Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/27/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/27/04

By Danielle
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Sami opens the door to see Brandon. Brandon walks in and insists that he can’t live without her and they kiss. Sami wakes with a start from her nightmare. Sami tries to convince herself that her future is with Lucas. Sami calls the television psychic again. Wendy uses the caller ID to tell that it is Sami calling. Lucas overhears Sami ask the psychic if Brandon is coming back to Salem.

Brandon is talking with Lexie on the phone. Lexie insists that Theo has been dying to see his big brother. Lexie assures Brandon that she is fine with driving to Chicago with Theo and sees it as the better option for she doesn’t want Brandon to come back to Salem. Brandon assures Lexie that he can deal with Sami but Lexie says she doesn’t trust Sami. Brandon spots Kate entering the restaurant and motions for her to join him. Brandon ends his call with Lexie and greets Kate. Kate hands Brandon a paper that she claims will completely change Brandon’s plans.

Nicole begs Brady not to make her go back to Victor. Brady insists that he must step back. Victor insists that he can prove that Nicole has the heart of a murderer. Nicole thinks to herself about how Brady can’t find out that he hired Jan to kill Victor. Victor notices that Nicole is pale and asks if it is about time that Brady learns the truth. Another tremor shakes the compound. Nicole insists that they don’t have time for anything other than getting off the island.

The tremor also shakes the study. Tony warns that it won’t be long until Armageddon comes for all of those who have crossed Tony DiMera. Marlena tells John that she wants to talk to Stefano to try and get him to convince Tony to stop this evil plot. John is against the idea but Marlena persists. John agrees and vows to be behind Marlena the entire way. They kiss. Marlena turns to face the desk and identifies herself to Stefano. Marlena states her request to talk to Stefano but he doesn’t answer. Marlena reaches out to grab the chair but it turns around on its own to reveal the decomposed body of Stefano, yet still dressed. Marlena backs away, screaming, straight into John’s arms. Everyone stares in disbelief. Tony explains that he didn’t want Stefano to miss out on the festivities and insisted he be there to witness their demise. Hope fears that now without Stefano to stop Tony, they’re all as good as dead. Another tremor rocks the compound. Everyone ducks and covers while Tony grins.

Nicole notes that that last tremor was the strongest one yet. She tells Brady and Victor about Patrick programming an underground volcano to erupt. Victor doesn’t believe Nicole and accuses her of making it up so she can get off the hook. Brady urges Victor that they don’t have much time and that they have to get everyone rounded up and off the island. Victor believes Brady and wants to make sure to find Bo and Caroline. Victor heads out into the hallway. Nicole points out to Brady that Caroline is the one Victor loves, not her. Brady reminds Nicole that Victor is still her husband and heads out to the hallway but Nicole hopes that that won’t be true for long as she follows him out.

Bo pulls Hope aside. Bo recaps their situation and Hope refers to Tony’s actions as sick. Bo feels that that is a generous way of putting it. Jack comforts Jennifer as she tends to the baby. Abe pulls Roman aside to discuss whether that really is Stefano’s body. John examines the body as Marlena watches. John finds Stefano’s phoenix ring still on his hand and reminds Marlena that Stefano never took off his ring. Marlena says she has a feeling that this is Stefano. Roman tells Abe that they could have used DNA evidence if they were back in Salem. Abe recalls how Celeste sensed that Stefano wasn’t really in the ashes. Bo adds that Tony must have kept the corpse as a trophy and Marlena notes that there is no way of negotiating with Tony. Bart keeps his gun trained on the captives but whispers to Tony to ask about Tony’s calls with Stefano. Tony insists that he is in constant communication with Stefano and turns to ask the corpse to confirm it. Jack confides in Jennifer that he has an idea. Jennifer urges him not to try anything but Jack insists that they can use this situation to their advantage.

Lucas continues to eavesdrop on Sami’s phone call. Wendy flips a coin and tells Sami that there is a 50/50 chance that Brandon will come back. Wendy insists that either way Sami is going to screw things up for herself because she’s so obsessed with Brandon that she’ll torpedo her engagement to Lucas. Sami adamantly declares that she loves Lucas and starts to say that she isn’t going to let that happen. Lucas picks that moment to make his presence known and asks Sami what is going on. Sami quickly hangs up the phone. Lucas asks whom Sami was talking to and Sami at first claims it was nothing. Lucas tells Sami not to lie to him so she comes clean about talking to a psychic. Lucas tries to convince Sami that all TV psychics are frauds and asks why Sami was calling her. Sami admits that she was calling to see if anyone is going to ruin their wedding. Lucas insists that the only two people who can ruin their wedding are Sami and him. Sami claims that it isn’t them she is worried about and thinks to herself about Kate and Eugenia. Lucas tries to convince Sami that they are going to have a wonderful future together. They kiss and hug. Sami sees Brandon’s image materialize behind Lucas. Brandon tells Sami that she’ll never stop loving him. Sami yells at Brandon to get out but Lucas thinks she is talking to him. Brandon continues to taunt Sami. Sami lunges for Brandon but hits her head and collapses to the floor unconscious. Lucas rushes over to check on her.

Lucas pours water on Sami to wake her up. Sami is upset and realizes that she cut her head. Lucas urges Sami to go to the ER and get stitches but Sami refuses. Lucas helps Sami stand and she feels dizzy. Lucas helps her over to sit on the couch and tries to convince her that she needs medical help. Sami sees Brandon appear again who urges her to get checked out and not to be stubborn. Sami insists that she’ll do anything to get away from Brandon. Lucas thinks that she is talking to him. Sami insists that she isn’t talking to Lucas or anyone and agrees to leave for the hospital only after she has a chance to change.

Eugenia spots Lexie at the hospital. Eugenia flashes back to plotting with Kate about keeping Lexie at the hospital and away from Brandon. Eugenia thinks about what Sami would do and decides to use her old security pass. Eugenia is about to use it when she is interrupted by Lexie who asks what she is doing there.

Brandon looks over the proposal from Basic Black. Brandon mentions that he is in Chicago to meet with other organizations. Brandon asks Kate how long he’ll have to stay in Salem if he accepts Basic Black’s deal. Kate insists that that is completely up to Brandon and suggests that he’d want to spend time visiting with his family. Kate notes that Brandon is not eager to come back to Salem and asks him whether seeing Sami again would bring back old feelings.

Lucas brings Sami to the hospital and leaves her alone a moment to check in. Sami spots Eugenia and Lexie and fears that this is going to be a night from hell.

Lexie asks Eugenia if she has business at the hospital. Eugenia claims that she is here to catch up with old friends. Lexie doesn’t like the idea because she feels that she can’t trust Eugenia. Eugenia defends her actions, blaming them on Sami. Eugenia points out that she wasn’t as lucky as Sami turned out to be. Lexie warns Eugenia to stay out of trouble and walks away. Eugenia declares that Sami is in for a world of trouble and uses her security pass to slip into the records room.

Lexie walks up and asks Sami what happened. Sami asks about Eugenia but Lucas interrupts to explain Sami’s injury. Lexie directs Sami and Lucas into an exam room. Sami tries to convince Lexie that Eugenia is up to no good but Lexie says that that is usually true for Sami. Lucas tries to change the subject by telling Lexie about how Sami was unconscious for a few minutes and might need stitches. Sami demands to see another doctor. Lexie wishes that there was another doctor that could help Sami but she’s the only one available. Lexie vows to put her personal feelings aside and Lucas expresses his appreciation. Sami still demands to see another doctor. Lucas tells Sami not to argue and leaves to take care of the insurance. Sami sits on the exam table and Lexie looks over her cut. Sami squirms and accuses Lexie of hurting her on purpose. Sami asks Lexie if she has heard from Brandon. Lexie admits that she knows where Brandon is but refuses to tell Sami, believing that the last thing Brandon needs is a woman like Sami in his life.

Brandon admits to Kate that his feelings for Sami would be mixed if he ever saw her again but assures Kate that he is over Sami. Kate asks Brandon what he would do if Sami were not over him. Brandon realizes that Kate came to Chicago to get Brandon to come back to Salem and break up Sami and Lucas.

Patrick suggests to Bo and Hope that they can break the doors if they apply pressure from both sides. Bo believes that everyone is inside the study and scoffs at Patrick’s idea. Brady whispers to Bo and Hope to let them know that he is on the other side of the doors. Brady fills Nicole and Victor in on how everyone else is inside the study. Nicole worries that they could die but Victor yells at her to stop thinking about herself. Brady suggests that they need a lever to try and pry the door open. Victor suggests using Brady’s machete but Brady says that it is not strong enough. Bo tells John to keep Tony busy. John heads over to Tony and asks him to tell him about his plan. Tony tells John about how Stefano had no plans to pass the DiMera power onto him and how Stefano had planned to pass it all on to John if he had stayed. John laughs at the idea, insisting that he wouldn’t have stayed even for all the money in the world. Tony insists that he is the one suffering and now he is having his revenge. John tells Tony that he still has time to make things right. Tony is offended at being asked to turn back after all that he has done. Tony brings up his prior attempt to get back at John but John points out that it didn’t accomplish anything and Tony was still left with an incurable blood disease. Tony declares that he has cheated death. Tony adds that he needed a blood transfusion and there was only one donor so Stefano had to die. John realizes that Tony killed his own father. Tony admits it, insisting that he isn’t above exterminating his own flesh and blood.

Tony feels that Stefano’s life for his was a fair exchange. Tony tells John that he now knows what he is capable of. Abe is shocked at how evil Tony is and tells him that he has gone beyond Stefano. Tony takes it as a compliment and thanks Abe. Abe curses the fact that Lexie and Theo share DiMera blood. Tony admits that he had to change Stefano’s will so he would become the heir to the DiMera legacy. Tony marvels in how he was able to break up the love between Marlena and John. John insists that his and Marlena’s love was not even close to being destroyed. Tony brings up how Marlena was willing to make love with Roman in the jungle. John insists that Marlena told him all about it and he believes her. Tony asks John if he told Marlena about his near affair with Kate.

Kate decides to be honest with Brandon and admit that she doesn’t want Sami marrying Lucas as well as rattling off Sami’s past transgressions against Kate’s family. Brandon is taken aback by the reaction and Kate apologizes. Kate insists that she isn’t asking Brandon to return to Salem to break up Lucas and Sami because Sami will self-destruct on her own.

Sami insists to Lexie that she is in love with Lucas and doesn’t want Brandon to come back to Salem. Lexie doesn’t believe her. Lucas returns to check on Sami. Lexie declares that Sami won’t need stitches but wants to run tests to make sure that Sami doesn’t have a concussion. Sami asks Lucas to stay with her and Lucas makes sure that that is all right with Lexie. Lexie suggests that Lucas take Sami down to radiology and wait for her. Lexie leaves the exam room. Lucas insists that Sami use the wheelchair and asks if she and Lexie were talking about Brandon.

A nurse walks up to Lexie and tells her how good it is to see her on the schedule for to work tomorrow. Lexie pulls up her work schedule on the computer and realizes that she’s down for a shift on her day off. Lexie curses the fact that it’s too late to get someone to cover for her and realizes that she can’t take Theo to visit Brandon.

Eugenia comes out of the record room and declares that now Brandon will come visit Lexie in Salem since she has to work. Eugenia pauses to put her security pass back in her purse. Lucas wheels Sami out of the exam room but leaves her to talk to a nurse. Sami notices Eugenia standing there.

Kate vows to Brandon that she would never do anything to harm Sami because of her promise to Roman. Brandon notes that that doesn’t mean that Kate won’t enlist someone else to do her dirty work. Their conversation is interrupted by Lexie’s call to Brandon. Lexie tells Brandon about her work schedule change and apologizes about not being able to come to Chicago to visit.

Tony gloats and tells John to explain about how he came close to sleeping with Kate. Marlena asks John why he never told her about Kate. John begins to come at Tony but Tony holds his gun on him. John insists that he and Kate never made love and validates his actions by claiming that they missed their loved ones. John tries to stifle Marlena’s questions. Roman asks John if he has feelings for Kate and John insists that he doesn’t. Tony pretends that he hates to see them hurting while they have such little time left to live. Roman glares at John and walks away. John turns to look at Marlena who looks at him quizzically. Jack tries to convince Bart that Tony has gone crazy and to turn his gun on Tony instead. Hope checks on Jennifer who tells Hope that she hasn’t lost faith yet in Jack or Patrick. Bo and Patrick listen intently at the door.

Brady, Victor, and Nicole return to the other side of the door with something they think will open the door. Brady jams it between the doors and tries to pry the doors open. Nicole tries to convince Brady to forget it and save themselves. Victor yells at Nicole to shut up. Another tremor shakes the compound and Nicole worries that it is too late.

Brandon tells Lexie that he will come to Salem so he can spend time with Theo. Lexie decides that that isn’t a good idea. They end their call. Kate uses the opportunity to point out that if Brandon accepts Basic Black’s offer, he’ll be able to spend a lot of time in Salem and will be able to be there full time for Theo.

Lexie returns to Lucas and Sami with the test results. Lexie tells them that Sami doesn’t have a concussion and tells Sami that she hopes the injury knocked some sense into her. Lexie gives Sami the go ahead to go home and leaves. Sami is anxious to get home. Lucas demands an answer to whether Lexie and Sami were talking about Brandon. Sami pretends not to know who Brandon is. Lucas gets mad but Sami begs him to get the release papers so they can go. Lucas agrees and walks away. Sami rushes over to Eugenia and tells her that she knows that she is up to something. Eugenia pretends that she is visiting old friends and Sami is just paranoid before walking away. Sami vows that she isn’t going to let anyone ruin her relationship with Lucas.

Brady calls Nicole over to him so he can protect her as the compound shakes.

John covers Marlena with his body while Abe rushes over to cover Hope, Jennifer, and the baby. Tony braces himself on the desk. Bart insists to Jack that he can’t betray the DiMeras. Jack continues to try and convince Bart to turn on Tony. The rumbling stops and Bart insists again that he has nowhere else to go. Tony vows that he has enough secrets to keep everyone occupied. Tony claims that Colin wasn’t the only corpse he brought back from the dead and even Stefano requested that he do the same for him. Abe warns that they can’t trust Tony but Tony insists that death is at hand. Bo and Patrick work on their end to open the door. Everyone rushes to the door to try and help as Tony warns that they are wasting their last breath. Brady and Victor work to open the door on their side. Nicole urges them to stop and save themselves again but Brady insists that they won’t be leaving anybody behind. The tremors start again and a beam breaks off from the ceiling and hits Victor, knocking him out.

Lucas returns to Sami with a promise that he will pamper her like she’s never been pampered before. Sami likes the sound of that. Lucas vows to pamper Sami until she is better and then pamper her even more. They enjoy the thought of their life together. They kiss and head out of the hospital. Lexie watches them leave and, to herself, tells Brandon not to come back to Salem for he has to stay as far away from Sami as possible.

Eugenia talks to Kate from a hospital pay phone to tell her that her part is done. Eugenia vows that if Brandon comes back to Salem, Sami won’t know what hit her. Brandon closes the proposal and decides that he knows what he has to do.

Brady pulls the beam off of Victor. Nicole, in her mind, asks Victor to die. Brady determines that Victor’s heart has stopped and tells Nicole to give Victor mouth to mouth.

Everyone cheers Bo and Patrick on in their attempt to open the door. Bart asks Tony if they should let this go on. Tony decides that it is time for plan B. Tony pushes a button, which reveals a large detonator box. Tony turns Stefano’s chair to face the detonator and lifts his hand onto the switch. Hope turns to see what Tony is doing and yells out to stop him. Tony puts Stefano’s cigar in his mouth and smiles as he helps Stefano’s hand push down the trigger switch. The room explodes.

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