Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/29/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/29/04

By Danielle
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Mimi lies in bed and watches Rex sleep. Mimi quietly gets her cell phone out of her purse and calls the Women’s clinic to make an appointment for an abortion.

Belle and Philip sleep on the couch in their loft. Belle dreams about Shawn telling her that he’s moved on with Jan. Philip wakes up and strokes Belle’s hair. Belle jerks at the touch and calls out Shawn’s name.

Roman, John, and Abe talk about Hope’s actions. They talk about asking Tony where Hope went.

Tony and Bart talk about Hope going into the jungle. Tony is upset that now both Bo and Hope will be dead as soon as their men find them.

Patrick is now fully naked and wakes to find Hope lying next to him, still asleep. He flashes back to when Hope crawled under the blanket with him. Patrick picks up Hope’s shirt. Hope calls out to Bo and talks about having to find him in her sleep.

Bo lies unconscious on the jungle ground with a dart in his shoulder.

Tony and Bart share tea. Tony is angry that the added arrival of extra guests on the island has complicated the plans. Bart points out that Hope, Bo, and John keep messing up Stefano’s plans. Tony is adamant that that won’t happen this time. There is a knock on the door and Bart quickly clears the tea tray on his way out of sight. Tony opens the door and greets Abe, Roman, and John. They demand to know what Tony has done with Hope.

Hope continues to call out Bo’s name. Patrick returns to lie beside her. Hope wakes up and quickly covers herself with the blanket. Patrick says he is feeling much better and apologizes for kissing her last night. Hope tells Patrick about having to warm him up from a severe case of hypothermia. Patrick explains that he blacked out when he hit the river and the current must have washed him up on shore. Patrick tells Hope that she talks in her sleep. Hope asks what she said and Patrick tells her that she said that she had to go back into the jungle to find Bo. Patrick asks Hope why Bo went back into the jungle.

Bo wakes up and flashes back to when he originally found Billie. Bo pulls the dart from his shoulder. Bo flashes back to his attempt to get him and Billie back to New Salem. Bo calls out to Billie and finds that she isn’t there. Bo passes out again.

Mimi tells the clinic that she has already met with a counselor and gives them Peggy’s name. Mimi accepts the first appointment time they give her and hangs up the phone. Mimi returns to bed and kisses Rex on the cheek. She tells Rex that she loves him and that is why she has to do this before snuggling up close.

Belle dreams of being upset by Shawn’s words and wakes up calling Shawn’s name. Philip speaks up to tell Belle that he’s here, not Shawn. Philip declares again that he will always be there for her but then apologizes for being pushy. Philip starts to make coffee while Belle heads upstairs to shower. There is a knock on the door and Philip lets Mimi in. Mimi asks about Shawn. Philip tells her that it looks like Shawn will recover completely but is hesitant to tell Mimi what else happened. Philip tells Mimi to go upstairs and talk to Belle.

Belle looks at a picture of her and Shawn asks him what happened. Mimi enters Belle’s bedroom and asks what happened. Belle sobs as she tells Mimi that Jan really took Shawn away from her.

Tony acts offended that he is automatically blamed for Hope’s disappearance. Tony tells Abe, Roman, and John about how Hope came to see him about finding Bo. Tony proclaims that Bo and Hope will not come out of the jungle alive.

Hope tells Patrick that Jack is back safe with his family. Hope questions whether Patrick is truly happy that Jack was found but Patrick insists that he is happy for them. Patrick likens his history of mistakes to Bo’s life.

Bo comes to again and finds footprints. Bo notices something odd and heads toward it.

Philip is pouring the coffee when there is another knock at the door. He opens the door to Rex who announces that he is looking for Mimi. Philip tells Rex that Mimi is upstairs talking to Belle because Belle needs a friend right now. Rex accuses Philip of hurting Belle. Rex defends Shawn, insisting that he belongs with Belle. Philip mentions that he has something to tell Rex that will stop him from defending Shawn.

Belle tells Mimi about Shawn asking for Jan. Mimi defends Shawn by claiming that Shawn could be delirious. Belle tells Mimi about Jan’s story. Mimi insists that Belle can’t believe anything Jan says. Belle says that she asked Shawn to confirm it and he did. Belle tells Mimi that Shawn claimed to be willingly at Jan’s house all summer. Belle tells Mimi that Jan’s fiancé is Shawn. Mimi can’t believe that this is true. Mimi offers her condolences and shares her fear that if Belle and Shawn were ever to break up, then there’s no hope for any of them. Mimi still believes that Jan is lying. Mimi tries to convince Belle that Shawn had to be acting this way because of the head injury. They discuss the possibility that that theory could be true. Mimi urges Belle to give Shawn time to heal and trust in their love. Belle says she can’t talk about it anymore and changes the subject to Mimi and Rex. Mimi confirms that she still hasn’t told Rex about the baby and never plans to for she is going to get an abortion.

John questions Tony’s comments. Tony insists that he wasn’t threatening Bo and Hope. Tony points out that the jungle nearly took the life of Jack, Jennifer, their baby, Patrick, and Roman. Tony brings up Bo’s run-in with Billie and offers them coffee. Tony tries to convince them that Bo imagined seeing Billie. Tony pretends to have not known that Billie had been investigating the Salem Stalker case. John asks again about Hope. Tony tells them about Hope wanting to get through the force field. John, Roman, and Abe decide to head out to the force field to look for Hope and insist that Tony join them to use his amulet on the force field.

Patrick realizes that Bo went into the jungle for Billie. Hope insists that she understands why Bo felt he had to go look for Billie. Patrick interrupts Hope to question why when Patrick did the same for Jennifer, Hope accused him of having feelings for Jennifer. Hope insists that she knows Bo better than Patrick does. Bo finds the cave and finds them both half naked under the blanket. Hope explains to Bo about Patrick’s hypothermia. Patrick wants to get up and leave them alone but Bo refuses to let him go anywhere. Bo and Hope argue about Hope coming into the jungle after him. Bo demands to know why he found Hope naked with Patrick.

Philip fills Rex in on what Shawn told Belle. Rex is having a hard time believing this story. Rex defends Shawn. Philip makes Rex admit that he was right all this time. Rex repeats that Shawn and Belle was the gauge for all their relationships. Philip shares that he thinks Shawn never truly loved Belle. Philip declares that from now on he is going to be there for Belle and insists that he has every right to pursue a relationship with Belle and that Rex better stay out of the way.

Belle is shocked at Mimi’s plans to have an abortion. Belle tries to convince Mimi that she has other choices. Belle tries to convince Mimi that she can’t terminate the pregnancy before telling Rex about the baby. Mimi insists that this is her decision to make alone and doesn’t want to think about this anymore because the longer she waits, the harder it’ll be to terminate the pregnancy. Belle begs Mimi to wait to decide. Mimi declares that she can’t wait because she’ll lose Rex and she can’t lose Rex like Belle lost Shawn.

Rex admits that if Shawn had really treated Belle that badly, then he doesn’t deserve her. Rex tells Philip that honesty is crucial to a relationship.

Mimi apologizes for her outburst. Belle interrupts to return to her attempts to convince Mimi not to get an abortion. Mimi tears up as she tells Belle that she believes that she can’t do this to Rex. Mimi sobs in Belle’s arms as she declares that she can’t keep this baby.

Abe, Roman, John, and Tony arrive at the force field and see no sign of Hope. Roman, John, and Abe begin to wonder if Hope could have gotten through the force field on her own. Tony flashes back to realizing that Hope stole the remote. John orders Tony to take down the force field. Tony pretends to use his Zen powers but that it isn’t working. Abe, Roman, and John try to figure out a way to get through the force field. Tony thinks to himself that they’d better not find a way through or they’ll be dead too.

Bo accuses Patrick of arranging it so he could get Hope naked. Hope wants to get her clothes on so they can go back and join the others in New Salem. Bo declares that Hope can do what she wants but he must stay and look for Billie.

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