Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/25/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/25/04


By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Belle wakes up in bed with Philip. She slips silently out of the covers and kisses a sleeping Philip on the forehead. Belle walks over to her dresser and picks up the four-leaf clover. She flashes back to when Shawn gave it back to her. Belle wonders aloud why Shawn is acting this way. Belle turns to look at Philip and asks why won’t Shawn believe that she and Philip never made love at the Green Mountain Lodge. Belle wonders why Shawn was even at the Green Mountain Lodge.

Jan is giving Shawn a massage on the living room couch when Mimi and Rex walk in. They decide that Shawn with Jan doesn’t look right and step out into the hall. Rex points out that they can ask Jan to leave since it’s their place too. Mimi flashes back to Jan’s blackmail threat. Mimi tells Rex that Jan isn’t going to listen to her. Rex suggests that Shawn will listen to him but wonders how he can get Shawn alone. Mimi tells Rex to leave getting Shawn alone to her.

Jennifer, Jack, and baby Deveraux are sneaking among the foliage surrounding the force field. They hide from an approaching person but call him to join them when they realize that it is Victor. Victor tells them that he heard from Caroline that one of Tony’s henchmen just took Abe and Marlena away at gunpoint. Jack asks where they went but Victor says he has no idea. The island shakes and sparks fly from the force field. Jack notes that the island’s power is now disabled. They spot a henchman walking by the force field and Victor confirms that he matches the description of the henchman who took away Abe and Marlena. Jack suggests that they follow him. Jennifer doesn’t want Jack to go into the jungle alone so they decide to all go together. Jack waves a vine in between the poles of the force field to make sure it is disabled. Once sure, they head on through. The force field comes back on. Bart and a henchman make their way to the force field but decide to change direction and head after Jack, Jennifer, and Victor.

Bo undoes a grate to a holding cell and confirms that the coast is clear. He climbs through first and then helps Billie and Hope down. The island shakes again. Billie worries that they don’t have much time. Bo wants to hurry and find the others. Hope notes that John must have found the power source and disabled it. Bo picks up the scent of Cuban cigars and points it out to Hope as a sign that Stefano is around. The island shakes again.

Tony, John, Patrick, Roman, Brady and Nicole brace themselves until the tremor is over. The door to the study opens and they all enter the room. They see the back of the chair with cigar smoke coming from it. John proclaims that while he doesn’t believe it, Stefano is alive. The door opens and a henchman escorts Abe and Marlena into the study. Marlena is relieved to see John and they hug. Roman asks Abe and Marlena if they are okay and Abe demands to know what is going on. Tony proclaims to Abe and the group that Stefano wanted to bid farewell to everyone before they are sent straight to hell. Abe can’t believe it. Tony moves to the chair and announces that the phoenix has risen.

Victor, Jack, Jennifer, and the baby follow the henchman through the jungle. Victor notes that the henchman is heading back to the control center. Jennifer wonders if that is where everyone else is being held. Jack decides that they should keep following the henchmen. Bart and the other henchmen continue to follow them. Bart cocks his gun and declares that he’ll be ready for them if they decide to turn back.

Bo and Billie peek out the holding cell door. Billie asks Bo how he can be so sure that the cigar smoke is from Stefano. Bo insists that once you smell this certain cigar smoke, you never forget it. They duck back into the holding cell. Billie rolls her eyes as Bo holds Hope’s neck in his hands and tells her that once again, they’re going to be tangling with Stefano. The island shakes again. Billie declares that they have to take advantage of the generators being down to get everyone on rafts. Billie calculates that they have to be at least 30 miles away when the explosion hits or they may not make it. Another tremor hits and locks the door shut. Bo is unable to pry it open.

Marlena declares that they should have known that Tony couldn’t have concocted a plan like this on his own. Tony acts shocked that Marlena doesn’t believe he could have done this alone. Marlena tells Tony that she is grateful that he is not Stefano and tells him that he still has a choice that he doesn’t have to hurt them. Roman asks Tony why he is doing this. Marlena asks Tony if he hates them that much. John steps up and insists that Tony does hate them all, especially him. John asks how Tony could do this to Brady, his own nephew. Tony points out that he didn’t ask Brady to come down and rescue John. Abe asks Tony how he could do this to Lexie. John insists that Tony doesn’t care about the rest of his family since he has Stefano there. Abe asks why Stefano isn’t saying anything. John mentions how Colin Murphy confirmed that Stefano hired him, which surprises Marlena. John confirms that he is really alive but was taken prisoner by Tony. John asks Stefano to tell them why he is hiding behind Tony. Tony moves back in front of the group and insists that the destruction of their lives was done strictly for his own pleasure.

Mimi thanks Rex for offering to talk to Shawn. Rex asks what he is supposed to do but Mimi insists that that is between Rex and Shawn. They walk back into the loft. Mimi pushes Jan’s head up to get her attention. Jan is annoyed at being interrupted. Mimi asks that they move into their bedroom before they go any further. Shawn says that he didn’t realize anyone else was home. Mimi complains that they had to leave earlier because Shawn and Jan were making too much noise. Mimi gets a soda out of the fridge and purposefully shakes it up. Jan wants to go back to her house but Shawn wants to stay. Rex offers Shawn a chance to head to the Pub to watch a football game but Shawn declines. Jan tells Rex to get lost. Mimi opens the soda can and pretends to accidentally spill it on Jan. Jan gets angry but Shawn tells her to go take a shower while he and Rex watch the game there. Jan heads into the bathroom. Mimi tells Rex that she is going to check on Belle and leaves. Shawn begins to make small talk about the game by asking whom Rex is betting on tonight but Rex grabs the remote and insists that he is betting on Shawn and Belle.

Philip continues to sleep. Belle sits out on the fire escape and looks at the four-leaf clover. Belle pulls a picture of Marlena off her dresser and cries as she tells Marlena that she wishes she could talk to her right now. Belle asks Marlena if Shawn is right that this is all her fault. Belle looks in on Philip sleeping. Belle admits that while she felt it was the right thing to wait, she feels confused about everything. Belle asks if she has made a mistake that she’ll regret forever by sleeping with Philip.

The henchman stops and looks around before continuing on through the jungle. Victor watches the henchman through binoculars and mentions that he thinks the henchman heard the baby cry but is pretending that he didn’t. Jack and Jennifer realize that the henchman moving on while knowing that they’re there means that someone else is following them. Victor suggests that they split up but Jennifer doesn’t want to. Victor tells them not to worry about him and promises to keep track of the lead guy and to stay on the path. Jack wishes him good luck and Victor leaves. Jack worries that the tremors are a preview of things to come and leads Jennifer further into the jungle. Bart comes up behind them and declares that Tony will be thrilled since they’re walking right into his trap.

Another tremor hits. Hope curses the fact that she can’t get the door open. Billie suggests that they climb back into the vent. Another tremor hits and Hope worries about Doug and Alice. Bo gives Billie a boost and she climbs back up into the airshaft. Bo is giving Hope a boost when a henchman bursts in and orders Hope to get down. Hope reluctantly climbs down.

Tony explains that he wanted to prove to Stefano that his original goal could be fulfilled after all. Tony adds that Stefano spent his entire lifetime trying to destroy his enemies in Salem but each of them turned out to be as resilient as a cockroach. Roman asks why Tony made up a phony serial killer plot. Tony admits that he figured if he could brainwash someone as respected as Marlena, anything was possible. Tony criticizes the group for not being grateful to him for bringing them to this island with all the comforts of home. Another tremor hits and Nicole and Brady take the opportunity to run out of the study while everyone is distracted. John brings up that Colin indicated that Tony’s motive was all because of him. Tony tells John not to take all the credit but admits that even before he knew John was his brother, he hated him. Roman asks why Tony included all the other victims. Tony points out that everyone he made a victim has been a thorn in his side. Tony curses John for acting like a loyal priest and then stealing Kristen from him. Tony spits at the thought that John is Tony’s own flesh and blood. Tony yells at Stefano for deciding not to do anything to John, insisting that Tony take care of it himself. Marlena deduces that because Tony hates John, he did this to everyone John loves. Tony sarcastically tells Marlena to analyze his behavior. Marlena says that Tony set out to do the one thing Stefano could never accomplish in an attempt to gain Stefano’s approval. Tony steps in front of Stefano, whose back is still to the rest of the group, and yells at him for not letting him be the one to run the island plot, instead wanting John to do the job. Tony returns to face the group as he declares that he was able to accomplish what Stefano could never do, getting all of Stefano’s enemies under one roof and he will be the one to destroy them all. Marlena slaps Tony.

Shawn doesn’t want to talk about Belle but would rather watch the game. Rex asks Shawn why he’s with Jan but Shawn simply says that Jan isn’t Belle and Belle is the one who slept with his best friend and lied about it. Rex tries to get Shawn to remember that he still loves Belle but Shawn doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. Rex insists that Shawn listen to him as he tells him about how Belle was so worried about him while he was on the road that she couldn’t function straight. Jan begins to come out of the bathroom but stops to eavesdrop on their conversation. Shawn doesn’t believe Rex. Rex tries to make Shawn see that Belle did not turn to Philip until she found out that he was with Jan. Shawn gets angry and wants to leave but Rex makes him wait and asks when Shawn started to lean on Jan.

Belle picks up Marlena’s picture and asks her how she can still love Shawn after everything he’s said and done. She asks if the accident has caused Shawn’s behavior. Belle looks toward the heavens as she asks if she is ever going to feel better but decides that this is something she’ll have to figure out on her own. Belle picks up the four-leaf clover as she says that making love to Philip was a mistake after all. Mimi overhears her as she enters Belle’s bedroom and is shocked to learn that Belle slept with Philip.

The henchman looks around before ducking into a bunch of trees. Jack, Jennifer and the baby come up behind him and notice where the henchman slipped out of sight. They determine it to be the entrance to the compound. Jack wants to go in but Jennifer worries that something will happen to the baby. Jack insists that he’ll protect the baby and they locate the door and head in.

The guard orders Hope and Bo to get their hands up and announces his plans to take them to Tony. The guard spots Billie in the airshaft and Billie takes off through the airshaft. The guard fires a series of rounds into the airshaft. Another tremor hits that distracts the guard and Bo knocks him out. Hope calls out to Billie and Billie pokes her head back out to say that she is fine. Bo tells Billie to take the airshaft out of the compound and head to New Salem and warn everyone about the volcano. Billie confirms that she understands the plan and heads out. Hope wishes her good luck. Bo locks the guard in the cell and he and Hope head into the hallway.

Tony rubs his cheek where Marlena slapped him. Several red dots cover Marlena’s body and John realizes that the dots are targets from sharpshooters and puts his body in between them and Marlena as he warns her about them. Tony comments how lovely it would be to demonstrate the sharpshooters on Marlena. Tony turns toward Stefano as he points out that John turned out to be their greatest enemy. Tony confirms that Colin was right that Tony wanted to take away everything that John held dear. Another tremor hits. Tony admits that having John, Bo, and Hope etc there wasn’t part of his plan. Tony turns to Stefano as he tells him that he is leaving him behind. Tony vows not to stop until he achieves dominion over the whole world. Tony moves away from the group. John, Roman, Abe, and Marlena huddle and talk in whispers. Marlena wonders why Stefano isn’t saying anything. Abe suggests that Stefano isn’t saying anything because his plan is working but John says that that isn’t like Stefano. Roman suggests that Stefano doesn’t want to humiliate Tony by saying anything in front of them. Marlena suggests that they appeal to Stefano and hope that he’ll talk Tony out of killing them all.

Mimi joins Belle on the fire escape. Belle tells Mimi about running into Shawn up on the roof. Mimi offers her condolences. Belle worries that no matter what she does, it’ll be unfair to Philip. Belle insists that she is trying so hard to find closure. Belle tells Mimi about how wonderful sleeping with Philip was but there was something missing. Mimi asks if it was because Belle doesn’t love Philip and Belle says she doesn’t and Philip will never be Shawn.

Jan continues to eavesdrop on Shawn and Rex. Shawn says that he can’t remember exactly when he ran into Jan. Rex tries to convince Shawn that he shouldn’t be so hard on Belle since he did move on with Jan. Shawn agrees and decides that he should go apologize to Belle. Jan, thinking to herself, apologizes to Shawn and insists that she can’t let that happen.

Nicole finds an empty cell and decides to duck in and rest. Victor walks in and greets her. Nicole tries to convince Victor that she was hoping to find him. Victor asks why his murderous wife would want to find him. Nicole insists that she’s not a murderer but Victor points out that it was only fate that kept her from succeeding in those murders. Victor accuses Nicole of setting up Jan to kill him and vows that she will now have to pay for it.

Mimi tells Belle not to be so hard on herself for some part must have loved him or she wouldn’t have gone to bed with him. Belle admits that she loves Philip has a friend and had hoped that that would be enough. Belle sighs and asks Mimi what if she can never get over Shawn and find true love again. Mimi and Belle hug.

Shawn tells Rex that he can’t go over to Belle’s loft because Philip is there. Rex doesn’t think that that should matter but Shawn tells him about how Belle and Philip just had sex. Shawn repeats Belle’s insistence that it was their first time but adds that he doesn’t believe her. Rex tries to say something but Shawn interrupts him. Shawn blames Philip for turning Belle into a slut and a liar. Shawn blames Belle for forcing him into Jan’s arms and vows that as long as Philip is in Belle’s life he will never apologize. Jan gloats.

Victor shuts the door to the cell. Brady comes around the corner looking for Nicole. Victor vows that Nicole is nothing but a murdering slut that needs to be stopped. Nicole tells Victor about seeing Colin alive and begs Victor to consider them even. Victor refuses. Nicole tries to convince Victor that the police won’t believe him. Victor grabs Nicole and tells her that he told Caroline that he planned to take Nicole’s punishment in his own hands. Victor pushes Nicole up against the closed door and wraps his hands around her throat.

Billie makes it out of the compound. She heads for New Salem but another tremor hits and causes a tree to fall on her.

Hope and Bo turn the corner and run into Jack, Jennifer, and the baby. Jennifer asks if they’ve seen Victor. Another tremor hits. Patrick comes out of the study and urges them to get off the island. Jennifer has a hard time believing Bo when he says that Patrick works for Tony. Patrick continues to urge them to get off the island. Hope tells Jack to get Jennifer and the baby back to New Salem and then to get everyone to the docks. Jennifer and Jack turn to leave and Patrick turns to go as well. Bo orders Patrick to stay so he can’t tell Tony what they plan to do. Bart walks up, fully armed, and announces that none of them are going anywhere until they say hello to Tony and Stefano.

Marlena tries to get Tony to face his own delusions. John vows that Tony has reached the end of the line. Tony admits that he’s met with some of the most powerful criminal minds in the world. Tony flashes back to serving a drink to someone with a white cat in their lap. Tony proclaims that he won’t stop until he has it all. Tony laughs eerily as he walks away from the group. Marlena declares that Tony is insane and it’s obvious that Stefano isn’t going to stop him. Marlena proclaims that they are all doomed.

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