Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/13/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/13/04

By Danielle
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Mimi knocks Jan’s hand away from her arm. Jan is adamant that she and Shawn will be together the rest of their lives and Mimi will support them. Jan tells Mimi to talk to Belle and tell her that her lies are too much for Shawn to get over. Mimi refuses but Jan repeats her threat to tell Rex about the abortion.

Kate brings Will to Alice’s. She tells Rex that she brought him here for dance lessons. Rex pours Kate a glass of wine and offers Will some root beer. Will accepts the offer and Rex steps away to get it. Will asks Kate if she came here to spy on Sami and Lucas’ wedding in preparation for ruining their wedding.

Sami and Lucas are dancing together at Alice’s. Sami tells Lucas about how this is greater than her prom. Lucas dips her. Eugenia watches them dance and bitterly thinks to herself about how she had to suffer while Sami wound up happy. Eugenia vows that this is the time for Sami to lose her man.

Abe brings Tek to the New Salem replica of the Brady Pub. Caroline serves Victor some chowder. Tek tells Victor and Caroline about coming after John and Bo’s plane and how he came with Brady. Caroline worries when she hears that Brady is out in the jungle still. Victor tells Tek that Bo, Roman, and John went out in the jungle to look for Billie. Victor declares that he has faith in Brady.

Brady reaches the airshaft vent that leads to John’s cell. John has his back to the vent. Brady calls out to John in a whispering tone. John stays facing forward so as not to tip off the security camera and asks Brady if that is him. Brady tells John about being in the vent behind him and asks if he is okay. John says he is fine and asks how Brady got in the compound. Brady says he is coming in but John says not to come in.

Nicole stumbles upon the vent leading to the “special prisoner’s” holding cell. She looks through the grate to try and tell if someone is there.

Bart is chewing gum and reading his comic book instead of watching the video screens. Tony comes in and catches him not doing his job. Bart insists that everything is fine and shows Tony that all the known captives are accounted for. Bart begs Tony to tell him about the next part of their plan. Tony agrees to tell Bart the rest of the plan.

Shawn tells Belle that she has no idea how he feels. Shawn insists that what happened to Marlena was Marlena’s own fault and what happened to Bo and Hope was Marlena’s fault as well as Belle’s. Belle insists that she has been there waiting for him but Shawn doesn’t believe her. Shawn says that Jan is the only one he needs and she isn’t going anywhere. Belle points out that Shawn has yet to say that he loves Jan.

Jan repeats her blackmail threat to Mimi. Mimi begs Jan not to tell Rex about her abortion. Jan claims she won’t as long as Mimi does as she asks. Mimi fantasizes that Rex tells the crowd at Alice’s about what Mimi did and how he is ending the relationship by pouring beer over Mimi’s head. Jan tells Mimi that double crossing her best friend won’t hurt as bad as losing Rex.

Tony warns Bart that if he tells any of what Tony just told him about the plan, he’s a dead man. Bart asks when all this is going to happen. Tony says that it will happen very soon and the people in Salem are in for an awful surprise.

Caroline serves Abe and Tek bowls of chowder. Victor asks for new information. Abe tells Victor and Caroline about how Tony disappeared on Doug’s watch. Victor worries about Brady going up against DiMera alone. Tek tells them about Nicole stowing away and now being out there with him. Tek tells Victor and Caroline about Chloe being killed and now Nicole and Brady are growing closer.

Brady asks John why he doesn’t want him to come in. John tells him about the surveillance cameras. John pretends to pace around the cell until he jams the camera so it’ll show a continuous loop of him simply pacing back and forth. Brady undoes Brady kicks in the grate and jumps down into John’s holding cell. They embrace. Brady tells John about how he was able to get in because the power to the air ducts is off. Brady tells John about how they used a speedboat to get to the island. John fills Brady in on everyone who is in the holding cells and that all the other captives are fine including Marlena. John tells Brady about DiMera being behind everything. John mentions solely wanting to get everyone off the island and Brady mentions how they have to save Nicole too. John doesn’t like this news but Brady insists that he couldn’t help having her come along and he has to find her before something happens.

Nicole decides she can’t stand to be in the airshaft anymore and kicks open the grate. She throws her pack down into the holding cell. She jumps down next but doesn’t land well and lays knocked out on the floor.

Mimi says she can’t hurt Belle. Jan says that this is the nicest thing Mimi can do for Belle because everyone will be happy. Jan points out that she will be with Shawn, Belle will be with Philip, and Mimi will get to stay with Rex. Mimi begs Jan not to do this to her. Jan brings up how having an abortion could have left Mimi infertile. Jan claims again that Rex will never know that Mimi had an abortion as long as she ends up with Shawn.

Shawn says that he used to say he loved Belle and that didn’t get him where he wanted to be. Belle asks how Shawn can think of marrying Jan when he can’t even say he loves her. Shawn says that his relationship with Jan is none of her business and leaves the loft. Jan sees Shawn come out and follows him. Belle wants to go after Shawn but Mimi stops her and hugs her.

Sami and Lucas continue to dance. Kate tells Will that she only wants Sami and Lucas to be happy but thinks to herself that that means that they can never get married. Kate is so preoccupied with watching Sami and Lucas that she doesn’t hear Will ask to ride the mechanical bull. Will gets Kate’s attention and asks again. Kate asks Rex to show Will how to ride the bull. Rex agrees and takes Will over to the bull. Eugenia walks up to the bar and badmouths Sami. Kate tells her that if she doesn’t have anything nice to say about Sami, then sit down next to her.

The song ends and Sami and Lucas stop dancing. Sami tells Lucas that this has been the most incredible night of her life and nothing can ruin it. They hug and Lucas notices Will on the mechanical bull. Sami and Lucas walk over to talk to Will. Will explains that Rex was showing him how to ride the bull. Sami asks Will how he got here and Will explains that Kate brought him over.

Eugenia tells Kate all about what Sami did to her and how now she’s a coat check girl while Sami is a junior executive. Eugenia talks about how Lucas is a great guy that Sami doesn’t deserve. Kate suggests that she and Eugenia could work together to bring Sami down. Sami notices them talking and asks herself what they are up to.

Belle and Mimi go back into Belle’s loft to talk. Belle doesn’t believe that Shawn and Jan are engaged because Shawn couldn’t say that he was in love with Jan. Mimi hears Jan’s voice telling her to keep Belle and Shawn apart. Belle thanks Mimi for trying to get Shawn and her back together. Belle senses that something is wrong; that there is something that Mimi needs to tell her.

Shawn and Jan have returned to the loft now shared by Rex and Mimi. Shawn asks Jan why he can’t remember so many things about this summer. Jan points out that Lexie said Shawn might never get his memory back. Shawn says he remembers seeing Belle with Philip so clearly. Shawn can’t understand why he never confronted them if he saw them over and over. Jan flashes back to taunting Shawn with the live video feed and making Shawn watch Belle and Philip while she held him hostage. Jan tells Shawn that he was so angry; he thought he might kill Philip. Jan asks Shawn to come live with her.

Bart points out a problem with the camera in John’s cell.

John determines that they have no choice but to risk going back up in the air vent. John hoists the bag up into the air vent and tells Brady to go first. Brady climbs up and John follows him.

Nicole comes to and calls out Brady’s name. Nicole passes out again.

Sami interrupts Kate and Eugenia to ask what they are up to. Kate claims that they are innocently catching up. Kate suggests to Sami that she invites Eugenia to the wedding. Sami laughs and comments that Eugenia will be invited over her dead body before walking away. Eugenia mimics Sami’s laugh and says that that can be arranged. Kate tells Eugenia that they should get back to business because Lucas is not going to marry that witch.

Mimi insists that she isn’t keeping something from Belle. Belle apologizes and asks how Mimi is feeling. Mimi says she can’t do anything now so she just has to deal with it. Belle worries that Mimi thinks she is judging her. Belle insists that she’ll be there for Mimi no matter what. Belle laments that Shawn is doing the opposite of what she needs and tells Mimi that she simply has to face that what she had with Belle is over. Mimi curses Jan in her mind.

Jan urges Shawn to move in with her at the country house to get away from the memories of Belle. Jan asks Shawn to remember how close they were all summer long. Shawn flashes back to being bound to the bed as Jan kissed him and asked him to make love to her. Jan tells Shawn that she called him her prisoner of love. Jan flashes back to Shawn asking her to kiss him while still bound to the bed. She tells Shawn that she can’t wait to go to bed every night and wake up in his arms. Jan asks if there is any reason that they shouldn’t be living together. Shawn says that one reason is that he doesn’t love Jan.

Nicole comes to and notices the prisoner lying in the bed. She asks them who they are.

Tony asks what is wrong with the camera in John’s cell. Bart says he hit the wrong button and brings up the picture of John pacing. Tony and Bart believe that that is really what John is doing in his cell. Tony tells John that there is no way out.

Brady and John make their way through the air ducts. They determine that the way Brady came in is the only way out. John decides to go first and tries to balance on the downhill slope of the air duct. Suddenly, the fan at the end of the duct comes on and John slips. Brady reaches out to try and grab John to keep him from falling down into the fan.

Rex has put Will back up on the mechanical bull. The ride is over and Rex helps Will down. Will is dizzy from the ride.

Eugenia is impressed by Kate’s plan. Kate determines that the only way to beat Sami is to sink to her level. Eugenia admits that Sami deserves some major payback. Kate admires Eugenia and offers her a job at Basic Black. Eugenia turns down the job so she won’t have to work in the same building as Sami. Eugenia agrees to grant Kate’s request for her phone number. They say goodbye and Eugenia leaves. Kate walks over to talk to Will.

Sami shares her worries about Kate and Eugenia with Lucas. Lucas defends Kate and points out how Kate is teaching Will to dance for their reception. Lucas puts a blindfold on Sami. Rex dims the house lights and turns on the disco ball.

Belle looks out her window and sighs. Mimi offers her condolences, adding that she doesn’t know what she would do if she ever lost Rex. Mimi flashes back to her fantasy of Rex dumping her and her blackmail conversation with Jan. Belle tells Mimi about how she couldn’t cheat on Shawn with Philip because she is still in love with Shawn. Belle asks Mimi how she can get over this and wants to blame Jan. Belle asks if Mimi thinks there is still a chance for her and Shawn.

Jan claims that Shawn doesn’t remember that he loves her because of his head injury. Shawn tells Jan that they can’t move in together because the last thing he wants to do is hurt her. Jan asks Shawn to give her a chance to remind him how much he loves her. They kiss.

Jan stops their lovemaking session saying that they don’t want to continue this in the loft where Mimi or Rex could walk in. Jan suggests that they go back to her place. They kiss again.

Mimi suggests that Belle get out and get her mind off Shawn. Belle apologizes and tells Mimi how lucky she is to have her in her life. Belle asks Mimi for advice on what to do now. Mimi opens the door for Belle. Belle asks if Mimi thinks that she should move on without Shawn. They step out into the hall just as Jan and Shawn head to the elevator. Jan purposefully rubs it in Belle’s face by smacking Shawn’s butt.

Lucas leads Sami to the center of the dance floor. Rex addresses the crowd and tells them about how Lucas and Sami had a messed up prom but are now making up for lost time. Lucas undoes Sami’s blindfold. Rex crowns them the king and queen of the prom by placing paper crowns on their heads. Music resumes and Sami and Lucas dance. Will points out to Kate that Sami and Lucas are great together. Kate adds that Sami and Lucas have wonderful futures to look forward to but adds the word “apart” under her breath. Kate and Eugenia exchange glances as they watch Sami and Lucas dance. Sami tells Lucas that he makes her feel like a queen. Lucas promises to give Sami the royal treatment when they get home.

Nicole crawls over to the bed. Nicole turns the prisoner over and repeatedly screams when she realizes that it is Colin Murphy.

The screams are picked up in the control room. Bart switches between all the cameras to try and find out where the noise is coming from. Tony vows to find out.

Nicole continues to scream and tries to back away from Colin.

Brady tries to reach John and pull him back from the fan. Their fingers are only inches apart. John yells out to Brady to try and stretch and reach him. John’s feet come close to the fan.

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