Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/7/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/7/04

By Danielle
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Shawn looks at a picture of Belle and tells her that it is because of her that half his family is dead. Shawn asks Belle why she had to lie to him and throws the picture down on the bed. Jan comes in and hears Shawn’s remarks about Belle. Jan tells Shawn to forget about Belle. Jan offers to get rid of Belle’s picture but Shawn insists on doing it myself. Shawn crumples up Belle’s picture and puts it in the trashcan. Shawn tells Belle that he never wants to hear the name Belle Black ever again and only wants to be with Jan. They kiss. Lexie interrupts them and holds up a piece of paper. Lexie asks Shawn what the meaning of the paper is.

Mimi is lying on the couch in the loft as she holds the teddy bear. Mimi flashes back to when Belle tried to talk her out of having the abortion. Mimi asks herself how she could have killed the love between her and Rex. Rex comes in and asks Mimi what she is talking about.

Brady and Tek have arrived on the island and are making their way through the jungle. Tek confirms that John and Bo’s plane went down there. Brady is getting frustrated because all they see is rainforest. Tek warns that looks can be deceiving.

Nicole secretly makes her own way through the jungle. She flashes back to following Brady and Tek to the island. Nicole regrets coming because of the unpleasant conditions. Nicole sits down to rest and realizes that a spider is crawling on her hand. She screams. Tek and Brady hear her screams. Brady recognizes the scream as a familiar voice but can’t place the owner. Tek suggests that they go find out who is screaming.

Tony joins Bart in the control room. They watch Hope, Patrick, Billie, and Bo on video from a hidden camera in the cave. Hope, Patrick, Billie, and Bo discuss the possibility that Stefano is behind the island plot. Billie mentions that one of her jailers mentioned Stefano’s name. Hope reiterates that their main goal is to get everyone off the island. Billie tells Bo, Hope, and Patrick to go back to New Salem while she will go after DiMera. Bo refuses to let Billie go alone and Hope refuses to leave Bo. Patrick decides to tag along. Billie and Bo head out of the cave. Hope gathers up their belongings. Patrick questions Hope about Bo and Billie but Hope doesn’t want to talk about it. Hope and Patrick head out of the cave. Billie apologizes to Bo for kissing him. Bo says it is his fault but insists that he loves Hope. Hope and Patrick join Bo and Billie. Bo and Hope begin to head to the compound. Billie shows a sly smile, which makes Patrick suspicious.

John and Roman stop on their trek for a water break. They talk about how Stefano is probably watching and waiting for them to attack. John says how important it is that the first thing they do is to shut down the power source. Bart points out to Tony on the video screen that John and Roman are coming after them. Tony tells Bart to charge the engines.

Hope heads back into the cave for her flashlight. Patrick senses that something isn’t right.

Roman notices that the animals are scared. John doesn’t like what is happening.

Tony asks Bart if he has programmed the isolated coordinates. Bart confirms that he has. Tony tells Bart to charge to full power and initiate.

John senses that it is happening as the ground starts to shake.

Bo realizes that it is an earthquake. The ground breaks away and Billie falls. Bo goes after her. Patrick heads back into the cave and covers Hope with his body to protect her from falling boulders.

John and Roman brace themselves on the ground until the ground stops shaking. They confirm that each other is all right. John realizes that the earthquake was man made by DiMera. Tony and Bart continue to watch them on video. Bart asks if he should send an aftershock but Tony wants to see how Billie, Bo, Hope, and Patrick fared the earthquake. Bart switches to the other camera view.

Bo pulls Billie back up and she is okay. Bo goes to check on Hope. Patrick sits up and wakes up Hope. Hope asks what happened and Patrick tells her about the earthquake. Hope asks about Bo and Patrick notes that he’s behind the wall of rock that has closed off the cave. Hope starts to get up but Patrick warns her not to for she may have a concussion. Bo calls out to Hope and Hope returns the call. Patrick frees a single boulder from the wall so they can see each other. Billie wants to help but Bo tells her to stay out of it. Patrick thinks of another way to get out of the cave.

Tony shares that Stefano always said to divide and conquer his enemies like he has done now by putting Billie and Bo on one side of the cave and Hope and Patrick on the other side. Bart asks if he can start up the cyclones and cause more havoc. Tony says they have more pressing matters as he switches the camera view to a room where there is one man crouched in a corner clawing at the walls and grunting. Bart asks if that is who he thinks it is.

Nicole jumps up and smacks the spider with her shoe. Nicole puts her shoe back and wipes the spider off of the rock. Nicole realizes that she’s lost Brady and Tek.

Brady and Tek search the jungle for the source of the scream. They suddenly notice that someone knows they’re there and they hide under leaves. Nicole walks up and trips over their hiding spot. Brady and Tek grab her, believing her to be an enemy. They are shocked to see that it is Nicole.

Mimi tells Rex that she was upset that she ruined Rex’s romantic picnic. She apologizes but Rex says it is okay. Rex notices that Mimi is shaking and wants to call Lexie. Mimi insists that Rex not call Lexie. Bonnie bursts in to check on Mimi. Mimi assures her that she is fine. Bonnie tells Rex to go buy some juice for Mimi. Rex leaves. Mimi tells Bonnie that she had the abortion but feels like she can’t live with herself now. Bonnie hugs her.

Shawn explains that because Lexie wouldn’t discharge him, he discharged himself. Lexie worries that Shawn will be all alone and he might suffer a relapse. Jan insists that she will look after Shawn. Lexie tries to convince Shawn to stick around a couple more days. Lexie accuses Jan of convincing Shawn to leave early. A nurse comes in and tells Lexie that she has an urgent call. Lexie leaves and warns Shawn not to go anywhere. Jan asks Shawn if Lexie is always such a bitch.

Patrick and Hope realize that Tony was sneaking around the night that Jennifer had the baby. Hope insists that Bo and Billie head north to find John and Roman. Bo reluctantly agrees and he and Billie head out. Hope turns around and calls out to Patrick who isn’t there.

John and Roman make their way to another clearing. John points out tire tracks to Roman. They decide to follow them to Stefano’s compound.

Bo and Billie reach a clearing. Billie tries to assure Bo that Hope and Patrick will be fine. Bo flashes back to finding Hope and Patrick naked under the blanket. Bo asks Billie what she thinks of Patrick. Billie tells Bo that Hope can take care of herself and they head off to find Roman and John.

Hope searches the cave for Patrick. Patrick puts his hand over Hope’s mouth and pulls her through a secret door in the cave.

Tony watches Bart on the video screen. Bart arrives at the room of the grunting man. Bart slides open the viewing panel and the man puts his face up to the window. Bart quickly slides the viewing panel closed and wonders how Stefano and Tony were able to bring “him” back.

Bonnie and Mimi cry as Bonnie tries to convince Mimi that she did right the thing. Mimi considers herself a horrible person because she didn’t tell Rex about the baby. Bonnie points out that Rex said he didn’t want a baby. Mimi believes that if Rex had known, he would have made it work. Bonnie says that Rex would have eventually left her, even running off with her best friend so he could get away from the responsibility of a family. Mimi asks if Bonnie is sorry she ever had Patrick, her, or Connor. Bonnie says that she doesn’t regret having any of them. Bonnie tells Mimi that she once had an abortion and when she told Mimi’s father, he left her for her best friend. Bonnie tells Mimi that she can always count on her to support her. Mimi asks how Bonnie could tell her to have the abortion when she knew how much it would hurt. Bonnie explains that she wanted Mimi to be able to have the best life. Mimi feels that she doesn’t deserve a happy life. Bonnie says that in time, Mimi will learn to forgive herself for what she’s done. Bonnie tells Mimi that she had the right to choose and she just happened to choose not to have a baby she couldn’t take care of. Mimi hopes that Rex never finds out.

Rex steps off the elevator while on the phone with Lexie. Rex asks Lexie about Mimi’s condition but Lexie refuses to breach doctor patient confidentiality. Lexie tells Rex to speak with Mimi.

Tek accuses Nicole of working with someone and being there to warn her partners that Brady and Tek are there. Nicole defends herself. Brady steps up and tells Tek to back off. Nicole thanks him but Brady makes her sit down and explain why she is there. Nicole explains that Brady is her only friend in Salem and she wanted to come help find John. Tek feels that Nicole will only slow them down and get them killed. Tek suggests that they take Nicole back to the boat and tie her up. Nicole begs Brady not to let Tek do that to her.

Bo and Billie make their way to another clearing. Billie says she doesn’t blame Hope for wanting to come with them. Billie is annoyed that Hope still hates her for not wanting to give up Bo after they found out Hope was still alive. Bo asks Billie what her life was like after she last left Salem. Billie says that she dated a few guys but no one special. Billie notices that Bo isn’t really paying attention to her and assures him that Hope and Patrick are resourceful and will be fine.

Hope and Patrick climb out from a trap door underground back into the jungle. Hope is angry with Patrick for grabbing her. Patrick explains that he didn’t want to tip off DiMera’s surveillance. Hope tells Patrick to warn her next time. They hear someone coming and hide in the bushes. Roman and John walk into the clearing wearing henchman outfits. Hope and Patrick believe them to be henchmen and jump them. Roman and John pull off their hoods and reveal themselves to Hope and Patrick. Roman explains that they found them in an outpost and thought they could move more freely if they blended in.

Bart returns to the control room. Tony asks Bart what he thinks of his caged specimen. Bart asks how they were able to revive him. Tony is about to tell him when an alarm goes off. Bart checks the surveillance to find that there are four people outside the compound. Tony orders a visual and Bart brings Roman, Patrick, John, and Hope up on the video screen. Tony orders 4 new holding cells to be readied. Bart asks how Tony will be able to fight John since he was one of Stefano’s best soldiers. Tony says that John’s greatest weakness is that he’d give his life for someone else so it’s time for someone to die.

Rex returns with the juice and some chicken soup from the Pub. Rex tells Mimi that he called Lexie. Mimi asks what Lexie said. Rex tells her that Lexie said to talk to her and asks Mimi what is wrong. Bonnie tells Mimi that she should tell Rex the truth.

Brady tells Tek that they can’t tie her up in the boat because that would leave her defenseless. Tek points out that taking Nicole with them would be like signing a death warrant. Brady tears the map in half and tells Tek that they’ll split up so that only he has to take care of Nicole. They make a plan to meet back here tomorrow at sundown. Tek warns Brady to watch his back and leaves. Brady begins to yell at Nicole but Nicole pulls him close for a kiss.

A dart is fired and hits Roman. Roman goes down and John orders everyone to get down. Another dart is fired but John catches it. John declares that he will catch the next one too. Tony laughs as he says that John won’t catch the next one. Hope and Patrick tend to Roman.

Lexie returns to Shawn’s room to find him packing. Shawn insists that he’s leaving despite Lexie’s concerns. Shawn tells Lexie that he appreciates her concern but is adamant that he is going home with Jan. Lexie gives Shawn her card with her direct number on it and tells him to call her if he starts feeling ill. Lexie pulls him close for a hug and tells him to take it easy. Jan assures Lexie that she will make sure Shawn is fine. Lexie leaves. Jan tells Shawn that she can’t wait to take him home. Shawn says that he isn’t going to Jan’s house but to the loft and leaves. Jan realizes that Belle will be at the loft and rushes out after Shawn.

Bonnie tells Rex that Mimi is having “female problems” but will be fine. Bonnie tells Mimi to call her if she needs anything and leaves. Rex tells Mimi that he really wants to know what is going on with her. Mimi starts to cry. Rex asks why she is crying and Mimi says that Rex is too good for her. Rex points out that they need to have honesty and communication to make their relationship work.

Brady pulls away from Nicole’s kiss and yells at her to stop. Brady realizes that he can’t concentrate on finding John and Bo since he now has to keep watch over Nicole. Nicole smiles at the thought that he cares about her. They hear an animal roaring and Brady says that they should get moving. Nicole runs after him.

Patrick is then hit by a dart and falls. Hope tends to him. The alarm goes off again and Bart checks the surveillance to find that they have intruders in the east perimeter. Tony demands a visual but Bart can’t bring up the video. Tony orders Bart to alert the reinforcements and have them seal off the area. Bart leaves and Tony declares that no one is going to beat him at his own game.

Hope and John realize that they are surrounded. Bo and Billie spot them through the bushes and realize that they are surrounded. Bo and Billie put their plan into action. Hope and John stand up only to find themselves surrounded by armed henchmen.

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