Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/5/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/5/04

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Mimi sobs. Rex begs her to talk to him. Mimi tells Rex that it isn’t him. Rex shares his worries but wonders that they can’t have a future together if Mimi doesn’t tell him the truth. Mimi tells Rex that she was pregnant but went behind his back and got an abortion. Rex is shocked.

Philip tries to convince Belle that it isn’t her fault that Bo and Hope are dead. Belle sobs, as she can’t believe that Bo, John, Hope and Billie are dead. Philip pulls her close and assures her that he isn’t going anywhere. Belle worries that Shawn won’t get better and his personality will be changed forever. Philip tells Belle that if Shawn has been living with Jan all summer, then his problems don’t have anything to do with a motorcycle accident.

John and Roman trek through the jungle in their search for Hope, Billie, and Bo. Roman fears that this is leading to disaster.

Billie is splashing about in the river. Bo spots her and jumps in, fearing that Billie is drowning. Billie exclaims that she was washing some mud off and quickly covers herself for she isn’t dressed. Bo mentions getting back to Hope, which surprises Billie. Billie tells Bo that she has a lot to tell him but makes him turn away as she climbs out of the water. Billie steps onto the bank of the river and screams.

Hope and Patrick stop to rest. Patrick assures Hope that it will be all right. Hope is angry that they could get hurt or die because of Billie. Patrick assures Hope that Bo is a cop and he couldn’t stand by if he thought someone was in trouble. Patrick points out that Bo chose Hope but Hope fills him in on how Billie went so far as to become pregnant with Bo’s child to win him back. Hope fears that Billie will keep trying to break her and Bo up. Hope suddenly spots someone a few yards away and calls out to Bo as she and Patrick make their way toward the person.

Billie discovers that she is covered in leeches. She freaks out as Bo tries to pick them off. Bo determines that they need to burn them off.

John comes up behind Hope and touches her shoulders. Hope whips around ready to attack but John ducks in time. They criticize Hope for not staying put but Hope insists that she isn’t leaving without Bo. Patrick comes up behind Hope, which shocks John and Roman who believed him to be dead. Patrick explains that Hope saved his life. Roman still believes that Patrick is working for their captor. John demands to know whom Patrick is working for. Patrick admits that in the past he was a soldier of fortune but now he doesn’t work for anyone. Hope defends Patrick but neither Roman nor John trusts him. Hope asks if they saw any sign of Bo or Billie. Roman shows Hope Billie’s pendant, which makes Hope admit that Billie really is on the island. Hope senses that Bo is in danger either from the jungle or from Billie.

Belle can’t fathom living without Shawn. Philip reiterates that Shawn doesn’t want to be with her and urges her to get over Shawn. Belle can’t understand Shawn’s behavior. Philip reminds Belle that the man Jan has been talking about all summer is Shawn. Philip suggests that they go home for a little food and a little TLC. Belle wonders what she would ever do without Philip. Philip assures her that he’ll always be there.

Rex lashes out at Mimi for making such a big decision that affects both their futures. Rex accuses Mimi of killing their future. Mimi defends her actions by pointing out that Rex said he didn’t want to have children now. Mimi begs Rex to forgive her. Rex declares that he will never forgive Mimi for this and never wants to see her again. Rex storms out of the loft. Mimi bangs on the closed door and calls out for Rex. Mimi collapses against the door. It all turns out to be Mimi’s fantasy. In reality, Rex begs her again to tell him what is wrong. Mimi blames her behavior on hormones. Rex asks why Mimi is shutting him out. Mimi asks Rex to leave her alone. Rex declares that he gives up and storms out of the loft. Mimi apologizes to Rex but insists on keeping this a secret for she feels that she’s made the biggest mistake of her life.

Rex is pacing in the hallway when Belle and Philip step off the elevator. Belle asks what is wrong and Rex insists on talking to Belle. Rex asks Belle if she knows what is going on with Mimi. Belle flashes back to Mimi telling her her plans to have an abortion. Belle mutters to herself that Mimi must have done it. Rex asks what Mimi did but Belle just tells him that Mimi was afraid that she and Rex would have a fight. Rex admits that they did have a fight but they don’t even know what they’re fighting about. Rex asks for Belle’s help to make things better with Mimi. Belle suggests that Rex should go back into the loft but Rex points out that Mimi just told him to leave. Rex tells Belle about Mimi’s recent behavior and his fears that Mimi is sick and not telling him. Belle offers to talk to Mimi. Rex asks Belle to tell Mimi that he loves her and doesn’t want to lose her.

Belle knocks on Mimi’s door. Mimi yells at Belle to go away. Belle opens the door anyway and announces her presence. Belle confirms with Mimi that she did have the abortion and asks how she got home. Mimi explains that she took a cab but didn’t believe that she’d be in this much pain. Belle insists on calling the doctor.

Hope tries to figure out why Billie is on the island. Hope figures that Stefano brought Billie to the island to break up her and Bo. Hope wants to go after Bo but John vetoes the idea. Hope wants to ignore the danger until John pulls out one of the darts. John flashes back to having to jump off the cliff to avoid being hit by the darts as he tells Hope and Patrick about it. Hope and Patrick tell John and Roman about being almost hit by darts themselves and how they saw Bo earlier. John tells Roman that they should have tied her up to keep her in New Salem. Roman asks how Hope got through the force field and Hope explains to them how she got the remote control from Tony.

Billie touches the sensitive spots on her back where Bo has burned the leeches off with a lit stick from a campfire. Bo burns the last one off of Billie’s chest. Billie thanks him as Bo hands her back her clothes. Billie tells Bo that Marlena isn’t the serial killer. Bo tells Billie about how Marlena and all the victims are being held in New Salem. Bo lists Patrick as he tells Billie about who else is on the island. Billie doesn’t know who Patrick is. Bo shares his disdain for Patrick having brought Hope to the island. Bo asks what happened to Billie after being shot by the darts. Billie explains that she was captured but escaped to come back looking for him. They flash back to when they were hit by darts. Billie says that she will tell Bo everything but it’ll be something that Bo will not believe.

Philip lets Rex into his loft and offers him a beer. Rex offers his condolences about Billie. They talk about how they wish that Rex could have known Billie better. Rex asks about Shawn and Philip fills him in on how Shawn just got the news about Hope and Bo and that he blames Belle for their deaths. Philip can’t believe that he stood up for Shawn earlier and then saw him treat Belle so badly. Philip vows that he won’t let anything come between him and Belle again. Rex says that he feels the same way about him and Mimi. Philip offers that they call a truce.

Belle worries that something went wrong at the clinic and wants to call 911. Mimi stops her by saying that it’s emotional pain, not physical pain. Mimi fears that if she told Rex about the abortion, she’d lose him forever. Belle urges Mimi to tell Rex the truth. Mimi insists that she can’t because Rex won’t love her anymore. Belle points out that if she doesn’t tell Rex the truth, this secret will hang over their relationship forever. Belle urges Mimi not to end up like her and Shawn.

Billie tells Bo that the captor’s plan is to bring everyone they care about from Salem to New Salem so that they can destroy the old Salem and have total control over everything. Bo asks who Billie is talking about and Billie confirms that their captors are the DiMeras.

Roman wants to get everyone together and get off the island. Hope hands over the remote, not wanting to waste any time. John points out that it isn’t that simple for there are cameras watching them. John insists that they have to shut down the power source. Hope asks where the power source is but John and Roman don’t know. Patrick declares that he knows.

Roman accuses Patrick of working with the enemy. Hope interrupts Roman. John asks Patrick where he thinks the source is. Patrick tells them about how he felt a vibration from underground when he was in the river, believing that the power lines are buried underground. John uses his pocketknife to dig into the sand, considering the possibility that Patrick could be right. Roman worries that Patrick could be leading them into a trap.

Bo asks Billie for solid proof that Stefano is alive. Billie doesn’t have any proof, only relying on her spy instincts. Billie tells Bo that he has to be the one to save everyone for she has to stay behind and look for clues. Billie tells Bo that she was given a drug while at the compound but remembers hearing that soon everyone will be facing his or her own Armageddon. Billie urges Bo that they have to get everyone off the island before it’s too late.

Mimi changes the subject and asks about Shawn. Belle doesn’t want to talk about Shawn and brings the topic back to Mimi. Mimi regrets not listening to Belle. Mimi throws the bear across the room. Belle holds Mimi close as she sobs.

Patrick insists that he wants everyone to get off the island. Roman declares that they will follow the current and stay together. Hope insists on going after Bo and Patrick insists on going with her. Hope declares that she trusts Patrick with her life. Roman agrees to split up and have him and John follow the current while Patrick and Hope continue to look for Bo and Billie. Roman offers Patrick the warning that he will answer to them if anything happens to Hope before he and John head off. Hope and Patrick head off back in search of Bo and Billie.

Bo refuses to let Billie go off investigating on her own in case she might get caught. Billie believes that they will kill her if they find her. She flashes back to hearing them say that they can’t let her get away again. Billie tells Bo about how she was able to escape as she flashes back through it. Bo insists on staying with Billie. Billie refuses, insisting that Bo is needed to get everyone else to safety. Bo tries to stop Billie from leaving but Billie declares that if she dies, it was meant to be. Billie tells Bo that falling in love with him was the only thing that brought her back from the edge but since they broke up, it’s all gone downhill from then. Billie tells Bo that he needs to be with Hope and his sons. Bo still wants to stay with Billie. Billie begs Bo to let her go so she can possibly die knowing that she did something to help bring down the DiMeras. Suddenly Billie is in pain and notices that her abdomen is bleeding. Bo pulls her close to comfort her.

Mimi walks over and picks up the teddy bear. Belle points out that every time Mimi sees a teddy bear or a parent pushing their baby in a stroller, it will make her sad and Rex will see that. Belle urges Mimi to tell Rex the truth.

Hope tells Patrick about how worried she is about Bo actually finding Billie. Patrick suddenly tells her to be quiet and to hurriedly follow him.

Roman and John work their way along the current. John checks the ground for power lines. Roman worries that they may die while everyone else’s life depends on them. John says that the odds are someone is going to die on the island. They figure out that the current is stronger in the opposite direction and head that way.

Billie insists that she is fine, chalking the blood up to the leeches taking more blood than she thought. Bo wants to take a look at her wounds, insisting that she take off her shirt. Billie reluctantly takes off her shirt. Bo checks out the wounds and determines that while Billie is bleeding, she should be fine. Bo and Billie argue about who should be the one to go after DiMera. Billie declares that she wants something from Bo and kisses him. Hope and Patrick arrive at the cave at that moment and catch them kissing.

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