey is about to end when another is about to begin." Lexie walks in and asks Celeste whose cards she is reading.

Nicole comes to and covers her head as a small tremor sends gravel falling. Nicole flashes back to Brady asking Nicole to give Victor mouth to mouth and the explosion hitting. Nicole looks around and sees Brady unconscious on the ground. Nicole is worried about Brady and calls out to him.

Abe comes to after the explosion and takes stock of the situation. Abe flashes back to seeing Tony detonate the explosion. Abe curses Tony and Stefano. Abe searches through the wreckage and calls out for anyone to call out to him that is in the area. Abe vows not to leave anyone behind. Stefano’s phoenix ring lights up with a fiery picture and a flying phoenix.

Lucas suggests that they should let Shawn Sr. take Will trick-or-treating instead of him if Sami isn’t’ feeling well. Sami insists that she feels great. Lucas agrees as he and Sami begin to make love.

Kate returns to her hotel room and flashes back to her meeting with Brandon. Kate insists that Brandon won’t be able to pass up her offer since it includes coming back to spend time with Theo. Kate helps herself to a drink as she thinks to herself that Brandon has to accept the offer so he can free Lucas from Sami.

Brandon is driving his car. Brandon declares that he must see someone first before he can make his decision.

Mimi accuses Jan of changing Shawn. Jan claims that Shawn can decide for himself who he wants and he chose her as the woman he loves. Mimi points out that Jan would do anything to keep Shawn and Belle from getting back together.

Shawn declares that he made a huge mistake getting together with Belle in the first place. Belle is shocked at Shawn’s remark. Shawn can’t imagine that he ever loved someone who could sleep with his best friend. Philip tries to defend Belle. Belle points out that Shawn slept with Jan before she ever slept with Philip.

Celeste tells Lexie that she doesn’t know who is going to experience doom and gloom. Lexie decides that she doesn’t want to worry about it because she has had a hard day. Celeste realizes that it is a little over a year since Abe’s death and offers Lexie her condolences. Lexie shares with Celeste all the little things about Abe that she misses. Lexie shares her worries that Tek is now gone and hasn’t checked in. Celeste asks if Lexie was counting on Tek to be a big part of her life.

Nicole yells at Brady to wake up as she climbs over the wreckage and makes sure that he has a pulse. She props Brady up and wakes him with a kiss. Brady asks about Victor. Nicole tells Brady that they were giving him CPR when the place exploded. Brady curses Tony as he checks for a pulse on Victor. Brady declares that Victor is dead.

Abe continues to search through the wreckage as he braces himself for another tremor. Tek comes into the study and tells Abe that John, Marlena, Jack, Jennifer and Patrick made it out alive and are back at the Pub. Tek adds that Bo and Hope survived but went looking for Billie. Tek urges Abe to come with him so they can hurry up and get off the island but Abe refuses to leave without DiMera.

Brandon uses his cell phone while driving to talk to Dr. Rice. He asks Dr. Rice to contact Kate about the Basic Black offer. Brandon tells Dr. Rice that he has to see someone and has to see her tonight.

Lucas slips out from under Sami’s sleeping touch and gets dressed. Lucas leaves Sami a note and kisses her forehead. Lucas grabs the rest of his things and leaves the apartment. Sami dreams that she is being caressed but looks up to see Brandon instead of Lucas. Sami asks Brandon why he keeps appearing in her dreams and Brandon points out that it is her dream. They begin to make love. Sami wakes up and finds Lucas’ note. Sami thinks of a way to get Brandon out of her head.

Mimi turns to go back into the loft and tell on Jan but Jan grabs her and repeats her blackmail threat.

Shawn points out that he may not remember everything but he knows that Philip has been after Belle ever since he left town or he wouldn’t have moved into the loft with her. Shawn flashes back to seeing Philip and Belle come close to making love on the couch. Belle repeats that she and Philip never made love until tonight. Philip tries to convince Belle that she doesn’t need to get upset because she didn’t do anything wrong. Philip and Shawn exchange insults and Rex has to hold them apart again.

Lexie admits that part of her has to wonder whether Abe could be alive yet she is beginning to feel fond of Tek. Celeste repeats that she warned Lexie not to get involved with Tek, fearing that it will be doomed. Celeste asks Lexie if she is willing to take that chance.

Brady hits the wall in his anger over Victor. Brady kneels over Victor’s body. Nicole tells Brady that she loves him more than he loved Victor and kisses him as she reaches over to close Victor’s eyes. Nicole comes back from her fantasy to find Brady giving Victor CPR. Brady tells Nicole to stay there in case Victor needs CPR again while he goes to get help. Nicole agrees and Brady leaves. Nicole hopes that Victor dies for real and holds up a brick above him as another tremor shakes the compound.

Abe insists on having proof that Tony and Stefano are gone. Abe looks over and notices that Stefano’s phoenix ring has gone to black and see that as the sign he was looking for. Brady enters the study and tells Abe and Tek about how he got Victor breathing again and asks Abe to come use his prior paramedic skills to help Victor. Abe agrees and tells Brady and Tek to get the phoenix ring off of Stefano’s finger. Another tremor shakes the compound and Abe, Brady, and Tek are knocked to the ground.

Kate is talking on the phone with Dr. Reich. Dr. Reich is shocked that Kate is willing to pay to relocate the entire program from London and pay for everyone’s relocation fees. Kate claims she is doing it all because of her love for children. Dr. Reich talks up Brandon’s skills and Kate agrees that that is what she is counting on.

Sami, now dressed, lugs a box of things from her days with Brandon into the living room. She flashes back to kissing Brandon. Sami opens the box and sees the envelope with her name on it containing Brandon’s goodbye letter. Sami pulls it out and flashes back to when Lucas gloated about the letter as she read it for the first time.

Brandon arrives in Salem and turns on the radio. The radio DJ mentions the slow traffic due to the trick-or-treaters. As a song plays, Brandon flashes back to a romantic dance he had with Sami.

Sami turns on the radio and feels thankful that Brandon is gone. Brandon continues his drive.

Jan insists that she hasn’t done anything wrong and heads back into the loft. Mimi decides that she has to do the right thing even if it means losing Rex. Jan tells Shawn that he came back to the loft to talk things over with Belle when he saw Philip and Belle together. Jan claims that Shawn knocked but there was no answer so he went out on the fire escape. Shawn believes her because he can remember seeing them from the fire escape. Belle tries to explain but Shawn interrupts. Mimi walks in and declares that she knows who destroyed Philip’s uniform and it isn’t Shawn.

Celeste senses a vibration and asks Lexie what she will do if both Abe and Tek come back. Lexie refuses to think about that, rather wanting to concentrate on Theo. Lexie is upset that she can’t go to Chicago. Celeste suggests that Brandon come to Salem but Lexie adamantly refuses.

Brady climbs out from under the wreckage and calls out to Abe who is also fine. They find Tek under some wreckage. Tek comes to but tells them to go take care of Victor since nothing feels broken. Brady rushes out of the study.

Nicole tells Victor that everything he worked for will all be hers. Victor reaches his arm up to choke Nicole.

Brady and Abe try to lift the beam off of Tek to no avail. Tek assures them that he will be fine. Brady thanks Tek and tells him he owes him one. Abe looks over at Stefano’s corpse and notes that he won’t be going anywhere either before he and Brady leave the study. Tek senses that there is someone else in the room.

Victor calls out Nicole’s name. Nicole frees herself from Victor’s grasp.

Eugenia joins Kate in her hotel room. Eugenia asks why Dr. Reich didn’t just tell Brandon to come to Salem. Kate points out that since Brandon started the program, Dr. Reich couldn’t commit to anything. Kate feels that there is a good chance that Brandon will accept the offer. Eugenia notices the amount that Kate is willing to pay and admits that for that amount, she’d even stay in the same town as Sami.

Sami decides to burn everything from her time with Brandon in the fireplace. She empties the box into the fireplace and lights it with a match. Sami sits by the fire and watches it all burn.

Brandon is still driving as he talks to Dr. Reich about his opinion after talking to Kate. Dr. Reich tells Brandon that he should take the offer. Brandon says he’ll think about it but first he has to see a woman that is so special, she’s part of the family.

Mimi looks over at Jan who acts out having an abortion behind everyone else’s back. Mimi rethinks her decision to rat out Jan and tells Philip that a burglar destroyed his uniform. Philip accuses Mimi of trying to cover for Shawn. Jan pulls Mimi aside to tell her she did the right thing but warns that she will tell Rex about the abortion if Mimi ever tries to break her and Shawn up again. Jan pulls Shawn into the bedroom to make love. Philip and Belle leave for their loft. Rex pulls Mimi aside and tells her that he is glad that they will never go through what Belle and Shawn are going through because they tell each other everything. They hug.

Tek calls out to the stranger to show themselves. The stranger begins to walk away and Tek yells at them to come back and help him.

Nicole considers hitting Victor with the brick but decides against it because Victor will haunt her and Bo will come after her. Nicole begins CPR as Abe and Brady arrive. Abe continues CPR.

Another tremor shakes the compound as Tek calls out to the stranger. The stranger removes the phoenix ring from Stefano’s hand.

Celeste asks Lexie why she doesn’t want Brandon to come back to Salem. Lexie points out that Sami won’t stop at anything to sink her claws into Brandon. Celeste tries to assure Lexie that Brandon can handle Sami. There is a knock on the door. Lexie, thinking it to be trick-or-treaters grabs the bowl of candy and opens the door. She gasps when she sees who is there.

Kate sees Eugenia out and tells her to wish her luck for the witching hour is upon them.

Sami hears a knock on the door and grabs her bowl of candy. Sami is shocked at who is on the other side of the door.

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