Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/30/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/30/04

By Danielle
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John tells Tony to start using his Zen powers. Tony objects to John’s method of asking and demands that he ask nicely. Roman implores to Tony that they must save Bo, Hope, and Billie. Tony flashes back to Stefano’s call about killing everyone who enters the jungle. Tony declares to everyone that he knows exactly what to do. John demands that he do it but Tony stalls.

Bo is adamant that he should stay in the jungle and look for Billie despite Hope being against it. Patrick speaks up to say that Hope has been worried about Bo but Bo accuses Patrick of having bad intentions with Hope. Patrick defends himself but Bo doesn’t want to hear it. Bo holds the blanket up and orders Patrick to look away as Hope puts her clothes back on.

Lexie and Jan help Shawn walk across his hospital room. Shawn pulls away from their support and walks back to his bed on his own. Lexie congratulates Shawn and tells him that he is exceeding their expectations. Shawn lashes out at Lexie and asks when he is getting out of the hospital.

Philip tells Rex that he is lucky to have Mimi. Rex asks Philip if he worries that Belle won’t love him the same way she loves Shawn. Philip insists he has a lot to offer Belle that Shawn can’t and Rex asks if Philip means his money.

Belle tries to convince Mimi that she shouldn’t have an abortion. Mimi sobs as she refuses to listen to Belle. Mimi tells Belle about already making an appointment. Belle refuses to let Mimi go through with it and points out that Mimi is not only killing her baby, but also killing Rex’s child.

Roman yells at Tony not to waste time. Tony declares that he’ll do it now and moves to stand in front of the force field. Tony pretends to use his Zen powers again but acts like it doesn’t work. John declares that they don’t need Tony to get through the force field.

Patrick gets up and decides to get dressed as well. Hope turns away as Patrick walks by. Bo is offended and accuses Patrick of trying to embarrass Hope before throwing the blanket on Patrick. Bo holds himself back from lunging at Patrick because he doesn’t want to waste time. Hope voices her fears that Billie was never really there. Bo tells Hope and Patrick about finding Billie again and being hit by darts. Hope tells Bo about how they were almost hit by darts as well. Hope inquires if Bo is all right. Bo insists he is fine and shows Hope Billie’s blood covered scarf. Bo orders Hope to go back to New Salem. Hope refuses, wanting to stay with Bo on his search. Bo yells that Hope is not coming with him.

Shawn is anxious to leave the hospital. Lexie insists that Shawn can’t leave the hospital yet because his attitude concerns her. Shawn lashes out at Lexie. Lexie promises to review Shawn’s latest test results and then will decide when Shawn can go home. Lexie tells Shawn to get back in bed and get some rest. Shawn reluctantly agrees and climbs back into bed. Lexie asks to see Jan outside. Jan tells Shawn she’ll be right back and Shawn tells her about his plans to make a few phone calls. Jan is worried that Shawn will call Belle.

Philip confronts Rex about his theory that Philip is trying to buy Belle’s love. Rex defends his comments, claiming that having money is a good thing. Rex points out that it’s tough to show your love to your girlfriend when you don’t have a lot of money. Philip points out that while Rex and Mimi may not have a lot of money but they have a relationship where they both know they love each other.

Mimi refuses to think about her baby as Rex’s child. Belle refuses to let Mimi go through with this. Mimi tells Belle to back off. Belle refuses to back off and accuses Mimi of wanting to be talked out of having an abortion. Mimi asks Belle to come to the clinic with her but Belle refuses. Mimi accuses Belle of not being her friend or she wouldn’t let her go through with this alone. Belle says that she doesn’t want Mimi to go through with this at all because she doesn’t want her to make the biggest mistake of her life.

Mimi believes that having this baby equals no future. Mimi tells Belle about her experience rocking the babies at the hospital nursery. Mimi tells Belle about Lori Jean’s story, convinced that her life will turn out the same. Belle insists that Lori Jean can still go to college and make something of herself. Mimi is convinced that Lori Jean no longer has a chance to do anything for herself because of her new baby. Belle points out that Lori Jean is a lot like Bonnie who may not have been able to give her children the nicest things but the kids still turned out well. Mimi points out that Bonnie gave up a lot for them and never lets them forget it. Belle points out that Mimi is different than her mom. Mimi fears that she’ll be stuck raising this baby alone. Belle insists that Mimi is not alone. Mimi still wants to have this life years from now when she’s ready. Mimi tells Belle that until she can walk a mile in her shoes, she can’t understand what she’s going through. Mimi says she can understand why Belle won’t go with her to the clinic but asks her to promise not to tell Rex.

Rex tells Philip that he is right; he has found the perfect girl in Mimi. Philip tells Rex that he’s truly happy for him; he only wishes that Rex would be truly happy for him. Rex still doesn’t believe that Belle will ever love Philip the way she loves Shawn. Philip confides in Rex that he plans on marrying Belle as soon as possible.

Shawn tells Jan that he wasn’t planning on calling Belle. Jan asks whom he is calling and Shawn says that he is calling Hope and Bo. Jan tries to talk him out of it but Shawn insists that he must call to at least let them know that he’s back in Salem. Jan heads out in the waiting room to talk to Lexie. Lexie tells Jan that there’s no reason that Shawn shouldn’t make a full recovery. Jan breathes a sigh of relief. Lexie advises that Shawn must regain his strength and that they make sure that there are no residual effects from the injury. Lexie warns that there is something terrible that Shawn has to face when he recovers.

Hope refuses to let Bo risk his life. Bo asks about Billie, insisting that she will die if he doesn’t find her. Hope blurts out to let Billie die but quickly apologizes. Bo questions her sincerity. Hope asks Bo to wait until they get off the island to come back and get Billie. Bo vetoes that idea, believing that he can’t wait weeks or months for them to come back and get her. Bo repeats that Billie was about to tell him what is going on on the island. Patrick speaks up to say that he has an idea.

John and Abe finish building a ladder and lean it up against the force field. Tony makes a sarcastic remark about John acting like a boy scout. John grabs his pack and heads up the ladder first. He reaches the top and looks down. Roman and Abe offer their warnings to be careful. John calls down for help to figure out how high the top of the force field is. Abe finds a stick and tosses it up at the force field. John ducks as the sparks fly.

Jan is shocked to hear from Lexie that both Hope and Bo are missing. Jan tells Lexie about Shawn trying to call them right now. Lexie expresses her concern about Belle once she hears about John. They discuss how sad the past year has been. Jan decides to head back in to sit with Shawn. Lexie asks Jan not to mention Bo and Hope being missing.

Jan returns to Shawn who tells her that he couldn’t reach his parents. Shawn is getting angry that he is still in the hospital. Jan tells Shawn about being anxious to get back home with him. Shawn tells Jan that he doesn’t think of her country home as where he lives. Shawn can’t understand why he never went home or called anyone. Jan leans in close to claim that Shawn knows why he didn’t call. Jan claims that it didn’t occur to Shawn to keep in touch because they were having too good a time. Shawn asks why they couldn’t have stayed in Salem. Jan tells Shawn that he didn’t want to come back because if Belle saw them together, she’d do everything she could to break them up.

Mimi tells Belle that it’s easy for her to act righteous. Belle uses her situation with Shawn as an example to convince Mimi not to lie to Rex. Belle relates her relationship to the relationship between Marlena and John. Mimi asks about John and Belle says she hasn’t talked to him in a while. Mimi ends their conversation insisting that she won’t change her mind and tells Belle to go call John. Belle dials her cell phone.

Philip is adamant that Belle will want to marry him as soon as she is over Shawn. Rex tells Philip that he thinks marrying Belle would be a huge mistake.

Roman calls out to ask if John is all right. John says he is all right and announces his plans to jump over. John climbs up to the top rung and steadies himself. Abe warns John to be steady and Tony mutters under his breath for John to be careful. John leaps over to the other side. Roman calls out to John and John insists he is all right, just had the wind knocked out on him. Abe steps up to go next but Roman stops him to tell him to stay back and keep watch over Tony. Tony pretends to be offended at the accusation of having something to do with why they’re on the island. Abe agrees to stay back.

Patrick says that he will stay in the jungle to look for Billie while Hope and Bo go back to New Salem. Hope is fine with the plan but Bo has his reservations. Bo feels that Patrick is working for their captor and he might find Billie and help her get lost for good. Hope defends Patrick. Bo refuses to argue and orders Hope back to New Salem. Hope questions why it is all right for Patrick to be alone with her but not okay for him to go after Billie. Bo says that Hope is a trained cop and can take care of herself. Hope points out that Billie is a trained ISA agent. Bo tells Hope that Billie doesn’t know Patrick as well as Hope obviously does. Hope says she trusts that Patrick will bring back Billie if he says he will. Patrick speaks up to point out that he is standing right there while they’re talking about him. Hope tells Patrick that this isn’t about him but about Bo’s need to be Billie’s big hero.

Belle is worried that John isn’t answering his cell. Mimi comforts Belle by telling her that John will call her back soon. Mimi urges Belle to talk to Shawn again. Belle doesn’t believe that it will matter. Mimi points out that Belle has nothing to lose.

Philip is angered by Rex’s comments. Rex warns that marrying young can be a disaster and that he and Mimi won’t get married until they’re ready to be parents. Belle and Mimi come back downstairs. Belle announces her plans to go talk to Shawn. Philip warns her against it for fear that Shawn will hurt Belle again.

Shawn tells Jan that he doesn’t know where he’s going when he gets out. Jan tells Shawn that he has to come home with her. Shawn says he doesn’t have to do anything. Jan defends her comments by saying that she is used to being with him. Jan points out that Shawn wouldn’t want to go back to his loft right across the hall from Philip and Belle. Shawn tries to call Tek to find out if Bo and Hope are working on a case at the police station. Jan insists that he can’t do that and hangs up the phone on him.

Lexie calls Brady from the hospital pay phone and tells him that she has news.

Bo insists that he can’t turn his back on Billie since he’s a cop. Bo insists that Hope admit that if it was anyone other than Billie, she’d want him to go out there. Patrick points out that he’s the best to go because he doesn’t have a family. Hope begs Bo to let Patrick be the one to go. Bo tells Patrick to tell everyone in New Salem that Hope is to stay put. He tells Hope that he loves her and tries to kiss her but Hope turns her head away. Bo leaves the cave.

John has rigged a vine from the top of the ladder down to the ground on the jungle side of the force field. Abe holds the ladder as Roman reaches the top. Roman climbs down the vine onto the jungle side. Abe bids them good luck as they head into the jungle. Tony thinks to himself that even if they find the others, none of them is going to come out alive.

Jan tries to convince Shawn not to disturb his parents while they’re working on a case. Shawn explains that he was going to call Tek to tell his parents to call them when he gets a chance. Jan tells Shawn that he should talk to his parents but not right now. When Shawn asks why not, Jan says that she has something to tell him.

Lexie tells Brady over the phone that John is missing and he may be dead.

Belle insists that she has to talk to Shawn. Philip insists on going with Belle and asks Belle to promise that if it is over that she will finally accept it and move on. They leave for the hospital. Mimi follows them to the elevator. Rex follows Mimi and asks to spend the day together. Mimi lies about having errands to run and Belle gives her a glaring look before entering the elevator. Rex offers to go on the errands with Mimi but Mimi insists that he can’t. Rex noticed the look between Belle and Mimi and demands to know what is going on.

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