Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/18/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/18/04


By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Shawn and Belle dance to their song. Belle can’t believe that they are once again dancing to their song but Shawn looks disgusted at the thought.

Mimi wants to know what Rex is up to. Rex explains that he is simply staging a trip down memory lane. Mimi looks across the dance floor and catches Jan’s glare. Mimi worries that Jan will think that she is trying to get Shawn and Belle back together. Rex is hopeful that this will get Shawn and Belle back together but Mimi says that she can’t let him do this.

Jan is less than thrilled to be dancing with Philip. Philip says that he feels the same way but doesn’t want to stop for fear of losing the contest. Jan pushes away from Philip and knocks her bag off her shoulder. Q-pie falls out and tells Jan to do something quick.

Belle asks Shawn if he remembers dancing to their song. Shawn says he does remember. Belle asks if Shawn remembers anything else between them that happened before the accident. Shawn says he does.

Kate looks at a picture of Roman and tells him that she knows she promised to extend an olive branch to Sami but now she can’t. Kate is frustrated because all she wants to do is harm Sami whenever she thinks of Sami marrying Lucas. Kate tells Roman’s picture that he is the only one who could keep Sami in line. She turns his picture away so he won’t see her put her plan to break up Sami and Lucas in action.

Sami wakes in bed with Lucas and kisses him. Lucas stirs but stays asleep. Sami flashes back to making love with Austin. Sami asks herself why she is thinking about Austin while in bed with Lucas. Lucas overhears her and asks for the answer to that question.

Nicole and Brady climb back up into the airshaft. Nicole swears that Colin Murphy was in that cell. Brady points out that no one was there when they just looked around. Nicole flashes back to when she first found Colin. Nicole insists that she saw Colin alive. Brady questions whether Nicole is hallucinating. Nicole begs Brady to help her find Colin and clear her name.

Bo fingers Hope’s bracelet while John reattaches the grate to the airshaft. John assures Bo that Tony isn’t likely to harm Hope and Billie. Bo is worried that Tony’s reasoning for taking Hope and Billie out of their cell could be anything. John reminds Bo that Hope and Billie are well trained. Bo insists on finding Hope now. John points out that Tony may have taken Hope off the island and they have to take the chance while they can to get off the island. Bo insists that he won’t leave without Hope and leads the way down the hall. John reluctantly follows.

Patrick watches the video screens. Patrick watches a guard throw Hope into a cell on her own. Patrick, to himself, tells the guard not to hurt Hope. Patrick pulls out the keys to the compound and decides to disregard Tony’s order and save Hope since she saved his life earlier. Patrick heads out of the control room.

Hope tries to open the door to her cell but it is locked tight. Hope determines that the only way to get the door open is with the keys. Hope flashes back to overhearing Tony and Bart talk about blowing up the island. Hope vows to get out of the cell to warn Bo and the others about what Tony has planned. Hope tries the door again and bangs on it when it won’t open. Hope hopes that Billie is having more luck than her.

Billie struggles with a guard. The guard pushes Billie up against a wall and tries to bind her arms. Billie grabs a bottle of pepper spray and surprises the guard by spraying it in his eyes. While down on the ground covering his eyes, Billie knocks him out and steals his uniform. Dressed as a guard, Billie makes a face at the now dressed only in his underwear guard before stepping into the hallway. As Billie is locking the guard in the cell, she hears a man moaning. She stops on her way away from the cell to look around for the sound.

John pulls out his knife and is poised for attack as he asks Bo what that noise was.

Nicole tells Brady that the man moaning is Colin.

A guard throws the moaning Colin into a cell. Colin continues to moan as he writhes around on the cell floor.

Philip watches as Jan picks up her bag. Rex can’t understand why Mimi doesn’t want him to get Shawn and Belle back together. Mimi tells Rex that Jan and Philip won’t stand by quietly and let Belle and Shawn make up. Rex asks for suggestions. Mimi says that there has to be another way. Mimi thinks to herself that there’s got to be another way to do it and save her relationship with Rex.

Jan tells Philip that she doesn’t like him anymore than he likes her but they both stand to lose a lot if Belle and Shawn get back together. Philip tells Jan that he is not her partner in crime and only wants Belle to be with him on her own free will. Jan scoffs at this but Philip makes her keep dancing.

Belle asks Shawn what he remembers. Shawn tells Belle about how he came to the loft before but Kate turned him away. Belle claims that she never knew he came by but Shawn doesn’t believe her.

John and Bo work their way through the hallway. John assures Bo that whoever was moaning wasn’t Hope and Billie. Bo worries that Hope could be next and reminds John what DiMera did to Marlena and their families. Bo vows to break Stefano’s neck. John suggests that Stefano could really be dead and Tony is just taking his place. Bo thinks that Tony isn’t able to pull something like this off. John points out that Stefano always had a weakness but Tony holds nothing sacred. They hear Colin moaning again.

Billie works her way through the hallway and hears the moaning. She ducks around the corner and quickly pulls her mask over her face as two guards tell her to stop.

Hope paces her cell until she hears someone opening her door. She hides in the corner until Patrick lets himself into her cell. Hope jumps him from behind and knocks him out.

Kate asks for Roman’s forgiveness as she looks over her briefcase. Eugenia stops by, having received a note from Kate. Kate references her plan to opening Pandora’s Box. Kate fingers the briefcase and promises that once this Pandora’s Box is opened, Sami won’t know what hit her.

Lucas questions Sami as to whether she was thinking of Austin when she kissed Lucas. Sami admits that she was thinking of Austin and now she can’t stop thinking about him.

Brady points out that Colin can’t be on this island because the Salem Stalker didn’t kill him. Nicole jokes that they could open one of these cells and find Elvis. Nicole vows to find proof that Colin is alive to prove to Brady that she is telling the truth.

Jan tries to get out of Philip’s grasp. Jan insists on stopping the music and taking Shawn back. Jan pushes out of Philip’s arms and storms off the dance floor.

Belle insists that if she’d known that Shawn was there, she wouldn’t have let him leave without a word. Shawn flashes back to Kate telling him that Belle is resting and to not come in. Shawn doesn’t believe Belle, claiming to know exactly why Belle didn’t want to see him that night.

Jan walks up to Mimi and Mimi leads her away from Rex while making small talk about the dance contest. Jan orders Mimi to make Rex stop the music now or she’ll tell Rex about Mimi’s abortion.

The guards tell Billie that DiMera’s special prisoner is giving them trouble and they need backup. Believing Billie to be a fellow guard, they hand her a stun gun and tell her to come with them. Billie fires up the stun gun and follows the guards.

Hope tries to steal the keys from Patrick while he is unconscious. Patrick comes to and Hope screams. Patrick insists that he isn’t going to hurt Hope, only trying to help her because she saved his life. Hope asks him to help get everyone off the island but Patrick refuses. Hope implores Patrick to think of what Mimi and Connor would think if they knew that he was involved with the DiMeras and to walk away and join the good side. Patrick insists that he is never going back to Salem and neither is Hope.

Lucas climbs out of bed and yells at Sami for fantasizing about Austin. Sami denies having been fantasizing about Austin. Lucas makes Sami choose between him and Austin. Sami insists that she chooses Lucas and explains that she may have been thinking about Austin because of how much she hurt him. Lucas sits down on the bed and asks Sami why she wanted to marry Austin. Sami explains that she thought of Austin as a golden prize that would make her life better by marrying him. Lucas asks if that is why she is marrying him. Sami assures him that Lucas is the only man for her but that she worries about having hurt so many people and now she can’t ever make it up to Austin. Lucas and Sami kiss. Sami tells Lucas to think of it as their having made all their mistakes before they get married. They make love.

Eugenia asks Kate why she has never used this information on Sami before. Kate reminds Eugenia that she was honoring Roman’s wishes. Eugenia can’t believe that Roman and Sami are related. Kate pours drinks for them as she tells Eugenia that she can’t let Sami hurt Lucas like she hurt Austin. Eugenia asks what is in the briefcase. Kate pulls out a large file with Sami’s name on it and hands it to Eugenia. Eugenia looks through the file and can’t imagine how much of Sami’s wrongdoing is listed. Kate says that she isn’t going to use that but will use the tape of Sami admitting to lying on the witness stand. Kate pulls out the envelope that used to hold the tape but instead finds a note from Lucas, which reads that Lucas took the tape so that it would never come between them again. Kate feels defeated but Eugenia thinks of someone who can help them.

Brady follows Nicole through the airshaft and tries to convince her that they are wasting time. Nicole is adamant that they find Colin. Brady tries to hold her back but Nicole asks Brady if he wants her name to be cleared so they can have a future together.

Shawn steps off the dance floor to take a drink from his beer bottle. Belle follows him to insist that she only lied to him once and has apologized for that over and over. Shawn accuses Belle of not wanting to see him because she was already moving on with Philip. Philip watches the interaction from across the dance floor.

Mimi refers to Jan as the same schemer that she was in high school but Jan says she is the new and improved version. Mimi can’t imagine living with herself after scheming against her best friend. Jan threatens that Mimi will be sleeping alone then. Mimi tells Jan that she is not going to help her. Jan pulls out the slip from the clinic and calls Rex over.

John and Bo make their way toward the sound of the moaning. John tries to pick the lock with his knife. Bo hears the guards coming and pulls John into an alcove to hide. The guards enter Colin’s room and stun him. The guards tell Billie to go tell Tony that all is under control. Bo decides to follow Billie whom he believes to be a guard in hopes that he’ll lead him to Hope and Billie. John watches the guards leave the area. He quickly ducks back into the airshaft so as not to be seen.

Hope insists that she is going back to Salem and urges Patrick to save himself as well. Patrick explains that he only came down to make sure Hope wasn’t hurt and goes to leave. Hope implores Patrick not to leave her but Patrick says he doesn’t have a choice. As Patrick turns to leave, Hope uses a pressure hold to knock him out. John reaches Hope’s cell via the airshaft and pulls her up into the vent with him.

Bo follows Billie to the control room. Inside the control room, Billie inserts a CD-ROM into the computer system. Bo sneaks up behind her and picks up the stun gun.

Eugenia suggests having Austin come back to Salem for a visit long enough to stir up doubts about Sami marrying Lucas. Kate is against the idea. Eugenia tries to convince Kate to go ahead with the plan because Sami will then go after Austin instead of Lucas. Kate doesn’t want to sacrifice one son for the other. Eugenia continues to try to convince Kate but Kate thinks of going ahead with the idea but use someone else instead.

Lucas sleeps after he and Sami make love. Sami tells Lucas that he is the only man she loves. Sami hears Brandon’s voice ask her if she is sure about that.

Brady points out that he has defended Nicole all along but their number one priority has to be getting off the island. Brady notices that Nicole isn’t looking well and asks if she is okay. Nicole asks for a minute to rest but passes out. Nicole dreams about talking to Colin about how he faked his death. Nicole vows to Colin that as soon as she proves that he is alive, she can move on with a real man like Brady. Colin asks Nicole what she will do if she gets back to Salem and finds that Jan has turned in evidence on her. Brady wakes Nicole up and tries to get her to give up the search for Colin. Nicole insists that she has to find Colin and if Brady had any feelings for her, he’d help her.

Mimi turns off the music to keep Jan from showing Rex the slip from the clinic and the dancers balk. Rex calms down the crowd and asks Mimi what is going on. Mimi apologizes but only tells Rex to trust her that this is for the best.

Philip walks up to Belle and Shawn. Shawn tells Philip that he can have Belle. Belle insists again that she would have come downstairs had she known that he was there. Shawn tells Belle that she’s made her choice and repeats that Philip can have her. Shawn begins to walk away but turns to ask Philip what it was like to do a virgin. Philip takes offense at the comment and punches Shawn. Shawn gets up and they fight.

Kate pulls out her address book as she tells Eugenia that only Brandon ever thought he understood Sami. Kate picks up the phone.

Sami climbs out onto the fire escape and sees Brandon standing there with a single red rose. Sami asks why he is here but Brandon asks why Lucas is there. Sami insists that she loves Lucas but Brandon laughs and says that is wrong because they both know that he is the only man who could ever love her unconditionally. They kiss.

Patrick comes to and notices that Hope has escaped via the airshaft. He tells her that she’s made a big mistake.

Hope tells John about overhearing Tony’s plan to blow up the island. Hope asks about Bo and John tells her about how Bo is shadowing a guard to try and find her and Billie. They hear Colin moaning. They wonder who it is as Nicole and Brady approach them. Nicole tells them that it is Colin Murphy.

Bo stands by with the stun gun and watches as Billie downloads files off of Tony’s computer. Bo thinks that this guard is going to give him the answers he needs and uses the stun gun on Billie. Billie collapses from the shock and Bo pulls off her mask to discover that he had been following Billie all along.

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