Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/19/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/19/04

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Mimi flashes back to Jan coming close to telling Rex about her abortion. Mimi turns off the music. Philip notices that Belle and Shawn are arguing and walks over to them. Rex asks Mimi why she stopped the music but Mimi just says to trust her. Philip tries to get Shawn to not make a scene. Belle insists that she would have come downstairs to talk to Shawn had she known he was there. Shawn flashes back to seeing Belle and Philip almost make love. Shawn asks Philip what it was like to do a virgin. Philip takes offense at the comment and punches Shawn. Shawn gets up and he and Philip fight. Belle yells at them to stop.

Kate tells Eugenia that she is going to call Brandon Walker because he is the only man who can understand Sami. Kate hopes that Sami seeing Brandon will show Lucas that her heart still belongs to Brandon.

Sami asks Brandon what he is doing here. Brandon asks why Lucas is there. Sami says that she loves Lucas and plans to marry him. Brandon laughs and tells Sami that he is the only man who could love her unconditionally. They kiss. Sami pushes Brandon away and says she can’t do this.

Patrick wakes up on the floor of Hope’s cell. He flashes back to being knocked out by Hope. Patrick notices the open vent that Hope escaped through and says that she made a big mistake.

Hope and John are crawling through the airshaft when they hear Colin’s moans. They wonder who that could be. Nicole and Brady come crawling up behind them and Nicole tells them that it is Colin Murphy who is moaning. Hope is surprised to see them and can’t believe that the moaner is Colin because Bo says that Nicole killed Colin. Nicole calls Bo a jerk that was wrong and Hope lunges at her. John and Brady move to stand in between them as John explains to Hope how Brady, Nicole, and Tek arrived on the island. Nicole insists that it’s going to take a live body to convince everyone that she didn’t kill Colin. Brady tells Nicole that he believes her. Hope is desperate to find Bo.

Bo watches Billie, dressed as a guard, downloading files from Tony’s computer in the control room. Bo uses the stun gun to stun Billie. He pulls the mask off and realizes that it is Billie. Bo performs CPR on Billie to try and bring her back.

Rex steps in and breaks up the fight. Rex criticizes Philip for fighting someone like Shawn who just had brain surgery. Philip yells at Shawn for blaming Belle. Shawn flashes back to seeing Philip and Belle together and calls Philip a hypocrite. Philip reminds Shawn that he was the one who couldn’t wait to get together with Jan. Shawn flashes back to sleeping with Jan. Shawn says that Jan is the one who knows how to please a man. Belle is offended that she was expected to stay pure while Shawn went out with anyone he wanted. Shawn claims he waited and the problem is that Belle didn’t wait for him. Philip tells Shawn that he and Belle never made love because Belle couldn’t get over Shawn and tries to get Belle to leave with him. Shawn sarcastically remarks that Philip as a marine has a war to fight. Philip warns him not to insult the marines but vows not to spend any more time fighting Shawn because he is a lost cause. Shawn pushes Philip but Rex steps in to stop another fight from starting. Belle demands to know why Shawn is acting like this. Mimi pulls Jan aside to ask what she has done to Shawn.

Bo continues CPR on Billie until she suddenly wakes up and kisses him. Billie flashes back to making love with Bo. Bo pulls away from the kiss. Billie explains that she had been dreaming. Billie remembers Bo shocking her. Bo checks for anyone coming and makes sure the door is closed before asking Billie why she is dressed as a guard and is in the control room.

Brandon asks Sami why she is pushing him away. Brandon wonders if it is because he left Salem when Sami switched Theo’s paternity tests. Sami asks if Brandon has forgiven her. Brandon says he understands why she did it but asks if Sami thought he would have left her if Theo had turned out to be his son. Sami says she was desperate but now her life is really coming together now. Brandon can’t believe that Sami is happy with Lucas. Brandon asks Sami if she would choose Lucas if she had a chance with any man on the planet.

Eugenia doesn’t think that Brandon will want to do anything with Sami or Kate. Kate does a “google” search to find out what Brandon has been up to that they can work with. Kate pulls up some information about how Brandon has been working in London for children of impoverished nations. Kate reads how Brandon’s programs are in danger of ending if they don’t find more funding. Kate plots to bail out Brandon’s programs only if he does what she wants.

Hope agrees with John that they shouldn’t tell Nicole about Tony’s plan to blow up the island. Hope points out that they will need to split up to track down everyone else. They rejoin Brady and Nicole where together they formulate a plan. Brady asks if they should move to the corridors but John says they should stick to the airshafts. They all synchronize their watches and make a plan to meet here in a half hour. Brady and Nicole leave. Hope tells John that he’s done a good job with Brady. Hope worries about Shawn and John says that he is worried about Belle. Hope apologizes for Shawn’s behavior but points out that it’s not like Shawn for no one to have heard of him. Hope blames herself for leaving her sons and dragging Bo here as well. John tells her not to blame herself because she made a big sacrifice. Colin’s moans can be heard again so John and Hope head off to find the source. John makes a mark on the wall of the airshaft with his knife to mark their path.

Brady and Nicole hear the moans as well. Nicole notes that they are getting closer and climbs into the next wing of the airshaft.

Mimi asks Jan what she did to Shawn before the motorcycle accident to get him away from Belle. Jan flashes back to when she first kidnapped Shawn. Jan simply tells Mimi that Shawn knows a good thing when he sees it. Mimi can’t believe that Shawn simply wants Jan on her own merits. Jan reminds Mimi of her blackmail threat.

Jan returns to stand by Shawn’s side. Shawn tells Belle that he is with Jan who doesn’t lie, cheat, or betray him. Belle reminds Shawn that Jan has lied and cheated in the past. Shawn proposes that Jan was telling the truth when she claimed that Belle pushed her and caused her to miscarry. Belle asks Philip to take her home and they head out. Jan thanks Shawn for standing up for her. They kiss. Shawn offers to take Jan back to his place and they leave.

Rex tells Mimi that this is what he was afraid of. Mimi says that it is her fault that Belle and Shawn aren’t together.

Billie tells Bo that she is wearing the guard outfit to be able to walk around undetected. Bo asks about Hope but Billie doesn’t know where she is. Billie tells Bo about Tony’s plan to blow up the island. A guard walks by the control room and hears Bo ask Billie about her computer usage. Billie looks toward the download meter, which is just finishing. There is a knock on the door.

Sami insists that she knows she is supposed to spend the rest of her life with Lucas. Sami asks Brandon why he is coming back now after she tried to get him to come back after he left. Sami asks Brandon if he came back to Salem to come back to her.

A guard tells Patrick that Tony wants to begin the countdown sequence. Patrick decides he has no choice and heads off to fulfill the order.

John and Hope work their way through the airshaft. John marks another corner with his knife. They note that they can’t hear the moaning anymore. Hope worries that the echo from Colin’s moaning didn’t help because he could be anywhere by now. John says that they don’t have time to worry about Colin. Hope worries that Bo was able to find Billie and that Bo is okay. John tells Hope that she doesn’t have to worry about Billie. Hope tells John about her talk with Billie while they were in the holding cell together. Hope tells John that if she and Billie had met under different circumstances, they would’ve been friends. Suddenly they hear a woman’s scream. They head toward it.

Rex tells Mimi that he doesn’t blame her for Shawn and Belle not getting back together. Rex begins to believe Mimi’s earlier worries that if Shawn and Belle don’t make it, then there’s no hope for their relationship. Rex asks Mimi to promise that no matter what, she’ll tell him everything. Mimi flashes back to Belle urging her to tell Rex about the baby before the abortion. Mimi promises to Rex that she will tell him everything.

Philip and Belle return to their loft. Philip apologizes for the run in with Shawn and asks if there is anything he can do. Belle asks to be held and they hug. Philip tells Belle that he loves her and respects her. Belle apologizes for putting Philip through her interactions with Shawn. Belle feels that this is closure for her. Philip offers his condolences and Belle thanks him for being patient. Philip starts to kiss Belle but she pulls away and apologizes before leaving the room.

Jan and Shawn can’t keep their hands off each other as they work their way from the elevator into Shawn’s old loft.

The guard opens the door to the control room and moves toward Billie’s mask on the floor but Bo stuns him and locks him in the other room. Billie quickly puts away the disc of copied files and lies to Bo about what she copied, claiming it was nothing. Bo gets angry with Billie and tells her that his obligation to her is over and tells Billie to have a nice life as he leaves to go find Hope. Bo looks back on his way to the door and sees Billie fighting back tears.

Sami asks Brandon again if he wants to get back together with her. Brandon asks if Sami wants him to come home. Sami hesitates but Brandon stops her, claiming to know her answer and kisses her. Brandon steps back and fades away as Sami sobs.

Brandon pulls out a newspaper clipping about Sami and Lucas’ engagement. The phone rings and Brandon answers it, surprised to hear Kate’s voice on the other end of the line. Kate tells him that he has a proposal that he is going to love.

Bo apologizes for yelling at Billie but demands to know what Billie knows about Tony. Billie insists that she would have told him everything but he zapped her with the stun gun before she had a chance to look at anything. Billie tells Bo to leave but he refuses and asks why she is crying. Billie says she was feeling sad because she had been thinking about her baby Georgia while Bo was talking about his sons. Bo offers his condolences and a hug, as Billie regrets not being able to share the things a mother shares with her daughter.

Rex and Mimi return to their loft, intent on making love. As Rex kisses her, Mimi flashes back to Belle urging her to tell Rex about the baby, having gone through the abortion, and Jan’s blackmail threat. Mimi pulls away from Rex and runs into the bathroom. Rex follows her to ask what is wrong. Mimi claims she is fine and runs the water to cover the sound of her tears.

Philip works out his frustration by weight lifting. He flashes back to giving Belle a massage. Philip decides that he can’t do this anymore and changes to jumping rope. He suddenly stops at the sight of Belle coming downstairs in lingerie. Philip starts to jabber about having to go to the gym to avoid seeing her like that but Belle stops him with a kiss and a promise that the only thing he’s going to be working out is her. They kiss.

Shawn lies on his bed and waits for Jan to come out of the bathroom. Jan walks in, having changed into lingerie. She climbs on top of him and vows to punish him for being a bad boy.

Sami continues to stand on the fire escape as she tries to figure out why she is thinking about Austin and Brandon when she only wants Lucas. Lucas comes out to the fire escape and asks what is wrong. Sami tells Lucas that she can’t stop thinking about the wedding and wants him and only him. Lucas heads back into the apartment.

Kate tells Brandon that his organization is a good choice for the Basic Black charity foundation. Brandon asks for the catch but Kate claims the only thing she needs is for Brandon to come back to Salem to make a presentation to the board of directors. Kate offers to keep Brandon’s visit quiet so he won’t have to deal with Sami but Brandon says he can deal with Sami. Kate asks if they have a deal.

Billie insists on focusing on the present. They head out of the control room, intent on going after Tony. Patrick returns and uses his key to open the door to the control room. Patrick uses the computer to set up the launch code.

John and Hope stop to rest and John marks the corner with his knife. John thinks that the woman’s scream was Nicole but asks Hope what she thinks about the new rumbling sound. They hear Brady and Nicole and rejoin them. Brady pulls Nicole back up out of the hole that she fell in and explains what happened to John and Hope. Nicole sarcastically says that she is fine, even though no one probably cares. Hope tells her that Victor would be glad to know that she is fine. Nicole is shocked to hear Victor mentioned. Hope delights in telling Nicole that Victor is alive and on the island with them.

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