Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/22/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/22/04

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Belle, in her bathrobe and freshly showered, paces alone on the roof of her building. She flashes back to making love with Philip. Belle closes her robe tight around her and runs her hand over the initials of past couples carved into the wall. Shawn comes out onto the roof.

Kate paces around her hotel room, waiting on Brandon’s call. Kate flashes back to her call with Brandon about coming back to Salem. Kate tries to think of a way to keep Brandon in Salem long enough to break up Sami and Lucas’ wedding.

Lucas and Sami finish making love again. They joke about how many times they’ve made love tonight. Lucas tells Sami that it is because they are so honest and open with each other that allows them to have such great sex. They begin to make love again. Sami sees Brandon in Lucas’ place who tells her that Lucas has no idea that he’s the one she really wants to be with. Sami begins to make love with Brandon.

Nicole and Patrick, carrying Colin, join Brady, Roman, and John. Nicole tells them about Patrick programming the computer to blow up the volcano. Nicole shows off that Patrick is carrying Colin and tells them to check his pulse to see that he isn’t dead. Roman and John take Colin and sit him against the wall where Colin begins to wake up. They look him over and John asks where he was found. Patrick says he found Colin in an empty cell. John determines that Colin was who they heard being tortured. Roman doesn’t believe Patrick when he says that he wasn’t the torturer. The corridor shakes and dust falls from the ceiling. Colin mutters that the DiMeras will stop at nothing. Roman asks for a canteen of water for Colin and Brady and Nicole rush off to find one. John asks Patrick about his computer work. John grabs Patrick’s shirt and demands that he stop the volcano. Patrick says that he can’t and orders John et al to leave now so they’ll make it out.

Tony lays out all the pictures of Stefano’s enemies in front of him on the desk. Tony tells Stefano that he didn’t want the enemies to meet their maker without seeing Stefano first.

Jan paces the fire escape. She flashes back making love with Shawn. Jan worries that Shawn has run back to Belle. Jan sneaks up to Belle’s bedroom window to peek in and see if Belle is in bed with Philip. Jan only sees Philip asleep in the bed and curses Belle.

Belle asks if Shawn couldn’t sleep. Shawn says he came up for some fresh air. Belle reminds him how they always used to come up to the roof. Belle tells Shawn that their initials shouldn’t be carved into the door because the other couples remained true and how she always thought they’d end up together forever. Shawn asks Belle if she showered to get rid of the smell of Philip. Belle tells Shawn it isn’t any of his business but Shawn persists, claiming he heard them. Belle tells Shawn that she heard him and Jan as well and criticizes him for choosing Jan over her. Shawn can’t understand how Belle was able to sleep with Philip so quickly after holding out with him for so long. Belle points out that Shawn was the one who wanted to wait. Belle insists that tonight was the first time for her and Philip but Shawn still believes that she is lying.

Tony pours drinks for him and Stefano as he gloats about how all of their enemies are under one roof and under their thumbs. He sighs in content at the thought of how once the captives figure things out; it’ll be too late.

Brady and Nicole happen upon a supply closet stocked with bottled water. Brady admits to Nicole that she was telling the truth all along about not killing Colin. Nicole is happy that Victor can no longer frame her for Colin’s murder and they can now be together. Nicole kisses Brady. The compound shakes and the lights flicker. They grab the water bottles and some first aid supplies and head back to John, Roman, Patrick, and Colin. Roman gives Colin a sip of water and Colin starts to pass out again. Nicole brings him back with some smelling salts. Roman asks Colin to tell them what he knows and Colin agrees to tell them everything.

Sami pushes Brandon off of her and asks herself what she is doing. Sami jolts upright in bed, her time with Brandon having been only a dream. Sami gets out of bed and decides to watch TV in the living room. The TV announcer advertises a psychic friend and Sami decides to call. Sami is about to say her name but the psychic uses the caller ID to read her name. Sami believes that “Miss Wendy” is really psychic. Sami begins to tell the psychic about her nightmares and the psychic asks for a credit card. Sami reaches for her purse to get her credit card.

Kate impatiently waits for Brandon’s phone call. Eugenia returns with a bag of take out food. Eugenia asks about Brandon and worries that Brandon will turn her down. The phone rings and Kate answers it. It is Brandon who apologizes for taking so long to call back. Kate repeats her request for Brandon to come back to Salem. Brandon says that that is what he wants to talk about and Kate sees that as a sign that Brandon has agreed to come back.

Jan has let herself into Belle’s loft while Philip still sleeps. Jan tells Philip that he is needed to keep Belle preoccupied. Jan turns to leave but Philip grabs her and kisses her, believing her to be Belle. Jan pulls away from him and tries to rush out the window but Philip fully wakes up and realizes who she is before she can leave. Jan explains that she woke up and found Shawn gone and wanted to make sure that he wasn’t up here with Belle. Philip calls out for Belle with no answer. Jan asks about a place where Shawn and Belle usually meet and Philip remembers that they used to go to the roof. Jan tosses Philip his shorts and tells him to get dressed, admiring his figure as he slips his pants on. Philip turns toward the hallway but Jan stops him and insists that they head for the roof via the fire escape.

Belle tells Shawn that he is the one treating everyone badly and asks why he is accusing her of things that never happened. Belle insists again that this is the first time that she and Philip ever made love. Shawn flashes back to seeing Belle and Philip at the Green Mountain Lodge and accuses Belle of lying. Shawn insists that he saw them together. Belle feels like she doesn’t even know Shawn anymore. Belle asks what happened to them but Shawn insists that they are no longer a couple. Belle reminds Shawn of the wonderful times they shared on the roof. Belle flashes back to when she gave him a four-leaf clover. Belle turns to go back inside but Shawn asks her to wait.

Tony helps himself to a cigar and calls it a ritual to mark the transfer of power. Tony asks Stefano is he is truly about to retire when the room shakes.

Colin tells everyone that he woke up on the island and found New Salem being recreated in the middle of the jungle. Roman confirms that most of them had the same experience. Colin deduces that Tony must have ordered this place to be built before he ever returned to Salem. Brady asks why Tony would go to all this trouble. Colin guesses that it was to destroy the person he hates most. John realizes that that would be him because he stole Kristen away from Tony. Roman asks Colin how he got involved. Colin explains how Stefano hired him to treat Tony’s rare blood disorder. Colin goes on to tell how Tony needed someone at University hospital to make it appear that the Salem Stalker really killed the victims so he tried to blackmail him. Roman remembers that Colin “died” long before the first murder and Colin points out that this was planned years in advance. Colin says that he refused Tony’s offer of five million dollars so Tony bribed other doctors. Roman can’t believe that Colin didn’t have anything to do with this plan. Colin admits that he had another get rich quick scheme involving the same amount of money, only no one would get hurt. Nicole curses Colin and claims that he almost ruined her life. Colin looks Nicole over and declares that she appears to have bounced back well. Nicole grabs Colin’s neck and tries to choke him. Roman and Brady try to pull Nicole off of Colin.

Sami tells the psychic that she loves Lucas and they are getting married soon but she’s having dreams about her ex-boyfriends. The psychic asks how many lovers Sami has had but Sami questions whether the psychic should already know that. The psychic pretends to check her tarot cards but simply picks up the first playing card, which happened to be the three of hearts. Sami is surprised that the psychic knew the right number of lovers. Sami tells the psychic about why she didn’t marry Austin and Brandon. The psychic guesses correctly that the father of Will is the man she plans to marry. Sami asks about her future with Lucas. The psychic tells Sami that neither of them have much of a future at all.

Eugenia enjoys the take out food. Kate grows more impatient as Brandon puts her on hold to take another call. Kate sugarcoats her comments to Brandon about all the great work he is doing with refugee children and how honored Basic Black would be to help out. Brandon tells Kate that he doesn’t think he can come back to Salem.

Shawn flashes back again to seeing Belle and Philip at the Green Mountain Lodge. Belle flashes back to seeing Jan and Shawn at Alice’s. Shawn tries to give Belle back her four-leaf clover but Belle insists that he doesn’t have to give it back. Shawn believes it to be cursed instead of bringing them good luck. Shawn tosses it to the ground. Belle accuses Shawn of never really loving her but Shawn insists that he did love her and it was Belle who threw it all away. Belle grabs Shawn’s arm and points out that he still has Jan’s lipstick all over him. Shawn writhes his arm free and falls back against the wall. Belle asks if he is okay and Shawn declares that he remembers everything.

Tony apologizes and returns the cigar. Tony offers to round everyone up and present him or her to Stefano.

Nicole is pulled off of Colin. Roman checks on Colin and then asks him to continue telling what he knows. Colin mentions how Tony spared no expense and offers to give names of the police officers under Tony’s employment if they get him out safely. John notes that they can escape now that the generator has been disabled. Roman notes that the tides won’t be there so they can use the boats. Colin urges them to hurry before Tony finds out that they’re gone. John and Roman help carry Colin out into the hallway. Roman orders Patrick to come out and join them so he can show them the way out. Tony and a guard turn the corner and greet them. John insists that they are leaving and there is no way Tony can stop them. Tony says that they can check out at any time but they can never leave.

Sami desperately seeks answers from the phone psychic. The psychic uses a magic eight ball and pretends that she can’t get a clear reading and it would cost more to consult a spirit guide. Sami tells the psychic to go ahead and charge her credit card again. The psychic uses a small bell and claims that the spirit guide told her that Sami still has feelings for Brandon. Sami admits that but feels that that doesn’t mean that she should dump Lucas. The psychic pretends to ask the spirit guide if Sami should dump Lucas and claims the spirit guide said that she should. Sami refuses to back out of the wedding. The psychic claims that the spirit guide said that if Sami knows her own heart, no one could stand in her way. Sami points out that the spirit guard has never heard of Kate.

Kate urges Brandon to reconsider. Brandon offers to send Kate some material on his project and have Kate talk to the board. When Kate finds out that Brandon is currently in Chicago, she urges him to come since he is already so close. Brandon says that he is meeting with another corporate foundation. Kate promises again to keep Sami away from him but Brandon insists that this has nothing to do with Sami. Kate offers to reimburse Brandon for a car rental to drive down to Salem. Brandon insists that while he wanted to come and visit his family, his schedule is too tight to even do that. Kate begs him to cancel something. Brandon refuses the offer again, pointing out that even Lexie is taking the time to come to him so he can visit with Theo before he has to leave again. Kate offers to come to Chicago. Brandon senses Kate’s desperation and asks if she has another motive. Kate admits that she has another motive and decides that it’s time to tell Brandon the truth.

Shawn tells Belle that he remembers Belle and Philip at Green Mountain Lodge together. Philip and Jan arrive on the roof. Philip overhears him and accuses Shawn of spying on them. Shawn feels that this proves that Belle and Philip slept together before tonight. Shawn orders Belle and Philip to stay away from him. Belle turns to Philip for comfort. Jan pulls Shawn close and tells her that Belle isn’t worth wasting his breath on.

The phone psychic tells Sami that her spirit guide thinks Kate is a bitch. The psychic declares that they have solved the riddle of her dreams and promises that the charges will appear on her next statement. Sami believes it to be worth every penny and ends the call. Sami feels that if she keeps Kate from making her feel insecure, she won’t have any more bad dreams.

Kate tells Brandon that she wants to help fund his program because she wants to repay Faye for helping her when she ended her relationship with Victor. Brandon buys the story and gives Kate the name of his hotel. Kate thanks Brandon and ends the call. Eugenia thinks of a way to magically change Lexie’s schedule at the hospital to keep her from being able to bring Theo to visit Brandon. They savor the taste of their egg rolls.

Tony orders a guard to take Colin away to be cleaned up. Nicole wants to know where Colin is being sent but Brady tells her to be quiet. Tony commends Patrick for starting the countdown. John offers himself up if Tony will let everyone else go. Tony refutes the offer, insisting that he’s already sent for everyone else in New Salem. Tony pushes open the door to the study and explains that he has someone who wants to see them. John, Roman, Patrick, Brady, and Nicole are ushered into the study where they see someone sitting at the desk with their back turned toward them. John realizes that it is Stefano.

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