Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/21/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/21/04

By Danielle
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Belle and Philip are making love when Belle suddenly stops. Philip asks what is wrong and Belle admits that she wants to stop.

Shawn and Jan are making love in Shawn’s room. Shawn flashes back to seeing Philip and Belle in bed. Jan exclaims that this is worth waiting for which makes Shawn question Jan’s earlier claim that they had been sleeping together for months.

Tony walks into the corridor checking things in his PDA. Bart comes running up and warns Tony that John, Bo, Billie, Hope, and Brady are no longer in their cells. Bart is surprised at Tony’s calm reaction. Tony insists that he doesn’t care that they are gone but to rest assured that they won’t get out before the volcano erupts.

Patrick advises Nicole to get out while she can, as that is what he plans to do. Nicole says she has to do something before she goes and warns that John and Brady will find a way to stop the volcano from erupting. Patrick insists that once the program is complete, there is nothing that can stop the volcano from erupting.

John stops Brady from walking into the generator room. Brady is impatient and wants to go in despite the security measures. John picks up a chair and throws it into the room. The chair is instantly incinerated. Another tremor shakes the compound.

Bo insists on coming down after Billie. Hope and Billie refuse to let Bo risk his life. Billie refuses to let Bo die with her. Billie urges Hope and Bo to save themselves. Billie says a heartfelt goodbye and allows her hands to slip down from the edge. Hope offers her condolences to Bo but Bo decides he has to try and save Billie as he jumps down into the hole. Hope yells after him to stop.

Bart, a nervous wreck, tells Tony that he admires his calm demeanor under the circumstances. Tony tells Bart not to worry for everything is going according to plan. Bart smells cigar smoke and realizes that it is coming from the study. Tony confirms that he isn’t the one who smokes cigars and tells Bart that he knows who is in the study. Bart suddenly realizes who is in the study.

Nicole tries to keep Patrick from finishing the program but Patrick pushes her away from the keys and proclaims that it is done. Nicole asks how much time they have left and Patrick tells her they only have enough time to get off the rock. Patrick tells Nicole to leave with him but Nicole insists on staying and finding Colin. Patrick tries to convince her that that is a mistake but Nicole demands to know where to find Colin.

Brady can’t wait to go in to the generator room. John urges him to be patient while he thinks. A guard comes up behind them and orders them to put up their hands. John tells Brady to do as the guard says. The guard repeats his order and John and Brady oblige the order.

Hope calls out to Bo. She leans against the wall of the airshaft and sobs.

Philip apologizes to Belle and asks if he was hurting her. Belle assures him that he wasn’t. Philip fears that Belle has changed her mind and doesn’t want to make love after all. Philip flashes back to his earlier speech about not sitting around and wait while Belle pines after Shawn. Philip sits up in bed and announces that he can’t take this anymore. Philip starts to get out of bed as he says goodbye to Belle but Belle grabs his arm and asks him to stay and make love to her.

Jan covers by telling Shawn that he is the best lover she’s ever had. Shawn grabs Jan’s hands off of him and calls Jan a liar, claiming that he doesn’t remember making love because they never did. Jan claims that Shawn simply can’t remember everything because of his accident. Jan asks Shawn if he remembers being in bed with her. Shawn flashes back to lying in bed and seeing Jan dance in front of him in skimpy clothing. Shawn admits that he does remember being in bed together. Shawn asks again why Jan said that this was worth waiting for. Jan explains that she was ready to make love with him in the hospital room. Jan undoes Shawn’s belt and pushes him onto the bed. Shawn decides to buy that excuse as Jan starts to kiss down his chest. Shawn flashes back to Jan doing the same at the country house. Shawn stops Jan and tells her that he remembers everything.

Patrick wants to know why Nicole is so insistent on finding Colin. Nicole repeats that people think she murdered him and finding him alive is a way to prove her innocence. A tremor rocks the control room and Patrick works on the computer. Nicole uses the chance to grab her bag and head out of the control room.

Bart remembers that the smell is from a specific type of rare Cuban cigar that only Stefano smoked. Bart asks Tony why Stefano is there when the island is about to blow. Tony points out that the whole scenario is about destroying Stefano’s enemies and he didn’t want Stefano to miss out on the excitement.

The guard orders John and Brady to lock their hands behind their head and start marching. A tremor rocks the compound and Brady and John use the distraction to knock out the guard. John steals the guard’s gun and shoots up the machines in the generator room until the power to the compound completely shuts down. Brady worries that it’s too dark to see a way out. John points out that the emergency lights will come on soon. They do shortly after that and Brady and John head out.

Hope is wiping away the tears when another tremor hits. She looks down into the pit one last time before leaving the area. Billie and Bo survived and climb back up to the ledge. Bo calls out to Hope to throw them down something to climb up on but there is no answer. Billie criticizes Bo for coming to look for her. Bo insists that Hope heard him and will bring back something to help. Bo continues to call out to Hope.

Jan asks Shawn what he remembers. Shawn flashes back through the series of sexy outfits that Jan wore while at the country house. Shawn says he remembers being handcuffed to the bed and her wearing many sexy outfits. Jan begins to explain her actions but stops when Shawn adds that he wishes he remembered more because they must have had a pretty good time. Shawn asks Jan to tell him about it and Jan tells him about a game they loved to play. Jan continues to use baseball references as they make love.

Belle explains that she only said to stop because she thought they were going too fast. Belle insists that she is sure that she wants to be with Philip. Belle apologizes for admitting that she thought her first time would be with Shawn but Philip insists he understands. Belle fears that she will disappoint Philip since she doesn’t have any experience but Philip says he likes her innocence. Philip tells Belle not to worry about him but to just feel it for once that feeling is right, it is the most wonderful, magical thing two people can do. They kiss.

Nicole finds Colin but he is unconscious. She tries to wake him up so she can get him out of the compound. Patrick arrives and warns Nicole to forget about Colin and save herself. Nicole refuses to leave the only chance to redeem herself. Patrick feels that none of them can be redeemed for the bad things they’ve done. Nicole admits that she regrets the bad things she’s done in her life but finding Colin is a way to undo one of those regrets. Patrick asks Nicole to consider what would happen if she doesn’t make it off the island. Nicole insists on getting Colin out with or without Patrick’s help.

Roman is checking the rest of the cells when they run into Brady and John in the corridor. Roman is surprised to see Brady. Roman explains that his cell door sprung open when the power went out. Roman asks about Bo, Hope, and Billie and John fills him in. Brady warns that they have to find them and get off the island before it blows up. John fills Roman in on Tony’s plan.

Bart stresses over the generator being shut down but Tony remains calm. Tony declares that shutting down the generator doesn’t stop the volcano from erupting. Bart still can’t believe that Stefano is on the island. He wants to go in the study and reunite with Stefano but Tony stops him. Tony tells Bart that he has an important mission for Bart to carry out as another tremor shakes the compound.

Bo and Billie continue to hang from the edge. Billie lets go with one hand to check her pocket for the disc. Bo urges Billie to keep both hands on the ledge. Billie wants to know where Hope is and Bo begins to worry what it will happen if Hope doesn’t come back soon. Hope returns with the rope that was used to tie her and Billie up. Hope tosses it down and Bo uses it to pull himself up with the promise that he’ll turn around to pull Billie up. Bo begins to pull Billie up but Billie slips, barely hanging on to Bo’s arm.

Philip and Belle make love. Shawn and Jan are making love. Shawn fantasizes that it is Belle in Jan’s place as he tells her he loves her. Jan thinks Shawn is talking to her. Philip and Belle finish making love and continue to kiss. Shawn and Jan finish making love. Shawn collapses onto the bed and Jan climbs up to lay on top of him.

Philip asks Belle if it was okay and Belle assures him that it was wonderful and that he was right about going with her feelings. Philip assures Belle that he wouldn’t have made love to her if he didn’t love her. Philip reminds Belle that there’s no going back now and Belle assures him that she only wants to go forward with him. They kiss.

Jan wants to make love again but Shawn wants to take a break. They kiss and Shawn tells Jan that he loves her but calls her Belle.

Billie is able to climb up using Bo as a human ladder. She holds on as Bo pulls them both up with the rope. Hope grabs Bo in a grateful hug but then smacks his arm for risking his life. Hope tells them that she didn’t see anyone else but is sure that they wouldn’t leave without them. Hope wraps her arms around Bo as Bo assures Hope that he’ll always come back to her. Hope warns that if Bo keeps this up, one day he won’t come back. Bo promises that that won’t happen and they kiss. Hope glaringly looks at Billie as she’s kissing Bo.

Roman wants to split up and search for the others but John wants to stay together and escape as a group. They start to argue. Brady interrupts to say he’s going to look for Nicole which sparks an argument between John and Brady on whether Brady should waste time going for Nicole. Nicole rushes up, relieved to see Brady, and is closely followed behind by Patrick who is carrying an unconscious Colin over his shoulders. Nicole tells them about Patrick programming the computer. Roman lashes out at Patrick but John holds him back. Brady interrupts to ask whom Patrick is holding. Nicole holds up Colin’s head and tells them who he is and to check his pulse to see that he is not dead.

Tony walks into the study and gloats to Stefano, (who isn’t shown), about how everything is going according to plan and how all of Stefano’s enemies are going to be here to see him.

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