Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/28/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/28/04

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Sami looks over her guest list from her wedding with Austin. She decides to keep Belle’s name on the list but scratches off Shawn’s name and everyone else who has since died. Lucas walks up to ask what is wrong. Sami tells Lucas that they can’t get married when so many of their friends and family can’t be there. Lucas insists that it isn’t fair to Will to keep putting off their wedding. Sami tells Lucas to tell the priest that they want to get married in the graveyard so they can be near their relatives. Sami scratches Kate’s name off the list and tells Lucas that if Marlena can’t be there, neither can Kate.

Kate and Rex return to Rex’s loft with armfuls of groceries. Kate has offered to teach Rex how to cook by preparing a romantic dinner for Mimi.

Mimi and Lexie talk in Lexie’s office. Mimi is impatient to set an appointment for an abortion. Lexie asks Mimi to wait and give it time to consider all of her options. Mimi flashes back to overhearing Rex tell Kate that he wants to wait to have a baby. Mimi tells Lexie that she doesn’t have a choice. Lexie insists that she always has a choice.

Belle begs Shawn to tell Jan that he still loves her. Shawn insists that they can’t get past their problems because he’s moved on with Jan. Shawn tells Belle and Philip to leave him and Jan alone. Jan kisses Shawn and then snuggles up with him in the hospital bed. Jan gloats as she goes on about how they’ll soon be married and live happily ever after. Philip tries to get Belle to leave with him but Belle refuses to leave until Shawn hears her out.

Hope is searching the jungle. She stops to check her compass and hears something in the bushes. A disguised ninja style warrior follows Hope as she decides to run away from the sound.

Belle demands to talk to Shawn alone. Shawn flashes back to seeing Belle and Philip together. Shawn tells Belle that she betrayed her and that he has nothing else to say to her before ordering her out. Belle turns and leaves Shawn’s room in tears. Philip follows her out and apologizes for Shawn. Belle can’t understand why Shawn feels that she betrayed him. Philip suggests that it could be about Belle’s lie about Marlena’s alibi but Belle insists that they talked about that before Shawn left. Philip feels that it isn’t fair for Shawn to take his problems out on Belle. Belle wonders what she did to send Shawn into Jan’s arms. Philip pulls Belle into a hug.

Jan congratulates Shawn on how he just treated Belle. Shawn flashes back again to the image of Belle and Philip making love. He can’t figure out where he was to see that happen. Shawn then remembers being there with Jan.

Hope makes it back to the ravine, feeling that she lost the warrior on her tail. A dart narrowly misses hitting her. Hope uses the vine to climb down to a lower level of the cliff. Fighting her way through some brush, Hope spots a man’s arm. She rushes over believing it to be and turns the man over but is shocked at what she sees.

Lucas brings Sami a tissue. Lucas urges Sami to move forward. Sami worries that she won’t be able to put it all behind her. Lucas points out that they don’t have to put it behind them, they just have to move on and have the best wedding they can. Sami agrees with him. Lucas thinks about when Sami said that they were the happiest couple in Salem these days. They kiss and cuddle. Lucas tries to get Sami to let Kate come to the wedding. Sami worries that Kate will try to ruin their wedding. Lucas suggests that they head to Vegas tonight to elope.

Rex and Kate cut up vegetables as Kate goes on about having a grandchild to spoil. Rex interrupts her to advise that they won’t have children for a while. Kate points out that she was their age when she had Billie. Rex asks if Kate wishes she had waited to have children.

Mimi is scared that Lexie is going to judge her. Lexie assures her that she won’t judge her and asks why Mimi is so impatient to get the abortion. Lexie advises her that there is no harm in waiting and having an abortion is final. Lexie offers to have Mimi talk to a social worker who counsels expectant mothers at the hospital. Mimi insists that she is sure about her decision. Lexie points out how Mimi is still in love with Rex but hasn’t told him that she’s pregnant. Mimi agrees to talk to Peggy, the social worker. Lexie dials the phone to call Peggy as Mimi thinks to herself that she can’t let anyone talk her out of an abortion or she’ll lose Rex for good.

Kate tells Rex that she imagined her life like an old Crosby, Stills & Nash song and almost spits out her drink when Rex doesn’t know whom she is talking about. Kate insists that if she had waited, then Austin and Billie wouldn’t be who they are today. Kate talks to Rex about her life with Curtis and then with Bill Horton and Lucas. Rex is adamant that if Mimi was ever in a bad situation, she’d come to him and they’d work it out.

Mimi is talking with Peggy. Mimi starts out the conversation adamant that she will go through with the abortion. Peggy says she will respect any decision Mimi makes and it isn’t her place to agree of disagree with Mimi’s choices. Mimi remarks that Peggy should be counseling Bonnie instead of her. Mimi insists she isn’t listening to her mother’s opinions but Peggy points out that they may be affecting Mimi in an unconscious way. Mimi flashes back to Bonnie’s lectures and tells Peggy that the last thing she wants to do is follow in Bonnie’s footsteps. Mimi insists that she and Rex are going to do things the right way. Peggy asks if Rex is okay with Mimi’s decision. Mimi admits that Rex doesn’t even know she’s pregnant but if he did, their relationship would be over for good. Peggy asks if that is a fact of is Mimi just guessing.

Philip brings Belle some water to drink. Belle thanks Philip for being there for her. Belle can’t believe that Shawn has moved on with Jan. Philip notes that Shawn has a completely different personality.

Shawn tells Jan that she saw Belle and Philip in bed together too. Jan admits that she was there. Shawn accuses Jan of setting it up so that Shawn would see them.

Lexie overhears Belle mention how she has never seen Shawn act like this. Lexie announces that there might be a reason for that.

The man Hope finds on the ground turns out to be Patrick, who is alive. Hope is able to rouse him and tries to lift him up so they can get him out of the wet clothes. More darts fly and Hope and Patrick fall to the ground.

Sami is on the phone with the mother of Will’s friend. She thanks them for watching Will while they were at the hospital and gives her permission to have Will spend the night there. Lucas is working on the details of a Vegas wedding. Sami insists that that is the last place she wants to get married because that is where Austin dumped her at the altar. Sami returns to working on the guest list. Lucas pulls up a chair and pretends to be a shrink. Lucas, in a fake German accent, tells Sami that she should go back to Vegas to face her fears. Lucas and Sami fantasize about arriving at their Vegas wedding dressed as Elvis and Priscilla and parachuting into the church. Philip and Rex are dressed as Elvis while Belle is dressed as a showgirl. Kate is dressed up as Cher. Lucas and Sami land on Kate and kill her. Sami laughs as she comes back to reality. They kiss.

Lexie tells Philip and Belle that Shawn’s personality change could be attributed to the trauma to his head. Belle points out that Shawn’s speech doesn’t seem to be affected at all. Belle asks Lexie why Shawn hates her so much. Lexie’s beeper goes off and she leaves.

Jan tells Shawn that she overheard Belle and Philip’s plans about going away to Green Mountain Ledge. She tells Shawn that he took off on his motorcycle to the lodge and she followed. Shawn flashes back to making love with Jan. Shawn tells Jan that he remembers making love. Jan asks Shawn if that is all he remembers from their time together. Shawn says there is much more that he remembers.

Hope leads Patrick into a cave and checks out the entrance for any sign of the warriors. Hope tells Patrick to get out of his wet clothes. Patrick begins to take his shirt off but has trouble. Hope helps get his shirt off and covers him with a blanket. Hope notes that she can’t build a fire because the smoke would attract those following them. Hope decides to use body heat and strips down to her underwear before crawling under the blanket with Patrick. Patrick leans over and kisses Hope.

Sami and Lucas make love on the couch. Sami insists that they can’t elope in Vegas because they have to include Will. Lucas agrees that Will has to be a part of the wedding. They discuss whom they can still invite. Lucas rattles off Sami’s relatives and when Sami rattles off Lucas’ relatives, she accidentally says Billie’s name. She apologizes and Lucas promises that Sami will never lose him. They make love again.

Rex sets the table for the romantic dinner. Mimi returns to the loft and is shocked at the display. Rex pulls out Mimi’s chair for her and goes to the oven to get dinner. Together they enjoy a delicious dinner. Mimi offers her compliments on the dinner and teases Rex when he has food on his face. They clink glasses in a toast to each other. They kiss on the couch and feed each other dessert. Mimi seems to be distracted so Rex asks what is wrong. Mimi brushes it off, saying that she feels lucky to be here. They dance and kiss to the music, eventually making love on the couch.

Sami and Lucas lie on the couch and look out the window. Sami spots a shooting star and walks out onto the fire escape. Lucas follows her out there. Sami spots another one and they close their eyes and make a wish. Kate is walking down the street and spots the shooting star. She makes her own wish. While looking up, Kate notices Sami and Lucas on the fire escape. Kate plots to bring Sami down.

Rex and Mimi cuddle on the couch. Rex comments that pretty soon they’ll be making love to make a baby.

Hope pulls away from Patrick’s kiss but lets it go because she feels that he is probably delusional. Hope returns to lying under the blanket with Patrick.

Jan asks Shawn what else he remembers. Shawn remembers being handcuffed to the bed. Jan tells Shawn that he likes letting her do all the work when they make love. Jan assures Shawn that he is a fabulous lover. Shawn admits that he always thought his first time would be with Belle. Shawn wishes that he could remember more. Jan offers to give him a taste of what’s to come and kisses him.

Philip and Belle watch Jan kissing Shawn. Belle declares that she understands now that Shawn doesn’t love her anymore. Philip pulls her close.

Shawn can’t understand why he can’t remember anything other than Philip and Belle together and him and Jan making love. Shawn asks for verification that Philip and Belle is now a couple. Jan looks up to notice that Belle and Philip are standing close. Shawn turns to see what Jan is looking at and Jan tells him that he doesn’t need any more proof than that.

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