Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/15/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/15/04

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Bonnie admires a banner promoting a dance contest to benefit a shelter. Bonnie delights in the thought that before the night is over, she could become Mrs. Mickey Horton.

Julie and Mickey arrive at Alice’s and run into Shawn and Jan. Julie criticizes Shawn for checking himself out of the hospital. Julie asks Shawn when Jan became his girl.

Philip asks Belle whether she really wants to stay at Alice’s with Shawn there. Belle vows not to let Shawn ruin her night and vows to enjoy herself with Philip. Philip says that they should get started.

Rex asks Mimi why she doesn’t want Shawn and Belle back together. Mimi hears Jan telling her to keep Belle and Shawn apart. Mimi tells Rex that she has something important to tell him.

Caroline is shocked that Victor plans to take on Nicole and Jan himself. Caroline tries to talk him out of it, warning him that he could go to jail but Victor insists that anything he does will be worth it if it keeps Nicole away from Brady.

Brady warns Nicole to be quiet. Tony looks up at the air vent. Bart tells Tony that he couldn’t save Colin. Nicole can’t believe it.

Bo asks John if he’s seen Hope and Billie. John works on unscrewing the grate. John says he hasn’t seen Hope or Billie but as soon as he gets Bo out, they’ll go find Hope and Billie. Bo worries that Hope and Billie might kill each other before Tony can even do what he has planned for them.

Billie and Hope work to undo the ropes. Billie apologizes to Hope for not being able to get over Bo. Hope vows to Billie that if she ever tries to destroy her marriage, she’ll destroy Billie first, no matter what it takes.

Philip begins to undo his dress uniform shirt as he walks up to the mechanical bull. Belle says she doesn’t want to get on and Philip declares that he’s the one who’s going to go for breaking the house record. Shawn and Jan walk up to them. Shawn claims that Philip won’t last five seconds. Philip calls Shawn’s bluff and hands his shirt to Belle before climbing on to the bull. Philip lets the operator know that he’s ready and acts like riding the bull is a piece of cake as everyone watches and cheers.

By the bar, Mimi and Rex continue their talk. Mimi tells Rex that Jan is used to getting her way and there is nothing they can do about it. Rex can’t imagine just sitting back and letting Jan ruin their lives. Rex notes that this doesn’t seem like Mimi to sit back while she thinks Jan is up to something. Mimi exchanges glares with Jan.

Philip stays on the mechanical bull until it stops. Belle rushes up and gives him a congratulatory hug. Philip gloats about winning the bet with Shawn but Shawn wants to try and beat Philip’s record. Belle and Jan try to convince him not to ride the bull. Shawn insists that he will be fine and gets on the bull. Julie rushes up to tell Shawn not to do this because if he falls and hits his head, it could kill him.

Billie tries to calm Hope down. Billie admits that she still has feelings for Bo but insists that she is not going to go after him. Hope refuses to believe her. Billie tells Hope that Bo loves her and only her. Billie vows that she would never try to take away anyone’s family. Billie wants to drop it and move on but Hope is skeptical.

John jams the camera so it shows a continuous loop of Bo pacing. John helps Bo into the airshaft.

Brady motions for Nicole to follow him through the airshaft but Nicole wants to stay and see if Tony and Bart can revive Colin. Tony and Bart use a defibrillator to try and shock Colin. Nicole watches, as the first try doesn’t work. Brady persists and Nicole finally agrees to go with him. The second shock works but Colin is still unconscious. Bart breathes a sigh of relief. Tony warns that they can’t be too careful.

Brady and Nicole make their way through the airshaft. Nicole stops because she wants to go back and make sure that Colin is okay. Brady doesn’t believe that Nicole really saw Colin Murphy. Nicole swears that she saw Colin and that if he’s alive, he can clear her name.

Caroline urges Victor not to keep this from the police. Victor points out that at this point, it’s his word against Nicole’s. Victor fears that any evidence he had is long gone. Maggie entering the Pub interrupts them. Maggie explains that she is meeting Alice for tea. Caroline tells her that Alice isn’t here yet. Maggie tells Caroline about her feeling that she’s going to lose Mickey forever.

Bonnie pulls Mickey over by the dartboard to kiss him. Mickey notices Julie signaling him to join her and heads over to her. Bonnie wants to find a way to get Julie out of the way for good. Bonnie dials someone on the phone and tells them that this is their lucky night.

Mickey comes over to Julie to find out what is wrong. Julie tells Mickey to do something to get Shawn off the bull. Julie flashes back to when Bonnie tricked her into riding the bull. Mickey says that Shawn has a mind of his own and asks what he could do to stop him. Julie says she will have to try and storms off toward the mechanical bull’s control box. Shawn tells the operator that he is ready and everyone watches and cheers as Shawn begins to ride the bull. Belle nervously bites her nails as she watches Shawn.

Jan yells out to Shawn to stop. Suddenly the bull stops and Shawn calls out to ask why the bull stopped. Julie reveals that she has pulled the plug. Shawn is upset and tells Julie that she doesn’t need a babysitter. Jan comes up and tells Shawn that they already know he can handle a wild ride as they walk together to the bar.

Rex tells Mimi that if Shawn were still with Belle, he wouldn’t be acting like this. Shawn yells at Rex to come and serve them drinks. Rex tells Mimi that they have got to get Shawn away from Jan before heading over to serve Shawn. Jan comes over to Mimi to say that she would hate for Rex to hear about Mimi’s abortion. Mimi asks Jan to keep her voice down. Jan orders Mimi to make sure Belle and Shawn do not get back together before heading back to Shawn.

Bonnie escorts Shawn Sr. into Alice’s and thanks him for coming. Shawn Sr. wants to know why she dragged him down here. Bonnie tells Shawn Sr. that Caroline would want him to move on. Shawn Sr. says he is doing his best but Bonnie says that that isn’t good enough. Bonnie points out Julie and tells Shawn Sr. that Julie is lonesome tonight and would love the company of a handsome man. Shawn Sr. is hesitant but Bonnie says that he could simply start out with some friendly conversation. Shawn Sr. agrees that one drink couldn’t hurt. Bonnie says that the first round is on her and to tell Rex to give him the finest Irish whiskey. Shawn Sr. agrees and heads off to talk to Julie. Bonnie delights in getting rid of Julie and rushes over to be with Mickey.

Shawn Sr. walks up to Julie, who is watching Bonnie and Mickey, and offers her a toast. He refers to her as a woman who gets more beautiful each passing year. Julie is shocked that he is talking to her but thanks him and accepts the drink. Shawn Sr. tells Julie that it is time to get on with their lives and that he has always found Julie so attractive. Shawn Sr. asks Julie if he’d ever consider going out on a date with him.

Bonnie drags Mickey up on stage. Bonnie uses the microphone to get everyone’s attention. Bonnie tells the crowd that opening Alice’s has been a dream come true for her and that Mickey is the man who made it all possible. The crowd cheers for Mickey. Bonnie says there is only one thing left to do and asks Mickey to marry her. A chorus of “aww” is heard as Mimi’s eyes go wide.

Caroline brings Maggie and Alice more tea. Maggie asks Caroline if she ever fears losing her husband. Caroline admits that she does worry but places her faith in the Lord to save her marriage. Caroline heads back to the bar. Alice tells Maggie that Mickey is a one-woman man and she is that woman. Maggie worries that since Mickey thinks she is dead, and then he’ll be free to move on. Alice assures Maggie that that won’t happen. Maggie considers whether she is worrying for nothing.

Nicole pleads her case for wanting to go back to Colin. Brady can’t believe that Colin is really alive but Nicole sticks to her convictions. Brady questions whether Nicole was hallucinating from hitting her head when she fell. Nicole pleads for Brady to come back with her so he can be her witness to prove that Colin is still alive.

Bart checks with Tony whether he truly wants to do what Tony ordered him to do. Tony tells him to get it done quickly and leaves Colin’s cell. Bart sits down next to Colin and tells him that it’s a good thing he’s unconscious because he won’t feel a thing.

Bo and John listen through the hallway grate as Tony tells someone through a walkie-talkie that they are moving the prisoners into the final phase and will start with the ladies first. Tony tells his man where to find Hope. Bo and John head to Hope and Billie’s cellblock through the airshaft.

Hope fears that Shawn and Zack feel that she’s deserted them. Billie tells Hope that she is superwoman who manages a career and family but always puts her kids first. Hope insists that Bo and the boys are her heart and soul. Billie says she wants that too but it wasn’t meant to be. Hope asks why Billie just doesn’t start her own family. Billie admits that she can’t have any more children ever.

Tony returns to the control room and answers a call from Stefano. Stefano tells him to do something different than their original plan. Tony tells him that he agrees that they need to change their plans. Tony promises to proceed with the doomsday scenario at once.

Maggie can’t shake the feeling that she has to get back as soon as possible. Alice asks if this feeling has anything to do with Bonnie. Maggie admits that it is and asks Alice if Mickey could go as far as to actually marry Bonnie.

The crowd murmurs as they wait for Mickey to answer Bonnie’s proposal. Julie begs Mickey to say no. Bonnie implores Mickey for an answer. Mickey tells Bonnie that she’s shown him that it’s possible to laugh again and be happy. He kisses Bonnie’s hand and tells her that he can think of nothing that can make him as happy as spending the rest of his days with her. The crowd applauds. Mickey tells Bonnie that he would be honored to make her his wife and they kiss. Julie faints and Mimi is still shocked. Mickey asks Bonnie to dance, which reminds her of the dance contest. Bonnie thanks everyone for indulging them and kicks off the dance contest. Music starts playing and Philip and Belle head for the dance floor as the rest of the crowd joins them. Jan and Shawn watch them from the bar until Jan tells Shawn to join her in showing Belle and Philip how to do it. Rex apologizes to Mimi for not asking her to dance because he promised Bonnie that he would DJ. Mimi points out that no couples that should be together are on the dance floor anyway. Belle and Philip look disgusted as they see Jan and Shawn join them. Rex comes up with an idea to break up what they deem to be the wrong couples and leaves.

Bonnie walks up to Mimi, wanting congratulations on being engaged. Mimi congratulates her and says she hopes Bonnie isn’t taking advantage of Mickey for his money. Bonnie denies that money is her motive but returns to trying to convince Mimi to go after Shawn. Mimi is offended but Bonnie claims she just wants her baby to be as happy as she is.

Julie comes to and asks Shawn Sr. to tell her that she dreamed seeing Mickey get engaged to Bonnie. Mickey overhears her and confirms that he did, adding that he hopes he’ll get Julie’s full support.

Belle feels a touch on her shoulder and turns to see Shawn who tells her that he’d rather be dancing with her.

Billie fights back tears as she tells Hope that after losing her baby, the doctor said that she couldn’t have any more children. Hope offers her condolences. Billie begins to cry as she tells Hope that when Georgia died, all of her hopes and dreams for the future died with her. Billie says that anything she can offer Bo is gone whereas Hope has given him the family he’s always wanted. Hope searches for words to make Billie feel better. Billie notices that the ropes are starting to come lose. They work together to try and escape. A henchman bursts in and declares that he is just in time.

John and Bo work their way toward Billie and Hope’s cell.

Brady helps Nicole down out of the airshaft. They have gone back to Colin’s cell. Brady pulls back the blanket and tells Nicole that it is bad news.

Bart joins Tony in the control room. Tony tells Bart that security on the island has been breached irreparably. Tony tells Bart that New Salem must be completely destroyed. Bart asks what will happen to their guests.

Bonnie bounces up to Mickey and leads him away to dance. Shawn Sr. asks Julie to dance but Julie just glares at him.

Belle is shocked that Shawn wants to dance with her. Then Belle comes back to reality and turns to see Shawn and Jan still dancing together. She then turns to see Philip still dancing and smiles at him.

Rex looks through CDs as Mimi watches Jan and Shawn dance. Mimi tells Rex about how miserable Belle looks even though she’s now with Philip. Rex tells Mimi that he was going to stay out of it but now has found the perfect way to get Shawn and Belle back together.

Victor apologizes to Caroline for upsetting her but insists that he won’t let his grandsons fall prey to Nicole and Jan. He turns to leave and Caroline wants to know where he is going. Victor says it is best that Caroline doesn’t know. Victor says good night to Maggie and Alice and leaves. Alice advises Maggie to pray that she’ll be reunited with Mickey soon and to have faith in their love. Maggie worries that she could be too late.

Bonnie and Mickey are dancing. Bonnie mentions feeling Mickey’s heart beating next to hers. They exchange “I love you’s.”

Julie turns down Shawn Sr.’s offer to dance down, insisting that her heart will always belong to Doug. Shawn Sr. feels that Caroline was all he ever needed or wanted. Julie suggests that someday Shawn Sr. will be ready but Shawn Sr. doesn’t think so. Julie says she knows what true love looks like and what it doesn’t look like as she turns to look at Mickey and Bonnie. Shawn Sr. offers to take Julie home and she accepts.

Rex hands Mimi the remote to the stereo and heads for the stage. Mimi says that if Belle and Shawn get back together, then she and Rex are done for good. Rex grabs the microphone and tells everyone to switch partners with the person closest to them or they will be eliminated. Rex tells Mimi to hit the button on the remote to start the music. Belle and Shawn’s song begins to play. Philip is now forced to dance with Jan while Belle dances with Shawn. Jan tries to convince Philip to stop Belle and Shawn from dancing but Philip just tells her to shut up. Belle asks Shawn if he remembers winning the dance contest at the Last Blast. Shawn says he does remember that. Belle asks if he remembers anything else about them.

Brady pulls back the rest of the blanket to reveal that there is nothing there except a row of pillows. Nicole insists that Colin was right there. Brady considers the possibility that Nicole was hallucinating because of a concussion. Brady insists that they get out of there before they get caught.

John and Bo arrive at Hope and Billie’s cell but find it empty. Bo finds Hope’s bracelet on the floor. John wants to know where Hope and Billie are now. Bo wonders what Tony has planned to do with them now.

Tony and Bart return to the control to check out the video screens. Tony sees John and Bo pacing in their cells and believes them to still be held prisoner. Hope and Billie are being led by the control room as they hear Bart talk with Tony about the plan to destroy the island. The guard stops Hope and Billie to adjust the ties that bind Hope’s hands. Hope and Billie overhear Tony tell Bart that they will destroy the island by blowing it up and everything in it.

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