Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/26/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/26/04

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Philip and Belle are dressed for their wedding. They walk up to each other while surrounded by an all white background. Shawn walks up and demands that Philip take his hands off of Belle because she belongs to him. Belle tells Shawn that it is too late because he chose Jan and is now stuck with her. Shawn looks down and sees that his leg is attached to the proverbial ball and chain. Jan walks up, dressed in red with the other end of the chain around her neck. Jan proclaims that Shawn is hers now forever and ever. Shawn wakes up from the dream on the loft’s living room couch. Rex comes out to see if Shawn is all right because he heard him talking in his sleep. Shawn tries to brush it off but Rex insists that Shawn admit that he’s still in love with Belle. Jan has been listening to the conversation from the front door. Jan stands out in the hall and decides that she’ll do whatever it takes to get Belle out of the picture permanently.

Philip stirs in his sleep. Mimi admits to Belle that she wishes that she and Rex had waited to have sex. Mimi adds that she loved Rex more and more every day and that could happen with Belle and Philip. Belle flashes back to making love with Philip. Belle tells Mimi that she dreamed that her first time would be with Shawn on their wedding night. Belle feels lucky that Philip cares for her. Mimi finishes Belle’s thought by adding that Belle wishes that she loved Philip as much as he loves her. Belle asks how she is ever going to stop loving Shawn. Mimi leans in close as she tells Belle that it’s time she made the most important decision of her life.

Victor yells at Nicole not to deny trying to kill him because Jan told him that Nicole put her up to it. Nicole insists that the police would never believe him. Victor decides that he doesn’t need the police and wraps his hands around Nicole’s throat. Victor yells at Nicole for not listening about staying away from Brady. Nicole flashes back to sleeping with Brady as she gasps for air.

The hallway begins to fill with smoke. Patrick warns Jennifer, Jack, Hope, and Bo to get off the island and save themselves. Bo tells Jennifer that Patrick has been working for Stefano. Jennifer doesn’t believe it. Patrick insists that he doesn’t have time to explain for they have to move fast. Hope tells Jack to take Jennifer and the baby and get out while she and Bo stay behind and look for the others. Bo tells Jack and Jennifer to go back to New Salem and gather everyone at the docks. Patrick turns to leave but Bo stops him so he can’t report to Tony about their plan. Bart comes around the corner with a gun trained on them and jokes about how none of them are going anywhere except to say goodbye to their hosts. Jack picks up on the fact that Bart said hosts. Bart admits that Tony and Stefano are on the island. Another tremor shakes the corridor.

The tremor is also felt in the study. John notes that Tony doesn’t seem worried about their own safety. Tony says that they have made arrangements but Stefano doesn’t need them for they don’t call Stefano the Phoenix for nothing. Tony asks Stefano if it’s time that they should bid their guests farewell. John tries to lunge for Tony by climbing over the desk but Roman, Marlena, and Abe hold him back so John won’t give him a reason to harm him. John feels that that is going to happen anyway. Tony says it is a pity that John didn’t stay in Salem where he wouldn’t have had to die. John asks if Tony would have felt it was better to have him in Salem believing that his wife had killed all of his family and friends. Tony jokes about how the original plan was brilliant but thanks to John and Bo, he had to resort to plan B. Tony adds that now instead of destroying all of their lives, he must end them.

Bart orders Bo, Hope, Jack, and Jennifer into the study to join everyone else. Bo asks to see Stefano but Bart says he would like to see him too. Patrick swears to Jennifer that he will protect everyone but Jennifer now has a hard time believing him. Jack, Jennifer, Bo, and Hope head into the study. Patrick senses that there isn’t much time left and heads away from the study. Bo asks Tony if Stefano is the one in the chair that is still turned away from them. John tells Bo that Tony and Stefano were behind this plot just like they suspected. Tony declares that he is in charge while Stefano is just a silent partner who will remain silent for this meeting. Abe jokes about Tony acting like the wizard in the wizard of Oz by asking if he means, “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” Tony demands again that he is in charge and lists all the parts of the plot that he accomplished on his own. Tony tells them that Stefano was very impressed. Bo asks if Tony did all this to win points with Stefano. Tony says that is part of it and John, Roman, and Abe fill the rest of the group in on how Tony’s main motive was to prove that he was the best of him and John. Roman adds that Tony has plans for world domination. Bo laughs at the thought and asks Tony if he thinks he is Dr. Evil. Tony laughs but insists that he is quite serious. Hope calls Tony deranged and insists that Stefano wouldn’t go this far. Tony declares that there is a method to his madness. Abe asks Tony how he could do this to Lexie but Tony says that Lexie is better off without Abe. Tony stops laughing when Jack tells him that he could have killed Jennifer and the baby. Marlena warns Tony that he needs help. Bo asks how many families need to be torn apart before Tony is satisfied. Tony warns that there are more than they ever could have dreamed.

Brady opens the door to the cell and pulls Victor off of Nicole. Nicole insists that Brady saved her life. Brady begins to tell Victor about how they know that Nicole isn’t a murderer but Victor interrupts to say that he’s glad to see Brady standing there and they hug. Brady tells Victor that Colin is still alive but adds that since they are still technically married, this changes everything. Victor can’t imagine that he and Nicole can get back together as a couple. Brady points out that their vows had to count for something but Victor says he has a feeling that Nicole has already broken those vows.

Jan asks herself how far she’ll go to make sure that Shawn can’t go back to Belle. Jan vows that Shawn can never find out that she killed Victor. Jan tries to think of a way to get rid of Belle for good.

Shawn insists to Rex that he wants nothing to do with Belle while she is with Philip. Rex points out that Shawn dumped Belle before he knew about Philip. Shawn insists that he must have had a good reason. Rex asks Shawn what he expected Belle to do when he came back engaged to Jan. Rex tells Shawn that he hasn’t been the same since the accident but something deep down in his heart is trying to tell him that he belongs with Belle and should listen to it.

Belle insists that Shawn chose Jan. Mimi admits that Jan would stop at nothing to keep Shawn. Mimi slips up and refers to herself when she asks why she should let Jan get away with it. Mimi quickly covers up the slip by insisting that she meant Belle. Belle asks if Mimi is okay but Mimi insists that she’s just worried about Belle. Mimi flashes back to Jan’s blackmail threat. Mimi insists that Belle can’t tell anyone that they had this conversation. Belle asks why but then claims that she knows what is going on.

Rex urges Shawn to work things out with Belle. Shawn insists that they have made their choices and have to live with them. Rex continues to plead his case but Shawn stops him, insisting that he has a headache. Shawn heads out of the room to get some aspirin. Jan rushes in and criticizes Rex for trying to break up Jan and Shawn. Rex urges Jan to face that Shawn and Belle love each other too much to be apart any longer. Rex walks away. Jan, to herself, insists that she has to make sure that Belle wants nothing to do with Shawn. Jan turns to leave but suddenly thinks of an idea.

Belle tells Mimi that she fears that Jan will go off the deep end if she feels that her relationship with Shawn is threatened. Mimi pretends that that is what she is worried about. Mimi urges Belle to go after Shawn and work things out. Belle looks in on Philip who is still sleeping and worries that she doesn’t want to break Philip’s heart. Mimi warns that she’ll hurt Philip more if she keeps sleeping with him while she’s still in love with Shawn.

Philip stirs in his sleep and calls out Belle’s name as he dreams about their lovemaking. Jan lets herself into Belle’s bedroom through the front door, carrying a large pair of scissors.

Brady defends Nicole to Victor by pointing out that they all thought that he was dead and that Nicole is innocent. Victor insists that Nicole deserves to be punished for things that Brady knows nothing about. Brady steps in to declare that if Victor tries to hurt Nicole, he’ll be forced to stop him anyway he can. Victor realizes that Brady and Nicole are lovers. Another tremor shakes the compound.

Tony warns the group that the tremor is a preview of things to come, for they all soon will die together for real this time. Tony turns away to work on his computer. The group huddles together to talk. Marlena blames herself for not sensing Tony’s mental status and doing something sooner but she is assured that it isn’t her fault. Bo points out that Tony doesn’t do anything without Stefano’s blessing. Hope believes that Stefano wouldn’t have gone this far and asks Abe how Stefano could do this to Lexie and Theo. Abe believes that Stefano could do this because he doesn’t want Abe to be part of the DiMera family. John says that they should believe Tony’s motive about vengeance against John. Bo says they should concentrate on getting off the island. Jack vows to Jennifer that he will do everything he can to protect her and the baby. Patrick interrupts to insist that he’ll make sure that they’re all safe. Jack takes offense at Patrick stepping in when he can protect his own wife. Patrick points out that Jack will need his help to overpower the guards. Bo interrupts and asks Patrick to leave them alone. Bo asks Jennifer and Jack to keep an eye on Patrick while they enact a plan. Jack asks to be let in on the plan and Bo pulls them aside to fill them in. Hope says she feels faint and Marlena leads her over to sit in a chair near where Bart sits with his gun. Patrick knocks Bart’s gun away and heads for the door while Roman and Abe subdue Bart. They all try to run out the door but Tony closes it with a remote before anyone can get out. Tony holds a gun on the group as he declares that there is now nowhere to go but up. Tony points the gun at each member of the group as another tremor shakes the study.

John walks up to Tony but Tony aims the gun at him. Tony orders Roman and Abe to let Bart go and they do. Bart runs over to Tony’s side and picks up his gun. Tony insists that the doors are now impenetrable. Bo and Jack try to open the door. Patrick begs them to let him help and Jennifer defends him to get Bo and Jack to let Patrick help try open the door. John tells Tony to let everyone else go since this is all about him. Hope suggests to Marlena that the only way to get to Tony is through Stefano. Marlena asks John why Stefano won’t face them or talk to them. Hope suggests that if the right person asks, Stefano might show himself.

Mimi and Rex walk out of their loft. Mimi tells Rex that he doesn’t have to give in to her craving for gelato but Rex vows to satisfy all of Mimi’s cravings. Rex kisses Mimi and jokes that he’s glad she didn’t want pickles to go with it. Mimi says she isn’t pregnant and won’t make that mistake again. Rex questions her comment but Mimi covers by claiming she asked Rex to kiss her again. Rex happily obliges with a kiss and a hug. Rex wishes their friends were as happy as they are. Mimi fears that she didn’t get through to Belle and Rex feels the same about his talk with Shawn. They are left to hope that everything will work out in the end for everyone.

Shawn returns to the living room couch to try and sleep again. Belle joins him on the couch and wakes him. Belle tells Shawn how she was thinking out on the fire escape. Belle apologizes to Shawn for fighting with him earlier. Belle notices that Shawn doesn’t look well but Shawn says he had a headache that he thinks is going away. Belle remembers that Shawn asked if he was dreaming when she woke him and asks if he was dreaming about her.

Jan uses the scissors to repeatedly tear up Philip’s dress uniform jacket as he sleeps in the bed. Philip dreams that Shawn interrupts his time in bed with Belle by vowing that he is the one who belongs with Belle. In the dream Shawn demands that Belle tell Philip that it’s over and her future is with him. Philip wakes up and rolls over, shocked at what he sees.

Tony gloats as he watches Patrick, Jack, and Bo unsuccessfully try to open the door. Bo asks Patrick to try and distract Tony. Patrick walks up and demands to talk to Tony, insisting that he didn’t sign up to commit mass murder. Tony points out that Patrick had no problem setting up the volcano to erupt. Patrick points out that back then he thought he would have time to get everyone off the island. Tony insists that it is too late. Bo fills everyone else in on how Patrick is distracting Tony. Hope suggests that Marlena appeal to Stefano directly. Marlena agrees but John and Roman are against the idea. Bo agrees with Hope. Hope suggests that Marlena try to convince Stefano that Tony has had some kind of psychotic break since Stefano has not only always loved Marlena but also always respected her as a doctor. John voices his thoughts against this idea but Marlena insists that she must try it. Roman worries that Tony won’t listen but Marlena insists that Stefano always has the last word. John worries that Stefano will ask something of Marlena.

Victor demands to know how close Brady and Nicole have gotten. Brady says that Nicole was there for him when Chloe died. Victor offers his condolences and accuses Nicole of preying on Brady’s loss. Brady defends Nicole. Victor asks if they are just friends. Brady flashes back to making love with Nicole. Brady declares to Victor that he does have feelings for Nicole.

Brady explains that they didn’t mean to fall for each other. Brady offers to bow out gracefully but Nicole objects. Brady insists that this is the only honorable thing to do under the circumstances. Brady urges Victor to start off with a clean slate in his relationship with Nicole. Nicole begins to cry.

Jan hides out on the ledge with the scissors. Philip notices his torn up uniform and rushes to the window where he asks who did this to his uniform.

Shawn admits to Belle that he still has dreams about her. Belle asks if they are good or bad and Shawn says they are good until Philip shows up. Shawn asks Belle what made her go for Philip. Belle lists Philip’s good qualities and tells Shawn that those were all the things she thought she found in him. Belle notes that Shawn is not the same man she fell in love with since he hooked up with Jan. Belle tells Shawn that she’d give anything to have that man back. Jan comes out of the bedroom and declares to Belle that she blew her chance with Shawn and should just go back to bed with Philip.

Marlena insists that she doesn’t care what Stefano may ask of her. John voices his objections again but Marlena interrupts. She still feels responsible for the situation, for she could never live with herself if she doesn’t do something that could stop this plot. John urges Marlena to be careful and promises that he’ll be right behind her as always. They kiss. Marlena walks up to the desk and tells Stefano that she needs to talk to him.

Mimi and Rex step off the elevator and they kiss. Mimi and Rex hope that Belle and Shawn worked things out while they are gone. They suddenly hear arguing coming from their loft. Mimi and Rex enter the loft and ask what is going on. Shawn tells Rex to stay out of it. Philip bursts in and accuses Shawn of cutting up his dress uniform. Philip and Shawn come close to physically fighting. Mimi notices that Jan is gloating and drags her out into the hall. Jan claims not to know what Mimi is talking about when Mimi insists that Jan won’t get away with it. Mimi pulls some material from Jan’s hair as proof that Jan cut up the uniform and wanted Shawn to be blamed. Mimi insists that she is going to tell them the truth right now.

Nicole insists that she won’t go back with Victor. Brady insists that even so, he has to do the right thing and step back. Victor still thinks lowly of Nicole and insists that he can prove it. Nicole thinks to herself that Brady can’t learn about her plan to kill Victor. Victor notices Nicole’s pale complexion and asks if she thinks it is time that Brady learned the truth.

Marlena repeats her request to talk to Stefano. When Stefano doesn’t respond, Marlena reaches out and turns the chair around to reveal the decomposed former body of Stefano. Everyone screams.

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