Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/4/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/4/04

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Sami is looking through wedding magazines in Kate’s office at Basic Black. Lucas comes in. Sami gushes about how they’ll have the perfect wedding. Sami senses that something is wrong. Lucas says that he has bad news and that this isn’t going to work.

Rex grabs his keys and is about to head out the door when he runs into Kate. He lets Kate in and asks how she is doing. Kate asks how dinner with Mimi went. Rex says dinner was great but Kate senses that something is wrong. Rex tells Kate that Mimi is keeping a secret from him and he knows exactly what it is.

Mimi is in the park, on the phone with the clinic. She looks at the clinic brochure as she considers canceling her appointment. She flashes back to overhearing Rex tell Kate that having a baby would be the biggest mistake of their lives. Mimi tells the clinic to keep the appointment open and that she’ll be right there. The clinic asks if she has someone to drive her home and Mimi says that she’ll take a cab home rather than let Rex have to find out about the baby by having to drive her home.

Belle offers her condolences to Shawn. Shawn doubts Belle’s sincerity. Shawn leans in close and tells Belle that it is because of her that his family is dead. Belle walks away in tears. Philip tells Shawn that he can’t let him talk to Belle that way. Shawn insults Belle to Philip’s face. Philip grabs Shawn’s coat and threatens to hurt him. Shawn counters by telling Philip to try and hurt him and he’ll kill him.

Nicole enters the police station and asks an officer if a certain young woman had been brought in on kidnapping charges. The officer tells her that no one fitting that description had been brought in and asks if Nicole wishes to file a report. Nicole declines and the officer walks away. Nicole flashes back to when Jan told her her plans to kill Belle. Nicole says, to herself, that Jan can’t kill Belle. Nicole is shocked to hear Brady come up behind her and demand to know everything she knows.

Sami thinks that Lucas doesn’t want to marry her. Lucas assures her that he loves her and that this isn’t what he is talking about. Lucas picks up all the magazine clippings and tells Sami that they can’t afford such an elaborate wedding. Sami insists that John will pay for everything. Lucas asks when Sami last spoke to John. Lucas says they shouldn’t take the money anyway because John was forced to agree to pay for it. Sami mentions how she had left a message but John never called her back. Lucas apologizes to Sami for not being able to have the wedding she’s always wanted. Lucas tells Sami that they can’t even afford a honeymoon. Lucas suggests that they have a small intimate ceremony. Sami reluctantly agrees. Lucas points out that having Will there to see them get married is all they need. Sami worries that she doesn’t have any friends and half her family is gone. Sami is sad that she can’t have the wedding of her dreams. Lucas promises to do the best he can. Sami shows Lucas a book on bargain weddings. Lucas suggests that Sami have Belle design her wedding dress and be the maid of honor. Sami worries that Belle is too upset over Shawn to come to a wedding. Sami still fears that Kate will try and break up their wedding.

Kate asks Rex what happened. Rex tells Kate about Mimi’s story about their first kiss anniversary. Kate defends Mimi but Rex shows her the information about the clinic. Kate urges Rex to get down to the clinic right away and be with Mimi. Rex says that he was headed there when Kate arrived. Kate tells Rex that he will have to be understanding.

Mimi is about to leave the park when she runs into Lori Jean and Arianna. Lori Jean tells Mimi how hard it is to raise Arianna alone for her boyfriend isn’t coming back. Lori Jean wheels Arianna’s stroller away. Mimi watches them walk away as she flashes back to the nurse in the hospital nursery telling her that she’ll make a great mother someday. Mimi asks herself what she is going to do.

Jan and Belle step in to try and stop the fight between Shawn and Philip. Lexie rushes over and breaks them up. Lexie tells Shawn that he can’t leave until he’s been discharged and orders him back to bed. Jan promises that she’ll put Shawn back to bed. Lexie’s phone rings and she leaves to take the call. Shawn vows to Philip that this isn’t over. Philip yells at Shawn for speaking so harshly to Belle. Shawn yells that if it weren’t for Belle’s lies, then most of her family was killed. Philip tries to convince Shawn that even if he were in town, he couldn’t have prevented the killings. Shawn tells Belle that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with her and that she can go straight to hell. Jan leads Shawn back to bed.

Nicole hides out of sight as Brady follows Tek into Bo’s office. Brady had been pumping Tek for information about John’s plane. Tek tells Brady about John and Bo taking off without waiting for clearance. Nicole eavesdrops outside the door. Tek tells Brady that a missile shot down the plane. Brady asks about the wreckage and Tek tells him that they couldn’t find any sign of the plane or bodies so the military figures the plane to have sunk. Tek tells Brady that the search has been called off and Bo and John have been presumed dead. Brady points out that Hope was also presumed dead but that didn’t stop Bo. Brady tells Tek about the theory that everyone is alive. Brady wants to go out looking for John but Tek says he can’t let Brady do that.

Lucas suggests that they bring Will and elope. Sami refuses to elope even if it means that no one shows up at the reception. Lucas insists that he doesn’t care what Sami will be wearing because tying the knot itself is romantic. They kiss. Sami still wants to have a fairy tale wedding. Lucas points out that what matters is the love, not the wedding. Sami points out all the recent celebrity marriages that haven’t lasted. Kate comes in and gloats to Sami that Britney Spears’ marriage lasted longer than hers will.

Rex arrives at the hospital and asks Lexie why Mimi seems so preoccupied with babies lately. Lexie asks if Rex checked for Mimi in the nursery. Rex says he did and asks Lexie if she knows where Mimi could be. When Lexie says no, Rex leaves to search the rest of the hospital for Mimi. The phone rings at the nurses’ station for Lexie. It is Mimi who is still at the park. Mimi asks Lexie if she’ll still be able to have another baby if she goes through with the abortion. Lexie begins to tell Mimi that there are no guarantees when Rex overhears Lexie say Mimi’s name. Rex walks up and asks to speak to Mimi.

Sami and Kate roll their eyes at each other. Lucas confronts Kate about her comments but Kate claims that she said she hopes the marriage lasts longer than two days. Kate questions Sami about the clippings spread all over her desk. Sami claims that she was hoping Kate would help her plan. Lucas tells Kate that they’re trying to plan a wedding without a lot of money. Kate says that she isn’t the one to pay for it and Lucas assures her that he isn’t asking her for money. Lucas vows to give Sami the best wedding he can. Kate asks if Lucas is sure that he wants to marry Sami. Lucas insists that he’s sure and hugs Sami. Sami gloats to Kate while Lucas can’t see her face. Kate says that she knows exactly what they need to do.

Rex asks Lexie to talk to Mimi. Lexie asks Mimi if she’d like to speak to Rex. Mimi reluctantly agrees and Lexie hands over the phone. Rex asks Mimi where she is and what is going on. Mimi hesitates to answer.

Jan fluffs Shawn’s pillows and tries to get him to relax. Belle and Philip storm in to Shawn’s room and Belle tells Shawn about how John was in the plane with Bo. Philip tells Shawn to show Belle compassion but Shawn says that John’s death is Belle’s fault too. Shawn tells Belle that she is her mother’s daughter and calls Marlena a psychotic killer and accuses Belle of helping her kill his family.

Tek tells Brady to let the authorities handle the search. Brady refuses, vowing that if anyone is going to find everyone, it’s going to be him. Nicole continues to eavesdrop. Brady tells Tek that he knows that all the caskets were empty. Tek warns that Brady can’t tell anyone about this theory and Brady promises not to tell. Tek tells Brady that he is continuing his own search. Brady implores Tek to tell him everything he knows. Tek fills Brady in on the secret code and how they traced it to the island. Brady demands to know where the island is so he can go down there. Nicole bursts in to declare that she is going to stop Brady from going unless she can go with him.

Brady confronts Nicole about how she knew he was there. Nicole claims she was driving by and saw his car. Nicole repeats her insistence on accompanying Brady to the island. Brady proclaims that he is going to charter a jet and fly down there. Tek warns that every plane has been shot down. Brady insists that he should take the chance and asks for the coordinates. Tek insists that he can’t release that information to a civilian like Brady. Nicole declares that she knows where the island is.

Kate’s suggestion is that they postpone the wedding until they’ve saved up enough money. Kate begins to box up the clippings. Sami objects to the idea, believing that it’ll take several years to get enough for half a cake. Sami tells Kate that she should pay for the wedding because she was married to her father, making her technically the bride’s parent. Lucas demands that they not take Kate’s money but Sami refuses to drop it.

Rex tells Mimi that she got the dates of their first kiss mixed up. Mimi pretends to be shocked at the mistake as she cries. Mimi lies to Rex about being fine. Mimi tells Rex that everything she does is because she loves him and hangs up the phone. Mimi now feels that she knows what she has to do.

Belle apologizes again but Shawn insists that Belle’s lie is unforgivable. Philip points out how much Shawn is hurting Belle but Shawn claims that he doesn’t love Belle anymore.

Jan tells Belle that Shawn loves her now and she would never lie to him the way Belle has. Belle points out that Jan lied about how she lost her baby. Jan claims to have learned from her mistakes. Shawn claims that Zack now has to grow up without parents because of Belle. Jan says that they’ll take care of Zack together. Lexie walks in and tells Shawn to get out of his clothes and back into his hospital gown. Lexie tells Belle and Philip to leave the room. Belle begins to cry as she feels that she’s really lost Shawn. Philip tries to comfort her as they walk away from Shawn’s room.

Lexie runs into Rex in the waiting room and asks if Mimi still wanted to speak with her. Rex believes that Mimi was only calling to check her schedule at the nursery. Lexie allows him to believe that. Rex tells Lexie that he believes Mimi is spending all this time at the nursery because of losing Patrick and how important family is to her. Rex thinks of a way to surprise Mimi and rushes off.

Tek scoffs at Nicole’s declaration of knowing where the island is. Tek asks how Nicole knows. Nicole claims that cops find her attractive enough to do her favors. Tek turns his back on Brady to talk to Nicole and Brady speed-reads the file on the coordinates. Tek then insists that he go with Brady. Nicole repeats her desire to go too but Brady refuses to allow her to join them. Tek and Brady head out to charter a plane.

Mimi returns to the loft. She thinks to herself about how she can’t believe that she went through with the abortion. Rex notices that Mimi looks totally exhausted and brings her water. Mimi insists that she’ll be fine so Rex tells her to relax. Rex pulls out a big teddy bear and tells her that he knows she’s been thinking about having a baby lately.

Lucas pulls Sami aside to tell her stop insisting that Kate pay for the wedding. Sami defends her suggestion but concedes that she doesn’t want to fight. Kate repeats her suggestion that they wait. Sami accuses Kate of wanting them to wait until Sami was dead.

Kate suggests that it might be better that they don’t have the money right now. Kate leaves to go to a meeting. Sami is convinced that Kate is still trying to plot to ruin their wedding. Lucas sees Kate’s comments as being supportive. Sami comes up with an idea to have the wedding they want right now.

Mimi hugs the bear tight. Rex tells Mimi that she’ll be a fantastic mother someday but it’s too soon right now. Rex asks Mimi if she feels the same way and Mimi agrees. Rex tells Mimi that if she were to tell him that they were to have a baby right now, they’d make it work. Mimi hides her face behind the bear as she laughs. Rex says that he knows Mimi will take good care of the bear and someday it’ll be their baby’s bear. Mimi begins to cry.

Belle apologizes to Philip for being selfish. Philip assures Belle that losing her parents was not her fault. Belle hates that Jan is using them to get her hooks into Shawn.

Jan helps Shawn undress as she tells Shawn that she will be his family now and they’ll raise Zack together. Shawn thanks Jan for being there for him. Shawn tells Jan not to count on him. Jan insists that Shawn deserves the best and wraps her arms around him.

Lexie arrives at the police station to talk to Tek. An officer asks if he can help and Lexie says she was looking for Tek. The officer tells her that Tek went out of town and he has no idea when he will be back.

Tek and Brady arrive in Key West where they meet up with the high-speed boat they reserved with a GPS system. They look over the coordinates and decide to look over the boat before they leave. Nicole has followed them to Key West.

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