Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/14/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/14/04

By Danielle
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Lucas kisses Sami. Sami tells Lucas that she can’t wait to marry him. Sami asks Lucas if he’s happy that they’re having a big wedding. Lucas insists that he’s happy if Sami is happy. Lucas tells Sami that he is proud of how she is working with Kate. Lucas believes that Kate is approving the financing of the wedding because she is on their side. Sami thinks to herself that Kate is not on their side and she has to get Kate before Kate gets her.

Kate and Eugenia talk at the bar. Kate vows that Sami is not going to get away with getting Basic Black to finance her wedding. Eugenia vows that Sami is going to pay in a big way.

Shawn drags a reluctant Jan to Alice’s. Shawn places his order for a couple of beers with Rex but Rex tries to convince him that he shouldn’t drink after just having brain surgery. Shawn tells Rex to fill the mugs and Rex steps away to do so. Jan wants to go back to her house so she can help Shawn forget about Belle but Shawn says that that isn’t going to happen.

Mimi and Belle arrive at Alice’s. Belle doesn’t want to go out but Mimi advises Belle to think about something other than Shawn. Belle insists that she is trying to do that. Mimi mentions calling in reinforcements as Philip walks up. Belle is glad to see him. Philip promises to show Belle a good time. They head into Alice’s. Belle and Philip notice Jan and Shawn at the bar.

Abe brings glasses of iced tea for him and Tek to a booth at the New Salem Brady Pub. Abe mentions that they need to be ready at a moment’s notice. Abe wonders whether it is worse for their loved ones to think that they were killed or them knowing that they’re alive while their loved ones are moving on. Tek vows that Abe won’t have to worry about that soon. Abe worries that they may never be able to escape. Tek encourages Abe that they can soon get on a boat and leave. Abe doesn’t want to leave anyone behind, hoping that John and Roman also run into Brady and Nicole. Tek looks over at Caroline and Victor talking at the bar and tells Abe that he has bad news for them. Abe asks what it is.

Victor is furious that Nicole has gotten together with Brady. Caroline tells Victor that she is worried about him and to let the justice system handle it. Caroline urges Victor to tell any of the police officers they’re stranded with that Nicole killed Colin and tried to have him killed. Victor insists that Caroline only need to be frightened for Nicole.

Nicole puts her hand on the mystery prisoner’s shoulder.

A henchman throws Bo into a solitary cell. Bo demands to know why he has put in solitary and what has been done with Roman, Hope and Billie. The henchman shuts the door. Bo tries to grab the door handle but it shocks him.

Nicole turns the mystery person over and realizes that it is Colin Murphy. Nicole screams repeatedly.

Bo hears her screams and calls out to Hope and Billie.

Hope and Billie are tied to each other. They also hear Nicole’s screams. They try to figure out who is screaming since as far as they know, they’re the only women in the compound. Hope wonders whether the scream is from someone from Salem who has come to rescue them. Billie worries that the woman will be a dead woman if DiMera hears her scream.

Tony orders a full security alert. Bart checks all the monitors but finds that all the prisoners are accounted for. Tony leaves the control room determined to find out who is screaming.

Brady desperately tries to reach John and keep him from slipping down into the fan. The fan cuts John’s foot.

Bo presses his ear against the door to try and hear anything. He looks for a way out. He thinks to himself about all the ways that Tony has made it hard to escape. Bo thinks of a way to escape.

Hope and Billie notice that Nicole is no longer screaming. Billie is annoyed that Nicole’s screams alerted the henchmen. Hope asks Billie what she thinks DiMera is going to do to them. Billie worries what Tony will do to the rest of the captives. Tony and one of his henchmen enter the holding cell. Tony demands to know which one of them was screaming. Billie decides to cover by claiming that she was screaming because she and Hope were fighting.

Brady takes off his pack so he can lower himself feet first down to John. John is able to grab hold of Brady’s feet and climb up over him. John turns around and helps pull Brady back up. John demands that they have to stop his foot from bleeding. Brady pulls out a match and lights it before applying it to John’s foot to cauterize the wound. John grimaces from the pain. John asks about another way out but Brady thinks that that was the only way out. Brady remembers that that fan wasn’t on when he came through the air duct. Brady wants to go find Nicole.

Colin comes to for a brief moment and looks at Nicole. Colin passes out again without saying a word. Nicole touches him but he doesn’t respond. Nicole tries to take his pulse.

Victor insists on taking care of Nicole himself. Caroline wants to know what Victor is going to do to Nicole but Victor refuses to tell her. Tek interrupts their conversation to tell them about Shawn’s motorcycle accident. Tek also tells them that Shawn broke up with Belle and is now engaged to Jan.

Philip and Mimi lead Belle away from the bar. Rex has served Shawn and Jan their beers. Shawn is bothered that Rex is still standing there so Rex walks away. Shawn notices that Jan isn’t drinking her beer. Jan says that she just wants to go home with him. Shawn tells Jan that he likes hanging out with her but he doesn’t want to live with her. Jan talks up her country house. Shawn flashes back to being in bed with Jan. Shawn tells Jan that he just wants to have a good time with no pressure. Jan flashes back to Shawn telling her to kiss him. Jan comments about how it’ll be easier when he isn’t tied down. Shawn says he wants to be free. Jan tries again to get Shawn to come to her house and kisses his cheek and neck.

Mimi apologizes to Belle for bringing her to the same place as Shawn and Jan. Belle insists that she is fine. Mimi leaves them to go talk to Rex. Philip praises Belle for handling things so well and apologizes for Shawn’s behavior. Belle wants to think about something else and notices Sami and Lucas dancing. She hopes to find that kind of love someday and Philip promises that she will.

Sami has taken off their crowns. Lucas can’t wait to get Sami home and they make plans to have Will spend the night with Kate. Sami offers to get Lucas a drink when she goes to the bar but Lucas doesn’t want anything.

Jan and Shawn walk away from the bar as Eugenia and Kate walk up. They notice Sami walking up and Kate tells her to stop talking about their plan. Kate pretends that she was talking only good things about the wedding. Eugenia jokes that Kate is a better woman than Sami. Sami wants to know why Eugenia and Kate are now so close. Kate tells Sami about offering Eugenia a job at Basic Black but was turned down because Eugenia doesn’t want to work any place close to Sami. Eugenia shares her distaste about their different punishments but promises that Sami’s judgment day is coming before walking away. Sami demands to know what Kate is plotting but is overheard by Will and Lucas.

Kate claims that she was just telling Sami how much she supports the wedding but Sami claims that she is lying. Lucas wants to pull Sami away from Kate by taking her home and makes sure that Kate is fine with having Will for the night. Sami apologizes to Will and tells him to have fun and be good. Sami and Lucas walk over to Eugenia to retrieve their coats. Sami sarcastically tells Lucas not to tip the “coat check girl” and Eugenia throws her coat at her. Lucas and Sami head out the door. Will asks Kate if she really does hate Sami.

Rex asks Mimi if she is all right and Mimi insists that she is fine. Mimi flashes back to Jan’s blackmail threat. Rex and Mimi watch Shawn and Jan at their table and tells Mimi that they don’t belong together. Mimi says that they should stay out of it and mind their own business.

Shawn and Belle exchange glances across the room. Jan grabs Shawn’s attention back and tells him to ignore Belle for she is just trying to get him back. Jan wants Shawn to remember how close they were over the summer when he proposed. Shawn can’t believe that he proposed because he doesn’t like to be tied down. Shawn is desperate to get his memory back. Jan flashes back to her call with Nicole who warned that when Shawn does regain his memory, Jan would be going to jail.

Belle worries that Shawn should have never left the hospital and definitely shouldn’t be drinking. Philip tells Belle that Shawn isn’t her problem anymore.

Shawn starts a dart game but a man comes up and picks a fight with Shawn, claiming that he was in the middle of a dart game when he left to get a beer. Shawn insists that if the guy left, then he lost his place. They begin to fist fight. Belle worries that Shawn is going to get himself killed.

Tony threatens Billie and Hope with punishment if they scream again. Tony and his henchman leave. Hope is angry with Billie for speaking so harshly of her. Billie blames her choice of words on having to fool Tony. Hope wants to know why Billie took the heat. Billie points out that anyone who is an enemy of Tony is a friend of hers. They decide that they can’t wait for any man to rescue them and try to get the rope undone themselves. Billie wants to clear up what Hope saw between her and Bo earlier. Hope tells Billie that Bo was only kissing her because she asked him to. Hope asks Billie if she is here to destroy her marriage.

Bo pulls a coil from the bed frame in his cell in between spans of the security camera. He puts the coil between his boots in an attempt to short circuit the electrified handle. Bo puts the coil up to the handle and it sparks. Tony walks in shortly after and chastises Bo for his attempt to escape. Bo demands to know if it was Billie or Hope screaming. Tony notes that Bo is as concerned about Billie as he is about Hope and asks which one Bo would like to see survive their captivity. Bo curses Tony. Tony says that he will make Bo’s choice for him. Bo demands to know what Tony plans to do. Tony simply says that Bo will have to wait and see and leaves the cell.

Brady pulls a grate off of the entrance to a holding cell and tosses it down to jam the fan. Brady tells John to go first. John slides down the airshaft and crawls into the air duct that leads off of the one with the fan. Brady slides down after him.

Nicole determines that Colin still has a pulse. She hears Tony comment that their special guest has a visitor.

Lucas brings Sami back to her apartment. He carries her over the threshold to her bedroom where he has decorated it with candles. They begin to kiss and make love. Sami sees a vision of Kate telling her that she looks haggard. Sami tries to ignore the visions but another vision of Kate returns to tell Sami that Lucas will never love someone who hates his mother. Sami tells Kate to shut up but covers by telling Lucas to shut up and kiss her. Another vision of Kate tells Sami that the onion rings have made her breath smell. Sami stops kissing Lucas and wants to go brush her teeth but Lucas refuses to let her leave. Sami throws her head back to let Lucas kiss her neck. Another vision of Kate tells Sami that she’ll need a chiropractor. Sami yells at Kate to get out of here but Lucas thinks that she’s talking to him.

Rex steps in to break up the fight between Shawn and the other guy and escorts the other guy away. Jan rushes up to be with Shawn as Philip and Belle walk up to keep Shawn from going after the guy. Shawn punches Philip next and tells him to give him his best shot.

Tony and Bart enter Colin’s cell and find Colin still passed out. Nicole is back up hiding in the airshaft. Tony notes that the camera isn’t working but Bart thinks it is just jammed. Tony orders Bart to give Colin another injection. Nicole is sweating profusely and some of her sweat drops onto Tony. Nicole tries to lean back out of sight.

The fan comes back on while Brady is near it. John pulls him into the other vent with him just in time. Brady wants to find Nicole before the power comes back on. John tells Brady that they’ll split up so he can go free the other prisoners and turn off the power source. John tells Brady to meet him outside of the bunker when he sees the lights go out. Brady agrees to the plan and John leaves him.

Billie swears that she isn’t trying to destroy Hope and Bo’s marriage. Billie claims that she only kissed Bo because she was saying goodbye. Hope notes that it didn’t look like a goodbye kiss to her. Billie admits that she wanted to see if kissing Bo would still do anything for her and admits that Bo was her one great love. Hope asks if it still felt the same.

Bo repositions the coil between his boots. He thinks to himself that he has to try the door handle so he can save Hope. He hears John’s voice telling him to stop. Bo turns and sees John in the airshaft that tells him that he’s found a way out.

Lucas wants to know why Sami just told him to get out. Sami continues to see Kate stare at her with a smug look. Sami tells Lucas that she loves him and they can handle anything as long as they stick together. The vision of Kate disappears. Lucas vows to always be there for Sami and Will. Sami wants to make Lucas proud of her but Lucas says she already has as they move to the bed.

Kate rushes up to ask Philip if he is all right. Belle chastises Shawn for hitting Philip. Shawn is angry that Philip came to his defense. Belle tells Shawn that he is in no condition to be fighting but Shawn tells Belle that this is none of her business. Philip steps in to defend Belle. Shawn suggests that he and Philip fight. Kate tells Philip that Shawn is doing him a favor. Philip walks away to offer to take Belle home. Jan reminds Shawn that he doesn’t love Belle anymore.

Belle says she doesn’t want to go home but would rather stay and have a good time with Philip. Philip promises to show Belle a good time.

Rex asks Mimi why she suddenly doesn’t want Belle and Shawn back together. Mimi hears Jan’s voice warning her to get behind Shawn and Jan being together if she doesn’t want to lose Rex. Mimi tells Rex that she has something important to tell him.

Shawn tells Jan that he doesn’t want to stand there talking and kisses Jan. Philip notices Belle watching Shawn and Jan kiss. He walks up and caresses her hair.

Sami and Lucas finish making love and cuddle in bed. Sami feels that their honeymoon is going to be perfect.

Billie admits that kissing Bo made her realize that she still has feelings for him and that she’ll never get over Bo.

John begins to unscrew the grate to Bo’s holding cell. Bo hides his face as he tells John about hearing Billie or Hope scream. John tells Bo that it was Nicole who screamed. Bo wants to know how Nicole got on the island.

Nicole leans back out of sight and Tony thinks that what he felt was the medication from the syringe. Nicole quickly wipes the sweat from her face. Bart injects Colin with the syringe but suddenly Colin starts to convulse. Tony orders Bart not to let that happen and Bart tries to keep Colin from dying. Nicole shrieks when Brady comes up behind her and puts his hand over her mouth. Tony looks up toward the air vent at the noise.

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