Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/12/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/12/04

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Lucas feeds Sami some cake frosting but purposefully spreads some on her cheek. Lucas kisses it off of her. Sami purposefully spreads some frosting on across Lucas’ mouth so she can kiss it off. They agree that all of the cakes they have tasted are good. Lucas jokingly suggests that they just get some cakes from the frozen food section. Sami tells Lucas that everything has to be perfect and pats herself on the back for thinking of having Basic Black pay for everything yet they still get to make all the choices. Lucas suggests that it would be good for their marriage to work on agreeing on the choices. Sami points out that if they disagree, they’ll go with whatever she wants because she is the bride. Lucas laughs and agrees to that. Sami asks Lucas if he thought the strawberry kiwi mousse is the best. Lucas says he liked the vanilla the best. Sami asks Lucas if he plans to shove the cake in her face at the wedding and while Lucas is saying he would never do that, she smears his face with the frosting. Sami laughs. Lucas wipes it off his face and smears it all over Sami’s face. They kiss as Lucas reveals that he has a surprise for Sami. Sami wants to know what it is but Lucas will only tell her that it is something that will make her happy. Sami says that Lucas is who makes her happy and kisses him. Sami wipes Lucas’ face. Sami believes that their life together will be perfect and Lucas kisses her as he says that their life is already perfect. Sami wishes that Belle could be as happy as they are.

Belle tells Shawn she hates him. Shawn says he hates her more and because of her lie, half his family is dead. Shawn accuses Belle of sleeping with Philip. Belle denies again that she slept with Philip. Jan steps in to say that she has proof that Belle slept with Philip.

Mimi is sleeping on the couch when Rex wakes her. Mimi wakes up to see that Rex has brought her balloons, flowers, and a gift. Mimi asks Rex what the occasion is and Rex says that he knows Mimi is pregnant. Mimi asks Rex how he knew and Rex explains that he hacked into the hospital’s computer records and read Mimi’s file. Rex asks Mimi why she didn’t tell him about the pregnancy. Mimi flashes back to telling the clinic that she can’t let her boyfriend find out and that she had to terminate the pregnancy right away. Rex gets upset and asks Mimi to tell him that she didn’t kill their baby.

Bart is looking at the comic book while he and Patrick are in the control room supposed to be watching the video screens. Tony returns to the control room and Bart quickly hides the comic book. Tony asks for an update. Bart hesitates to say anything but Tony assures him that he can speak freely in front of Patrick. Bart tells Tony that John is now in solitary. Bart tells Tony that “their special guest” is lying in his cell without moving. Bart begins to joke about how their guest could be really dead whereas everyone else on the island is alive but Tony interrupts to ask about the outside camera. Bart looks at the video screen for the outside security camera and sees nothing. Bart adds that anyone who breaks the barrier will be instantly killed, and even the airshaft has a fatal electric charge.

Nicole continues to lookout while Brady unscrews the outside airshaft. Tony and Bart watch the video screens. Nicole notices that the security camera is spanning up and coming close to showing them so Nicole knocks Brady down flat to the ground. Tony was looking away but Bart calls his attention to the video screens.

Rex demands to know if Mimi had an abortion. Mimi pleas for Rex to understand. Rex is angry with Mimi for lying to him and says that he will never forgive her. Mimi says she is sorry but Rex says it is too late and storms out. Mimi calls after him not to leave her. It all turns out to be a dream. Rex wakes her up and hears Mimi talking in her sleep asking Rex not to leave her. Rex assures her that he will never leave her as Mimi wakes up. Mimi jumps up and hugs Rex but blames her reaction on Shawn and Belle. Mimi insists on getting Shawn and Belle back together. Rex points out that that would be a lot easier said that done.

Jan says that since Belle isn’t wearing her purity ring, she must not be a virgin anymore. Belle explains that she took it off when Shawn sent back his ring. Jan pretends not to believe Belle. Belle asks Jan why Shawn sent his ring back through her. Shawn says he can’t remember. Belle asks why Shawn can remember things that didn’t happen but not things that did happen. Jan claims she remembers what happens and tells Belle and Shawn about how Shawn didn’t want a big confrontation after seeing Belle and Philip together so he asked Jan to return the rings. Belle accuses Shawn of using Belle and Philip’s almost sleeping together as an excuse for sleeping with Jan. Shawn yells at Belle to not blame him and Jan and that he will never forgive her.

Brady tries to push Nicole off of him but Nicole explains that she knocked him down to keep him from being seen by the camera.

Bart and Tony wonder whether the foliage that moved on the outside perimeter was due to someone being there or simply the wind. Tony sends Bart to check with the outside guards. Tony gloats about how great the security system is to Patrick and asks if it isn’t great working for the DiMera organization. Patrick says that he didn’t have a choice.

Brady returns to trying to unscrew the airshaft grate until Nicole notices that the camera is coming near them again. They lay flat in the brush until Nicole notices that the camera has turned away from them. Brady is able to get the grate off but they hear someone coming. They duck back into the brush to hide. A guard looks around but doesn’t spot them or the open grate. Nicole and Brady peek out from their hiding spot.

Mimi and Rex talk about how many extra shifts Rex has signed up for so he can save more money for them. Mimi worries that she won’t see Rex if he’s working so much. Rex believes that he has to save the extra money if they plan to have a family some day. Rex tells Mimi that what happened between Belle and Shawn won’t happen to them because Mimi would never lie to him like Belle lied to Shawn. They kiss and Rex wishes her good luck with reuniting Belle and Shawn before leaving for his shift at Alice’s.

Shawn tells Belle that her being with Philip was not a one-time thing that she can claim is a misunderstanding. Shawn says that shortly after he left, Philip moved in and they’ve been hooking up all summer. Jan accuses Belle of being with Philip multiple times. Belle yells at Jan to stay out of this but Shawn yells at Belle for lashing out at Jan. Shawn tells Belle that she is the one that lied and cheated, not Jan. Belle says that Shawn is the one who lied and cheated. Mimi walks in and yells at them to stop arguing. Mimi asks Shawn and Belle to remember the love they shared.

Lucas reveals his surprise as Will dressed up in his tuxedo. Sami tears up at the sight of how grown up Will looks. Will feels awkward and weird in the suit and asks Lucas if he has to wear it. Lucas insists that Will has to wear it. Lucas asks Will to be his best man and Will agrees. Will is happy that they are finally going to be a real family. Sami begins to sob. Will asks Sami if she is okay but Lucas says that Sami is only crying because she is happy. Sami exclaims that she is not crying because she is happy, she is crying because everything is terrible.

Lucas asks Sami what is wrong. Sami regrets all the years they lost and now Will is all grown up. Lucas tries to convince Sami that they don’t have to regret anything. Sami thinks that they should have been married years ago. Will points out that he’s been saying that ever since he could talk. Lucas tells Sami that they now have to move forward and have the wedding of their dreams. Sami says she is scared that something will happen at their wedding. Sami fears that she is jinxed.

Mimi tries to convince Belle and Shawn that nothing has happened that can’t be forgiven. She reminds them of how much they loved each other. Jan drags Mimi out into the hall to speak to her in private. Jan lashes out at Mimi for pushing Shawn to be with Belle. Mimi is adamant that Shawn and Belle belong together. Jan demands that Mimi do everything she can to keep Belle and Shawn apart or else.

Alone inside the loft, Belle asks Shawn to consider what Mimi said was true. She asks why their love can’t overcome this.

Tony orders Patrick to make sure their prize prisoner’s sedative doesn’t wear off and that the cell is secured. Patrick leaves. Tony tells Bart that if Patrick betrays them, he is a dead man.

The guard comes close to where Nicole and Brady are hiding and eats some fruit from the ground before walking away. Nicole wants to leave and Brady reminds her that he said this would be dangerous. Brady refuses to leave until they find John. Brady asks Nicole for her hairspray again. Nicole hands it over as she begs him to not let anything bad happen to him because she loves him. Brady vows that he won’t let anything bad happen to him and climbs into the airshaft. Nicole hands Brady the bags as she realizes that Brady didn’t say he loved her too. Nicole climbs into the airshaft. Brady uses the hairspray to reveal more lasers inside the airshaft. Brady warns Nicole not to trip the beams. Brady hands Nicole the hairspray as he prepares to climb under the lasers. Nicole reaches out with the hairspray can and touches the beams with the can. Sparks fly.

Sami fingers the bride and groom on top of one of the cake samples. Lucas tries to convince Sami that she isn’t jinxed. Sami worries that Kate will try to mess up their wedding. Lucas says that Kate is trying and even let Basic Black finance the wedding. Sami agrees that Lucas is right and apologizes for upsetting Will. Sami is still upset over the time they wasted. Sami points out that they never dated. Lucas offers to take Sami out on a special date. Sami suggests that they could make it look like their first date and Lucas jokes about making it look like Sami’s prom so she can feel even younger. Sami leaves to go pick out a dress and a suit to match for Lucas. Lucas tells Will that he’ll call Kate to come pick him up and not to wait up for them. Sami returns, having found the perfect shirt and tie for Lucas. Lucas kisses Sami as he promises a night she’ll never forget.

Shawn tells Belle that he can’t forgive her. Belle believes she has every reason to hate Shawn for what he’s done.

Mimi refuses to help Jan keep Belle and Shawn apart. Jan reminds Mimi that Shawn is her man now. Mimi accuses Jan of taking advantage of Shawn. Jan insists that Shawn knows what he wants and he wants her. Mimi doesn’t believe her. Jan shoves her engagement ring in Mimi’s face and tells her that Shawn gave it to her. Jan flashes back to when she pretended that Shawn proposed to her. Jan insists that Shawn is committed to her and Mimi mentions that Jan is the one who should be committed. Mimi insists that Belle and Shawn belong together forever. Jan asks if that is the same for Mimi and Rex. Jan warns that Mimi and Rex will be ancient history unless Mimi does exactly what she says.

Lucas takes Sami to Alice’s. Sami insists that the next time a slow song is played, Lucas owes her a dance. Lucas says he has something to give her but insists that it’s a secret and walks away. Sami runs into Eugenia who is angry with her for making her lose her job at the hospital. Sami asks if they can do this another time. Eugenia asks Sami where she is working now. Sami says she is an executive in training at Basic Black and shows off her engagement ring. Eugenia demands to know the identity of Sami’s sugar daddy.

Someone shuts off the box labeled “airshaft security.” Brady and Nicole come to, fine from the shock. Brady retrieves the hairspray bottle and sprays again but there are no more lasers. They realize that the power to the airshaft security has been shut off. Brady crawls along the airshaft on his stomach and makes it through. He tells Nicole to hurry up and follow him while the power is still off.

Tony and Bart are watching the video screens and see that their prisoner is no longer lying motionless on the bed. Patrick returns to the control room and tells Tony that they have a problem.

Brady crawls on his hands and knees through the airshaft but falls through a hole. Nicole comes around the corner, not having seen Brady fall. Nicole finds Brady suddenly missing and calls out his name in a whispered tone.

Lucas brings Sami a corsage and runs into Eugenia. Eugenia offers to get together but Lucas tells her he is engaged. Eugenia asks who the girl is and Sami walks up to announce that she is whom Lucas plans to marry. Lucas gives Sami the corsage and leaves to get them drinks. Sami gloats that Eugenia can read about their wedding in Salem Style since she won’t be invited.

Jan insists that if she doesn’t get Shawn, Mimi doesn’t get Rex. Jan tells Mimi that she looks pale and ill and asks if Mimi has an empty feeling inside. Mimi tries to brush her off and return to her loft. Jan says she’ll just talk about Mimi’s personal life with Rex then. Mimi asks what Jan is talking about. Jan asks Mimi if she hadn’t told Rex about her having an abortion.

Shawn defends Jan, claiming that she comforted him when he saw Belle with Philip. Belle asks Shawn if he loves Jan the way he loves her.

Shawn shakes his head. Belle insists that Shawn admit that she can’t love Jan the way he loved her.

Jan threatens to tell Rex that Mimi had an abortion if Mimi doesn’t keep Belle and Shawn apart.

Eugenia is upset that Sami didn’t have to pay for her misdeeds. Lucas returns with their drinks and makes a toast to Sami. Eugenia thinks that Sami has to suffer for what she’s done and she might have to lose Lucas.

Patrick thinks that it is too quiet. Bart checks and makes sure that all the prisoners are accounted for. Tony suggests that the prisoners might have been hesitant to say anything around Patrick. Bart points out that Hope and Billie don’t know that Patrick is working for them. Tony tells Patrick that he will get to know Hope and Billie extremely well. Tony orders Patrick to go change and get some rest. Patrick leaves. Tony tells Bart that Patrick may turn out to be quite useful.

Nicole hears Brady calling out to her. Nicole looks down and sees Brady lying in a lower airshaft. Brady warns Nicole not to follow his path because she could get hurt dropping that far. Brady tells Nicole to follow the upper airshaft while he follows the lower one. They each come to something shocking.

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