Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/11/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/11/04

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Belle blames Shawn’s harsh words to her on his accident. Shawn says that what Jan had been telling him about Belle sleeping with Philip was true. Belle says that Jan is lying. Shawn says he saw it with his own eyes.

Abe and Tek return to Abe’s house after Abe gives Tek a tour of New Salem. Abe asks Tek about anyone in old Salem knowing what is going on. Tek explains that Lexie knows that no one was really in his or her caskets. Abe tells Tek what it was like being the only one on the island at first. Tek questions whether DiMera is really behind this but Abe is sure of it. Abe tells Tek that Doug is watching Tony and the mansion and Maggie has assembled everyone else.

Bo, Roman, John, and Patrick are now no longer stuck to the floor. They try to figure out how to get out. Bo accuses Patrick of being a DiMera spy. Patrick denies being a spy and asks how he can prove it. John says he can’t prove it and Patrick insists that he is a prisoner just like them. Roman points out that that is exactly what Tony said at first. Bo is adamant that Patrick ratted them out to Tony.

Tony delights in watching Bo, Roman, John, and Patrick try to escape on the video screen. Tony notes on another video screen that his other prisoner is resting comfortably. Tony notes that the holding cell is getting crowded and hopes that John is the last uninvited guest to show up on the island. Tony watches the video screen showing the outside of the compound but sees no one.

Brady and Nicole are outside the compound. Nicole starts to follow Brady and almost trips up a wire trap. Brady notices what Nicole is about to do and yells at her to stop as he tackles her to the ground.

Bart returns to the control room and tells Tony that Hope and Billie are all settled in. Tony turning to talk to Bart allows Brady and Nicole to go unseen on the video screen. Bart asks what Bo has that he doesn’t to get two women like Billie and Hope. Tony laughs as he tells Bart that there are mysteries of the universe that they’ll never know the answer to.

Nicole thinks that Brady tackled her to the ground because he wants to make love to her. Brady explains that he knocked her down because she was about to hit a trip wire and helps her up. Brady looks behind him and notices the security camera. They duck out of view.

Tony and Bart check out the video screens trained on the outside of the compound after Brady and Nicole have ducked out of the way. Bart declares that all is quiet outside. Bart asks Tony is Patrick is with them or against them. Tony says that that remains to be seen but right now he considers Patrick a traitor to the cause. Tony returns to watching the video screen of Patrick et al’s holding cell.

Patrick swears that he is not working for DiMera. Patrick cites the examples of how he worked to save Jennifer and Jack. Roman suggests that they let this go and focus on getting out of the holding cell. Bo and John determine that they can’t simply break the glass leading to the ocean. Roman suggests that they talk in a whisper to keep the cameras from picking up their voices. Bo laments that the henchmen took everything from them when they were captured so they have nothing with which to pick a lock. John reveals a multi-purpose tool that he had hiding in his vest that the henchmen missed. John tells Bo and Roman to stand around him to block him from the camera as he tries to pick the lock. As John tries to pick the lock, he is shocked and thrown back across the cell. Bo and Roman rush to help John while Patrick looks up at the security camera. Bart and Tony laugh at the sight of seeing John shocked.

Patrick stays back as Bo and Roman try to revive John. Suddenly John sits up and curses the locks for being booby-trapped. John says he is okay. Tony comes back on the video screen and warns that the next time, the charge will be strong enough to kill him. Bo demands to know what has been done to Billie and Hope. Tony tells Bo to relax for Hope and Billie are resting and recommends that they do the same and stop trying to escape. Roman asks Tony why he is doing this to them but Tony says that if he let them know that, it would spoil the surprise. Tony laughs as the video screen ascends and turns off. Roman suggests that the power source also controls the ocean. Bo notes that there is an air vent high on the wall behind him. John tells Bo and Roman to engage in conversation in front of the camera while Patrick hoists John up where he jams the security camera.

Abe criticizes Tek for letting Brady and Nicole be out in the jungle alone. Tek suggests that he go back out and find them but Abe vetoes that idea. Tek tells Abe that all Lexie knows is that his body is missing. Abe notes that Tek was uncomfortable when he asked if Lexie was seeing anyone new and asks him again if Lexie seems interested in anyone. Tek flashes back to when Lexie saw him stepping out of the shower. Tek tells Abe that he has been spending a lot of time with Lexie and Theo.

Shawn asks Belle how long she waited before jumping into the sack with Philip. Belle says that she was waiting for Shawn to come back. Shawn lists all the interactions he believes he witnessed between Belle and Philip. Jan tells Belle how upset Shawn was when he got home. Belle tells Shawn that he’s got the details wrong and that she thought he was out of town. Belle asks how Shawn could have seen her. Shawn says he doesn’t remember. Belle insists that there are a lot of things that Shawn doesn’t remember. Belle reminds Shawn that he never could trust Jan and that he can’t rely on his memory because of his head injury. Belle can’t understand how Shawn can’t remember where he was when he was watching her and Philip. Jan flashes back to videotaping Belle and Philip. Belle asks Shawn if he’s sure he was really even there watching them.

Shawn insists that he had to have been where they were because he remembers seeing there so clearly. Jan tells Belle that it makes her sick how much she hurt Shawn. Belle yells at Shawn for being there all those times and not letting her know he was back in town. Belle demands to know why Shawn didn’t come back when he heard about Marlena being shot and killed. Shawn begins to say that he wanted to come back and talk to her but Jan interrupts to claim that every time Shawn came back to talk to Belle, he found her and Philip together.

Nicole asks why Brady knocked her down again. Brady explains about noticing the security cameras. Brady is upset with Nicole for stowing away but insists on staying on the island until he finds John. Nicole says that being on the ground under Brady is what she hopes for. Brady quickly gets off of Nicole and crouches down as he lifts Nicole up. Nicole asks who is watching them but Brady says he doesn’t know but doesn’t want to stick around and find out. Nicole and Brady crouch down as they rush away from the area.

Bart calls Tony over because he notices something on the perimeter security camera. By the time Tony comes to look, Brady and Nicole are long gone so Bart pretends that he never saw anything. They return to watching the video screen of Patrick et al’s holding cell. Tony notices that Roman and Bo are the only ones visible on camera and asks where John and Patrick went. Bart jokes about how John is probably off camera sucking his thumb from the jolt and Patrick is taking care of him. Tony says it is time to determine whose side Patrick is on so they can treat him accordingly. Tony orders Bart to check on Hope and Billie again and then return to the control room. Bart leaves and Tony goes back to watching the video screens.

John finishes his work and climbs back down to the ground. Patrick winces and John asks if he is all right. Patrick tells him about hurting his shoulder. Bo fakes pity for Patrick and claims that Patrick is the reason for Hope being there. Patrick threatens to fight and Bo calls him on the threat. Roman and John step in to stop them. John tells them that soon Tony will wonder why John and Patrick weren’t in the camera picture. John delegates an order in which they’ll form a human ladder to get up to the air vent. Suddenly, a wall comes down over the window to the ocean and Tony enters the holding cell flanked by armed guards. Tony pretends to not previously know Patrick and asks him to come with them. Patrick reluctantly obliges and a guard ties his hands before leading him out of the holding cell. The rest of the guards and Tony leave the holding cell. Roman is now convinced that Patrick is working for DiMera. John still has his reservations, asking why Patrick didn’t tell DiMera about the camera. Bo suggests that Patrick will tell Tony eventually. John, Roman, and Bo form the human ladder against the wall of the holding cell. Bo tries to unscrew the bolts from the air vent.

Tony, Bart, a blindfolded Patrick, and the guards return to the control room. Tony orders the guards to leave them. The guards ask if Tony wants them to stay to protect him from Patrick but Bart holds up a gun and insists that he will watch Patrick. The guards untie Patrick and remove the blindfold. Tony asks Patrick whose side he is on and Patrick declares that he is on Tony’s side as he has been from the beginning.

Abe tells Tek how much he appreciates him keeping an eye on his family. Abe asks again if Lexie is seeing anyone but Tek only tells him that Lexie has been spending a lot of her time with Theo and Celeste. Abe says that he knows that she got the letter he sent. Tek tells Abe that Lexie could never forget about him and will always love him. Abe notes that everyone else on the island may not be as lucky as him so they must get everyone off the island before their spouses move on without them.

Bo tells Roman and John that he can’t get the screws off. Roman undoes his belt so Bo can use it as a screwdriver. John asks Bo to hurry up. Bo uses the belt on the screws and finds that it works.

Tony wants Patrick to explain why he went against what he was paid to do for them in bringing Jennifer to the island. Patrick points out that he was blackmailed and that he thought since Jennifer was pregnant, it was too risky. Tony blames Patrick for Hope, Bo, and John coming to the island ahead of schedule and that some in Salem like Tek is aware that bodies are missing. Patrick points out that Hope, Bo, and John are not a problem because they are Tony’s prisoners and as far as he knows, Tek doesn’t know anything about New Salem. Patrick insists that his loyalty is to the DiMeras. Tony says he doesn’t believe Patrick.

Belle tells Shawn that Philip was only there as a friend. Jan says that she told Shawn not to torture himself by returning to try and talk to Belle. Shawn brings up seeing Belle and Philip make love at Green Mountain Lodge. Belle explains that she and Philip were in bed but never actually made love. Belle points out that supposedly Shawn was already in bed with Jan so she wasn’t the first to cheat. Jan steps in to explain that Shawn only committed himself to her after he saw Belle and Philip together. Shawn insists that he heard Belle ask Philip to make love to her and asks if she ever gets tired of lying. Jan gloats.

Tek and Abe look over a map of New Salem. Tek suggests that they check out the North Shore. Doug rushes in to declare that Tony is missing.

Nicole and Brady reach the compound. Nicole wants to go back and tell everyone else but Brady insists that they must proceed on. Brady asks Nicole for her hairspray. Nicole thinks he wants it to use on his air but Brady uses it to make lasers appear in front of them. Nicole correctly notes that John taught Brady to look for lasers. Brady plots with Nicole to have him use the hairspray again to reveal the lasers while Nicole craws through. Then Nicole will spray the hairspray again while Brady crawls through. Brady sprays the hairspray and Nicole gets down on her elbows and begins to crawl through.

Brady hands Nicole his pack after he finishes passing through the lasers and then gets up from the ground. Nicole asks Brady how they plan to get in since there are no doors or windows. Brady notices the airshaft behind some leaves. Nicole at first refuses to go in the airshaft but reluctantly agrees to go if Brady goes first after Brady gives her a glaring look.

Tony is angry with Patrick for ruining the timeline of his plan. Patrick insists that he can prove that he is loyal to the cause. Tony asks Patrick how he can prove his loyalty.

Bo finishes using the belt buckle to unscrew the cover to the airshaft. Bo begins to climb into the air shaft and tells Roman and John that he’ll pull them up but Tony, Patrick, and his henchmen walk in before Bo can make it into the air shaft. Tony tells them about Patrick telling him about their plan. Bo and Roman climb down. Tony declares that John, Bo, and Roman have been bad and must be punished.

Belle swears that she and Philip didn’t make love because she was still in love with Shawn. Belle points out that she has lost everything just like Shawn and now they both have to go through it alone. Belle realizes that she didn’t do anything wrong and shouldn’t be defending herself. Belle asks how Shawn ended up with Jan. Belle points out that Jan keeps jumping in every time she asks Shawn a tough question. Belle admits that all of what Shawn saw between her and Philip is true but tries to explain. Shawn doesn’t want to hear it but Belle asks for a chance to explain. Shawn slams his hand on the counter and repeats that Belle is nothing but a lying slut. Belle tells Shawn that she hates him but Shawn counters by saying that Belle can’t hate him as much as he hates her.

Doug is surprised to see Tek and asks how he got there. Tek mentions that Brady came with him. Doug has more questions but Abe interrupts to ask Doug to elaborate on why Tony is missing. Doug explains that he scoured the entire mansion and didn’t find any sign of Tony. Tek suggests that they put everyone still in New Salem on a boat headed back to Salem. Abe vetoes that idea for fear that Tony will harm those they leave behind. Abe vows that no one leaves the island unless they all go together.

Bart is busy reading a comic book and doesn’t notice Nicole and Brady on the video screen.

Brady asks Nicole to keep an eye out as he unscrews the vent.

Tony knows that John was the one who masterminded jamming the security camera. Tony asks John to step forward to be taken away. John remains still. Tony mentions how he could magnetize the floor again and threatens that he has henchmen who will be more than happy to have their way with Hope and Billie before killing them. Bo steps up to go after Tony but John puts his arm up to stop him. Tony orders his henchmen to take John away. John reluctantly goes along. Bo vows that Patrick will pay. Tony points out that Patrick has already been paid handsomely. Tony warns Bo and Roman not to try to use the airshaft again for it has now been electrified. Tony, Patrick, John, and the henchmen leave.

Nicole keeps watch while Brady comes close to unscrewing the vent to the airshaft.

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