Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/8/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/8/04

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Celeste arrives at the hospital to talk to Lexie. Lexie checks her phone messages but get discouraged when there is no message from Tek. Celeste questions whether Lexie loves Tek.

Belle decides to visit Shawn again but finds him not in his room.

Shawn and Jan arrive at his old loft where they run into Rex. Rex tells Shawn about how Mimi moved in with him and Philip and Belle now live together. Shawn flashes back to Belle asking Philip to make love to her. Rex offers to let Shawn move in with him and Mimi. Jan tries to convince Shawn to go back and live with her. Shawn asks if a room is available and Rex says that Shawn can move back in. Jan says that is a big mistake and Rex decides to let Shawn and Jan talk it over and mentions that Mimi isn’t feeling well. Jan tries to use Mimi’s “illness” as an excuse for Shawn not to move back in but Rex points out that it is a “female thing.” Rex leaves them alone to check on Mimi. Shawn tells Jan that no matter where he lives, he’ll have to get rid of a few things. Jan offers to help and Shawn heads into his old bedroom. Jan pretends to knock over Mimi’s purse. Jan tells Shawn that she’ll join him after she cleans it up. Jan searches Mimi’s purse and finds the note about the Salem Woman’s clinic. Jan correctly figures out that Mimi had an abortion without Rex ever knowing about it. Jan pockets the note in her purse and leaves to join Shawn in his bedroom. Mimi comes out and searches her purse for the note. Rex comes up and asks what she is looking for.

Abe is reading in his living room on New Salem. He notices a rope vine suddenly appear outside his side doors. Abe steps outside to see what is going on and finds Tek descending the vine. They hug, relieved to see each other.

Brady and Nicole trek through the jungle. Nicole begins to complain, begging to take time to rest. Brady refuses, insisting that they have to keep looking for John and Bo. Brady is adamant that John and Bo are alive but Nicole believes that there is no way that they could still be alive. Nicole reluctantly agrees to keep going.

Tony and Bart continue to watch the captives on the video screen. The alarm goes off again and Bart determines that there are intruders on the east perimeter of the compound. Tony demands a visual but Bart says that the camera is out. Tony orders Bart to have the reinforcements seal off the area. Bart leaves the control room.

Bo confirms with Billie that they have to time their attack perfectly. They spread out. Bo fires several darts from his own gun before making himself visible to Hope and John. Hope rushes over to hug Bo. Real gunfire is heard. John orders everyone to get down and be wary that DiMera has moved on to real ammunition. Bo calls out to confirm that he’s right behind John as the henchmen descend upon them. Bo and John fight the henchmen. One tries to grab Hope but she fends him off. Billie hears another henchmen talking to the base-requesting backup. She sneaks up on him and knocks him out. Billie grabs his gun and ammunition and heads back into the jungle. John and Bo knock their henchmen out but Hope’s henchman grabs her and holds a gun to her head. Hope tells Bo to take out her henchman but the guy warns that he’s got orders to shoot and kill. Billie shows up and holds her gun on the henchman. Billie warns that if the henchman tries to shoot Hope, he’ll be dead before he hits the ground.

Bart and Tony watch the whole scene on the video screens. Bart fears that Billie has one-upped them. Tony tells Bart never to underestimate the power of a DiMera and to wait and see what he has in store because it is amazing even for him.

Billie tells the henchman not to shoot Hope. The henchman aims his gun at Billie and tells her that he doesn’t take orders from her. The henchman aims his gun back at Hope’s head. Billie fires her gun and shoots the henchman. Bo rushes to hold Hope. Hope is shot in the back by a dart. Billie is then shot in the stomach with a dart. Bo and John drop to the ground and grab the guns. Another dart hits Bo in the back. John waves around his handgun and calls out that he won’t let DiMera get away with this. John leans back at the right time to miss being hit by a dart. He is hit in the leg by a dart and passes out. Tony watches the whole scene on the video screens and laughs as he tells John that he already has gotten away with it.

A nurse comes into Shawn’s old hospital room to change the sheets and tells Belle that she can’t be there. Belle asks if something happened to Shawn and the nurse tells her that Shawn discharged himself. Belle asks if Shawn went home but the nurse can only tell her that Shawn left with his girlfriend Jan.

Abe pours Tek a glass of iced tea as he asks how Tek was able to find them. Tek tells Abe about figuring out Roman’s code. Abe tells Tek about how all of the other victims are alive. Abe asks Tek how Lexie and Theo are. Tek hesitates before telling Abe that they are fine. Abe senses that there’s something Tek isn’t telling him and asks if Lexie has moved on. Tek tells Abe that Lexie has moved on.

Mimi tells Rex that she was looking for her work schedule at the Java Café because she wanted to call Patty and tell her that she can’t make it to work. Rex offers to call for her. Mimi thanks him and they kiss and hug.

Shawn is grabbing various items from his room and tossing them into a box. He finds a picture of him and Belle and tosses it into the box as well. Shawn picks up a pink teddy bear and flashes back to when Belle gave it back to him after he won it for her. He tosses it into the box but misses. He tosses the box on the bed and kicks the teddy bear across the floor. Jan urges Shawn that he needs to throw out everything that reminds him of Belle so he can move on. Mimi comes in and tells Jan that Shawn may not want to move on.

Nicole and Brady have taken a dip in the water. Nicole suggests that they light a fire and snuggle close to keep warm. Brady turns down the offer, instead wanting to keep searching for John and Bo. Brady says he doesn’t want anyone to know that they are there until they know what is going on. They hear something and duck low in the bushes. They watch two henchmen get out of their Jeep to refill their canteens. The henchmen walk right by Brady and Nicole without noticing them. Brady drags Nicole to the Jeep. They hide under a blanket in the back as the henchmen return. The henchmen get back in the car and start it.

Hope, Bo, John, Billie, and Patrick have been brought to their holding area while still unconscious. Hope wakes first and notices the large window looking out into the sea. Hope wakes everyone else up and points out that they are in a holding cell in the ocean. They call out to DiMera. A large video screen on the wall comes on and the captives watch Tony admit that he’s behind this and this message is to welcome them all to their new home.

Celeste asks Lexie again if she loves Tek. Lexie tells Celeste that she wouldn’t be unfaithful if she did move on with Tek. Celeste reminds Lexie that she thinks that Abe and the others aren’t really dead.

Tek tells Abe that Lexie has moved on with her life but not with any other man romantically. Abe breathes a sigh of relief as he admits that he was worried about that. Abe notices Tek’s bad burn from the force field on his arm and tends to it. They confer that DiMera is behind New Salem. Tek asks how they find him and the others. Abe says that he doesn’t know the answers to those questions.

Jan tells Mimi to get out. Mimi points out that she lives there. Jan tells Mimi that this is a private room and they were having a private conversation. Mimi asks Shawn if she can talk to him and Shawn tells Jan that it’s fine. Jan promises to give them five minutes to talk and steps out into the hall to eavesdrop. Mimi tells Shawn that she is still rooting for him and Belle. Shawn tells Mimi that he and Belle are history and returns to shoving everything that reminds him of Belle into the box. Jan hears Shawn coming out and rushes to pretend like she was sitting in the living room reading and not listening by the door. Jan asks Shawn if he is moving out and he says he is but first is going to drop these items off at Belle’s loft, along with her keys. Jan hops up to follow him to Belle’s loft. Mimi pulls Jan aside to tell her to face it for in the end she will lose Shawn. Jan warns Mimi to watch her step or she’ll find out what it’s like to lose a man first hand and leaves. Rex walks up and asks what that was about but Mimi says she has no idea.

The henchmen park their Jeep and leave. Brady and Nicole pop out from under the blanket and climb out of the Jeep. They think of finding a place to hide. They talk about how many more henchmen there could be. Suddenly Brady pushes Nicole down to the ground and covers her for protection. Brady makes sure it’s safe and then helps Nicole up. Brady tells Nicole about seeing a sign that they need to stay out of the searchlight to try and read. Nicole kisses Brady for good luck. They duck as the searchlight goes over them. They rush to the sign.

John confirms with Tony that he has been behind everything. Tony tells them how he made it appear that Marlena killed everyone. Roman vows to make Tony pay. Tony points out that they are deep under the sea with no way to escape. Hope asks Tony why he is doing this. Bo asks if it is all for revenge. Tony refuses to answer these questions and blames them for their current situation. John vows to get out of the holding cell and to kill Tony. Tony tells John that they’ll meet again in hell and laughs as the video screen ascends and turns off.

Abe finishes wrapping Tek’s arm in a bandage. Tek pulls out a satellite phone and tries to call ISA. Abe hopes that the ISA will be able to tell Lexie that he’s really alive. Tek tells Abe that Lexie already knows that he is on a case and he hopes that she got his message.

Lexie fights back tears as she tells Celeste that death parted her and Abe. Celeste wants to go deal her tarot cards but Lexie stops her. Celeste asks Lexie if she really is in love with Tek.

Shawn lets himself and Jan into Belle’s loft. Shawn hears Belle and Philip’s answering machine message and flashes back to when he first heard it while in Belle’s loft after escaping from Jan’s house. Jan asks if Shawn is okay and he assures her that he is. Shawn picks up a picture of Philip and Belle and flashes back to seeing Philip and Belle dancing at the Penthouse Grill. Shawn tells Jan about remembering seeing Philip and Belle dancing at the Penthouse Grill. Jan fantasizes about calling Nicole to tell her that Shawn remembers seeing Belle and Philip as if he was really there and not watching it on video. Jan returns the picture to the table and suggests that they go. Shawn asks Jan to go upstairs and get his jacket from Belle’s closet. Jan heads upstairs. Belle returns to her loft and finds Shawn standing in her living room.

Belle hands Shawn the box of chocolates that she had brought to the hospital for Shawn. Shawn refuses to take the box and looks over at the picture of Belle and Philip. Belle wants to talk but Shawn says there is no point in talking when all that Belle says is lies. Shawn says he can’t get past that Belle slept with his best friend. Belle insists that Philip is her roommate and that’s all. Shawn claims that Belle is lying again. Jan watches from the stairs. Shawn flashes back to seeing Belle and Philip on the couch and tells Belle that he saw it with his own eyes. Belle says that if he really had seen it, he would have seen her not go through with it because she is saving herself for him. Jan comes back downstairs with Shawn’s jacket as Shawn calls Belle a liar and a slut.

Lexie denies being in love with Tek but admits that she could be in love with Tek someday. Lexie asks Celeste why she doesn’t want her to be happy and Theo to have a father. Celeste warns Lexie that if she lets herself fall for Tek, it’ll bring heartache. Lexie tells Celeste that she is wrong because Abe is dead but she only prays that Tek isn’t dead too.

Tek plugs in the satellite phone and tries to use it but it gives him a shock. Tek senses that DiMera knew he was going to make the call and surged the power on purpose. Abe fears that John and Roman’s mission is their only chance.

Everyone spreads out to check out the place. Bo gives Hope a pep talk. Hope explains that she was upset because she was thinking of Shawn and Zack. Bo assures her that they’ll get off the island. Hope notices that Bo is wearing her bracelet. Bo tells her about finding it in the ocean. Hope puts the bracelet back on her wrist as she vows that there is nothing that DiMera can do to tear them apart. Tony watches Hope and Bo hug on the video screen. Bart watches Tony order his henchmen to pull the captives out now. Suddenly, all of the captives are unable to move from the spot they were standing on. Henchmen walk in and shoot darts at Billie and Hope. The henchmen carry Hope and Billie out of the room. Tony tells Bo that he’ll never see Hope or Billie again. Tony tells Bart that it is time to begin the final stage of his plan. Tony is under the impression that now everyone on the island has been accounted for.

Brady and Nicole reach the sign and find that it’s the same symbol, a palm tree inside a red outline of a shield, as was on the Jeep. Nicole notes that this is like Jurassic Park after the dinosaurs run amuck. Brady says he intends to find out what this place is. Brady heads off past the sign and Nicole follows him. Nicole almost triggers a trap.

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