Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/6/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/6/04

By Danielle
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Lucas talks to Will on his cell phone. Lucas tells Will that he will pick him up at the Pub later. Lucas hangs up the phone. Sami comes out of an office and kisses Lucas. Sami tells Lucas about running her idea for financing the wedding past Basic Black’s attorney. Lucas is shocked to hear that the attorney liked Sami’s idea. Sami is happy that people will be talking about their wedding for years to come. Lucas disagrees, believing that whether their wedding is in a palace or at city hall, it doesn’t matter. Sami defends her feelings by pointing out that her track record with love isn’t great so she wants to show everyone how this love can work out. Lucas agrees, wanting to do whatever makes Sami happy. Lucas asks how much this is going to cost but Sami says that all Lucas has to pay for is the marriage license and that if they donate their flowers to the church, they’ll get a tax refund. Lucas wants to know more but Sami makes him wait and see.

Kate is getting a back massage when her phone rings. She asks the masseuse to hand her her purse. It is Joelle calling. Joelle tells Kate that Sami has called a meeting in her absence. Kate quickly ends the massage session and tells Joelle that she’ll be right over to Basic Black. Joelle hangs up the phone and tells Rick that the sparks are about to fly.

Belle arrives at Basic Black talking on her cell phone with Philip. She tells him not to wait on her because she is at the office. Belle tells Philip about how she wants to bury herself in work so as to keep from thinking about John, Marlena, and Shawn. Philip offers to join her but Belle tells him that she’ll work better alone. Belle ends her call with Philip and enters the outer office. Belle is surprised to see Joelle and Rick still there after hours. Joelle tells Belle about the meeting. Belle is surprised that Kate didn’t tell her about the meeting. Joelle tells Belle that Kate didn’t set up the meeting and Belle asks who did. Sami walks in and announces that she set up the meeting.

Billie kisses Bo. Hope and Patrick reach the cave and see them. They immediately stop kissing at the sight of Hope and Patrick. Hope accuses Bo of wanting Hope to go back to New Salem alone so that he could be with Billie. Bo tries to explain but Hope doesn’t want to hear it. Hope leaves the cave and Bo follows after her. Patrick finally meets Billie.

Bo catches up with Hope. Bo places a hand on Hope’s shoulder and Hope whips around and slaps him. Hope calls Bo a bastard and asks how he could do this to her.

Sami sends Joelle and Rick in to the office so she can talk to Belle alone. Belle doesn’t think having this meeting is a good idea. Sami shows Belle a memo from Kate about carrying on despite John’s death. Belle begins to cry and Sami hugs her. Belle points out that John was Sami’s stepfather so his death should affect her too. Sami says that she wished it were Kate that died which offends Belle. Sami apologizes. Belle thinks that deep down Sami will miss him too for John really loved him. Sami admits that she loved John too and tells Belle about how John was going to pay for her wedding. Sami changes the subject to her concern for Belle. Belle assures her that she’ll be fine, simply here to consume herself with work. Sami asks Belle for her help with the wedding. Belle tells Sami that she’s behind with her work at Basic Black and can’t help. Sami persists in getting Belle to design her dress and be her maid of honor.

Bo admits that he deserved to be slapped. Hope asks Bo why he did it. Bo flashes back to Billie urging him to go back to Hope and let her go after Stefano alone and the kiss. Bo defends Billie and claiming that it meant nothing. Bo likens it to finding Hope and Patrick lying naked together. Hope defends her actions by claiming that if she hadn’t Patrick would have died but Bo doesn’t buy it. Bo asks Hope to understand his helping Billie like she helped Patrick. Hope doesn’t buy it. Bo apologizes and asks for forgiveness. Hope begins to cry as she curses having been so worried about Bo only to find him kissing Billie. Hope asks about Bo’s head but he assures her that he is fine. Hope wonders why Billie always comes between them. Bo tries to reach out for Hope but Hope steps back and tells Bo not to touch her. Bo tries to assure Hope that nothing and no one is going to come between them. Hope says that that is where Bo is wrong.

Sami has joined Joelle, Lucas, and Rick in the office. Sami calls the meeting to order and tells Joelle and Rick that they plan to offer the advertisers a chance to fund their wedding. Belle joins them and Rick offers his condolences about John. Sami announces that Belle is going to design her wedding dress and the groom’s tuxedo. Lucas asks Belle if she is up to this and Belle assures him that she’ll do anything she can to help. Sami delegates tasks to everyone. Sami goes on about getting the Fab 5 from Bravo to makeover Lucas and his apartment. Rick interrupts to question Sami’s view of herself to think that everyone would be willing to finance her wedding. Kate walks in and says that Rick was being too kind when he asked if Sami thought she was J. Lo.

Patrick helps himself to some water while Billie stokes the campfire. Billie says that this wasn’t supposed to happen and Patrick jokes about whether she meant the kiss or that Hope walked in. Billie takes offense and they introduce themselves to each other. Billie insists that she didn’t ask Bo to come find her. Patrick asks Billie how she would feel if she were Hope. Billie explains that Bo only kissed her because she asked him to.

Sami pretends to joke about Kate being here to ruin everything. Kate tells Joelle and Rick that they can leave. Rick asks for overtime pay and Kate says that they can take it out of Sami’s paycheck. Belle wants to go to but Sami insists that she stay. Kate questions why Sami was holding a meeting in her office. Sami tells Kate her idea and Lucas helps sell the idea. Belle adds her ideas about Basic Black’s magazines covering the wedding. Sami tells Kate that she’ll get all the credit. Kate asks what is in it for Lucas and Lucas insists that he’ll get to marry the woman he loves. Kate helps herself to a drink and Lucas quickly hushes Sami’s comments that Kate will ruin their plans. Kate announces that she thinks it is a wonderful idea. Sami and Lucas are so happy that they kiss. Kate watches them with a look of disgust.

Bo tells Billie about how she wanted them to go back to New Salem. Hope explains that she was referring to Stefano. Bo fills Hope in on what Billie overheard about the plan. Hope asks about solid proof but Bo simply says that they have no proof but that this looks like Stefano’s usual doing. Bo insists that they have to put their personal jealousies aside and work together. Hope tells Bo about John and Roman’s work looking for the power lines. Hope wants to head back to New Salem but Bo wants to stay in the jungle. Hope asks if Bo wants to stay because of Stefano or because of Billie.

Kate tells Sami and Lucas that she has work to do and asks them to leave. She asks Belle to stay behind and asks how she is holding up. Kate then asks about Shawn. Belle tells her about how Shawn wants to spend his life with Jan. Kate tells Belle that someday when she’s ready, she’ll move on as well.

Sami is so excited that Kate approved the idea that she asks Lucas to pinch her to make sure she isn’t dreaming. Lucas looks around and pinches Sami’s butt and Sami jumps. Lucas assures Sami that her idea is good and that Kate wants them to be happy. Sami says that Kate wants Lucas to be happy and to get her out of his life for good. Sami tells Lucas that she doesn’t trust Kate.

Patrick accuses Billie of being after Bo. Billie denies it, claiming that she and Bo were about to part ways when they walked in. Patrick asks why Bo was the only one to come looking for her. Patrick accuses Billie of liking that Bo came to her rescue. Billie tells Patrick about working with the Salem PD and getting duped by Larry Welch. Billie insists that no one will break up Bo and Hope unless Patrick has other ideas.

Belle tells Kate that one of these days she’ll feel better. Belle uses Sami and Lucas’ current relationship as an example of how things can be different down the road. Kate lists Sami’s past faults. Belle points out that Sami has changed and this proves that everyone gets his or her chance at love eventually. Kate tells Belle that her soul mate is out there waiting for her. Sami overhears Belle tell Kate that Shawn wants to spend his life with Jan. Sami declares that Shawn has hurt Belle for the last time and storms out of Kate’s office.

Belle follows Sami out to the outer office and asks where she is going. Sami announces that she is going to rip Jan’s head off. Belle tells Sami that she is done fighting and she and Shawn are through. Belle heads to her office and Sami calls after her. Kate watches the scene from her office door.

Bo insists to Hope that his family comes first and that is why he has to go after Stefano. Hope still believes that Bo only wants to stay behind to be with Billie. Bo asks Hope to trust in their wedding vows.

Kate eavesdrops as Belle and Sami talk about Jan and Shawn. Belle believes that Shawn simply blames her for everything that happened to his family. When Belle tells Sami that Shawn called her a bitch, Sami threatens to bitch slap Shawn. Belle forbids her to do so and tells Sami that Shawn chose Jan over her.

Kate looks at a picture of Philip as she tells him that he and Belle belong together. Kate picks up a picture of Lucas and tells him that she’s done everything she can to break up him and Sami. Kate tells Lucas’ picture that she must play a dirty trick on Sami to end their relationship for good. Kate looks up to find that Lucas has overheard her last comment.

Bo asks for Hope’s support. Hope says she has a right to be angry and ever since they got their lives back on track, she’s had to deal with the shadow of Billie. Bo takes Hope’s face in his hands and tells her that he chose her then and now. Bo assures Hope that nothing is going to happen to him. Hope worries that no one will be out there protecting him like he’s protecting Billie. Bo pulls her close for a hug.

Patrick denies wanting Hope. Billie tells Patrick about being able to read body language as part of her ISA training. Patrick asks her to read his body language and Billie tells him that Hope likes to lean on him for support and he loves coming to the aid of a damsel in distress. Patrick tells Billie that he and Hope have been through some close calls together. Billie asks how close, if they have kissed. Patrick flashes back to when he kissed Hope when she crawled under the blanket. He tells Billie that she wouldn’t understand. Patrick explains that when they first left for the island, all they did was argue. Billie points out that people who start off fighting usually end up married. Billie insists that her only goal is to bring DiMera down. Bo and Hope return to the cave, having overheard Billie’s last comment. Bo agrees that that is what they need to do but asks how they plan to do that.

Belle tells Sami to stay out of it. Sami apologizes. Belle wants to change the subject to Sami’s wedding. Belle is determined to break the curse of the terrible bridesmaid dress. Sami thanks Belle for the help and Belle thanks Sami for the extra work to bury herself in. Sami asks Belle if Kate really wants the wedding to happen and Belle assures her that she does. Sami leaves Belle’s office but once away from Belle doesn’t believe Belle’s assurance.

Lucas accuses Kate of being up to something but Kate plays dumb. Sami walks in and asks if Kate is planning to take back her permission to use the advertisers to pay for the wedding. Kate insists that she likes the idea and leaves. Lucas heads to the phone to call Shawn Sr. to let him know they’re on their way to pick up Will. Sami thinks to herself that she doesn’t trust Kate and while she’ll play nice for now, if Kate plans something, she’ll find out about it.

Patrick asks if everyone is sure that Stefano is behind this island. Billie tells everyone about being captured by Stefano’s goons in Europe. They talk about how to get everyone off the island. Billie tells Hope, Bo, and Patrick to head back to New Salem while she goes to DiMera’s compound. Bo vetoes the idea and Hope says that Billie can’t go alone and if Bo is going, then she is going with him. Patrick wants to go too. They decide to head out while it is still dark. Billie and Bo head out of the cave first. Billie apologizes to Bo for causing trouble. Bo insists that it was his fault and that he loves his wife. Billie says she knows he does and Bo says that as long as they have that straight, they’ll be fine before walking away.

Hope and Patrick are still in the cave gathering up their things. Hope worries about losing Bo in the process. Patrick asks if Hope worries about losing Bo to Stefano or to Billie. Hope wants to end all talk about her personal life and heads out of the cave. Patrick talks to himself and says that keeping Billie out of Bo and Hope’s marriage will be nearly impossible.

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