Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/1/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/1/04

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Rex and Mimi go into their loft. Rex demands to know what big secret Belle and Mimi were talking about in reference to him. Mimi flashes back to her discussion with Belle. Mimi tells Rex that she and Belle were talking about a surprise for him. Mimi pretends to gush over the anniversary of their first kiss. Rex pretends to have not forgotten the day and makes an excuse to leave and pick up a present for Mimi. Rex wants Mimi to spend the day with him but Mimi insists that she can’t cancel her appointment. Rex persists and leaves the loft. Alone in the hallway, Rex realizes that their first kiss happened on Christmas and wonders what Mimi could be thinking. Alone in the loft, Mimi says that she wishes she could cancel her appointment but then she’d lose Rex forever.

Lexie is about to board the hospital elevator when Brady calls out to stop her to talk. Brady questions Lexie about information about John’s disappearance. Lexie decides to tell Brady about the theory that the Salem Stalker victims might all still be alive and are being held captive.

Belle and Philip arrive at the hospital. Philip tries to talk Belle out of talking to Shawn again. Belle is adamant that she talks with Shawn one on one so she can be sure that Shawn isn’t acting this way because of his head injury. Kate overhears the conversation and after Belle leaves, tells Philip to stop her.

Jan tells Shawn that Hope is dead. Shawn begins to cry and Jan pulls him close. Belle watches their interaction from the doorway.

Hope flashes back to Bo’s insistence that she stay put. Hope is packing her bag. Patrick returns from swimming in a hot spring and comments on how it has helped his shoulder. Patrick asks if Hope is packing a bag to go back to New Salem but Hope says that she is going to look for Billie and nothing Bo or Patrick can do is going to stop her.

John and Roman are working their way through the jungle. They stop for a water break. They talk about the chance that Tony’s involved in this big plan. Roman curses Bo for running after Billie. John voices the fears that they might have to abandon the search and leave them behind. They continue on their trek. A henchman follows them with a loaded dart gun.

Philip tells Kate to leave the subject alone. Kate urges Philip to fight for Belle. Philip points out that until Belle gives up on Shawn, fighting won’t do any good.

Shawn is having a hard time understanding the idea that Hope is dead. Shawn is angry with himself for not being around to possibly prevent Hope’s death. Jan notices Belle enter the room and tells Shawn that he would have been here if it hadn’t been for Belle’s lies. Jan makes up an excuse to Shawn about talking to a nurse to be able to leave and talk to Belle outside of Shawn’s room. Belle demands to talk to Shawn but Jan tells her that Lexie told her to be the one to tell Shawn about his parents. Jan tells Belle that she would only upset Shawn before heading back into the room. Belle runs out of the waiting room. Philip and Kate rush after her. Jan offers her condolences to Shawn. Shawn accuses Jan  of not being sincere, and to even wanting this to happen.

Brady can’t understand how this theory could be possible. Lexie is confused as well; having signed the death certificates herself. Brady asks about the plane wreckage. Lexie says they haven’t found it yet but that Bo and John have both been declared dead by the government. Brady worries about how he’ll break this to Belle. Belle overhears him and asks what he meant.

John and Roman make it to the ravine and find the rope vine. Roman finds a dart on the ground, which leads them to realize that someone could be out hunting for Bo and Hope. They hear a noise in the brush and duck down. The henchman gets them in their sight and fires. John and Roman are able to move out of the way of the dart just in time and head back into the brush. The henchman follows them.

Mimi stares out the window and cries. She is impatient for Rex to come back with the gift so she can leave for her appointment. The phone rings and it is the clinic asking her to come in early to fill out paperwork. Mimi agrees to come in as soon as possible and hangs up the phone. Mimi puts a brochure for the clinic in her purse and decides to try and leave before Rex can get back. Mimi opens the door and runs into Rex. Mimi tries to make a quick excuse to leave but Rex insists that she tell him what is wrong.

Hope refuses to leave without Bo. Patrick points out that Bo said he wouldn’t leave until he finds Billie. Hope says that then they’ll find both of them and then leave. Patrick accuses Hope of being threatened by Billie.

Jan is offended at Shawn’s accusations. Shawn explains that he said that because of how much he knows she hates Belle. Jan continues to blame Belle for Hope’s death. Jan adds that she should be grateful to Belle because her making Shawn leave made him fall in love with her. Jan accidentally mentions Bo’s death and Shawn demands to know what happened.

Belle demands to know what happened. Brady asks for a moment alone with Belle and Lexie, Philip, and Kate leave. Brady sits Belle down and tells her that there has been an accident.

Philip wonders aloud what Brady could have to tell Belle and Kate suspects that it is about the plane crash. Kate tells Philip about Bo and John. Philip wants to rush to Belle to comfort her but Kate stops him to tell him about Billie.

Belle is anxious to know who was in accident, rattling off the names of their relatives. Brady tells her that it wasn’t any of them and Belle realizes that John is the only one she didn’t mention yet. When Brady doesn’t respond, Belle begins to cry. Brady pulls her close and fights back his own tears.

John and Roman reach a clearing and hunker down low. They figure that Tony has already put out the word that they are in the jungle. Roman points out that the henchman saved his life and John tells him his theory that they wanted Roman to stay alive for a while. Roman questions John and John tells his theory that everyone was put on the island for a reason except for everyone else who came to rescue them. John scans the brush and is able to tell that there are 4 henchmen surrounding them. They decide that the only way out is to jump down into the ravine. They count to three and jump just as darts come flying from every direction.

Rex demands that Mimi tell him why she was crying. Mimi flashes back to when she declared that she was going to have an abortion. Mimi tells Rex that she was thinking about all the people they’ve lost that caused her to get so emotional. Rex is relieved that it isn’t something worse. Mimi tells Rex that she would do anything to hold on to Rex and spend the rest of his life with her. Mimi cringes as Rex grabs her waist and hugs her. While still sitting, Rex tells her that he feels the same way and has a proposal for her that he thinks she is going to like.

Rex gets down on one knee and asks Mimi to marry him. Mimi emphatically says yes and then tells Rex that she’s pregnant. They hug. It all turns out to be a fantasy. In reality, Rex proposes a secluded picnic where they can relive their first kiss. The phone rings and Rex wants to ignore it. Mimi insists that she has to answer it. It is the clinic again to talk about the paperwork again. Mimi writes down the new information given to her over the phone and tells Rex that she has to leave. Rex asks about the picnic and Mimi tells him to put the food in the fridge and they’ll have a picnic tonight. Mimi steps into the hallway and apologizes to Rex, insisting that she is doing this for them as she calls the elevator.

Hope admits that she still feels threatened by Billie. Hope tells Patrick that he can’t imagine what it was like to go through what she’s been through. Patrick points out that he’s had his share of bad times but was able to get it all back. Hope says she wasn’t that lucky. Patrick points out that in the end Bo chose Hope but that doesn’t make Hope feel better. Hope worries that Stefano is trying to make it so Billie will come between Hope and Bo again.

Brady tells Belle about Bo and John’s plane going down. Belle asks when this suffering is going to end.

Shawn demands to know what happened to Bo. Lexie walks in to find out what the noise is about. Jan explains that she was telling Shawn about Bo and Hope. Lexie apologizes to Shawn and tells him that she’ll call Mickey to come sit with him. Lexie asks to speak to Jan outside. Once in the waiting room, Lexie lashes out at Jan for not listening to her orders not to tell Shawn about his parents until he was stronger. Jan tries to defend herself but Lexie won’t hear it. Lexie orders Jan to get back in the room with Shawn until his family can come. Lexie walks away to call Mickey. Jan mutters that she is Shawn’s family and goes back into Shawn’s room. Shawn is getting dressed, insistent that he is leaving the hospital.

John and Roman wash up on shore. Roman checks to make sure John is okay and they both shake off the jump. They get up to return to their trek and Roman finds a pendant he recognizes as belonging to Billie.

Hope tries to zip up her bag but the zipper is stuck. Patrick offers to help and fixes the zipper, handing the bag back to Hope. Patrick tells Hope that he thinks Bo is a fool to leave her behind.

Rex empties the picnic basket into the fridge. Rex checks his PDA and confirms that their first real kiss did happen on Christmas. Rex calls Mimi and leaves a message about knowing that it isn’t their anniversary and asks to have her call him back. Rex wants to find out what Mimi could be hiding. Rex notices the pad of paper that Mimi wrote on.

Mimi is walking through the park. She sits on a bench and pulls out the brochure. She reads that it says, “imagine your perfect family” and pictures herself in the family portrait on the cover. When the little boy in the picture fades away from her family portrait, Mimi balls up the brochure and throws it down on the bench as she begins to sob.

Hope tells Patrick that she appreciates his support. Patrick insists on staying with Hope and Hope decides it isn’t worth arguing over. Hope heads out of the cave. Patrick follows her and says to himself that he wants to meet Billie to see a woman who could take any man away from Hope.

Belle is worried about Brady having just lost Chloe and now John. Brady insists that he will be okay and wants to take Belle home. Belle insists on staying for Shawn. Brady is angry that Belle still wants to be there for Shawn after how he treated her. Belle is adamant that she has to be there to comfort Shawn. Brady warns that if Shawn does or says anything to hurt her, he’ll do something to Shawn. Belle assures Brady that Shawn won’t hurt her again and hugs Brady. Brady assures Belle that they’ll find a way to get through this.

Shawn continues to get dressed. Jan urges Shawn to get undressed and back in bed. Shawn refuses. Jan feels that this is her fault but Shawn assures her that she was just trying to protect him and that Belle is really to blame. Lexie rushes in to find out what is going on and advises Shawn not to leave. Shawn brushes past her and leaves the room. Once in the waiting room, Shawn notices Belle. Belle walks up and offers her condolences. Shawn doubts Belle’s sincerity and leans in close as he tells Belle that because of her, his family is dead.

John asks how Roman knows that the pendant belongs to Billie. Roman tells John about how he was with Kate when she bought it for Billie, plus it has Billie’s initials engraved on it. They realize this as confirmation that Bo didn’t imagine seeing Billie on the island. John declares that Stefano is going to try and use Billie to destroy Bo and Hope.

Rex rubs a pencil over the next piece of paper on the pad and realizes where Mimi went.

Mimi tries to call Belle but there is no answer. Her phone rings and she answers it, expecting it to be Belle. It is the clinic wondering why she is late. Mimi tells the clinic that she is having second thoughts. They ask if she wants to cancel her appointment. Mimi looks at the crumpled brochure as she tries to make up her mind.

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