Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/20/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/20/04

By Danielle
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Belle pauses in her attempt to come on to Philip. Philip waits and makes sure that making love is what Belle really wants. She assures him that this is what she wants and they begin to make love.

Jan places Shawn’s hands on her and asks if he is ready to play. Shawn says no and Jan climbs off of him. Shawn tells Jan that he doesn’t remember actually making love with Jan and suggests that Belle was right in saying that everything Jan has been telling him is a lie.

Patrick checks on all the machines in the control room. Bart walks in. Patrick asks about Tony and Bart says that Tony is checking on last minute details. Bart asks Patrick if they will have enough time to get away before the island blows up. Patrick says he hopes so which doesn’t sit well with Bart.

Nicole is shocked that Victor is alive. John notes that Nicole doesn’t seem happy about the news. Nicole insists that she is thrilled but John claims that she is only happy because she beat a murder rap. Nicole brings up how she was with Brady and couldn’t have tried to kill Victor. Brady defends Nicole and asks why Victor is on the island since he wasn’t a victim of the serial killer. Hope reminds them that they never thought Victor was a victim but then adds that Marlena never really killed anyone. John is upset that Brady is taking Nicole’s side but Brady says he is just giving Nicole the benefit of the doubt. Hope points out that Victor saw who electrocuted him so he’d be able to say for sure who tried to murder him. Hope pulls John aside to tell him that they can’t waste any more time. John wants to find the power source and shut it down first. Hope tells John to go with Brady and Nicole and do that while she goes to find Bo.

Bo and Billie are climbing through the airshaft. Bo notes how hot it is getting in the airshaft. Billie tells Bo about how this island is built on an active volcano. They decide to hurry up and get out before the place erupts. Billie falls down into a fiery pit.

Bart is growing anxious. He criticizes Patrick for scaring him. Patrick insists he is solely doing the job Tony paid him to do. Bart accepts that their job is not to ask why. Patrick refers to their jobs as “to do and die.” Bart wants to change that to “do or die” so that they can keep their options open.

John asks Hope how long she thinks they have before Tony blows up the island since she was the one who overheard Tony’s plan. Hope says she got the impression that it was only a few hours or even less. John is now more determined to find the generator and shut it down. Hope tells John to go do that as she plans to go find everyone else including Patrick. John warns Hope to forget about Patrick. Hope admits that she really thought Patrick was on their side and lists all the things Patrick did to help them. Nicole adds her agreement that they should forget about Patrick. John wants to not waste time and head for the generator. Hope wants to go off by herself and look for Bo but John stops her. Hope points out that they can’t shut the generator off and find everyone else unless they split up. Brady agrees with Hope. John reluctantly agrees and sends Hope off to look for Bo with a warning that if she doesn’t meet them at the Brady Pub at 2300 hours, they’ll be forced to leave without her. Hope agrees and leaves. John and Brady head off to find the generator and Brady tells Nicole to stay close. She assures them that she plans to and they leave, expecting her to be close behind. Nicole apologizes to them as she insists that she has to find Colin instead and clear her name of murder.

Billie hangs on the edge of the wall, her feet dangling over the fiery pit below. Bo tries to have Billie reach for his hand but she can’t. Bo asks if Billie can climb it but Billie says it is too slippery. Bo wants to come down to get her but Billie says it is too dangerous. Bo repeats his desire to come down but Billie says that there is something she has to do first.

Jan tells Shawn that Belle is the one who is lying. Shawn doesn’t believe that Belle has been lying about sleeping with Philip. Jan asks Shawn if he suddenly doesn’t believe her because Belle has made her out to be the bad girl. Shawn tells Jan that it doesn’t make sense that Belle would lie to him about sleeping with Philip. Shawn points out that if Belle were in love with Philip, she wouldn’t care what Shawn thought. Shawn wishes that he could remember more. Shawn vows to find out what is really going on. Jan tells Shawn that Belle is only acting like this because she doesn’t want Shawn to be with Jan. Jan says that Shawn is an idiot if he falls for Belle’s tricks. Shawn gets upset at being called an idiot. Jan apologizes but insists that Shawn can’t go back to Belle. Shawn points out that he didn’t say that he was going to get back with Belle. Jan tells Shawn that he can’t. Shawn tells Jan that she can’t tell him what to do. Jan claims that she is only trying to protect him and all Belle wants to do is hurt him.

Belle and Philip continue to make love on the couch. Philip reminds Belle to tell him if she wants him to stop. Belle says that if she does want to be with Philip, it means that she’s finally accepted that it is over with Shawn. Belle admits that she fears that she is just using Philip because Shawn hurt her so badly. Philip tries to convince Belle that what Shawn did to her wasn’t her fault. Philip tries to convince Belle that she is having a hard time making love to Philip because of Shawn. Belle admits that being with Shawn is how she pictured her future. Philip tells Belle that he can’t imagine how Shawn was able to treat her so harshly. Belle lays her head on Philip’s chest as she sobs. Philip asks Belle to let him love her like she deserves to be loved.

Bart asks Patrick how long they have until the island blows up. Bart goes on about what the explosion will be like which tries Patrick’s patience. Patrick yells at Bart to be quiet so he can concentrate on the calculations. Bart apologizes and mentions that he is going to go pack but starts to ramble about his comic books. Patrick yells at Bart and orders him out of the control room. Bart leaves. Patrick notices that something is going wrong as the control room begins to shake.

John and Brady feel the rumble in the airshaft. Brady notices that Nicole is no longer with them and calls out to her. When Nicole doesn’t answer, Brady wants to go look for her. John grabs Brady’s arm to stop him. Brady curses Nicole when he realizes that she left them a long time ago. Brady fears that Nicole was hallucinating when she saw Colin. John points out that Nicole is probably going to run into Bo, Hope and Billie. John notes how hot it is getting and wants to go shut down the power source and then come back for Nicole. Brady agrees and follows John through the airshaft.

Nicole worries that she’ll get caught in the airshaft during another earthquake. She curses herself for sweating. Nicole comes across the vent to the control room and sees Patrick. Nicole wonders who Patrick is and what he is doing. She tries to lean closer to see what is going on but slips against the wall. Patrick hears the noise and grabs his gun. He aims it at the vent and demands to know who is there.

Bo and Billie feel another earthquake. Billie wants to give Bo the CD-ROM in case she dies. Bo asks what kind of files they are but Billie says that she doesn’t know what the files say but she downloaded everything she could. Billie tells Bo to take the CD-ROM to the ISA so that she can die knowing that her mission was completed. Bo agrees and tells Billie to toss the disc up to him. Bo tries to grab it but it slips back down to Billie. Bo tells Billie not to try it again for he is going to climb down and bring her back up. Hope arrives and yells at Bo not to do it.

Shawn insists that Belle can’t hurt him anymore than she already has. Jan tries to convince Shawn that Belle is trying to convince him that she is still an unspoiled virgin to break them up. Shawn feels that Belle can’t be trying to break them up because she didn’t know they were together when she was with Philip or that they saw them together. Jan claims that Belle is playing on the fact that Shawn was injured and can’t remember everything. Jan reminds Shawn what he saw at the Green Mountain Lodge. Shawn points out that it looked like they were making love but he never truly saw them make love. Jan calls Shawn an idiot again for believing that. Shawn is angry that Jan called him an idiot. Jan tells Shawn that he isn’t an idiot, but a very smart guy who won’t fall for Belle’s attempt at revenge for dumping her.

Belle tells Philip that she thought she was ready and fears disappointing him again. Philip promises that no matter what, he’ll be her friend. Belle fears that she is asking too much and is partly nervous. Philip tells Belle that he loves her and wants her but it’s too hard to simply hold her. Philip tells Belle that he can’t sit around and wait while Belle pines over Shawn. Belle agrees that it isn’t fair to make Philip wait. Philip assures Belle that he isn’t trying to pressure her. Belle says she wanted her first time to be with the man whom she would love forever. Belle feels that being with Philip is right and asks him to make love to her. They kiss and Philip carries Belle upstairs.

Patrick orders Nicole to come down out of the airshaft. Nicole drops down and Patrick puts his gun away. Nicole asks who he is and Patrick introduces himself. Nicole begins to introduce herself but Patrick stops her, saying that he knows who she is. Patrick returns to working on the computer. Nicole asks what he is doing but Patrick won’t tell her. Nicole says she wants to find Colin and will then leave. Patrick asks why Nicole wants to find Colin but Nicole refuses to tell him. Patrick tells Nicole to leave so he can finish his work for Tony. Nicole says that she’ll work for Tony too if he’ll help her find Colin and get out of here. Patrick asks again why Nicole is so desperate to find Colin. Nicole asks if Patrick will help her if she tells him. Patrick asks what is in it for him. Nicole begins to caress Patrick, promising to make it worth his while.

John and Brady reach a vent and spot a guard in the hallway. John signals to Brady to take off his bag and get ready to go in. John kicks in the grate and Brady tumbles out to serve as a diversion to the guard. John jumps down behind the guard and knocks him out. Together, they drag the guard into another room. Brady keeps a lookout while John steals the guard’s keys. Brady retrieves his bag as John unlocks the door to the generator room. Brady is ready to run right in and shut off the power but John stops him, warning that it can’t be this easy.

Hope asks Bo not to go after Billie. Bo insists that he can’t just leave Billie to die and asks Hope if she really hates Billie that much. Hope says she doesn’t but begs Bo to think of their sons and save himself since there is no way to save Billie. Billie tries to convince Bo not to come after her for he won’t be able to climb back up. Bo insists on trying anyway. Hope reminds Bo that he promised that he wouldn’t risk his life to save Billie again. Bo insists that he has no choice. Billie insists that Bo does have a choice and she is going to make it easy for him.

Philip puts Belle down when he reaches her bedroom. They continue to kiss. Philip asks if Belle is really sure. Belle answers by kissing Philip again. Philip reminds Belle that there is no going back. Belle points out that she waited so long so she could keep her vows to Shawn but Shawn broke them when he slept with Jan. Belle tells Philip that she wants to return his love. Philip tells Belle that he wants to make her first time as romantic and special as she dreamed it would be. Belle sees Shawn standing in Philip’s place for a brief moment. They kiss again. Philip dims the lights, lights a candle and turns on romantic music. Belle notes that Philip has made love before but Philip assures her that while he has been with other women, he’s never been with anyone like Belle. Philip joins Belle on the bed and they begin to make love again.

Shawn insists that Belle doesn’t care about revenge but is more forgiving than she should be. Jan tries to convince Shawn that he is the first thing she couldn’t get. Jan pretends that she fears that Belle will try to hurt her. Jan tries to convince Shawn not to talk to Belle but Shawn plans to use the fire escape to go over to Belle’s bedroom and talk to her in an attempt to find out if she really slept with Philip. Shawn climbs through his window out onto the fire escape.

Jan follows Shawn to Belle’s bedroom window where they see Philip and Belle in bed. Shawn admits to a surprised Jan that she was right. Philip assures Belle that she will be safe and Belle thanks him for taking good care of her. Shawn wants to leave and drags Jan back to his loft. Philip vows to Belle that he would never hurt her.

Shawn and Jan climb back into Shawn’s bedroom. Shawn yanks off his shirt and is ready to make love with Jan. Jan stops him long enough to grab a condom before letting him throw her down on the bed. Jan silently thanks Belle for helping make Shawn hers forever.

John and Brady can feel another earthquake. Brady asks if they are out of danger once they shut down the generator. John notes that the floor is covered in metal plates, which signals pressure sensitive alarms and that there are booby-traps on the triggering mechanism. John flips a switch to reveal a series of lasers across the room.

Nicole uses the tremor to throw herself against Patrick, offering to give him anything he wants if he helps her. Patrick pushes Nicole off his lap and asks again why finding Colin is so important. Nicole reluctantly tells Patrick about how she is suspected of killing Colin and Victor. She asks for Patrick’s help but Patrick says he can’t. Nicole asks what Patrick is doing for Tony and Patrick admits that he is programming the computer to tell the volcano to erupt and destroy the island. Patrick warns that there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Bo tries to veto Billie’s choice. Hope refuses to let Bo go after Billie and Billie agrees. Billie insists that she is going to die and can’t let Bo die with her. Billie tells Bo and Hope to love each other forever and raise their boys to be strong. Billie mouths to Bo that she loves him and lets her grip slip from the wall.

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